(R18) Frequenting Brothels 10

Okay, RTD is finally back from its “fun” break. Boss Cyromancer revived it with his dark magic.

This chapter signals the start of another series of H-chaps. There isn’t any action yet, but will be.

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Fashion Health 「Aqua Mix」

It’s so easy to make money in game、it’s to the point that no matter how much the monthly fees for Dorahun Online were I’d still be able to afford it easily.
But、the one I want to play the most is Dragon Hunter Cross, not the Online version.
For now, even if I need to make and take care of my equipment and then play around with women at the same time, I’ll still have plenty of gold.

Then I referred to information on the internet and downloaded an Event Quest that’s good for beginners looking to raise money, and decided to quickly do online battles.

As for this Event Quest, it’s collaboration quests with famous characters, if you clear the quest you’ll get some event equipment and materials, but the quest isn’t that fun.

If this quest is cleared、a material called Silver Eggs can be obtained、each of these sells for 10,000 gold.

I worked hard on this quest in reality and for now I obtained 300,000 gold as funds.

I temporarily stopped playing there、finished studying、went to take a bath and fixed my appearance、then cheerfully went into the game to meet Kashima-chan.


「Eh? Kashima-chan isn’t available!?」

I talked to the barker of 「Dragon Brothel」and became of aware of this harsh depressing truth.

「I’m sorry、dear customer……Kashima-chan has an appointment today……she’s very popular after all.
What would you like to do? Do you want another girl?」

「Hmm、please wait a moment、I’m thinking about this……」

According to the owner of Ayakido, time inside the game seems to flow for a day if I do a quest in reality.
Moreover, inside the game space-time flows like an anime、so I even if I go questing I won’t age or become old.
That said、I should invest time in questing until Kashima-chan is available again……。

I went into the game with the intention to enjoy myself with a woman.
As such, I want to skip all these pain in the ass things, cause I’m itching to cum.

That’s right、not only 「Dragon Brothel」 offers sex service.

In this case、 I should go experience other services.
If I’m not mistaken、this red-light district also has Fashion Health.
(TN: Prostitution in the form of Massage Salon)

「I’ve decided to go to a different shop.
When Kashima-chan is available I’ll come back OK?」

「Yes、we look forward to your patronage」


I talked to the barker of Health Fashion 「Bubble Mix」and decided a course.
The price seems to change depending on time、I chose the longest course of 150 minutes、and paid 2,500 gold.

The barker showed me the album、I decided to choose something different than Kashima-chan、A short haired woman who gave off a brisk and clean impression caught my eye. Her name was Freya-chan, and instead of saying she was beautiful, it’d be more appropriate to say she was cute.

After the negotiation, I was led to the waiting room.

There were other people waiting in silence in the waiting room, it had a very strange atmosphere.

Before long customers began to be called in turns, and eventually my turn came.

「Freya-san is ready to service you, this way please」

Urged by the clerk、I left the waiting room、there was a girl with short orange hair、she stood there cheerfully and looked at me openly.

「I’m Freya、best regards♪」

「B、Best regards……」

「Now、shall we go to the room?」

Freya-chan clung to my arm、and we went up the stairs and entered the health room.

There were a simple bed and a sideboard inside the room、and then、there was also a mat made from sponge lying next to the bath tub.

「Now、let’s get those clothes right off okay~♪」

「Uh, Uhuh……」

My armor and underwear were taken off by Freya-chan, and I was left naked.

「Please sit on the bed okay? ……wow」

Freya-chan let me sit on the bed and wrapped a towel around my waist, covering my already hard penis.

「Do you want a drink? Either tea or alcohol is okay」

「A……Then I’ll have some tea」

Freya-chan poured tea into a cup and put it on a table at the side of the bed.

Sipping the tea、I smelled the faint fragrance of herbs.

「Wait a moment okay? I’ll take off my clothes too」

Freya-chan took off her thin black negligee, removed her bra and sat down next to me.

Freya-chan breasts are larger than Kashima-chan’s, her nipples are a creamy beige color and her areola are a little larger.
She has really good style, her big breasts show that well.

「Hee~、you’re only staring at my boobs, you perv♪」

Freya-chan said good humoredly.
I also want to be able to say something clever……。

「Ne~、is this your first time here? Why did you come here?」

I was troubled as of how to answer, but decided to speak honestly after all.

「My favorite girl in Dragon Brothel wasn’t available……I was somewhat hesitant to pick another girl and……I thought it’d be a good chance to try out Health Fashion」
(TN: Again, Health Fashion is prostitution in form of massage salon)

「Hmm……Ne~、who’s that favorite girl of yours?」


「T……That girl is pretty popular right?
How was it actually making love to her?」

「How should I say……it was great」


Freya-chan seemed to be lost in thought、then suddenly turned to kiss me and probed her tongue around my mouth.

「Hnn!? ……*kiss*……*lick*……」

I was surprised、but soon enough entwined my tongue with hers, and gently massaged her breasts.

「*kiss*……*lick*……Ufu♪ Since you took the trouble to come here, I’ll give you some great service that the Dragon Brothel doesn’t offer okay?」

「W、What kind of service?」

「Mat play♪」

Freya-chan said that then smiled and giggled sweetly..

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