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Progress Management

“Gozer, you seem to have done it.”

The Duke comes out of the labyrinth.
Cassia is in his party.
If Cassia were going to enter, you would have to make the labyrinth safe and clear all the monster filled rooms.
However, if the Duke were going in on his own, you could just leave him to rot somewhere.

“Ha, thank you very much.”
“Oh, Michio-dono was inside, too?”
“You came out quicker even though my party hadn’t advanced deep inside.”

The Duke stands in front, blocking me from seeing Cassia.
You are in the way, Duke.

Now that I think about it, I used [Dungeon Walk] to get out of the labyrinth quickly.
However, I shouldn’t be able to use [Dungeon Walk] if I am truly an Adventurer.
The parties without an Explorer have to walk to the entrance in order to come out.

“I was coincidentally nearby.”

Well, Sherry can be thought of as an Explorer, too.
I am concerned about something else.
There is an Explorer who stands outside the labyrinth by the entrance.
Because I entered the labyrinth directly via [Warp], the Explorer, who stands by the entrance to the labyrinth, didn’t see us enter.

Well, it isn’t like he keeps watch 24 hours, so I should be able to manage it, somehow.
He cannot be here in the evening, surely.
A little worried, I look around but I don’t know as to which one is the entrance Explorer and which one is the guide Explorer.

He is perhaps no longer here.
Now that the labyrinth has been subjugated, there is no need for the Explorer to guide through the labyrinth.
His foremost task should be to go back to the Explorer’s Guild and report.
There is no need to be worried about unnecessary stuff in front of the Duke, is there?

“You have done us a favor, Michio-dono. You have our thanks.”
“Not at all.”
“If possible, I would like you to enter the labyrinths in this territory from now on.”
“We have already talked about it. Michio-dono should enter a labyrinth of his choice.”

Gozer stops the Duke from speaking his mind.
As expected of Gozer.

“Is that so? Well, that’s fine.”
“It will be more convenient for your Excellency this way.”

I wonder as to how it will be more convenient for the Duke.
Am I a pig that you are pasturing?
Are you going to eat me after I get fat?

“Nope, it is something else. I would like Michio-dono to become a noble as soon as possible.”

The Duke explains.
He hopes that I will become a noble this way.
He said the same thing back when he recommended me to the Empire Liberation Society.

I don’t get as to what merit the Duke has in my becoming a noble.
Doesn’t he have more allies?
Besides, troubles annoy me.

“Can I even reach that high?”
“Well, I am not saying right now. Then, look forward to the dinner.”

When I inquire further about nobility, the Duke interrupts, pretending to not have heard it.
The Duke invited me to celebrate my enrollment in the Empire Liberation Society.
I have no choice but to hope for Gozer’s intervention.

“Then, I will be in your care.”

I turn toward Gozer and greet.

“Oh well. You won’t be asked of anything too unreasonable.”

I wonder if it is Gozer giving up.

“I will be in your care.”

I press Gozer, reminding him again.

“Then, I am returning this emblem. I will be in your care”
“I-I will keep it safe.”

I deem it acceptable since Gozer has nodded.
I take out the emblem of the order of Harz Duchy knights, which I was keeping in my rucksack, and hand it to Gozer.
It isn’t necessary anymore as I don’t have to enter the labyrinths in the territory of Harz Duchy.

I return the emblem and leave.
I return home at once.

“Sherry was right; the labyrinth was exterminated.”
“That’s right. As expected of Sherry.”
“Not at all.”

Everyone surrounds the table.
And takes their seat.

“Then, the problem is, what to do from now on.”
“For the time being, is it fine to enter Quratar’s labyrinth?”

Since we have lost Haruba’s labyrinth, it having been subjugated, we need to think of where to go next.
We don’t have the option of not entering the labyrinth.
Considering security, money and other such things.
I have settled in this world, after all.

As for the labyrinths under consideration, the very first one should be Quratar’s labyrinth.
Above all, it is close by, safe and I have already entered it.
Not to mention, I have already cleared the 26th floor.

In Haruba’s Labyrinth, they diligently cleared the monster filled rooms for the Duke to enter.
I would like the next labyrinth to be so, too.
Safety comes first.

In the future, I will have to deal with the monster filled rooms; however, I will think about it when the time comes.
For now, I prefer leveling up and acquire new skills ‘safely’.

Quratar’s labyrinth is convenient.
Monsters don’t seem to accumulate there because a lot people frequent that labyrinth.
However, because there are too many people, I can’t consider Quratar’s labyrinth as our main hunting ground. That shouldn’t be problem, though, at the 27th floor.
The more we move up to higher floors, the less the people.

“Yes, I think it will be better.”
“As first option, it will be best to go to Quratar’s labyrinth.”
“Yes, desu.”
“I think it will be alright.”

The four girls seem to be fine with it.
And it doesn’t look like Sherry is going to suggest another labyrinth.

“Then, in Quratar’s labyrinth, I intend to move up a floor every 2 days.”
“Every 2 days…?”

However, there is an issue in case of Quratar’s labyrinth.
There is a guiding map laid out for Quratar’s labyrinth.
If I feel like it, I can move up to as high a floor as I like.
Moving rapidly up, if I got caught in the moment, there would be a risk of falling into a precarious situation.

I must move up to higher floors cautiously.
In order to make Haruba’s labyrinth our main hunting ground, we explored Haruba’s labyrinth and moved up the floors slowly.
Having said that, I think I am worrying too much about our current situation.

Thus far, I have never had any difficult battle.
That I haven’t obtain any benefit from the painstakingly attached Progressive Increase in Damage skill, it is probably due to advancing too cautiously.
Our party should be able to fight on higher floors.
But how do I confirm that?

“After we have fought for two days, let’s discuss whether it will be fine to move up or not.”

After a certain number of battles, I will have no choice but to discuss and take a decision.
It would be too anxious to decide after observing the situation for a day.
What if all went smooth on the first day?

And three days would be too long to observe our situation.
I can confirm it to some extent in a day.
After observing for one full day, the second day should be enough to decide, no?

“I don’t think two days are needed, though.”

In my opinion, Roxanne’s opinion is aggressive, so I cannot rely on it.

“I won’t suggest us to advance everyday and subject ourselves to continuous strain.”
“Is that so?”
“I agree. Two days will be fine, I think.”

I can rely on composed Sherry.

“Sherry thinks so, too? Then, I will rely on you.”
“You need to notify by all means if you feel even slightly uneasy. First, we have to advance safely. You needn’t hesitate, thinking that you would be slowing us down. Rather, you should feel proud that you warned us of the danger beforehand.”

If everyone is doing fine and you are the only one feeling uneasy, you will find it difficult to say it because it will look like you are holding others back.
I make it clear so that it doesn’t happen.

“Because there is a guiding map for Quratar’s labyrinth, we will probably not celebrate breaking through a floor; however, since we will be eating fish regularly from now on, rest assured.”
“Okay, desu.”

We can have a whole fish every time we move up a floor in Quratar’s labyrinth; however, if I said that, Miria wouldn’t feel motivated to advance.
I’d better get rid of all the concerns.

“I will be relying on Vesta.”
“Yes. I think it will be alright.”

But I cannot rely on Vesta too much, can I?
The attacks from the monsters will get stronger, too, but Vesta will never say that herself.
That’s what I feel after observing her thus far.

“Is Roxanne fine with it, too?”
“Yes, I understand.”
“Then, shall we go to Quratar’s 27th floor?”

After I explain the basic policy, we move to Quratar’s labyrinth.

“There don’t seem to be many people here. It should be fine even if we don’t head too deep in.”

Roxanne informs me once we appear at the entrance to the 27th floor.
Like I thought, there don’t seem to be many people on the 27th floor even in the daytime.
With this, Quratar’s labyrinth should be fine.

That day and the next day, we fought on Quratar’s 27th floor.
Originally, we were on Haruba’s 27th floor.
So, there was no problem even with Quratar’s 27th floor.

“Does it look alright to move up to the next floor?”

I try to ask at the second day’s dinner.
It is still not two full days since we moved from Haruba on the first day; still, it should be enough.

“Of course, with Master and us, there won’t be any problem.”

Of course, I knew you would say that, Roxanne.
I knew it already.

“I don’t think there is any problem with the current level.”
“Yes, desu.”
“I think it will be alright.”

As expected, prudence policy isn’t an option.

“Then, tomorrow morning, let’s move up to 28th floor.”

If Haruba’s labyrinth weren’t exterminated, it wouldn’t be surprising if we found the boss room of the 27th floor by now.
So, there is no problem with proceeding to the 28th floor.

The next morning, we grab the map, enter Quratar’s labyrinth and break through the 27th floor.
We battled against the Scissor Lizard boss, Mother Lizard. It was an easy victory.
Thanks to it being early morning, we didn’t have to wait to enter the boss room.

“The monster native to Quratar’s 28th floor is Cyclops.”
“If I remember correctly, its weakness is Wind magic?”

Cyclops, huh?
Because I have been entering two labyrinths till now, I have managed to fight a variety of monsters on lower floors.
It would be impossible if I only entered Quratar’s labyrinth.
I would have to reach the 33rd floor to fight 33 different monsters.

Actually, wasn’t Quratar’s 33rd floor monster the Drive Dragon?
Then, what about the 44th floor monster?
Nah, it is different.
Because the bosses prior to 34th floor appear as monsters on the subsequent floors, the 44th floor monster will be the White Caterpillar of 11th floor.

Won’t it be a problem?
I will have to fight against the boss after moving through the floor.
Oh well. This much cannot be avoided.

“Since we will be entering just one labyrinth, will it be fine to partake in the boss battle twice?”

I ask for their opinion if it will be fine to fight the boss twice to gain more experience.
If we are going to hit a wall while moving up a floor, it will most likely be the boss battle.
Whether it would be fine fighting the boss of a higher floor or not, we’d better judge it carefully.

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

Roxanna would say so.
I knew it already.

“Isn’t it be better to just retake the boss battles rather than observing the situation for two days?”

That’s unreasonable.
Is what I thought but it is an amazing suggestion.
Exploring, reaching the boss room, defeating the boss, moving up to the next floor; it is a method valid only if you don’t have a guiding map.
I am reluctant to use this method.

There is a guiding map in case of Quratar’s labyrinth.
There is no reason for me to use the same method as when I don’t know the location of the boss room.
If it is just about deciding whether to move up the floor or not, isn’t it better to retake the boss battles like Roxanne said?

But there is a practical problem. We will get less experience since I bring Durandal out in the boss battles.
So, how should I decline it?

“Ah, umm”
“You are right. That was a blind spot. What you said would indeed be better.”

Sherry is still supportive.
I guess it will be so if you look at it objectively.

“Yes, desu.”
“I think it will be alright.”

These two girls are totally useless.

“Isn’t it only the boss battle that is difficult?”
“You cannot say that nothing unexpected will happen in the labyrinth at all. It isn’t only the boss battle that matters.”
“If you find the boss battle difficult, then you can expect the next floor to be difficult, too. Isn’t it better to make the call earlier?”

Roxanne and Sherry argue.
I see.
So, the reasoning behind retaking the boss battle is to catch early warning signs?
She has convinced me.

“Understood. During the boss battles, I always hand the sword to Vesta. If we can fight adequately without it, we will retake the boss battles.”
“Yes, there will be no problem, of course.”
“Does that mean we will be fighting with normal equipment? That sounds good, too.”

Roxanne is confident. Albeit puzzled, Sherry nods her head, too.
It is inevitable.
So, let’s try it.
I wonder as to how it will turn out.

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