Slave Harem – 181 – Dinner Party

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Dinner Party

We will retake the boss battles in Quratar’s labyrinth without Durandal.
It will help us know our limits ahead of time. It won’t be bad that way.
Besides, I can save time if I retake the 27th floor boss battle for two days from today.
All’s grist that comes to the mill. (TN: Everything that is received or obtained is put to use)

“Are there any monsters nearby, Roxanne? We will fight if they are close; if not, let’s go back to a lower floor.”
“This way.”

There are.
I try fighting Lv28 monsters.
I launch Wind and Lighting magic on three Cyclopes and defeat them.
There doesn’t seem to be any problem.

“Because I will only be using magic during the battles, let’s try the 23rd floor boss battle.”

If I am to partake only in the boss battles, I cannot bring Durandal out.
Because I will be fighting without Durandal, it will be better to try it on a lower floor.
The number of monsters accompanying the boss increases after the 23rd floor.


Roxanne obediently complies.
We move to the 23rd floor and head to the boss room.
En route, we kick the monsters away without any problem and arrive at the waiting room.
After getting ready, we enter.

Thus far, during the boss battles, I have been using Durandal as well as up to Seven Jobs.
Managing bonus points after adding Seventh Job was, as you would expect, difficult; however, I was able to make do, somehow.
Because the notion of not using Gambler was scary, I removed Wizard.

Between Gambler and Wizard, I chose Gambler as it was more useful in the boss battles.
It would be great if the boss could be neutralized via petrifaction.
Although the duration of a battle would lengthen to some extent if I removed Wizard, the chance of petrifaction would increase if the battle were to prolong.

“I will rely on Sherry for Incantation Interruption. Miria, take on the free monster.”
“Okay, desu.”
“It will be fine if you initially take on only one monster.”

A Jelly Slime, a Gummi Slime and a Clamshell appear. I cast Lighting magic and Wind magic on the three.
As for the skill of Jobless, I didn’t have time to change it, so I left it as Basic Lightning Magic.
I decide against using Earth magic, which the Clamshell is weak against, as it will be ineffective against the other two.

Miria thrusts into the Gummi Slime.
Between the Clamshell and the Gummi Slime, I would prefer if the Gummi Slime were to get petrified first; therefore, her choice is correct.
I am not sure, though, if she thought it that far.

If the Clamshell were to get petrified successfully, the strategy would be to leave the petrified Clamshell and move immediately to the boss.
Since she wouldn’t understand, I didn’t instruct her. Miria is allowed to do as she likes.
Roxanne hasn’t issued any instructions either.

Miria strikes before I could even cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down.
So, there would be such an issue if I let her charge without waiting, huh?
I have failed.
Since I can use Lightning magic, it would perhaps have been better had I started with Abnormal Status Resistance Down.

“Did it, desu.”

After I cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down, Miria petrifies the Gummi Slime with the second strike.
I apply Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the boss.
Thanks to its resistance having fallen, the boss gets paralyzed by my Lighting magic.
With the boss no longer able to move, Miria petrifies the remaining Clamshell with ease.

“Err, somehow, it was easy.”

I tidy up the three petrified monsters.

“Since we have been fighting on higher floors, this much is to be expected.”
“You are right, I guess.”
“But it hasn’t been that long since we cleared the 23rd floor.”

After I approve of Roxanne’s opinion, Sherry questions.
The effect of Gained Experience 20x, perhaps?
But how?
I don’t think our level has increased much.

“Well, if I remember correctly, the battle wasn’t that difficult when we were on the 23rd floor last time.”
“It wasn’t?”
“This much is fine. Let’s move up in order.”

I dodge the question appropriately and proceed to the next floor.
While partaking in the boss battles, we move up to the 27th floor.
We defeat the 27th floor boss without any problem.

“I didn’t bring the 28th floor map. What would you like to do?”

Roxanne enquires as we arrive at the 28th floor.

“It should be fine if we observe the situation by battling the 27th floor boss today and tomorrow.”
“I don’t think the 27th floor is a problem for us anymore.”
“This is the first time I am fighting repeatedly using magic, after all.”
“Oh, that’s true, too. I understand.”

Roxanne seems to have understood.
I am glad.
We retake the 27th floor boss battle.

However, after retaking the boss battle, I feel that the boss battles are easier than normal battles.
Because the boss battle takes place in a closed room, the battle tends to be close ranged right from the start.
There is almost no chance for us of receiving area of effect magic attacks.
In case of normal monsters, if they spotted us from the other end of the cave, we could receive magic attacks before we closed in.

If they were large in number, the monsters would fall back to the second row which would allow them to use magic attacks.
The 27th floor boss battle is limited to three enemies.
Roxanne takes on the boss and dodges its physical attacks fully.
It must burden Roxanne considerably; however, it should be fine since she doesn’t object.

Sherry must be nervous because she needs to concentrate on keeping the boss from using magic.
Miria and Vesta don’t have any added burden.
Considering the limited number of monsters, the boss battles may be easier.

Miria’s performance is especially outstanding.
The monsters are mercilessly getting silenced thanks to Abnormal Status Resistance Down.
As for the petrified monsters, if I have MP, I can finish them off with magic; otherwise, I can tidy them up with Durandal. I can do as I please.

I can use [Dungeon Walk] to move to the small room in the vicinity of the boss room and head to the boss room. In case there are monsters close to the entrance of the 28th floor or there are people inside the waiting room, I can kill time fighting normal monsters.
There is not the slightest oversight.

In case we do encounter a problem, we have no contact with other parties.
I never met anyone while exploring Haruba’s labyrinth.
Even in Quratar’s labyrinth, there is rarely anyone coming to a cave deviated from the route to the 27th floor boss room.
Nearby the boss room, the number of people expectedly increases.

Thus far, Roxanne has been skillfully avoiding them.
Roxanne the great.

“It will soon be evening.”
“Then, let’s call it a day?”

As per Roxanne’s accurate body clock, we call the hunting off.
I am not sure, though, if it is her body clock or something else.

“Isn’t Roxanne tired?”
“Nope. Isn’t it the same as usual?”

When I ask her if she is tired after retaking the boss battles, she replies me with a ‘why especially today?’ face.

“Ah, because it was different since it was only the boss battles.”
“Thank you for caring. It isn’t particularly different.”

Be it a boss attack or a normal monster attack, it is one and the same for Roxanne.
She dodges both with ease.

“Is everyone alright?”
“No problem here.”
“Yes, desu.”
“I think I am alright.”

I ask the other three girls. There doesn’t seem to be any problem.
Other than Roxanne, everyone seems to be fine.
However, it isn’t a topic that can forcibly be drawn out.
So, I decide to return home quickly.

“The Duke of Harz invited us for tonight’s dinner. Let’s head back home and change into the clothes we bought the other day.”

I invoke [Warp] and call the black wall forth.
From Quratar’s Labyrinth, we move to the house.
When we return home, there was a note from Luke.

“Master, there is a message from Mr. Luke. His bid on a Sheep Monster Card seems to have succeeded.”

Roxanne checks.
Sheep Monster Card?

“Sherry, which skill does a Sheep Monster Card grant?”
“It grants the Sleep skill to weapons and Sleep Resistance to armors.”

I should attach it to Miria’s equipment since it falls under the abnormal status category.
I should attach it to the Estoc of Petrifaction.

“Inflicting the abnormal status of sleep is relatively easier. If fused together with a Kobold Monster Card, it grants the Hypnosis skill. However, it gets cancelled upon receiving an attack. I think it will be better to to attach it to Roxanne-san’s sword first.”

Sherry suggests.
Should I attach it to Roxanne’s sword then?

I do have a spare Kobold Monster Card.
I acquired two Caterpillar Monster Cards, too, recently.
So as to make a Sacrificial Misanga to sell.

Sleep seems to get cancelled if the target receives an attack.
When the Beep Sheep sent me to sleep, I woke up when I received an attack.
It should be the same even when a monster falls asleep.

Even if Miria sends a monster to sleep, it will immediately get undone because she will continue to attack until the monster gets petrified.
It would be pointless if you attacked in order to petrify it but woke it up instead.
Sooner or later, it will get cancelled by my magic.

“Is it possible for magic to not cancel sleep?”
“It isn’t.”

Of course.
It would be same as petrification if it didn’t get cancelled by magic. Wouldn’t it be too good?
Even though Miria, being an Assassin, can send them to sleep quickly, it wouldn’t make sense if she woke them up herself immediately after.

Sherry’s advice is logical.
Her suggestion doesn’t seem to be stemming from her apprehension toward fusing it with the Estoc of Petrifaction which contains multiple skills already.
As for roxanne, there is a possibility of her fighting two monsters at the same time. To have one of them falling asleep will be great.
Even though my magic will cancel it right after.

Like Sherry said, should I attach it to Roxanne’s sword?
There will an option to sell it at the lodge if I find something worth buying there.

“Got it. In any case, it will be for tomorrow.”

I will go to the Merchant’s Guild tomorrow since I am visiting the Duke’s place tonight.
I prepare the amber necklaces while waiting for Roxanne and girls to change into their dresses.
Eye candies. Eye candies.
After they change into their dresses, we move to the Bode castle.

The dinner at the Duke’s place seems to be a normal one, just like last time.
There is no challenge to a duel for Roxanne, unlike last time. It really is just a dinner party.
I was cautious to some extent; however, there doesn’t seem to be any unreasonable request.
Still, I haven’t dropped my guard.

However, I can feel the distance between Cassia and the Duke getting closer.
He held her hand a moment ago.
F**k you.
What a show off.

“Michio-dono provided great help in extermination of Haruba’s labyrinth.”

At the end of the meal, the Duke expresses gratitude while drinking his wine.
I am drinking herbal tea.
Dwarf Killer seemed to be prepared, too; however, Sherry chose herbal tea instead.

“Not at all. I got to fight in such a good place.”

That’s right. It was a safe labyrinth.
For the Duke’s safety, all the monster filled rooms had been swept clean; however, I don’t know if the Duke was aware of that or not.
There is a possibility that Gozer, the man of the world, did that behind his back.

“Thank you for your help in Haruba.”

Gozer quickly interrupts upon hearing that.
Is that to prevent me from blurting out something unnecessary?
The Duke didn’t know, after all, huh?

“Then, a victory party for the order of knights?”
“It isn’t anything of that sort.”

I ask Gozer but he denies.
According to Sherry, there is no victory celebration neither any festival held by the town.
It seems to be a light toast hosted for subjugation of the labyrinth.

Because there are labyrinths everywhere, it is not like it will be safe after defeating one or two.
There are two more labyrinths still left in the territory of the duchy.
There may also be labyrinths that haven’t grown to the point of opening their entrance.

“It is our obligation, after all.”

One more reason: defeating the labyrinths is duty imposed on the nobility.
Tax is collected for the purpose of maintaining the order of knights.
It is natural for them to be required to get rid of the labyrinths.

“This? Victory celebration? Not at all.”

The Duke seems to have a different idea.
Hopefully, it isn’t a strange one.

“In four days time. Michio-dono, I am thinking of hosting a small victory celebration in four days.”
“Your Highness, that.”

Gozer tries to put a stop to it.
The Duke shakes his head, showing his determination.
He seems to be determined as Gozer’s restraint proved ineffective.

“Four days later, Michio-dono, I would like you to stay overnight.”
“Stay overnight?”
“I will prepare a room, of course. It may get a bit late at night. It won’t be as grand a party, though; there won’t be many people. You five have to come.”

The Duke speaks fervently.
What do you plan on doing?

Don’t tell me he will stab us in the back?
There is no way that will happen, is there?
He could do that, you know, if he really wanted to.

“Got it.”

It will be inappropriate to decline such an enthusiastic him.
I accept the invitation.
He took care of me on various occasions.
It was an unrequited care, though.

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