Slave Harem – 182 – Hypnosis



“This is a souvenir for you.”

As I was leaving, the Duke gave me a souvenir.
Jars of Dwarf Killer.
Two of them.
It seems to be the same stuff as they had in the lodge of the Empire Liberation Society.

Did he get it from the lodge?
Is this stuff from the same brewery?

“Thank you.”
“It will be good to drink on a special occasion.”

The Dwarf Killer was probably prepared for Sherry.
The Duke also saw Sherry drink at the lodge.
Was he upset that Sherry had not drunk the Dwarf Killer during the dinner?
That’s how a Japanese person thinks, but maybe that’s not the case here?

What will he do when we come again in four days?
Well, he wouldn’t have given it to us as a souvenir had he wanted to use it again in four days.
There won’t be any in four days?

“Then, I’ll see you again.”

I passed the jars to Sherry, and we returned to the house.
Since I didn’t prepare the bath today, we just wiped our bodies with hot water before sleeping.
I didn’t skip my enjoyment before sleeping, of course.

After breakfast the next day, I went to the Merchant’s Guild.
I called Luke at the reception desk, and went to the meeting room.

“This is the Sheep Monster Card.”

I paid the successful bid amount of 4,300 Nars and received the Sheep Monster Card.

“Also, a broker came to make an offer after my successful bid yesterday. He has a Sheep Monster Card; he’d like to offer for 5,000 Nars.”
“Another one?”

This kind of thing happens as well?
Making a successful bid means you want that monster card.
If you have leftover cards, then you can sell them to someone who has made a successful bid.
I can succeed in fusion, though, with just the monster card I bought.

“It’s not a bad deal since you won’t have to pay me the commission.”

Even with a bid of 4,300 I have to pay 500 Nars to Luke as commission.
The total is 4,800 Nars, so if I’m offered one for 5,000 Nars then it’s only a 200 Nars increase.

“Then, there’s nothing in it for you?”
“I do this as a standard service.”

Maybe he will get a kickback?
Brokers don’t work for free, after all.
Should I accept a 200 Nars increase then?

“So, that’s how it is, huh? I will buy the card then.”
“I can wait till you’ve tried to fuse this card before I answer them.”
“It’s fine. I’ll buy it no matter if I succeed or fail.”
“I understand. I’ll prepare it today. Please come again tomorrow morning.”

I let him know I’ll buy it, and then leave the Merchant’s Guild.
Next, I went to the lodge and the weapons shop, and checked to make sure there wasn’t anything valuable.
I have no choice but to use a Rapier?
I purchased a Rapier and a Steel Sword from the weapons shop before returning.

When I returned to the house, I passed two monster cards and a Rapier to Sherry.
Sherry fused them without worry.

“A Rapier of Hypnosis? As expected of Sherry.”

It seems that a Rapier that is fused with Kobold and Sheep Monster Cards is called a Rapier of Hypnosis.
The [Hypnosis] skill is attached to it.

“Thank you.”
“Then, this is for Roxanne.”

I passed the Rapier of Hypnosis to Roxanne.

“Even though I already had a Rapier.”
“That one wasn’t too good. Please use this one from now on.”
“Yes, Master. Thank you very much.”

Roxanne accepts it with gratitude.
It couldn’t be helped because there were no skill slots on the Rapier Roxanne had used up until now.

“Vesta, take this.”

I handed the steel sword which I had bought for a 30% discount to Vesta.

“Is it good?”
“It’s a good piece of equipment with the chance to strengthen it little by little.”
“Okay. Thank you.”

Vesta gladly receives it.
Both of them seem pleased.
Roxanne is looking at her sword with rapture.
Is she that happy?

“I’m glad you like it. It’s thanks to Sherry as well.”
“It’s because Roxanne is from the wolfkin tribe.”
“What do you mean?”
“There’s a theory that you can use really strong beast attacks against sleeping demons, so the wolfkin tribe have a really strong desire for weapons that cause sleep.”

Sherry informed me in a quiet voice when I tilted my head.
A sleeping demon will be woken up if you attack it, will there be more damage if a [Beast attack] is used?
[Beast attack] is the skill of the Beast Warrior job, which is the racial job of the wolfkin tribe.
The incantation required is long, but it’s possible to use it anyway against a sleeping target.

It’s probably a good match up to have a Beast Warrior with a weapon that causes sleep.
That must be why the wolfkin tribe has a strong desire for a weapon that causes sleep.
Sherry knew this and it may have been part of the reason she recommended the Sheep Monster Card for Roxanne’s weapon.

It’s good.
I quietly pat Sherry’s head.

Miria has the role of causing abnormal status in our party.
If Sherry hadn’t said anything, the [Hypnosis] skill might have been put on the Estoc of Petrifaction.
Roxanne wouldn’t have complained, but she might have been bottling up inside.
It’s best to have used it on Roxanne’s sword first.

“Well, shall we go to the labyrinth then?”

Roxanne who was looking longingly at her sword jumped up, and we went to Quratar’s 27th floor.
We left the small room and headed towards the boss room.
Just as I thought of it, Roxanne starts heading in a different direction.

“Here. There’s some nearby.”

There seems to be a demon nearby.
We’ve stopped on the way to hunt.
It’s a Cape Carp, two Scissor Lizards and a Black Frog.

[Thunder Storm], [Dirt Storm], and [Sand Storm]. I launched a barrage of three spells.
We aren’t at the boss, so I don’t have Gambler active.
Instead, I am using Wizard.
The other four start running as well.

Roxanne runs holding her Rapier of Hypnosis.
Miria charges straight at the Cape Carp on the right.
Roxanne takes on the two Scissor Lizards in the center, and Vesta is taking on the Black Frog on the left.
Roxanne pierces a Scissor Lizard with her Rapier.

The demon’s movements did not stop from the first blow.
My lightning magic didn’t stop any either.
Roxanne avoids the swing of their scissors and then launches a counter attack.
It’s also useless?

The first Scissor Lizard was stopped by my next lightning magic.
Roxanne focused her attacks on the other.
Its scissors swung down weakly.

It seems to have fallen asleep.
It’s asleep.
It’s still standing, but it’s hanging it’s arms and head down.
That’s how it is?

Roxanne attacked the Black Frog which Vesta was fighting next.
We don’t know how long the paralysis and sleep status will take to wear off.
It’s best to pay attention to the demons that can still move.

“I did it, desu!”

Miria’s taken care of the Cape Carp.
Miria squeezes between the petrified Cape Carp and the sleeping Scissor Lizard.
She skillfully got to the far side of the opponents.


I gave a warning that I was using magic.
Calling out the name of my magic makes me feel like I have 8th grade syndrome, but the purpose is a warning.
It would be difficult for those nearby if it wakes up.

The Scissor Lizard wakes up when it is hit by my magic.
It lifted its head and its scissors.
Actually, because I hit it with a barrage of three spells, it just fell over.
Both Scissor Lizards are defeated.

We concentrate our attacks on the remaining Black Frog.
The frog’s movements are stopped because of Miria’s attacks.
She doesn’t say anything, so it seems to be paralysis.

Paralysis is enough.
The two remaining demons are defeated by my next barrage of three spells.
The demons are totally annihilated.

Sleep proc’d once. I wonder how useful the Rapier of Hypnosis will be.
I’m not sure yet since I don’t know how often the effect will proc.
There was only one paralysis from my lightning magic this time as well.
Sometimes, that’s how it is.

“You’re right Sherry, things will be easier with sleep.”
“It’s too bad we can’t use Beast Attack.”

When I spoke to Sherry, Roxanne also joined the conversation.

“It’s because we also need recovery.”
“Yes. Please leave the recovery to me.”

I needed to keep Roxanne’s job as Shrine Maiden, so it can’t be helped.
Roxanne doesn’t seem to fuss about not having Beast Warrior at least.

“Is it hard to work out which demon to attack?”

When sleep procs, it becomes a little complicated to work out which demon to attack.
My magic cancels the effect as well.

“There’s no problem.”

I’ll just leave it to the vanguards?
After that, we repeatedly fought the boss on the 27th floor until evening.
Sleep seems to be similar in frequency to the paralysis caused by my lightning magic.
But Roxanne is only fighting one demon. [Thunder Storm] attacks all demons. The chance of sleep might be higher than my paralysis.

It’s easy to see they’ve fallen asleep when they droop their heads.
On the other hand, it’s bad because my magic can wake them up immediately.
There’s good points and bad points.
Even so, our war potential has gone up.

“We’ve repeatedly fought the boss of the 27th floor again. Does everyone think it’s fine if we go against the boss of the 28th floor tomorrow?”
“Of course, there is no problem.”
“I don’t think there’s any problem.”
“Yes, desu.”
“I think it’s safe.”

I checked with them at supper, but there were no cautious opinions.
It’s decided then.
Sherry’s just started to drink some Dwarf Killer, but she’s not drunk yet, so there shouldn’t be any problem with her judgement.

The time after supper was wonderful, since Sherry emptied two jars of Dwarf Killer, and Roxanne had been in a good mood all day.
I used Sex Maniac during the night, so I was in a good mood as well.
I’m glad.
I have this place to come back to.

The next morning, we entered the boss room of Quratar’s 28th floor.
There are two Cyclopes and a Silver Cyclops for our first run.
After using [Abnormal Status Resistance Down] on the Cyclops Miria was facing I used two [Thunder Storm]’s.
Wind magic might be better, but I’m using lightning magic with the aim of the abnormal status effects.

One Cyclops was paralyzed by the lightning magic.
Sadly, it’s the one Miria is taking on, but that’s to be expected since it’s the one I used [Abnormal Status Resistance Down] on.
After two more lightning spells, I put [Abnormal Status Resistance Down] on the boss.

Roxanne was taking on the boss.
I think it might be difficult to put the boss into the sleep state.
Even though we fought the boss on the 27th floor many times yesterday, it was never affected by sleep.
Like sleep, the effect of paralysis from my lightning magic is also rare.

Normally, these effects are probably rather rare until the effects of my [Abnormal Status Resistance Down] and Assassin’s [Abnormal Status Chance Up] effects combine.
Since we haven’t seen any benefits on the bosses and we’ve been fighting them for a while, Maybe it was a bad decision to attach sleep to Roxanne’s weapon?
Well, it’s done now.

“I did it, desu!”

Miria left the paralyzed Cyclops, and petrified the boss.
Miria’s effect is still quite large against the boss.
Things are still getting harder, though.
We can’t relax.

The Cyclops which Vesta was taking on was paralyzed by lightning magic, and the Cyclops that had been paralyzed previously begins to move again.
Roxanne thrusts her Rapier of Hypnosis into it.
The Cyclops shuts its eye and hangs its head.

The effect of [Abnormal Status Resistance Down] shows again, it’s a single blow.


I gave a warning, and shot lightning magic.
This warning.
Has a reason.
It’s different from 8th grade syndrome.

Sleep getting cancelled by my magic attacks is quite troublesome.
The Cyclops wakes up.
As the Cyclops wakes up, he becomes silent at once because of Miria.
Miria petrifies it. Only one is left now.

It seems like there’s no problem fighting against the boss on the 28th floor either.
The boss fight just seems like a wait until Miria’s petrifaction proc’s.
At least, until the 33rd floor.

The demon on Quratar’s 29th floor seems to be the Moloch Taurus.
We’ve already seen the Moloch Taurus while exploring Haruba’s 27th floor, but it will be the first time seeing the boss.
We’ll have to be careful.

The Lv29 Moloch Taurus doesn’t cause any problems for us.
Only the battle time is slightly longer.
I still can’t understand if the skill [Progressive Increase in Damage] is effective.
It might be effective, but I don’t know.

Since I can set Jobless’s skill to Intermediate Water Magic, which is Moloch Taurus’s weakness, it becomes easier to explore the 29th floor.
But I’m not sure if there is additional benefit.
The combination of demons on the 29th floor is different to other labyrinths.
Using lightning magic would be quite convenient as well.
Especially, if paralysis proc’s when there are a large number of demons.

We hunt through the morning, and then I go to the Merchant’s Guild after breakfast.
When I call for Luke, he comes out at once.

“The other party is waiting at the guild shrine. I’ll leave after I’ve introduced you, so feel free to make a deal as you wish.”

Oh. The guild shrine.
It’s where you examine your monster cards after you’ve bought them.
I’ll have to pay 100 Nars to use it.
That makes the total price increase 300 Nars.

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