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Translator: SaintDevil
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Chapter 45

Frey was already waiting with her full equipment on. I came a little bit late to the plaza because I had to retrieve something from Ruby.

[So late!! Again, I thought you would launch a sneak attack.]

As Frey said that, I responded to her words, with the provoking answer that I already had prepared, with a straight face.

[What are you talking about? Here I’ve already done how many matches now. Of course, the preparations are done. Ah, I see, can it be that it’s only good if [The Proud Knight]-sama boasts of herself?]

She signaled the referee to begin the match immediately. This duel is gonna be the exhibition match of this tournament.
As might be expected, the strife born of a personal grudge against each other was not easily recognized?


I manipulate the ground below that idiot Frey’s feet, and a hole is created.
It’s the move that was also used on the cyclops, however this time it was easy to create because the scale was small.
Her foot vigorously plunged into the hole and she fell over, after rolling several times Frey finally stopped near me.
When she tried to stand, she got dizzy and unsteady on her feet.
I set the tip of my sword to Frey’s face without missing the chance.

[Yeah, it’s my win.]

[Wa-wait!! That just now was weird!!]

[…You, are you gonna say those same lines to brush it off even on the battlefield?]

[U, b-but…]

[Oh well, I will accompany you as many times as you like.]

[I-I see. Yosh, I won’t be defeated as long as I don’t relax my guard!!]

And then the second match began.
Once again, I kinda understand the meaning of [Cowardly] when the idiot Frey kept thrusting in the same easy manner.

[Sei, yaa!!]

It’s indeed sharp swordsmanship, but it’s still easy to dodge if I concentrate on defense.
I opened the [Anesthetic] bottle which I received from Ruby earlier, it drifts towards Frey’s surroundings because of the wind.

[Haa!! Koryaa~ Htoraa~]

When her voice slowly became inarticulate, seeing that it was a good time, I flicked off the sword from her hand.

[Yea, it’s my win again.]

[Higu, this method, such cowardice~]

‘Not done yet’ since she said this, I’ll wait for about 30 minutes until the effect of the medicine cuts in, the third match is done.

[Th-this time for sure!!]

This fellow seems to not have learned at all. The idiot Frey is coming from the front this time so I used [Water Magic] to test the new experiment.
The mucus lotion was created from the use of water magic, it went through Frey’s hands.

[Wh-what is this!? Damn, it’s so slimy.]

Frey who was perplexed watching the lotion for the first time, tries to put some effort.
At that moment, her beloved sword fell from her hand with a *supon* sound.
Panicking, she tries to pick up her sword with the hand smeared with lotion, but is unable to grasp it.
At the current state, the third match ended but it’s wasteful to just end it like that.
I called a large amount of mucus lotion, and pour it on Frey’s head.


Frey who was drowned in the mucus was having difficulty breathing and did her best to support her body.
Her head fell down into the lotion pond many times.
The wriggling Frey who was covered fully with mucus was kinda erotic. Oops, Amy is smiling while looking at my direction. Somehow it’s so scary.
I decided to finish it early because the pressure from Amy.

[That’s right, you had plenty of chances.]

[Y-you bastard!! Why don’t you fight seriously!?]

[I’m already fighting seriously. If I get a say, are you even fighting seriously?]

[Well, are you an idiot? Every time, always doing the same charge attack.]

[Don’t look down at my charge attack!!]

[Well, do as you like. Because you will always defeated.]

[D-damn it.]

[Then, do you still want to do this?]

[Of course!!]

It seems because of the mucus it made her voice nasally. The mucus was washed away by water magic, even the clothes were dried by fire and wind magic.
Even after I did all of that for her, there is no gratitude and the fourth match began.

Have you matured a bit this time? She doesn’t do her usual charge attack and is looking for a chance while staring at me.
After looking at the situation for awhile, there was by no means any movement so I decided to approach.
I briskly reduce the distance between us and when she entered my sword range I immediately swung my sword.)
Seems fine to me except I have no idea what to do with ポケ, it got tled as poke (Hawaian raw-fish salad))
However, I kept pursuing her. Frey was rolling on the ground and her body posture was destroyed due to avoiding my attack.
She got cornered to the edge of the plaza, the fourth match ended.

[Done yet…] [Here I go!!] [Is that so.]

She seems kinda frustrated, her eyes were already watery.
The fifth match. Slowly, I will knock down Frey seriously.

[Here I go~]

I kindly call out before launching an attack. I manipulate the wind and received the tailwind from behind me to accelerate. [Selection] recognizes if the opponent’s sword is facing towards me in a straight line.
Although Frey tried to intercept, she was a bit slower. It was almost the same timing when my sword and Frey’s sword took stance, my sword was already stopped 1cm from the side of Frey’s neck.

[Frey, do you still want to continue?]

[Think this through. I won’t be so gentle next time. You saw how my earlier matches went, right? How my opponents would tremble without being able to move, or how they would collapse with their eyes rolled back, or how they would fall over without me even touching them?]


[Should I come at you with an even crazier attack? Like one that’ll make you spew blood from your entire body perhaps, or maybe an attack where you won’t die no matter how many times I cut you. No, not ‘won’t die’, but ‘can’t die’. Well? How about it, Frey? Want-to-keep-going?]

That kind of technique was not developed at the moment, yeah, at the moment.

[I-it’s my loss.]

[[Loss], eh?]

[Hii, i-it’s my defeat, please forgive me!!]

[Yosh, we’re gonna do your punishment game later. Don’t forget you have to do five times worth of games.]


[Yes, how many times did you lose against me?]

[Fi-five, it was.]

[Right? So it’s necessary to do five of them, isn’t?]

[Y-yes. You’re right.]

I’ll hold the enjoyment of Frey’s punishment game for later.
Now is not the time to be playing around, but it is necessary to hear about the talk of demons, that are apparently in this town, from Giren.)

===Change Scene=== (TN: I added this to make it easier for reader)

[Apparently, it’s not the Evil God who instigated the necromancer, but the demons.]

I received the report when I arrived at the castle a moment ago.

[Although I have heard about it a while ago, is there any more detailed information?]

Giren most likely has the most information about it because he took custody of the necromancer.
As Giren said, the necromancer seems to have met the demon in this town.
He was presented with the corpse of the cyclops, because the plan was attacking the town with a large horde of monsters during night time, it seems he received instructions to incite confusion in the town by using the zombies.

[I’m completely hopeless. I didn’t know there was a demon in this town.]

[However, the culprit said he met it in town.]

[Well, it could be a hoax.]

[So that’s why, as for your reward for this case, I’ll present to you the [Demon Detector].]

[Demon Detector?]

Demon Detector was a tool which requires a lot of time to create, it also needs a large amount of magic crystals to start it.
Therefore, it’s certainly an expensive item. Although the effect was kinda limited, but to present it as a reward was more than enough.

[It’s true, although usually it’s not permitted to borrow it due to the fact that this is the Lord’s property, but only for you I have made an exception as a present.]

Special exception!! I was pointed at by Giren.

This guy, he will drag us to do demon hunting this time.

Why is it so special to send me? Is it just a logical calculation?

[I see, then I have received it. Well then, Ayla, Amy, Zir, let’s return to the inn for now to prepare things because we will leave the town tomorrow.]

[Wa-wait a minute!! Why do you need to leave?]

[Why is that? There is a Demon inside the town, isn’t there? Isn’t it dangerous?]

[A-aren’t you just thinking about only yourselves!! I have even given you the expensive [Demon Detector]!! Consider the town’s crisis a little bit!!]

[You think I care only about myself, don’t you? Whoa, aren’t you a fellow who only thinks about themselves and complains about their troubles to their comrades, besides wasn’t there an incident where you seized other people’s spoils?]

[U, guu]

[What’s the matter Lord-sama? There was no one who thought about that? Ah, now that I remember, I apologize for the delayed report? Of course, you don’t mind it, right?]


[So, I did not do it on purpose. But, I am just a nuisance. Then, what should we do?]

[What more do you want!?]

[It’s not like I want something from you. But, it’s seems to be troubling you. I was just thinking that I will be unable to work pleasantly in this town.]

[However, that is, it can’t be helped!! Besides, there is nothing that I can possibly give you anymore.])

Giren finally became frantic. I guess it’s about time.

[Yes, I understand. There is a reward for other adventurers, right? Then let me have your word so that the mood does not deteriorate.] Not entirely sure about this)


[Let’s do it like this, Giren-san is the one who is considering about this time’s matter. Right?]

[Th-that is correct.]

[Then, give a guarantee to put myself as your top priority in the future by making a [Contract].]


[Yes, let’s start at once because there is a fellow among my slaves that can practice the magic of [Contract].])

The contract is the following,
If Hibiki is in the town of Welburg, and if there is something happening, the right to guard Giren Brooks will be given to Hibiki as top priority.)
2. However while abiding point 1, Hibiki has the right to go meet Giren Brooks once per week.
3. If point 1 and 2 were broken, all properties of Giren Brooks will be transferred to Hibiki.

[Wi-with the agreement of this contract, you won’t forget?]

Giren confirmed the contents of the contract many times while asking me.

[Yes, of course. The [Demon Detector] is a fine reward for the defense of the town [Welburg] and of the arrest of the [Necromancer]. If this contract is concluded, the matter of report mistake will be wiped clean.]

Giren was relieved. The magic of [Contract] was not absolute. It’s possible to cancel it as long as someone has [Contract Termination] of the same rank.
Originally, an important magic [Contract] should not be able to be broken like beeswax.
When a merchant broke their contract with [Contract Termination], the credibility of the merchant will fall.
Conversely, the number of contracts signed can also lead directly to the evaluation of the merchant.)
However, Giren is not a merchant, this contract is also not publicly announced. It means, that it’s possible to do [Contract Termination] anytime.
He let down his guard because there was no statement to cancel the contract in the contents.
However, this contract is a [Contract of Blood]. To begin with, there is no such thing as [Blood Contract Termination] so it’s impossible to revoke it.
When he notices it later, he will receive a shock.

[With this, the contract is concluded.]

After both sides accept the contents of the contract, the two people will spill their blood drop by drop onto the contract paper. This [Contract of Blood] is really old fashioned and ancient.
Because blood is literally necessary for the contract of blood, so it’s useful this time.
Although the request of the Demon Subjugation will be received again from the Lord, the payment fee is not bad.
My bosom is warmed because of the [Gratitude] received from Frey and the rest who were brought along until now.])
When we triumphantly left through the castle gateway to face the head of the Alchemist Guild branch, we ran into Frank.)

[Oh, Hibiki-kun. Amy-kun.]

[Frank-san, for what reason are you here?]

[Not much, I just heard that a large amount of monster materials arrived, so I came to confirm and stock-up.]

I see, it’s the monster materials from the necromancer incident earlier. But, for the head of the branch to make the purchase himself…

[Yeah, if I don’t see it with my own eyes, I won’t be satisfied. And for tomorrow, I still have a lot of work to do.]

Tomorrow? What day is that again? When I was thinking, Amy pulled my sleeve with a pale face.

[Master, tomorrow is the delivery day for the white porcelain!!]

I completely forgot about it. I haven’t prepared for it at all. I hurriedly went to the Goblin’s village with Lalu.

Author’s note:
The next chapter is about Frey’s past.
Frey, I will focus on her a bit because there are opinions about her uselessness as a guard.

An Enthusiastic Reader who love reading LN, WN, and VN.
I decided to be a translator to contribute something for the community. Please enjoy my works~ ^^

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