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Changes: Sirloin → Roast, Zabuton → Chuck Flap, Triangular Boned Rib → Chuck Rib


“This way.”

When we move up to the 30th floor, Roxanne guides us.
It seems to be close by.
After following her for a while, we come across a group of two Half Herbs and a Moloch Taurus.

Three monsters, huh?
Because it’s our first battle on the 30th floor, Roxanne has led us to a place with fewer monsters.
Even though it’s a group of three, because it’s the 30th floor, it can be considered a small group.

After the 32nd floor, the maximum number of monsters in a group will increase to six.
We may hit the wall around there.
Never did I believe that I would be able to breeze through to the 37th floor.

I welcome the monsters with two Lightning spells and a Firestorm.
The movements of the three cease.
This time around, all of them seem to have been paralyzed.
Is such a thing even possible?

A Half Herb is weak against Fire magic while a Moloch Taurus is resistant to Fire magic.
A Moloch Taurus has weakness against Water magic while a Half Herb has resistance to Water magic.
I have to make do with Lightning magic on the 30th floor; however, it worked wonders this time.

Still, a Half Herb has resistance toward too many attributes.
It is resistant to Earth, Wind and Water magic.
To think that it’s called Half…

A Half Herb is about as high as an average human’s waist.
From its name, I had already guessed that it would look like some kind of herb.
So, is it called Half because of its height is half of a human’s?

For a herb, though, it’s pretty large.

Roxanne and the girls rush over to the stiffened monsters.
While they were en route, one of the Half Herbs had regained movement; however, it gets paralyzed again after the second barrage of three spells.
Roxanne and Vesta attack the stiffened Half Herb.

Miria runs through the side of the Half Herb.
Shouldn’t she attack the Moloch Taurus?
Sure enough. After I cast Firestorm, Miria aims at the Moloch Taurus.

Sherry, too, passes through the Half Herb’s side; however, she halts a bit short and thrusts her spear in from the rear.
Because Sherry’s duty is to cancel the skills using her Incantation Interruption spear, her action is the right one.
While attacking, Vesta goes around bit by bit.

Roxanne and the girls severely stab at the Half Herb in front of them.
I don’t think the paralyzed monster has fallen asleep.
Thus far, there has been no instance.

Even if it fell asleep, it wouldn’t be able to be distinguished for it cannot move due to paralysis.
Even if it fell asleep and woke up after receiving an attack, it wouldn’t be able to move for it’s paralyzed.
However, I wonder if it had fallen asleep earlier.

“Did it, desu.”

After I launch another barrage of three spells, Miria petrifies the Moloch Taurus.
At the same time, the paralysis of the Half Herb begins to wear off as it starts moving.
However, Roxanne immediately attacks it after which its leaves droop.

It has fallen asleep.
The Half Herb has properly been inflicted with the abnormal status of sleep.
Oh well. It’s a monster, after all.
In the first place, monsters tend to originally be asleep or so I’ve heard.


Issuing the warning, I launch another barrage of three spells.
Even if the Half Herb wakes up, Roxanne is standing in front of it while Vesta and Sherry are encircling it.
Subsequently, it gets paralyzed as is.

Did it get paralyzed right after it woke up to the first Lightning spell?
Or, did it wake up to the first Lightning spell and got paralyzed by the second?
In either case, it will have to suffer.

“Did it, desu.”

Miria petrifies the Half Herb that has been under the effect of paralysis from the outset.
Next, I take care of the monsters with magic.
All three of them collapse.

The Half Herb turns into smoke and dissipates.
What it left behind is a slim stalk.
When I use Appraisal, it says ephedra.
Is this the Half Herb drop?

“So, it’s an ephedra.”

While Vesta picks it up, Sherry informs.
Sherry seems to know that it’s an ephedra.

“Did you say ephedra?”
“An experienced Herbalist can produce an all purpose pill using an ephedra.”

An all purpose pill can recover HP and MP, heal injuries and cure diseases. It may even remove abnormal statuses. That’s why it’s called all purpose.
It’s a terrific medicine to be honest.
As for removing abnormal statuses, it’s a chance.
It’s not an absolute.

However, it doesn’t warrant it to be looked down on.
Abnormal status inflicted by a strong monster tends to be strong.
Poison inflicted by a lower ranked monster can be removed 100% with an antidote pill; however, poison inflicted by a higher ranked monster may not be removed even if you consume an antidote pill.
If you make a mistake, you can easily restore HP with an all purpose pill.
A higher ranked all purpose medicine can remove abnormal statuses without fail.

I have already received a lecture in this regard from Sherry-sensei before.
Can I make an all purpose pill?
An all purpose pill is a lower ranked all purpose medicine, after all.

I select Herbalist.
I put the ephedra, which I received from Vesta, on my palm and invoke Create Crude Medicine.
The ephedra on my palm turns into two pills.

It’s an all purpose pill.
And, there seem to be two.
I had my doubts for it supposedly requires one to be experienced; however, I somehow managed to do it merely with Herbalist Lv6.

To produce an all purpose pill, does one perhaps have to be a Herbalist Lv5 or more?
To keep my failures from being public, I should have invoked Create Crude Medicine privately; however, that I did magnificently well, I’m glad.
Oh well. It can’t be helped.

“Is this an all purpose pill?”
“So, you can make it.”
“As expected of Master.”

Roxanne compliments calculatively.
I probably need to level Herbalist up before I’m able to produce a higher ranked all purpose pill.
So, is it better to level Herbalist up?
If an all purpose pill requires Herbalist Lv5 or more, the next one should need Lv10 or Lv15.

Considering the efficiency, leveling it up after the next material item appears won’t be a bad idea; however, I won’t be able to show off in front of Roxanne and the girls.
Also, if impossible became possible within 1-2 days, there would be a risk of Sherry delving deep into it.
Although reaching Lv50 will be difficult, Lv10 or Lv20 can immediately be managed.
I should level Herbalist up for a while.

How about adding a Seventh Job?
It’ll be painful to spend bonus points to add a Seventh Job just to level a job up.
Can I not remove Wizard and select Herbalist in its place?

Because I have already done the boss battles without Wizard, fighting normal monsters shouldn’t be out of question.
Besides, the magic attributes of Wizard aren’t effective against the monsters of Quratar’s 29th and 30th floors.
Lightning magic of Grand Wizard and Jobless plays the main role.
So, removing Wizard is a viable option.

“Then, let’s return to the 29th floor? Because there’ll be a change in the constitution of magic, please be careful.”
“There’ll be a change?”
“A little, yes. It has to do with the floor incompatibility.”

Sherry, as expected, nibbles; however, I successfully deceive her.
Hence, I move back to the 29th floor and fight employing the dual attack system comprising Grand Wizard and Jobless spells.
Although the duration of battles has increased, it’s satisfactory, isn’t it?
The more the battle lengthens, the more Miria’s petrifaction proc’s. There’s paralysis, too, for I’ll be using Lightning magic.

During the boss battles, I can simply replace Herbalist with Gambler. Depending on the situation, I can switch it to Cook, too. If you asked me whether it’s bothersome, I would say it is; however, it can’t be helped.
Thus far, it doesn’t feel too unusual.
Because I have Herbalist selected, I’m producing all purpose pills as and when I receive an ephedra.
I can keep it in the space of my Item Box.

Or so I thought; however, whey drops three times during the boss battles.
Speaking of whey, it’s a rare ingredient.
After I leave the labyrinth, I’d better select Explorer.

“Yes, desu.”

Like a Naive Olive’s dropped item, olive oil, it’s a liquid packed in a thin film.
It’s a mystery liquid left behind by a cowkin.

“Is it perhaps milk?”
“It’s whey. It’s richer than milk; it’s a valuable item. It’s absolutely delicious; however, not many drink it as is. If it’s added to a soup, it becomes extraordinarily tasty.”

Explains Sherry.
I thought it would be milk since it’s dropped by a cowkin, that drops roast; however, it seems to be a seasoning.
I can perhaps make white stew with it.
After receiving it from Miria, I carefully put it inside my Item Box, so that it’s thin film doesn’t get torn.

Another Boss Taurus dropped a chuck flap.
However, it wasn’t during today’s hunting.
Even after one full day of hunting, not many chuck ribs have dropped.
Nothing can be done about it, though.

“Let’s call it a day?”
“It seems to be a little early, though.”
“It’s because we have been invited by the Duke again.”
“Which reminds me, you did mention it.”

Although not a single chuck flap has dropped, we call it off a little early.
Whey, on the other hand, has dropped plenty.
There are many in my Item Box.
It’s probably Cook’s contribution.

“I haven’t heard of any such thing as an overnight victory celebration gathering. Will it be alright?”

Sherry expresses her concern.
Is there a possibility of it being a trap?
The Duke’s manner of speech did seem unnatural.
According to Sherry, there’s no such thing as an overnight victory celebration gathering.

I’ll go, nevertheless.
The reason being, it’s difficult for me to decline.
If it’s just this time, it cannot be suspicious; however, if he invites again, it can be considered a trap.
Unless I cut off all the ties, I won’t be able to decline all of his invitations in the future.

I want to maintain a good relationship with Cassia and Gozer.
With everyone but the Duke.

“If he wanted to kill us, he would have poisoned the food last time and be done with us; therefore, it’ll be alright.”

I have visited the Duke’s place numerous times yet nothing has happened thus far.
Nothing fatal, at least.
Therefore, it should be alright.
The only nuisance to me is the attention; however, with Gozer there, the worst can be avoided.

To visit the Duke, I finish hunting ahead of time.
From Quratar’s labyrinth, we return home.
And go straight to the bedroom.
After all, we’ll be staying overnight.

I cannot afford to make ‘noise’ in the room borrowed from the Duke.
And, I don’t know as to what kind of room it’ll be.
There may be separate rooms arranged for males and females.

Now that I think about it, what would I do if they didn’t prepare beds for Roxanne and the girls.
There’s a possibility for they know they’re slaves.
Since they invited me as a guest, they must’ve prepared the minimum, right?

Well, if it does happen, I can simply return, no?
Oh well. I’ll see when the time comes.
For now, I drain myself dry once and head to Bode after getting ready.

“The leader is in the office.”

When I arrive at the lobby, the member of the order of knights informs me.
Same as usual.
They always respond this way. No change.

The mood doesn’t suggest that there’s going to be a celebration.
Or, did they let me in on my own because they’re busy with the preparations, perhaps?
I’m always let in without permission.

“Come in.”

When I proceed to the office and knock, comes Gozer’s voice.
I enter.

“Michio here.”
“Ooh, Michio-dono. You’ve finally come.”

There’s the Duke, too, unsurprisingly.

“I was waiting.”
“Well then, Gozer, we’re executing Operation SE-2.” (TN: セ二号作戦 If you guys have better / more accurate / more specific version, do tell me, please)
“Eh? Wha-?”

Gozer greets us with bewilderment.
What the heck is Operation SE-2?
Gozer doesn’t seem to know either.
It must’ve been arranged for beforehand.

“‘That’ is Operation SE-2.”
“No way. That?”
“We’re executing it tonight.”
“Wha- okay.”

Gozer seems to be aware of the operation itself.
He just didn’t know that it would be executed tonight.

“I’m afraid to tell you, Michio-dono, that there’s an emergency.”

What’s the emergency?
Until now, I didn’t notice any change at all since I came here.
Even from Gozer’s looks.

“I apologize for not circulating the emergency summons. Excuse my incompetence.”

Gozer rushes out of the office.
Emergency summons?
What’s happening?

“Then, let’s have dinner?”
“Ah, emergency?”
“No, no, don’t mind it. We still have some time.”

It doesn’t seem to yet be the time to rush.
Even though it’s an emergency.
Will it be alright?

But then, they wouldn’t be moron enough to circulate the emergency summons in front of us if they were to assemble warriors against us.
Don’t you think?
They would’ve arranged for it earlier if they intended to.

“Is everything alright?”
“I’ll explain the situation later. Follow me, please.”

The Duke leaves the room.
Roxanne and Sherry look at me. They didn’t get it either for they have their heads tilted.
So, it really is incomprehensible, huh?
Even Gozer didn’t get it.

Since there’s no helping it, we follow the Duke.
There’s an uneasy feeling; however, they wouldn’t do it so openly if it were a trap for us.
The explanation seems to be on the other side.

The Duke proceeds to the usual dining room.
Is it really going to be a dinner?

“Thank you for coming. I was waiting.”

Inside the room is Cassia, dressed up.
For a Duchess, it may be a casual wear.
The dressed up Cassia looks so beautiful.
The not dressed up Cassia must be beautiful, too.
The dinner has already been prepared.
Beside her, there are other people inside the room.

“I apologize. An urgent matter requires Gozer to attend to it. I and Michio-dono will be having dinner in the conference room. Send the meal for seven people over, please.”

The Duke speaks to Cassia.

“Eh? Ah……okay.”

Cassia gets taken aback but she recovers right after.
She instructs the servants in the room.

Now that I think about it, Gozer recovered immediately, too.
After living together with the Duke, they seem to have steeled their nerves.
There must be no end to his capricious actions.

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Duke, Cassia, Michio, Roxanne, Sherry, Vesta, Miria

those 7 having dinner in conference room, in another word he sent all other people away. (his party and gozar party)


Actually, I think it will just be the duke and his party plus Michio. I think the duke is going sub Michio into his group to subjugate a labyrinth. Not enough info to know why he’s so desperate.


Or it’s Gozer instead of Cassia, who knows right?


No… Cassia was not invited either lol… I’m sure Gozer went to bring someone when he left… Judging by the info at the beginning of the anticipated arc… I’m guessing he may introduce an elf girl to the MC to become the last member of the party… There is no way that an elf won’t be in his harem… Maybe his niece?… I may be wrong… We’ll see 🙂


This is correct.

What is going to happen will be covered in the next chapter.


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If you read ch 9 it tell u pretty much the whole harem with it. She the elf of the party. Not much of a spoiler when the author wrote it into the story


It’s not a spoiler. I’m just guessing based on Ch. 9 since we know all of Michio’s party before this whole thing started already.


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Thanks for the chapters.

セ二号作戦 sounds like one of those things from military movies, where the セ二号 is the identificator of the operation. セ is the identificator of the whole operation while 二 is the identificator for the sub-operation. Unless they state later what the “SE” stands for, I’d suggest “operation S-2”.
Japanese operations during WWII followed that naming scheme, of which one of the most known is Operation I-Go (い号作戦, when translating to English, they didn’t notice that the “go” was a counter).


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For some reason I feel something will happen to the duke and cassia will be his last slave. He already have 2 beastkin, 1 dwarf, 1 dragonkin and now all he is missing is an elf. Is also funny why he still haven’t gotton his last slave, almost like he is saving the spot for someone.


He’s paranoid the other girls would dislike him expanding his harem, so he always tries to find the excuse of needing more people to fight in the labyrinth. Since their fighting has become easier, he can’t use that pretext right now.


His main concern is Roxannes attitude more then the others. You can consider Roxanne as his wife and the others as mistresses she has allowed to get a good idea of the group dynamic.


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If people are wondering what whey is (like our MC), milk will seperate into curds and whey when warmed. Curds are used to make cheese, whey can be used to replace waer to give a food a slightly sour taste. Whey is milk without the fats and solids, its a high protien liquid and cheese makers have long thought of ways to use it (They get a LOT of it during cheese making).

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