(R18) Frequenting Brothels 11

First chapter of a series of 4 H-chaps.

Please be careful and close dem damn doors!

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Health Fashion 「Bubble Mix」Part 2 ★ (Mat play, Intercrural sex)

Freya-chan took off her panties、led me to the bathroom、then let me sit down on the so-called shower chair.

「Then sit still、I’ll wash your body okay?」

「G、Got it……」

Freya-chan lathered up the soap、then carefully and thoroughly washed my ‘son’ and my ass.
According to the owner of Ayakidou、there doesn’t seem to be any STD’s in the game.
But I need to keep clean still, after all there are other scary diseases besides STD’s.

Putting that aside, the hand stuck through the chair felt really good as it gently washed my ass, balls, and cock.
(TN: Hahahaha omg, I TL-ed the chair as Perv-Shair and my editor laughs his ass off)
{EN: XD perv chair, perv chair lolol it’s a shower chair with a U shaped hole in the middle}

「It’s so hard~、almost as though it’s gonna come any second♪」


Then、Freya-chan stopped her hand.

「But、at our shop if you ejaculate once then the course is over、so be careful okay?」

「Eh? Is it so?」

I unintentionally clenched my ass when I heard that.

「Yep yep♪ If you don’t hold on then that’s so~♪ ……now、we’re done with the washing, let’s rinse off the bubbles okay?」

She poured hot water down my body and washed the bubbles away.

「Now then、I’ll set up the mat、so wait in the bath okay?」

I did as I was told and hopped in the bath to warm up my body.
Freya-chan took a bucket and poured some hot water with something slimy into it and quickly stirred it up.
When I looked at it with interest, Freya-chan laughed and explained:

「Are you interested in this? Mixing Tama Fox’s synovial fluid with Doki Doki Mushroom would create this lotion.
The hunters usually sell these for pocket money」


「Yup、I think this is about ready……then customer-san、can you lie face-down on the mat?
It’s slippery so watch your step」

I put down a towel in replacement of the pillow and lay down on the slippery mat as I was told to.

「Now then、Excuse me~♪」


Warm lotion was poured onto my back、I let out a sigh unintentionally.

Freya-chan used her dainty hands to spread the lotion onto my back and then she started to spread the slippery lotion onto her own breasts and front. Then she slowly lowered her slippery body until it pressed softly and firmly onto my back.

「……Aww man……Feels good……」

「Ufufu、I’ll move okay?」

Freya-chan nuzzled and rubbed her chest to my back、then started moving with a sloshing squelching sound..
Then she began to shower my back with little kisses.

「*kiss*……*Mchu*……*kiss*……*kiss*……though I’ll play with it、don’t come yet okay?」

Saying so、she reached her hand between my legs, lathered up my cock, and gently stroked it.
I desperately held in my cum and somehow I endured it.

「Amazing isn’t it……it’s really hard……this might be the first time for something like this……okay、please turn around, I’ll do your front now alright?」

Freya-chan helped me turned over.


Freya-chan used her big soft breasts to spread the lotion all over my chest while kissing my lips, my nipples, and everywhere she could reach.


My ‘son’ was rubbed intensely with Freya-chan’s tight belly making me tremble, if I lost focus for a second I’d come immediately.

「You can let it out anytime you want you know? Then、excuse me~♪」

Freya-chan moved to the lower half of my body while saying so, grabbed my dick and sandwiched it between her huge tits and stuck my dick in her mouth at the same time, then started a fella-paizuri. (fellatio tit-job)

「Nmum、*suck*……*lick*……*lick lick*……*suuck*……」


The pleasure from being in her warmth aside、the slimy lotion added to it and took me to my limits.
I grind my teeth and endure the pleasure.
If there wasn’t the experience with Kashima-chan beforehand、I would have surrendered long ago.

「Nn、try your best okay……*suuck*……*lick*、*liiick*……」 (TN: Ganbaru ne!)

Freya-chan kept sucking on my dick for a while after, but after seeing that I hadn’t come she let my dick go…
I let out a breath of relief.

「You tried your best、customer-san. Then、here comes the final blow♪」

「F、Final blow?」

「Yup、Inter. Crural. Sex♪」 (TN: indirect)

Saying so Freya-chan slipped her body around and put her inner thighs around my dick、rubbed her pussy on my dick and extended a hand to apply lotion on the underside of my cock.

「Now then、I’ll move♪」

Under such conditions, when Freya-chan moved、my penis was rubbed between her wet pussy and her slippery hand、it created a feeling like it was actually inside her.

「Nn♪ Nn♪ Nn♪ Customer-san、amazing……rubbing it like this、even I’m starting to feel it……♪」

「It’s not inside right?It almost feels like it is though……」

「Nn♪ it’s intercrural sex、so it’s not inside……Aa!」

When Freya-chan raised a wild voice、my dick suddenly entered her hot wet pussy.

「Nn、Sorry sorry、I got caught up doing it so hard that it went in……」

Saying so, she took out the meat stick from her vagina.

「It wouldn’t have been fine even if you left it inside like that……」

When I expressed my honest thought、Freya-chan laughed lightly.

「That’s no good、I didn’t prepare contraceptive drugs……this shop prohibit real sex、understood?」

(TN: HAHAHA poor guy omg…){EN: He realizes he really can’t}

When I nodded Freya-chan smiled、then started moving intensely again.
I accidentally entered her vagina 2 to 3 times already、but Freya-chan took out my dick without being upset and continued the intercrural sex.

「Nn♪ Nn♪ So? Are you gonna come? Nn♪」

「Ack……No……No good……C、Cumming!」

I was completely unable to hold on with Freya-chan’s, almost magical, intercrural lotion sex, I couldn’t  endure anymore and came hard into Freya-chan’s hand.

「Uwa……amazing……you came a lot♪」

「Uu……I really came……even though I registered for a really long course……」

「Ara……though you came、it’s still standing up?」

Freya-chan touched my wilful “son”、lightly laughed、then kissed me.

「*chu*……*kiss*……Heey~、since it didn’t lose it’s energy、we’ll do it again okay?」

「Eh……is that alright?」

「We’ll keep it a secret, this bad boy is still very energetic so I can’t just leave him alone ♪」

Freya-chan then washed away the lotion、and led me to bed.

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