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2nd Volume, 1st Chapter 【The Sword and the Magic】

2nd volume is now underway.
It is scheduled to be updated every 2-3 days.

※The author has found out the difference between the magic power and mana. 1st volume, wherein magic was almost never used, is being fine tuned. A prompt revision is being made. *Sweats* *sweats* *sweats*
※※Revision done……? Done.
Part revised——1st volume, 1st chapter: In the explanation of the characteristics of the races, it was mentioned that the elves possess plenteous magic power which has now been changed to magic aptitude. The revision has been effected.
Moving on, a revision has been effected in the Magic Power Conversion skill, too, which Lim possesses. The name of the skill remains unchanged; however, in the description, magic power → mana.
I apologize.
Basically, I plan on developing the storyline based on the details in this 1st chapter of 2nd volume. (Author’s note)

——5th month, 5th week, the day of the Origin. Rainy.

Upon the sound of the early morning bells, I got my upper body up while rubbing my drowsy eyes.
Last night, I stayed up a little too late.
I understand partying and all; however, why did they have to serve alcohol to a minor?

Although I had already guessed that there’s no age limit on drinking in this world, Arnold-san and Bays-san went overboard with doing as they pleased.

Obliging to their request, when Dario-san brought a liquor distilled from Merva Barley, which grows in this region, I felt as if something had started to break.

With Sheena-san having disappeared all too soon and Lim having gone upstairs, upon Arnold-san urging her, to a room at Feeder Pops’ paid for by him, only male attendants were left.

Thereafter, I was forced, albeit partly, to keep them company. Miraculously, however, I wasn’t dead drunk even after drinking for god knows how long.
Actually, it was my first time drinking, so I didn’t know as to what it feels like to be drunk; however, my mind was clear.

Glutted with euphoria, you desire delectation; that’s what I thought would feel like to be drunk.

「Is this……perhaps the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance……?」

Unable to shirk my conscience, I was lonely in company of the two the mind of whom had broken down. Its taste being delicious was the only salvage.
Taking the tasty food and the delicious liquor into account, it can be taken as a gain.

After descending downstairs to the first floor and resuscitating my swollen eyes with the well water, I returned to the dining area.

「Ou, Seiji. The congratulatory party last night was so fun. Although……you were relatively more composed even after drinking so much.」
「Eeh, even I was surprised.」

By the way, Dario-san didn’t take even a drop of alcohol in.
Saying 「I’m at work,」 he declined the offer of the two to drink. He toasted merely with fruit juice.

「——Oh, Lim is up, too. Do you two want to have breakfast together?」
「Good morning. Umm, Papa……」
「I-Is something the matter?」

Don’t tell me, excessive intake of alcohol!? Oh shit—–

「——Today, he won’t be able to move before noon.」

……Un, okay.
Calm down, me. Take a deep breath.

That cool figure who stayed throughout the night by Lim’s side at the inn in Pascam.
That gallant figure who, without looking back, went ahead to fight the Blood Ogres, urging Lim and me to run away.

I can’t forget that figure.

「……Because he drank a little too much last night, isn’t it better to let him sleep?」

After having breakfast with Lim, I thought over today’s plan.
Because Jig-san said that he would be done with making my sword by this evening, I’d better stay inside the town.

The quests within the scope of rank D, which can be completed within the town, are scarce to begin with. Considering the rain on top of that, it’s a big ask.

That being the case, I’d rather visit the place which I have been thinking of visiting for some time: the library.
Situated in the centre of Merville Town, it’s a public facility which is accessible upon the payment of fee.
Although the money I received from Jig-san as a congratulatory gift had dwindled considerably down due to the food and drinks last night, I still had some left.

What I want to study about the most in the library is magic.
Although I’m immensely curious about the magic skills, regrettably, I have nil knowledge about magic. Even the basic concept doesn’t exist in me.

As for the martial art skills, although I waxed at handling weapons via stealing skills, I already had the concept of weapons – sword, spear, axe, etc. – to some extent.
Even though I now possess Sword Arts, I have naturally heard of 『swinging the sword and killing the enemy』 in the stories.

However, I haven’t heard of using magic in a ‘real’ story.
What is magic? What can you do with magic?

I will obviously find it out after stealing the magic skills; however, there’s no harm in learning about it beforehand.

Based on Arnold-san’s past conduct, Lim returned to their room and waited for her father to wake up.

I returned to my room, put on a hooded overcoat (black) to protect myself from rain and left Feeder Pops’.
I set out in the the central direction. There exists a large square in the centre of the town. Normally, the aisles of the stalls bustle with people; however, unfortunately, it was raining today.
Although the tents set up for business could be found hither and thither, they were essentially unfrequented.
After walking for a while, a magnificent building entered my line of sight.

In this town, the most gaudy building would be the Town Lord’s mansion. It’s a chalk palace……no, chalk mansion.
Merville is a town where commerce thrives. Many merchants, artisans and craftsmen run their businesses; however, never did I say it was a free town.

Since it’s situated in the territory of Lechelle Kingdom, it’s governed by the titled nobility.
People pay the tax to the Town Lord, the Town Lord pays the tax to the King; this is somehow an accepted arrangement.

Adventurers, however, are exempted from paying the tax.
Actually, no. Rather than exemption, there’s a deduction from the reward at the completion of a quest.
Therefore, an adventurer can travel between the countries without being tied to the chain called tax.
However, since the social status of an adventurer may be revoked if they don’t receive any quest within a prescribed period, it’s an acceptable argument.
Oh well. It’s a great race which the present I is unrelated to, so I cut the thought short.

——I arrived at the library, paid the 200 Dalas entrance fee and went into the building.
The books being valuable treasure, I was warned of damaging the books which would result in additional compensation. For it wasn’t pretty inside my pouch, I intended to handle the books with extra care.

Inside was a peculiar blend of the smell of paper and the odor of ink……there was a whiff of dust, too, in the blend that could make one nostalgic, creating a soothing ambience.

During the exam, I was surrounded by textbooks, making me hate the smell of paper and ink. This time, however, since I was pursuing a subject of interest, the impression in my consciousness had changed.

「Err, where are the magic related books kept?」

After asking the librarian, I turned my steps to the bookshelf.
After having nearly gotten distracted by the various bookshelves en route, I finally arrived at the destination.

From the bookshelf which seemed to especially be for the picture books, I was picking the titles up, which attracted my attention, and putting them back.

『An Elf and a Forest Bear-san』
『A Dragonewt’s Melancholy』
『A Truly Scary Demon’s Fairytale』

And so on. Why on Iris would someone draw such a thing?

Moving on, I pulled myself back together and searched for the books on magic.
There weren’t that many magic related books, though. The collection could merely fill a step of the bookshelf.
However, it was enough for me to decline if someone asked me to read them all.
Then, I casually stretched my hand to pick a book up the title of which was——

『A Guide to the Principles of Elemental Magic that Even a Green Caterpillar can Understand』

Although it piqued my interest……it was so thick that my heart broke halfway through.
However, considering the title……the ease of understanding should make the thickness manageable.

I moved to the reading space and commenced the study.

『——Preface: Before reading further, it is recommended to please assess if you possess adequate aptitude in elemental magic.』

So it says, but.
How do I assess?
Silently, I turned the page over.

『As for the aptitude in elemental magic——the atmosphere of this world is filled with an ingredient called 《Mana》 which is the source of magic. Magic is an act of manifesting a phenomenon by refining mana.』

Mana, eh?
I can’t stop myself from *wakuwaku* trembling with excitement.

『Let’s assess your aptitude in Fire Magic. If you’re alive, you must be quite familiar with a thing called fire. Fire in a hearth, fire in a stove, a bonfire……various such instances come to mind.』

Assessing the aptitude probably means ascertaining the existence of a skill.
That being the case, because I plan on stealing the magic skills anyway, there’s no need for me to assess the aptitude.
However, if weapons can be wielded without possessing the martial art skills, why can’t magic be invoked without possessing the magic skills?
Since it seems fascinating, I’ll give it a go.

『Take a big, deep breath and suck the air into your body. Imagine fire. Draw a simple, easy image of fire in your mind. Concentrate on your fingertip——』

Imagine fire……huh?

A true flame that can illuminate the abyss. A hellish flame that can overshadow the hellfire. A blinding flame that can burn the eyes of the beholder.
That can scorch everyone. That can melt everything. That can turn anyone who obstructs its path into nothingness.
Having sucking the air in until it ran out, I imagined an infinitely soaring inferno!
Blazing on my fingertip.



『Were you able to? For caution’s sake, let’s move on and assess your aptitude in other elements of magic. The next is Water Magic.』

Silently, I turned the page over.
Oh well. Whatever it is. Isn’t……it?

『The method is same. Imagine water in your mind and take a death breath.』

For sure. I’ll prevail this time for sure.

Pure water that flows gently and kindly.
Bestowing the fields with blessings. Streaming holy water that heals the body and cleanses it.
Contrary to its gentle side, a river may flood and tyrannically wash everything away.
Showing the might of its power to anyone that stands in its way.
I imagined my fingertip overflowing.

…………Why? Why isn’t anything happening!?
So, is this shit meaningless unless I possess a magic skill, after all?

Thereafter, I tried Wind, Earth, Dark and Light one after another; however, nothing happened at all.
In this world, the days are associated to these elements.
The day of the Origin is still left.

『With this, the assessment of the aptitude is over.』


『If you have the aptitude in all six elements, you’re extremely lucky. There’s a possibility that you have the aptitude in Origin Magic. Origin Magic is literally the magic that governs the source 《Origin》 of everything. Even in their dreams, one cannot use magic of all six elements. Further details have been provided later.』

Disregarding my feelings, the book lined those words up indifferently.
It’s reasonable, though, for it’s a book.

『Although it’s extremely regrettable, if you have assessed the aptitude……yet you don’t have the aptitude in any of the elements——please close the book. Anymore would be a waste of time.』

『You’re not a green caterpillar.』

……Whoever wrote this book, come oooout.
I’ll chop you up!

My trembling right hand was curled into a fist. My left hand was holding it back.
『If you damage a book, you’ll have to compensate』——those words echoed inside my head.


Taking deep breaths, sucking useless mana into my body during the process, I regained my composure.

『——Now then, if you have the aptitude, don’t be hasty for you’re merely at the stage of chrysalis. The next section explains how to practise mana refining.』

Thereafter, for a long time, I looked over the text.
Here’s the summary.

The elemental magic isn’t the manifestation of a phenomenon through chanting a spell. Fire in case Fire Magic, water in case of Water Magic, so on and so forth——the accurate expression would be the materialization of a practitioner’s image through converting mana.

Nevertheless, the practitioner can associate a name to the manifestation of a phenomenon——magic, that is to say, in order to draw a clear image.

For instance, 『Flame, burn the enemy』.
If I called that out, the image would be vague……resultanly, a sloppy flamethrower-esque flame would fly toward the enemy.

『Ball of Fire (Fireball), burn the enemy』

If I called that out, consistent to my image, a highspeed ball of flame would soar toward the enemy.
Spear of Flame (Fire Lance), too; any would do. As long as it clarifies the image, one can name it by and for themselves.
Doing so, a practitioner can manifest a phenomenon with relative ease, it seems.
If one doesn’t feel the need to shout, they’re most welcome.

To what extent a practitioner can convert mana in the atmosphere to manifest a phenomenon, as explained earlier, is called mana refining.
Mana sucked into the body is an explosive while the body of a practitioner can be considered a converter that converts mana in the atmosphere into magic.

This quantity of conversion decides as to what extent can magic be used.
As for heavy flood……to manifest such a magic, an enormous quantity of mana needs to be converted.
Therefore, the converter of a novice practitioner can’t possibly invoke such a magic.

Most likely……the quantity that can be converted is directly related to the skill Lv.

Sure enough, the contents of magic I imagined were excessively grand.
With the insignificant quantity of mana converted, there was no way for the magic to invoke.
Without any magic skill, if I imagined fire on a matchstick, something might happen……however, I have no intention of wasting time on that.

Oh well. So, elemental magic will vary from one practitioner to another.
There will be a difference in the quantity converted, of course. Moreover, the magic manifested through a practitioner’s image will be multifarious.
The other day, when the healer used Light Magic to heal Arnold-san’s injury, he had such an image of light.
If I could, I would shoot a laser beam of light.

Well, that’s the gist of it.

By the way, Origin Magic seems to be almighty.
There’s a possibility of creating a compound element by combining all six elements of magic.
It’s all a dream.
However, that said, the conversion of mana is considered difficult. It supposedly takes time for a practitioner to succeed.
It’s difficult to increase the skill Lv……is that it?

At the end of the magic textbook, I saw this, 『You’re close to eclosion. Be a splendid artist and flap to the sky,』 written and closed the book.

Just because you wanted to say this, you came up with such a title?
Couldn’t you draw the analogy with a bird or something?

Oh well. Since it’s quite easy to understand, it can be deemed acceptable……it’s about time.

When I gazed outside the window, the shadow cast by the sunlight had lengthened. I’d better be leaving for Jig-san’s place.
I put the book back on the shelf……uh……h

「Oh, this textbook is a part of the green caterpillar series, huh? He, there’s one on Spirit Magic, too……」

I opened the book to browse just a little.

『——Preface: Before reading further, it is recommended to confirm whether you’re an elf. If not, please close the book.』

——Before wasting another moment, I closed the book.

——Facing Jig-san’s shop in the Industrial District, I shoved anything magic to a corner of my mind. With my heart throbbing, I stepped into the shop.

「Ou, you’re here, huh? If you came for your sword——here.」

I subconsciously let out a breath.

What Jig-san brought from inside his workshop was a sword with the dull lustre of obsidian.
Running down a part of the scantily curved jet black sword blade was an organic red veined pattern.
Is this aesthetic pattern a vestige of the red horn which turned black? Or, is it the result of Jig-san’s craftsmanship?
Such an admirable beauty……it’s fascinating.

「——……Hey… listening? Hey!」
「Eh, ah……yes.」

Enjoying the stupor stricken me, Jig-san briefed about the sword.

「You requested it to basically be a one handed sword which can also be wielded in both hands. That posed me the biggest challenge. Typically, the blade of a two handed sword tends to be at least 1m long which makes it difficult to be wielded with your height and arm length.

Despite Jig-san’s bushy moustache, I attentively listened to the contents of his explanation.

「Therefore, the length of the blade has been restricted to 70cm. In exchange, more space has been added to the hilt in order to accommodate left hand. To utilize the strength of both hands, the centre of gravity will have to be adjusted……give it a swing.」

As told, I grasped the passed on sword with one hand and brandish it as is.

「——It feels so natural as if I’m swinging my own arm.」
「……Fumu, well done. Next, both hands.」

The moment I added my left hand to the hilt of the sword, I could feel the sense of stability increasing further.
As is, I struck it down from overhead.

「Looks good.」

Twiddling with his moustache, Jig-san leaked a satisfied smile.

「Amazing……it creates an illusion as if the power of my whole body in its entirety has been imbued in the sword.」
「It’s not an illusion. By the way, it’s single edged, however……the tip of the sword is double edged, so be careful. Two third of the blade is single edged while the proximity of the sword tip is double edged.」
「Eh……why is that so?」
「A Single edged sword tip reduces the piercing power of a sword. It wouldn’t matter if the opponent were a human; however, if the opponent were a tough monster, it would be troublesome. If you brandished an unedged sword tip at such an opponent, there’d be a risk of it snapping. I believe you have the ability to some extent; so, that’s why.」

With iron will, I prevented my brain from reinterpreting Jig-san’s words. Thus far, I have already committed excessive acts of discourtesy toward Jig-san.

「……What happened to you? Well, that’s about all the explanation……lastly, call it a blacksmith’s intuition, I can feel a strange power dwelling inside this sword……but it doesn’t seem to be evil, so rest easy.」
「Does this sword have a name?」
「Nothing in particular. It’s a bespoke item, after all……so, calling it just sword would do. If you’re so inclined to, why don’t you name it yourself?」

I see……name it myself, huh?
Since Jig-san has authorized, I’ll oblige.
Jet black sword blade, red pattern……

——Alright then, I have decided. Your name will be!

Having paid my thanks and sheathed the sword in an already prepared scabbard, I left Jig-san’s shop.
From tomorrow onward, I’ll hunt the Smagobs until my Sword Arts skill reaches Lv3. Simultaneously, I’ll receive rank D quests.
Well, it’ll get busy.

On my way back to Feeder Pops’, I concentrated my consciousness on my beloved sword.

《Red Veins Shrouded in Jet Black (Noir・Meld・Rouge)》——An exclusive (Unique) weapon. ※Blood Ogre Horn
Unique: Pulsation of Blood (Blood Pulse)——Minute increase in the sharpness for every person from the same race killed by the user.

This……is this the effect of that guy’s rare skill?
If killing a person from the same race——killing a human increased its sharpness……I would turn more and more into a vice thief.

However, I won’t do such a thing.
Tomorrow, I’ll let it drink as much blood of the Smagobs as it wants.

——While caressing the sheath of my beloved sword, Noir, I arrived at Feeder Pops’.

Finally, the main character has gotten his hands on a new weapon.

As for the name, I have no regrets.
I wanted to make the ruby 『Noir & Meld・Rouge』; however, due to the system, I had to remove 『&』……*sobs* (Author’s note) (TN: Ruby characters are small hiragana or katakana readings of kanji usually above or to the side of the kanji)

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