Site update & poll results.

So we’ve been on the new server for a week, and everything is looking good so far. Still some work that needs doing, but I think the last of the missing posts are here now.

I don’t think I really needed to mention the Easter poll again, since we said we didn’t have the staff to pick anything up, but I’ll mention it anyway to help shed more light on these abandoned series. πŸ™‚

Khader asked me to mention Genocide Reality, and Oni asked me to mention Doll Dungeon, both of which I’ve been told have been dropped by their respective translators so they could have made the poll.

Also, Neoshadow said the Hissou Dungeon is being translated somewhere, so it shouldn’t have made the poll.

#1 Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei, Goodbye Dragon Life, Hello Human Life 20.38% (421 votes)
#2 Souen no Historia (History of Flame Genesis ~The daily life of the reincarnated butler~) 14.28% (295 votes)
#3 Knight’s and Magic 13.75% (284 votes)
#4 I was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and my Mission is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero. 11.47% (237 votes)
#5 Jashin Tensei (Evil God Reincarnation) 8.66% (179 votes)
#6 What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked. 5.61% (116 votes)
#7 Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi, Redo of the Spear Hero 4.11% (85 votes)
#8 Hissou Dungeon Unei Houhou 4.07% (84 votes)
#9 B Group no Shounen 3.68% (76 votes)
#10 The Forbidden Spellcaster of the Sacred Tree Kingdom/ Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai 3.53% (73 votes)
#11 Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku (Oredorei) 3.34% (69 votes)
#12 Manuke FPS 2.76% (57 votes)
#13 The Moonflower Songstress and the King of Magi ( Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou) 2.13% (44 votes)
#14 Kuro no Senki 1.21% (25 votes)
#15 Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru 1.02% (21 votes)

So, as mentioned in the poll, WE DO NOT HAVE SPARE TL’S FOR ANY OF THIS. And nobody new has volunteered for them. If you want to see any of these moving then you’ll have to try them yourself.

A lot of RTD’s staff is using Machine Translations. Some of the things on this list can probably be done with Machine Translations. Try it. I was originally inspired by Bakahou translating Shield Hero with MT, and I’ve been doing a good job on Slave Harem with just MT ever since. I’m sure some of these series can be done with MT, Spear Hero is probably one of them.

Anyone learning Japanese can use a combination of their knowledge & MT together and they should be a step above my translations… theoretically πŸ˜›

I wrote 2 guides for how I work:

Translating a Light Novel

Translating a Light Novel 2

They might be a little out of date now, but they are a good starting point for anyone interested. Myself & other staff are often chatting in the chat box if you need further help.

Also, our own project MoM and TSO really need help. Even if you can only spare time to TL one chapter.

I also want two new editors for the current Slave Harem daily releases, and other miscellaneous work. Editors MUST have Translation Aggregator and Atlas installed so you can double check any lines that sound off.

Contact me on skype: cyrojen

Machine Translating to give a bit back to the community.
If you want to help support/encourage me, you can add me on Patreon.
Demon Lord's Pet ~ Chapter 10
Shinka no Mi - Chapter 39
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#12 Manuke FPS 2.76% (57 votes)


I was about to say so, working on chapter 15 for now.


I forgot, I must thank RTD because of their post about MTL, even if i’m a beginner in japanese translating would take too much time but with MTL it helps a lot, it made me think I could translate one of those dropped WN I read and here I am, so thank you RTD ^^


Number 8 novel,Hissou Dungeon Unei Houhou hasn’t been updated since september 2015. Unless a different website took over from LN Addiction.


Kuro translations did pick it up, but they started from the prologue and the last update was on April 3rd. What’s more is that the translation speed is anything but consistent and hasn’t caught up to the original translation yet. It could be dropped at this point for all I know. Does anyone know if someone else picked up Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou?


Uh I think was doing it but……


I like the banner XD Thanks for the poll!


#10 The Forbidden Spellcaster of the Sacred Tree Kingdom/ Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai

Poor Quality TL

*Cough**Cough*Arifureta is picked up by Raizu i think *Cough**Cough*


for real??? where is it???


Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei is most likely being picked up by monkoto


isnt monkoto only TLing Ryuugoroshi? and the one do the SRKJ is bahjamin?


Notice: No. 10 is already been translated by someone


Guys, please save Master of Monsters ;_;


So, is kumo desu ka actually dropped or nah?


Wasn’t doll dungeon dropped by the author? Or was I misinformed?

ummm… kind of late but i found something similar to a dead series. chrome shelled regios. the series is completely translated (25 volumes) but there are three side story volumes (legend of regios) no one translated. the problem is, around volume 8 strange characters start popping out without explanation. since this is immediately after the publication of legend of regios 1, i suppose they first appeared in it. without it following the series is too difficult… it’s kind of a shame that there are 25 volumes translated and just seven perfectly readable. last translated on february 2015 (baka tsuki). just… Read more »

I’ve tried aplying as TL for DnM.. but the reply took too loong time, or maybe there was no reply. well, i dont really know, since lately i’v been busy wit RL and never checked my skype anymore…

maybe i’ll try to aplying again for one of these series if i have more time…


I’ll put in some effort to learn Japanese for a few months then try my hand at translating