(R18) Frequenting Brothels 12

Let’s continue with the ecchi ecchi.

I need to once again clear up some misunderstanding though.
If you see only 12 chapters of this series on NovelUpdates while the whole series of 38 chapters were completely translated on my site Sandwich Kingdom, then don’t curse…please TT__TT
As I stated before, the version on my site is UNEDITED, the polished version will be released here on RTD.

Now without any further ado, come play with Freya-chan.

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Health Fashion 「Bubble Mix」Part 3 ★ (6 9)

Freya-chan wrapped my lower body with a towel, put a towel on herself, then sat down on the bed and offered me tea.

I took a breath and relieved my thirst.

Freya-chan leaned her body against mine and moved her thigh so it touched me. She gently stroked my energetic penis that still stood under the towel, and then reached her hand underneath and fondled my balls.

「Amazing……you came so much、yet it’s still erect……♪ Is it always like this」

「Ah……I’m always in trouble because of this selfish guy」

Freya-chan laughed lightly、and whispered into my ear.

「Hey……What kind of play do you want? Other than real sex、I do take some requests♪」

「Let’s see……though I really want to come、I also want Freya-chan to feel good」

「Then、let’s lick each other♪」

Saying so、Freya-chan took off the towel and revealed her curvaceous body.

「Then、can you lie face up?」

I also took off my towel、lay down and pointed my ‘son’ towards the sky.

「Yup……It’s still ready to go♪ Then、excuse me……」

Saying so、Freya-chan turned to the opposite direction、straddled herself over my chest, put her legs under my arms、stuck my dick in her mouth, and lowered her pussy to my face.

「Nn……*suck*……you can do as you like you know? ……*lick*……」

While I experienced Freya-chan’s sticky blowjob, I observed her pussy.

She had some orange colored pubic hair which contrasted with her slightly dark beige labia.
Her clit wasn’t too big, and it had already come out of it’s hood and it was slightly trembling.
I don’t know if it was from the intercrural sex or from washing with lotion, but her soft folds were already soaking wet.

After I observed this wonderful view as much as I desired, I stuck my face into her pussy and started licking, making vulgar slurping sounds.

「Nn♪ Good♪ ……*suck*……*liick*……*lick*……」

That way、we made each other feel good for a while.

When I licked her pussy all over as if tasting it、Freya-chan’s hips trembled and she started to suck and lick my dick more intensely in return.

「Nn♪ Mmm♪ Nn♪ *suck*……*lick*……*lick* *Schlurp**POP*……」 (TN: She made a big suck like you suddenly take the lollipop out of your mouth while sucking on it)

I felt the urge to come become stronger, but at the same time Freya-chan’s juices started to flow even more heavily from her pussy, my pride as a man demanded that I make her come first, so I decided to attack her pussy even more furiously.

「Is it fine……to use my finger?」

「Mmm、*suck*、Nn、It’s okay……*lick*……」

I put two fingers into her vagina、and began to move them in a crawling manner、I stimulated her G-spot and simultaneously rolled her clit around with my tongue.

「Hmm!? Aaa! Th, That’s so good!! Nn! *suck*、*SUCK*……」

Freya-chan somehow managed to counterattack by sucking even more strongly on my dick, but before long she surrendered to my attacks, her hips started to convulse and shake, her pussy squeezed, and she came.

「Aa♪ Aaa♪ Cumming! C、Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~~~~~!!」

After her body stopped shaking, Freya-chan let out a sigh and she lost her strength, resting her body on top of mine.
She wasn’t heavy、rather, the warmth of her body feels good.

「Haa……Haa……I, I came before you……♥ Mm、*suuck*……」

Having caught her breath, Freya-chan started sucking my dick again.
There was no need to endure anymore.
I gave myself over to Freya-chan’s passionate blowjob, and as she licked my cock, I came magnificently in her mouth.

「Mmff!? Mmm……*suck*……*gulp*……*gulp*……」

I heard the sound of my cum being swallowed coming from my crotch.

「Pufwaa! Amazing……this is the second time and yet you still came so much……」

「It felt really good、Freya-chan」

「Ufufu♪ Thanks♪ But、I didn’t think I would come before you did……customer-san、you’re pretty good at this aren’t you?」

「Is that so?」

「Customer-san is such a lady killer」

Thank you、the world of AV and those who blazed the trail before me.
{EN: I love this line}(TN: hahaha)
I was able to pull this off because I studied and put in my best effort.

Freya-chan gently stroked my penis.

「Ara……? it looks like you can still come some more……very well、I’ll squeeze it to the very last drop♪」

「We’re doing 69 again?」

「Ahaha……you endured my fellatio right? But I couldn’t endure what you did」

Then Freya-chan buried her face into my crotch and I came two more times inside her mouth.




「Haa……haa……T、This cock、unbelievable……it seems to still be good for more……」

Freya-chan while panting、held my cock and thought about what to do with it.

「……Customer-san、can you add 500 gold?」

「……I can, but……」

「If it’s come down to this、how about we secretly use contraceptive drug、and have sex?」

「Eh? I、Is that fine……?」

「It’s a secret okay? Now then……」

As Freya-chan was speaking、the chime of the room rang、I got startled and a little scared.

「Ara、time’s up」

「Eh、time’s already up……」

Freya-chan clung to me and embraced me.

「Customer-san、next time you call me、bring the extra gold for birth control okay?
I’ll make this bad boy satisfied with real sex next time♪」

「Is it OK?」

「This energetic cock、I also want to taste it……promise?」


With that、I had Freya-chan put my equipment back on、and went through reception and went outside.

「Then、please pick me again~♪」

I waved my hand to the carefree Freya-chan、then left 「Bubble Mix」.
Well、it felt good、but just 4 times wasn’t enough、I still have this feeling of not being satisfied yet.
My “son” as well seemed to be crying out for more.
Then a pink sign board entered my vision、「Pink Salon Aokinoko」.

Pink Salon……it gives off a feeling of a kind of dessert、let’s go there!
(TN: quick reminder, pink salon is a massage parlor… and a form of prostitution)

(R18) Frequenting Brothels 11
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MC isnt very smart, just get a slave and enjoy all you want


He’d have to take care of a slave and I get the feeling he doesn’t wanna do anything other have fun with all kinds of women. Well at least this premise is way better than his last novel.


Yeah but these (one for now) woman are skilled in the art and want to make a living doing it, a slave wouldn’t be as good I guess. Plus it kinda cool when a prostitute falls you, lets you know you are better than all the other men she has been with. It is part of the fantasy of the story.


I enjoy this story, it is different form all the others. Thank you for your ‘hard’ work translating and posting this for us.


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:facepalm: That sex maniac~


Thanks for the chapter Nymphriel and Weslykan!


other people go shopping from one store to the other
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