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The Duke lifts Rutina’s hand and operates her Intelligence Card.
Rutina obeys acquiescently.
The hostage has been taken.


Cassia murmurs sadly.
It must be hard for her watching her cousin fall into slavery in front of her.

“Alright then, your social status has been changed to a slave. With this, your legitimate succession name should have come off. Later, accompany Michio-dono to a Slave Merchant he is acquainted with and have the name of your owner updated.”
“Anyone I am acquainted with would do?”
“It doesn’t concern me.”

I am not the owner yet, it seems.
Because the purpose was merely to remove the legitimate succession name, is there no need for subsequent verification?
Or, is he not able to do that?

Knights possess a skill called Intelligence Card Operation; however, they cannot write wills or release slaves.
For the Duke’s job, Holy Knight, is an advancement of Knight, he probably has the same restrictions.
Transferring ownership is perhaps limited to Slave Merchants.

“Well then, take care of me. I will refuse any order that benefits the Duke. Other than that, I will do my best.”

Rutina comes and greets me.
The greeting seems diligent.
For the time being, at least.
She shows me her Intelligence Card.

Rutina | ♀ | 15 years old | Villager | First Year Slave

Her legitimate succession name is no longer there.
And, she seems to have lost her family name, too.
Will I lose Kaga if I become a slave?
The owner field is empty.

“I will be relying on you.”
“If you have the capability, I will keep in mind that I am a slave.”

If I have the capability?
I wonder what she has in mind.

“Your Highness.”

The moment Rutina finishes her greetings, Gozer barges in.
That energy, though. Has the Earl of Selmar been caught?

“You found him?”
“Michio-dono, let’s call it a day here. Today’s operation was successful thanks to you, Michio-dono. I would like you to take her with you. Although she doesn’t have anything with her, she should be alright. I don’t mind if you take her home together with your party members. Cassia, too, go back to Bode.”

Cassia protests to the Duke, shaking her head slowly yet largely.
He doesn’t want her to witness the execution of the Earl.
Is it the same for Rutina?

“This is my duty.”
“I-I understand.”

Cassia seems to have accepted not to witness the execution.
It won’t be a good sight to see.

“Michio-dono, please visit the Bode Castle again tomorrow morning. By yourself, Michio-dono. It is already late tonight and I don’t know as to how much time it will take. Later in the morning would do.”
“I understand.”
“Alright then, Gozer.”

The Duke takes Gozer with him and leaves the room quickly.
He probably thinks Cassia or Rutina could cause trouble if he took his time.

“Well then, shall we return?”

I invite Cassia.


Cassia nods, her face full of grief.
A beautiful woman sunk in sorrow can look good.
As for Rutina, she keeps staring at the Duke’s back until he leaves; however, she doesn’t show any sign of sadness.
A beautiful woman drowned in anger can look good, too.

“My Lady.”
“I am alright. Let’s go back to Bode.”

A woman, who may either be a maid or a guard, addresses her again; upon which, Cassia replies firmly.
I chant Party Formation incantation and invite Rutina to my party.
She joins the party without expressing any resistance.
Following after Cassia’s party, I return to Bode with Rutina.


The moment I appear inside the Bode Castle, Roxanne rushes immediately to me.
Because I went to the battlefield, she was worried.
I didn’t do anything, though.
I am still not sure whether there was a battle or not.

“Nothing happened here, right?”
“I see. For free Adventurers, it is common to have slaves, eh?”

Rutina derives an interpretation on her own and agrees with it by herself.
It may be understandable for her to know that Roxanne is a slave because she called me Master but how does she know that the three behind Roxanne are her partners?

“Master, she is?”
“I will explain once we return home. It is time to call it a day.”

Since Cassia is here, I will have to put the explanation off.
I calm Roxanne down who is staring suspiciously.

“Rutina, don’t get discouraged because of today. Live strongly.”
“Of course.”
“Do your best patiently. Eventually, you will be able to make a comeback.”
“Make a comeback? Do you really believe that?”

Rutina cross-questions Cassia.
It really is useless, after all, huh?
Rutina seems to be aware of that.

“It is fine. I plan on availing every chance I get. You don’t have to worry.”
“Michio-sama, please take care of Rutina.”

Cassia gives up and bows to me.

“Yes. Rutina, we need to move. Are you ready?”
“Alright then, Rutina. Farewell.”
“Likewise, Ane-sama. I hope you live a long life.”

Rutina behaves obstinately.
Well, she cannot show weakness to the people who killed her parent, the Earl, right away, can she?
She requires time.
Time should heal her.

We return home.
While chanting [Field Walk] incantation, I cast [Warp].
Although I end up showing [Warp] to Rutina, it cannot be helped.
Since the house walls have shield cement applied, I cannot go in without [Warp].

I can use [Field Walk] to go to Quratar Adventurer’s Guild but it will be troublesome to walk from there.
[Warp] and [Field Walk] look similar, so she will probably not notice.
Is my daily life going to be risky from now on?
It is already quite risky.

“Miria, can you please get a kandelaar?” (TN: A Dutch word. Candelabrum in English)

The living room is pitch dark, so I have to rely on Miria.
Since it is late, I won’t be able to explain anything.
Although I said late, it would be early evening in Japan.
The lifestyle of this world is quite healthy.

“Yes, desu.”

Although I cannot see, I can tell she has brought it since I can hear *gasogaso* rustling sound.
I am getting used to the dark, though.
Still, getting used to it isn’t enough to enjoy it without lighting it up.

“Pass it to Vesta. She can light it.”
“Yes, desu.”
“Wait, be careful.”
“I think it will be alright.”

I hear Vesta’s voice.
I sorta know Vesta’s location.
She gives off a feeling of intimidation for she is large.
I am not sure about the location of the other members, though.

Nevertheless, being party members, I know their general location.
Wouldn’t it be bad if Vesta blew fire in this situation?
Shouldn’t she blow in the direction of the wall where there is no one?
Will it really be alright?

I would have used [Fire Wall] had Rutina not been here.
It isn’t like the risk would be less if I used [Fire Wall].
If I did, I would be the only one safe since I can specify the location. That’s all.
Such a cruel way of thinking.

Before long, the corner of the room brightens up.
It is farther than I thought it would be.
A flame extends from top to bottom.
Putting the kandelaar down, Vesta blows the fire downward.

I see.
Like this, there is no risk of blowing the fire on others or the wall.
It is absolutely fine.

“Then, everyone, sit down.”

Now that it has become bright, everyone takes a seat around the table.
Where should I start from?

“Excuse me.”

Rutina sits down as well.
Because five of the six seats are already allotted, only one seat is left.
The one next to my left.

“She is Rutina. A lot has happened and she has now been entrusted to me.”
“You should say it clearly that you have been bestowed a prisoner of war.”

Rutina unexpectedly interrupts.
Will it really be fine?

“Prisoner of war?”
“No matter how modestly you put it, I am just a war trophy.”
“War trophy!”

That’s a cruel way of putting it.

“I am Rutina who lost miserably in tonight’s battle. It has been decided that I will be Michio-sama’s war trophy. Everyone, you can consider me your junior. Please treat me well.”

Rutina greets everyone just like that.
I feel like my reputation has been damaged after she said she is a war trophy.
Even though she stated a fact.

“Is she a slave, too?”
“That’s right.”

I answer Roxanne’s question.
She is not a sex slave, though.

“You don’t need to worry as I don’t plan on becoming the number one slave.”

Rutina brings up a strange topic.
What does she mean by not intending to compete with Roxanne?
Or, does she mean she isn’t satisfied merely with being the number one slave?
Roxanne looks at Rutina with a subtle expression.

In the first place, does Rutina know who the number one slave is?
Because Roxanne spoke first, does it make Roxanne the number one slave?

“Well, I don’t plan on making any changes.”

I will have to support Roxanne here.
It would cause a huge trouble if Roxanne and Rutina got on bad terms.

“In the future, I want to play an active role in the Lords’ Assembly. It is my dream. I thought I completely lost it because of that man; however, it still seems possible. I want to rather go for that than becoming the number one slave.”

How can you choose another route simply like that?
At least, she didn’t suggest that the number one slave is a crappy job.
By ‘that man’, she probably means the Duke.

“The Lords’ Assembly?”
“It is an assembly where the nobles gather to enact laws.”

Explains Sherry; upon Roxanne, muttering that.

“A lot happened and it was decided that I will become a noble by defeating a labyrinth and leave that work to Rutina.”
“……There is no doubt Master will be able to defeat a labyrinth one day.”

Roxanne’s face somehow has a dark expression about it.
Nah, it must be due to the dim lighting from the kandelaar.
Which reminds, I feel like I told Roxanne that I don’t plan on becoming a noble.

I didn’t change my opinion for Roxanne; however, wouldn’t it seem as if I changed it for Rutina?
Quite so.
I said I don’t intend to become a noble.
However, it was a lie.

“Do you have any problem with entering the labyrinth?”

Trying to close the topic, I ask Rutina.

“Earlier, my father told me I don’t have to, so I formed a party when I was young. Everyone except me went to the labyrinth; however, it didn’t help much. I believe I can change my job to Wizard if I gain more experience. Until then, I will have to trouble you. Once I am a Wizard, I can be of some help, I think.”

What do you mean it didn’t help much? Didn’t it help you a little?
It brought you to Villager Lv2. Probably.
The Hero job, for which you must defeat a thief on your first battle, is impossible for her.

“We will form a party first but I cannot let you enter the labyrinth until you become a Wizard.”

It would be unpleasant if my secrets came out after going to the labyrinth.
I will have to keep watch on her until I am confident that I can trust her.
I come up with an excuse to not take her to the labyrinth.

“You don’t have to worry. I won’t stab you or run away.”

Although it was merely an excuse, Rutina says something strange.
Roxanne is staring at Rutina with a complicated expression about her face.
Since she mentioned killing and running away, it must be on her mind.
I need to consider all that.

“If not me, do you plan on stabbing the Duke?”
“If I ever get a chance, even I don’t know what will become of that man.”

I should better not let her come close to the Duke. It will be dangerous.
I would be happy if the Duke’s meddling lessened.
However, since it is her dream to be active in the Lords’ Assembly, I seem to have been given the role of her supervisor.

“It will seriously be difficult for me to live if I escape.”

It will be tough because a slave would turn into a Thief if they ran away.
Especially, since she was an earl’s daughter until tonight.
I don’t have to worry about her running away.

“It is just that. In the first place, even if I stayed with the Earl of Selmar’s household without being an earl, I will be treated as a potential seed of fire. Besides, I am not so conceited as to believe that the revival is possible single-handedly. That said, I think the current situation is much better. I can upset the plot that man has written. I can only be grateful to Michio-sama.”

Roxanne’s expression softens up a little after Rutina expresses her gratitude to me, huh?

“Is she one of the Earl’s staff?”
“That’s right.”

I answer Sherry’s question without adding anything else.
Sherry also knows about the Duke’s plan to overthrow the Earl.
I believe it wouldn’t be appropriate if we delved deeper into the matter in front of a related party.
Considering the operation succeeded, she could really be considered a war trophy.

“Since she hates the Duke, it is unlikely for her to expose the secrets, isn’t it?”
“I wonder what you are talking about.”
“Err, it is just that I don’t want to expose the party strategy and skills to a third party.”

I have been asked directly.
There is no need to fear about the information leaking to the Duke when she hates him that much, right?
She wouldn’t say she will expose it even if she intended to expose it; however, it is somewhat reassuring.

“I won’t consider actions which may benefit that man. However, the information may be helpful in the future at the Lords’ Assembly.”

I don’t know whether I should feel relieved or not.
She may use the information as a bargaining chip.
Roxanne’s expression seems to be becoming fiercer.

“Still, I was a member of the execution team, too.”
“There is no point in holding a grudge against a commoner warrior who was made to participate.”

Is she treating me as a commoner warrior?
That’s true, though.
Rutina seems to be the type that says clearly what she has on her mind.

Roxane, too, is glaring clearly at Rutina with an intense look.
Isn’t that a spark flying between Roxanne and Rutina?

mranon: Roxanne, show her the power of number one!

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