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Arc 9: Inheritance of Babylon.
Chapter 63: Black Tortoise and Infinite loop

「Now then、what shall I do with it」
Because we frolicked too much yesterday, we will be investigating the ruins today… is what I wanted to say, but I really don’t have a slightest idea what to do from here.

「Something that could make me breathe underwater… Or use magic or something, which keeps the water away」
「Enclose the perimeter of the ruins with

Elsie brings out such a suggestion, but how much have to be sucked out with that way.

「Ano… I have an idea, but…」

Nervously, Lindsey raises her hand and speaks. Oh, this is unusual. The usually passive Lindsey, tries to speak out. There is no mistaking, a good idea came to her mind.

「What? What? If you have a good idea, try to say it, you know」
「No, it is not something like an idea, but. By using Toyua-san`s [Long Sense], how about we try to expand the sense of sight, and… 」

…That`s the way. Kuu, why didn`t I think of that? It’s really not good idea to be stupid. After giving Lindsey a ‘thumbs up’, I invoke [Long sense].
The sense of sight is expanding towards the sea, from the entrance of the ruins advancing deeper inside.

「Well? Do you see something? 」
「… It’s too dark, I can’t make out anything…」
「What are you doing, already! 」

Being retorted by Elsie, I fire [Light] in a hurry. I thought that if a ball of light was passed underwater, it would’ve have vanished, but that was not the case. Well, it isn’t of Fire attribute after all.

Before long, on the perimeter of the expanding sense of sight, it started to become bright. Moving the sense of sight together with the ball of light, they are advancing to the stairs.

After descending for a little while, the big hall appeared. In the center there is a stage with a drawn magic formation, it is surrounded by what looks like six lined-up stands. On each of the stands, there are embedded magic stones, red, blue, brown, green, yellow, and purple. The six attributes, which excluded the no-attribute, were shining.

Other than that, there is nothing especially particular in this place. There are no treasure chests and the like. Markings such as inscriptions, there are also nothing like that. So, it is just that..?
Returning to my normal sense of sight, I convey what I saw to Rin. The Chief of the Fairy Tribe folds her arms, pondering, but before long, she opened her mouth.

「That is most likely a transfer formation.」
「Transfer formation?」
「Probably, by activating six attributes, the magic formation in the center connects to somewhere, you know. Like your [Gate] does. 」
Fumu. So it is a transfer device, used for movement. Possibly, in olden days, when the water level was not up to here, it might have been used quite frequently. When it got submerged underwater with the passage of time, it could no longer be used by anyone, is what I think.

「I want to activate it somehow, but… if there’s no way to reach it, it can’t be helped. I have no magic of any attribute that can help me breathe underwater after all. 」

Notwithstanding Rin, who has stopped pondering, while being held in Yumina’s arms, Kohaku called out to me.

「What is it, Kohaku? 」
『Manipulating all that water, one person comes to mind that can resolve Master’s troubles.』

Leaving the sandy beach, Rin used magic to draw a big magic formation on the ground near a rocky area.

「You know, normally in summoning magic, you can`t summon a specific companion?」
『I will mix my spiritual powers with Master’s magical powers. When calling in this state, those guys will certainly react, and will, I think, respond to the summoning. 』

Kohaku parried Rin`s words smoothly. Apparently, you can summon that way. What an underhanded-like trick.

「Even so, to summon 『Genbu』… Even if that child is a 『Byakko』, it is still unbelievable. Let alone summoning another companion.」
「My-my, if you worry about this type of thing with Toyua-dono, it would be useless-degozaruyo.」

Yae soothes Rin, who is again grumbling, and they leave to get out of the magic formation.

『I think we can do the summoning, but I don’t know what kind of contract condition those guys will seek. Their temperament is not wild, but because they are slightly strange…』
「Say, for a while now, you keep calling them [those guys]. However, isn’t it just one animal? 」
『What are you saying, they are the two [Genbu]. Maa, if you try to summon them, you will understand.』

Maa, so it is also like that, isn`t it. For now, I will give it a go.
Standing before the magic square, I start concentrating magical power using darkness attribute. In the center of the magic formation a thick fog begins to drift, and soon becomes darker. In that direction, Kohaku who was standing nearby starts to mix my magical power with the fog. More accurately, it seems like this is Kohaku`s spiritual power, but I won`t care about minor details.

「Oh the one, who rules winter and water, north and high mountains. Answer my voice. Respond to my request, show thy figure.」

From the filling fog, suddenly, an enormous magical power appeared. No, that is also spiritual power. Similar to that time with Kohaku, I sense the wave of an electric-like magic power.

After the fog clears up, there was a gigantic tortoise. Its size is around 4 meters. It was a land tortoise. It has exactly four legs. However, although I call it a tortoise, more accurately it is a monster tortoise. It resembles a monster, like the one I saw in the cinema, with a shell from which a jet sprouts out of and used to fly in the air. Except it had no tusks.

And then, in addition to this monster, there was black serpent twining around. That one is large too. It looked like a giant anaconda with scales shining like a black pearl and gold pupils. Those eyes were turned in my direction and Kohaku’s.

『Aara? If it isn’t Byakko. It has been a while. Have you been well? 』
『It has been a while, Genbu.』
『N, Mo… Come now, really. It is fine to call me [Gen-chan]. Don’t be so cold.』

How carefree. What is with this serpent? This fellow speaks surprisingly familiar. However, his voice is somehow audacious. Transsexual-like…

『Now then, that onii-san over here is..?』
『My master, Mochizuki Touya.』
『Master, you say?』

Surprised, they looked this way. That meticulous judging look, was pointed at me. I was imagining the grim voice of an ossan or jii-san because of its appearance, but surprisingly, what I heard was a voice more feminine. Somewhat foxy.

『This… human is a master… How you have fallen, Byakko. 』
『Say what you want. Shortly, this gentleman will also become your master. 』
『Nonsense! 』

Kohaku keeps his cool and wards off the Tortoise`s provocation. The Tortoise looks at me angrily and the Serpent eyes me curiously. Things like that are troublesome.

『Very well, the one called Touya. To see if you are worthy to make a contract with us, we will have you undergo a test. 』
「It is fine, but what am I to do? 」
『Fight with us. If until sunset you are able to stand your ground in one piece, we will make a contract in acknowledgement of your power. However, if you go out of magic formation, surrender, or lose consciousness, there won’t be a contract.』

Meaning it would be my win if I bring you down. Are you thinking that you can’t lose? According to Kohaku, their great confidence comes from their superior defense skills.

「So, it’s fine if I am able to remain standing until sunset, right? 」
『That is so. It is also fine to evade. If you can continue to evade until sunset, that is. 』

The Tortoise answers while laughing, which sounded like it was mocking me. Ah, now I feel a bit offended.
The size of the magic formation is approximately 20 meters in diameter. Not much room to continuously evade. It is just before noon, so sunset would be in 6~7 hours, wouldn’t it? There is a limit on how long you can continue evading.
Maa, I guess, the other side will be aiming for that. Sorry, but it won`t go that way.

「I got it. Then, let`s do this, shall we? 」
「To, Touya-san, will you be okay? 」

I wonder if Yumina is worrying about me. While looking up at me, her seemingly anxious voice came out. How kind. In order to give her a piece of mind, I gently brush her golden head. There is no need to worry about anything.

「It is okay. Maa, I think, I will be able to manage somehow.」

Leaving with that, I step into the magic formation. The Tortoise was still laughing, but, well, it is okay for it to do as it likes.

『You are surprisingly calm, aren’t you? 』
『Just for this bravery, I guess I will praise you. Then, come! 』

Going ‘gogaaaa!’ the Tortoise roars to signal the start of the battle. Well, this guy IS a monster, after all.

Maa, victory goes to the one who makes the first move.


With a thud, the Serpent and Tortoise falls down producing an earth tremor. With that big body, there won’t be any significant damage.

While the effect of the 「Slip」 is in effect, I take out a bullet from the back pouch on my waist and begin to apply magic on it.

「Enchant: Slip」

Now, I invoke another magic, and set up a mechanism on the bullet.

「Program Start /
Invoke condition: Slip effect ends /
Invoke magic: 「Slip」 /
Stop condition: Cancelled by caster /
Program End」

All right. With this, the arrangements are done.

『Kuu! 』

I drive the finished bullet into the ground under the Tortoise’s feet, who tries to stand up.

『『Ugyaa !?』』

Swish! And again the Tortoise falls down producing an earth tremor. Each time it tries to stand up, it slips and a grand sound reverberates and shakes the nearby ground with vibrations.

「You……are you a demon?」

Rin turns her scornful gaze in my direction, looking shocked. By her feet, Kohaku was rolling on the ground like crazy while laughing. Looks like it hit the nail. Even Pola is holding her sides and earnestly rolling. Really, how much [Program] is allowing you to do. That is 200 years of crystallization, isn’t it?

「When the 「Slip」 effect expires, another 「Slip」 is invoked. When that 「Slip」 expires, there will be another 「Slip」. It is an eternal loop, isn’t it? If the magic power supply is cut, the loop would end. 」

Actually, yesterday, when I saw Pola on the beach doing a loop, the idea hit me, and it turned out splendidly. And because the magic recovery rate exceeds the consumption rate, there is no problem.

「Now, all that is left is to wait here until sunset. If I’m not mistaken, we brought a bento, didn’t we, Lindsey? 」
「Ah, Yes. We brought them, but…」

Is Lindsey okay? Making that face, she looks at [Genbu], who continues to fall over. I have not violated any rules, you know?

[How do I say this…? I`m feeling pity -degozaru…]
[Touya, being with you for a while now, I kind of understand you, but you really need to learn how to… read the mood]

Somehow, the talk is heavy. But a match is a match, no rules were broken, and if you can win safely, then that is the best, is what I think.


After opening the bento, I stuff my cheeks with Clair-san`s special made sandwich. Delicious. Ham and cheese are the best.


That vegetable salad is also delicious. The dressing is again superb.


「Mo… I wish the ground would stop shaking.」
「「「「「 (You are) terrible!」」」」」

Am I?

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