(R18) Frequenting Brothels 13

It’s that time again. Close your door and turn the lights off…well maybe don’t turn the lights off…it’ll ruin your eyes.

Anyway…this is an R18 chapter, we have one left in this badge of ecchi-ness.
Do expect a slight boner killer in this chapter.

Now without any further ado, go play with Pyuti-chan.

TL by Nymphriel
ED/TLC by Weslykan

Pink Salon 「Aokinoko」 ★ (Pyuti-chan, Elenor-san)

Though I’ve come to this shop while using the console, this is the first time I came in person.
That’s why I negotiated with the barker.
Regardless, there seemed to be 40 minute normal course and 70 minute-petal rotation course.
(TN: I did my SERIOUS research and learned that Petal Rotation is a course where multiple girls come one by one in turn to your service. Now, where can I buy this game? I’m willing to go hunt some dragons right now…)
I did not hesitate to pick the petal rotation course and paid 1200 gold.

I was not given the Portrait Book of the girls in Aokinoko.
Apparently, at a Pink Salon, you don’t get to see the girls beforehand.

I’m worried that I’ll step on a landmine, but that worry is for then.

I was guided by a clerk into a dimly lit floor.
There were two rows of sofas lined up on this floor and you could see some other customers spaced-out and enjoying their respective plays in the darkness.

The clerk guided me to one sofa and confirmed my drink order.
I ordered tea and the clerk left for a moment then came back and prepared a cup of tea for me on the small table before me.

「Then、please wait until one of the girls comes over」

The clerk said so and left. I took a sip of tea while stealing some side glances towards the neighboring sofas to peek on what kind of plays they were doing.

It was dark so I couldn’t see very well, but it looked like a girl was lying on the couch burying her face into a middle-aged man’s crotch while moving her head up and down. It looked like a blowjob with good rhythm.
The customer seemed like he was trying to hold back from coming and was staring at the ceiling while gasping and breathing heavily.

Though I knew that these kinds of things are to be expected at a Pink Salon, it was different when I actually saw it and the dirty atmosphere made my heart start to pound.

Meanwhile, a girl came up to my sofa.

「Welcome~、I’m Pyuti de~su、please take care of me~」
(TN: I thought it was Beauty… but the first letter was P so I left it like that)

Her body was wrapped in a red negligee-like dress, her hair was dyed brown and she seemed a little flashy. The girl wasn’t beautiful, she wasn’t ugly either. Average face with average figure, she was pretty average overall.

When Pyuti-chan sat down on the sofa, the clerk brought her a drink and left quickly.

「Customer-san、is this your first time here?」

「Ah……No、I came here once but I wasn’t able to enjoy the atmosphere……so I came back again this time」

「Was it also a petal rotation course?」

「No、it was just a single girl」

「Hm~m、who was that girl?」

「E~to……was it Papillion-chan?」

「Is that so~、Papillion-san is busy with a customer right now、so it’s impossible to call her I think? Hora、over there」
(TN: This one’s exactly like “Maa”, not in terms of meaning, but in terms of usage.){EN: It can mean Look! Or See!?}

When I looked to the location where Pyuti-chan pointed, Papillion-chan’s figure could be seen doing fellatio.

「Today the Petal Rotation’s time for each girl is short~、so let’s begin okay?」

Pyuti-chan took off her panties and hung it at her ankle and took off her shoulder straps to reveal her skin, then she hugged me and gave me a kiss.

「*chuu*、*mchu*……Ufu♪、you can touch me you know~?」

I devoured her lips while rubbing the somewhat small chest, while my other hand slid down to her crotch and teased her pussy.

「Ahn♪ Ufufu♪ Then, there’s not much time so, would you minding stripping your lower half?」

I did as I was told and pulled my pants down to my ankles to expose my rock hard penis.

「Ama~zing、it’s already hard~♪ then please excuse~me」

Saying so, Pyuti-chan sat down next to me and leaned me back against the sofa, then buried her face in my crotch, stuffing my cock into her mouth.

「Nn *drool*! *suck*! *drool*!」

Pyuti-chan’s intense fellatio made dirty sounds echo through the room, she didn’t use her tongue too much, but instead attacked and tortured my dick with her lips.

(Fellatio like this is also really good huh……)

I lay down just like that, but this position seemed painful for Pyuti-chan, so she climbed onto the couch, lay horizontally, and continued to blow me.

Pyuti-chan sucked my dick violently while laying on the sofa, as her plump ass shook from side to side.

「……your pussy、can I touch it?」
(TN: OMFG LOL){ED: Guards arrest this man}

「Nn! *drool*! Un、that’s fine、*suck*!」

I reached my hands over her butt and gently stroked her pussy, sometimes Pyuti-chan’s lower back twitched a little but the intense fellatio never stopped.

In this position I couldn’t enjoy her pussy to my heart’s content and I could only lightly stroke it so I stopped and focused my attentionon Pyuti-chan’s fellatio.

「*drool*! *drool*! *shlurp*!」

This time I don’t need to hold it in, so I came as much as I wanted in Pyuti-chan’s mouth.

「Nmu! *slurp*……*gulp*……*gulp gulp*……」

Pyuti-chan gulped down all my semen, took my penis out of her mouth and smiled.

「This is the end of my turn~。Well then、the next girl will come shortly、so just leave your clothes like that and wait okay~?」

Saying so, Pyuti-chan put her dress back on, took her drink and left.

I sat and waited with my lower half exposed and my penis still erect. This time, a Queen-like woman with long black hair and fluttering black negligee came up to me.

「Good evening、I’m Elenora desu~……Ara、I heard that you just came、but it looks like you can continue on doesn’t it?」

Saying so, Elenora-san sat down next to me, I finished the drink and reached out to embrace her, but my hand was lightly brushed away.

「Sorry… I dislike being touched……but instead、I’ll make you feel really good with my mouth……fellatio is my specialty」

That being said, Elenora-san knelt in front of me and began sucking my dick immediately.


Only one thing can be said about this, Elenora-san’s fellatio was wonderful.
She sucks with her lips, makes good use of her tongue techniques, and twists it when it goes into her mouth, this might be what they call “Tornado Fellatio”.


I got cornered in a blink of an eye and ejaculated lots in Elenor-san’s mouth.

「Nmu……*sluurp*……*gulp gulp*……*lick*……regardless of your appearance、you sure released a lot、I like that」

I really don’t get it, but it seems she likes me.

「Well then、the next girl will come soon……there should be enough time for the third girl」

The fellatio was indeed wonderful, but somehow, she’s hard to understand.

And then, the next girl came.

「Good evening、I’m Rachel desu~、please treat me well okay?」

This time is a polite girl with pink hair and she seemed kind of like an idol.
Timewise, this girl would be the last, I’ll make sure I come a ton.

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Takami no Kago 48
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how amazing is it not to have to worry about STDs at all because there’s magic in the world you live in so they can probably fix that?
i’m gonna assume: pretty freaking amazing.
On a sidenote here, what happens if he gets a kid with someone in that game? can it come out into the real world?

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(TN: OMFG LOL){ED: Guards arrest this man}
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「……your pussy、can I touch it?」
(TN: OMFG LOL){ED: Guards arrest this man}

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