Slave Harem – 193 – Memory

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Translated by airsblue, edited by Albedo’s Ahoge & Cyrogen.


“Alright. Then let’s go to the Labyrinth.”

After Rutina’s equipment got readied, we [Warp] to the labyrinth.
I warped directly to Quratar’s 22nd Floor.
I consider Rutina but don’t go in from the entrance.
An admission fee would be taken at the entrance.

“Umm, where are we?”

When I warped to the labyrinth, Roxanne was confused and not Rutina.
I wonder if she figured it was not the usual floor because of the smell.
Rutina, doesn’t seems to be confused.
Was she disciplined to this extent?

“It is the 22nd Floor. Area attack magic will not be cast here.”
“I see, you’re right.”
“I would like a small number first please.”
“I understand.”

How will it feel for Rutina who was the Earl’s daughter until yesterday to suddenly fight.
Is it slightly cruel?
Although being Villager Lv2 doesn’t mean she will die immediately, what hurts will hurt.
There is the possibility her heart may get broken if she receives attacks many times.

First will be a field trip.
It would be good for the field trip to be on as high a floor as possible.
Still magic will be flying even if she is observing from behind.

The 23rd Floor will be difficult since the monsters there use area attack magic.
Area attack magic can’t be avoided.
In another word, the 22nd floor is the most suitable floor for the field trip.

“Rutina, have you been to a labyrinth before?”

I ask Rutina directly.
Since Rutina has the explorer job as well as villager, she should have entered labyrinth.
The only jobs she has are Villager and Explorer.
Because Explorer is Lv1, she most likely only entered and did not fight.

“I have not.”
“Eh? Never?”

I asked again with a loud voice unintentionally.

“Please forgive me.”
“Ah, don’t worry. It is not a particularly bad thing to have never entered.”
“I am grateful that you would say so.”

Rutina apologized peacefully.
There is no need to be scared in the first place.
It doesn’t look like I traumatized her either.

Did she forget she entered one?
She is Lv1 after all.
I don’t see any reason to hide it either.
Or perhaps, there is another way to get the explore job without entering the labyrinth?

“Today you will mainly observe here. Look at things, and get used to the labyrinth’s atmosphere.”
“Thank you, I understand.”
“I intend on having Rutina fight tomorrow morning. The lower floors are crowded now. So it will be better tomorrow morning. And there is the need to buy clothes.”

I made an excuse so it doesn’t look like I am giving Rutina special treatment.
I wish to let everyone fight equally hard.
No matter how I say it, will it still be special treatment?

It can’t be helped.
It is obvious that I brought her against her will.
I want to treat her carefully if possible.

“Yes. I will do my best.”

Seems Rutina will try her best.

“If we go from here, there are some close by but there seems to be a lot of them.”

Disregarding me who was nervous, Roxanne searched for the enemies.
It doesn’t look like she wants to say that we should go buy the clothes and head to Vale’s labyrinth immediately.

“Do you know that you can’t move directly to a labyrinth using [Field Walk]?”

Meanwhile, Sherry asks Rutina.

“Eh? Is that true?”
“As I thought, you aren’t aware of it?”

No wonder.
Rutina didn’t know that I can’t move to the labyrinth by [Field Walk].
Then it was not a trap that she wasn’t surprised even when I used [Warp] directly to the labyrinth.
It was a blind spot.
Sherry is amazing for noticing that.

“To the right, there is low number of monsters.”
“Right it is.”
“Do not tell anyone that Master can teleport to the labyrinth directly.”

After Roxanne informed me, she warned Rutina.
If she doesn’t know that traveling directly to the labyrinth is a unique ability, could she carelessly reveal that information?

“If I find out that you have been careless, you know what will happen,”
“…yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”

It seems Rutina is suffering from trauma after all.
Unfortunately there is nothing I can do for her.

“Then let’s go?”

With Rutina, we started moving into the labyrinth.
Advancing, a monster appears.
Two Clam Shells.

“Because the monsters on 22nd floor doesn’t cast area effect magic, you can wait here.”

After casting [Dirt Storm] and [Thunder Storm], I explained to Rutina.
I didn’t change the jobless skill from thunder magic yet.
We’ll probably move straight away on this floor anyway.
Because I needed to use Alchemist, I had to remove Wizard.

Dust danced, and lighting glittered.

Magic attacks the shellfish.
The clam shells became hardened, but Rutina didn’t.
Both of them simultaneously.

“It is fine not to move.”

Miria looks at Roxanne for instruction, and Roxanne made a decision.
I didn’t expect such a situation.
While the monster you are fighting are paralyzed, the time waiting is wasted.
When Miria comes close and attacks there is a chance it will turn to stone.

But there is a chance the paralysis disappears by the time she reaches the other monster.
Rather, it may be good to move around behind the monster using this chance.
Though it is not that dangerous a monster, so we don’t need to do that.
Rutina nodded her head in admiration.

I release the next magic attacks.
Once settled, I launched the next one.
The clam shells fell down without having the chance to move again.

“Is that magic? Magic is certainly great. Though I was surprised we had someone who can use magic. I will also have this power too.”

Rutina’s thoughts have slipped slightly somewhere.
She really didn’t know anything about fighting monsters, is it really possible like that?

“From now on, it is okay to go to a place with many enemies.”

Because Rutina didn’t make noise, I gave Roxanne an instruction.

“Understood, this way then.”

Roxanne takes the lead.
Rutina is not surprised that Roxanne is taking the lead.
I saw a group of 5 as we turned the corner.
Two Clam Shell, a Kettle Mermaid, a Rub Shrub, and a Rtoll Troll.

Did they suddenly increase too much?
It was me who said anything will be fine though.
Since there are four kinds of monsters, Roxanne should have known there is at least four.

However, most of the time the monster will fire magic if it falls behind to the second line.
Because I would like Rutina to feel tension instead of being carefree in the rearguard, the fact that the monster formed two lines to shoot magic is welcome.
They often settle in one row if there is four.
With 5 they will have a two line formation.

I see, five is good, right?
Should I say as expected from Roxanne instead?
Even though it’s fine, I’d look bad if I didn’t give some directions.

“There is a high chance the monster in the back row will cast magic so be careful.”

After casting two [Thunder Storm], I warn Rutina.

“I understand.”

Rutina tightens her grip on her scimitar.
The scimitar is not participating in the battle though.
To get used to it, I wouldn’t mind if you tried attacking with a spear.

Contrary to Rutina’s determination, the monsters are still itching to attack.
The majority of them got paralyzed by the first magic group though, three of them stopped.
Is it because I used two lighting spells?
Furthermore, another monster fell to the second magic barrage.

The last one also stopped before arriving near us with the third magic barrage.
Only one of them managed to restart, and is heading our way.
That one along with all of them, got cleaned up with the fourth magic barrage.

These guys are so weak.
There was no need to cause fuss over two lines.
Thinking about it, do the monsters on the 22nd floor have half the hp compared to monsters in higher floors?

When increasing from the 22nd floor to the 23nd it was a problem since it doubled at that time, but going back to the 22nd it will be the opposite.
I became unsatisfied by the 22nd floor without even noticing it.
I should rather rejoice with the absolute power I have.

Aside from that, what should I do regarding the field trip?
It will be a problem if she considers the labyrinth as an easy place.
Although I don’t mind to stop using thunder magic or remove grand wizard, should I really give ourselves a handicap?

“Ah~, Well we are used to fighting on higher floors, so for this floor it turned out like this.”
“I understand. That’s why it is amazing.”
“What should we do?”

Because we received a compliment when I tried to make excuse, I consulted Roxanne.

“Let me see. Showing this kind of easy battle will not be useful for sure.”

Teacher Roxanne is harsh as expected.

“It will be a problem if she thinks that labyrinths are like that.”
“If she is foolish not to recognize this much, I will not be sad once she is done in by the monsters. You must understand that much, Rutina.”
“Y…yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”

Strict without Mercy.

“I think it is good to raise it little by little, there is no need to fear area attack magics.”
”If it is the 23rd floor there is no need to mind area attack magic that much. At least, there is no possibility of continuous casting.”

Sherry seems to approve that opinion of going to a higher floor.
Come to think about it, area attack magic didn’t come that easily when we first entered the 23rd floor.
Gumi Slime is the only monster capable of area attack magic in Quratar’s 23rd floor, if Roxanne chooses the monsters carefully, there will be no problem.

“Although I can’t say it’s certain that there will be no continuous casting, you should expect some risk once you enter the labyrinth.”

I don’t know if Roxanne is saying that to be nice or not.
Is it really alright to try the 23rd Floor?
Although I wanted to see how things go until her level rose a little, once villager becomes Lv5 she will go back to being wizard Lv1 either way.

“Come to think of it, you will become a wizard.”
“Of course.”

Rutina puffed her chest with pride.
I want to rub them.

“There is a trial in order to become a wizard, do you know what is it?”
“I don’t know, because I was a child. Um, I am really sorry.”

Don’t you know about it?
It is fine even if you don’t know though.
Is she apologizing so Roxanne doesn’t get angry?

“I heard someone takes you along to the labyrinth, and gives you a suicide pill to kill the monster in front of you. It is so terrible that it causes the children to scream.”

Sherry teaches me.
It is child abuse.
It may even cause a trauma.
Is that the reason why Rutina has explorer Lv1?

As for Sherry, she doesn’t seem to be proud of knowing that.
She is not puffing her chest.
Nope, nothing is there.

She is thinking I want to rub them.
It’s true, I want to massage them.
Those eyes are master abuse.

“Th…then you are fine going to the 23rd Floor?”

Because Rutina said she is fine, we move to the 23rd floor.
I could also do a boss battle if it’s to show her a severe fight, but because there is a  chance of her receiving a sudden attack, it will not be good to hurry and do a boss battle.
A good thing about a boss fight is that we will not receive area attack magic though.
Since only two monsters come out at the 22nd floor battle, it is possible to shut them out.

I guess there is no reason to do the 22nd floor boss battle, right?
I can show her a severe boss fight if I fight Boss Taurus on the 29th floor, but there is the danger of receiving magic along the way to the boss room, so it’s better not to go immediately.
In case of a boss battle, I am worried about getting consecutive attacks by chance.

The first group we met on the 23rd Floor, was a formation of 1 gumi slime and 3 clam shell.
Only one gumi slime?
Although I didn’t give an exact order, Roxanne’s choice is quite nice.
Though it could be a coincidence.

The four girls started to run.
Rutina is left confused behind.

“Because the monsters on the 23rd floor can use area attack magic. It’s not good to wait for them, we will intercept them. I will move slowly since I am casting magic.”
“Eh? Casting magic? Aren’t you an adventurer?”

Rutina is getting more confused.
It looks like she didn’t notice I was the one using magic.

“Come on!”

Hearing Roxanne’s voice, Rutina got panicked and ran after the four of them.
Teacher Roxanne is strict after all.

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(Translated by airsblue, edited by Albedo’s Ahoge & Cyrogen.)

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