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(The Kit, Ayame’s POV)
Gerbera! Come! Come! Play with me!
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Ehh? Gerbera and Rose are talking with each other?
You two aren’t talking anymore? Why not? Why?

Ah, Kato is calling me. Is she gonna play with me?
…Mmm. I feel sleepy.
I’m gonna go sleep now. Oyasumi~.

Chapter 11
Our journey to the north was a smooth one.

With the greatest fighting strength—the White Arachne—Gerbera, Lily, who can mimic the smelling sense of a Fire Fang as a scout and Rose who will fight steadfastly as a human wall, occasionally—even the multitude of monsters that appeared could not break through this lineup.
I would like to somehow involve the two new members to work together by all means but now is still not the time suited for them to shine.
Of course, it would be fortunate to not encounter such situations. However, the fact is that I can’t be saying that all of the time. It’s better to save our fighting strength for when it’s required.

After ending today’s portion of the journey, I tested various battle simulations with Asarina after finishing dinner.

「Just wait a minute. I’ll heal you up.」

Seeing me bite my molars in pain, Lily formulated a healing magic formation on her fingertip.

The targeted area is the left hand where Asarina dwells in.
Bathed by a warm light, the throbbing pains in my joints alleviated a little.
However, my furrowed eyebrows remained as they were.

「This is a problem… isn’t it?」

Her voice seems bitter. Her tone had become something like a groan unknowingly.

Today is the third consecutive night of combat practice with Asarina after leaving the Arachne’s nest.
It is still hard to give detailed instructions but simple commands can be transmitted without vocalization through the path.
This can be said to be going more favorably than expected.

However, an unexpected issue has arisen instead.

「I have thought of how weak I am, but only after coming here, does it come back to haunt me.」

I opened and closed my fingers to check the recovery of my hand.
It was the rough hand of a man that had received many small wounds, trying to survive in another world.
Yet, contrary to the exterior, it was a fragile body.
That weakness has become a problem.

Using it will definitely have repercussions on my body.
Even if it’s in the alternate world with the mysterious existence of such a thing as magic, the world’s rules don’t change. It’s the law of nature.
Editor Oni: I’m being very liberal with the translation here because otherwise I can’t see any way to rephrase it, and leaving it as is makes no sense.

If humans who haven’t trained carelessly punch something, it will injure their fist. In addition, there are cases where their wrist will be sprained as well. In the same light, it has happened to my body as well. That is due to me being unable to withstand the impact of Asarina’s attacks.

It would not be worth considering if I cannot go full power…
Holding back Asarina is unreasonable so, the result of wielding her full power, is me showing my shameful side and fainting due to the pain of my wrist and elbows. Such was the disastrous appearance that I showed.

「Goshu, shu, sama…」
「It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself.」

I stroked Asarina, who suddenly curled to a length of one centimeter after emerging from the back of my hand, with my fingertip.
Doing so had a healing effect on my mind but the pain of my headache still remains.

Even though Asarina finally became a weapon for me, with this, I can’t bring out her full power.

「…What should I do about this?」

In the end, all of us who sat down together to brainstorm could not come up with anything, I *Gari Gari* scratched my head and sighed.

My line of sight landed on Lily who was beside me. She hit her fingertip against her lips and looked as if she was pondering about something.

「Lilly, do you have any thoughts on this?」

When I asked her, Lily directed her large black eyes towards me.

「Un. It’s not that I don’t have an idea but…」
「It’s just that I’m not sure if it’ll go well. But I think it’s worth a try.」

Having something to think about means that she has an idea but has yet to consolidate her thoughts. That said, as long as she has an idea with a small probability of working, it is worth considering.

「Would you elaborate on it?」
「Of course. However, if that’s the case, we would need to request the cooperation of someone.」
「Cooperation… of who?」
「Of Gerbera. Her help is required. It will need double the effort as well, so let’s talk to her for now.」

So Lily said, as we moved to the open fire to the side of where Rose and Gerbera are sitting.
We sat down in a circle around the bonfire.
As for our positions, Lily and Gerbera are on my left and right, Rose and Kato-san are in front. Ayame seems to be already asleep, soft snoring sounds of *kuu kuu* could be heard from the top of Gerbera’s spider abdomen.

「And so, what request dost thou have of me?」

Gerbera promptly asked and Lily spoke of the problems we are facing regarding battle training with Asarina.

「I understand the situation now. Yet I do not see what help I could be…」

After listening to the story, Gerbera made a serious face.

「Lily-dono, thou hast a plan of sorts, dost thou not?」
「Un. There is something I want to ask Gerbera to do.」

Lily nodded in confirmation to Gerbera’s words.

「As a matter of fact, I want Gerbera to help out in Master’s magic training.」
「The magic training?」

Gerbera’s scarlet eyes widened as though this was completely out of her expectations.

「Alas, is it not Lily-dono’s role to serve as the teacher?」

I, who have increased in magic capacity after Gerbera became a member of the Family, had begun to take an elementary introduction to magic since three days ago.
This would take place after my training with Asarina and is the schedule for tonight as well.
Lily’s request is for Gerbera to play the teacher’s role for that.

「If it’s about magic, rather than I, isn’t Lily-dono more proficient than myself? Could not Lily-dono continue teaching Milord?」
「If it’s just teaching basic attribute magic, me teaching will be the best but…」

While speaking, Lily stretched her hand across to Gerbera who was sitting on the other side of me and took a hold of her wrist.

「Look. Master as well.」
「…? Ahh.」

Together with Gerbera who had a disagreeable expression on her face, I held my hand out as well.

「Alright then.」

Lily pulled our hands together and struck our forearms together.
Being lined side by side to the elbows, I can feel Gerbera’s slightly lower temperature.
…Somehow this feels embarrassing.
Gerbera seems to feel the same, her cheeks slightly reddenned.

「Gerbera’s hand looks pretty. Soft and tender, they’re smooth without a single wound.」
「Same can be said of Lily-dono as well.」
「That’s because mine are imitations. Besides, compared to Gerbera…」

Lily let out a wry smile while saying that, keeping the figure of the undisputed beauty, Mizushima Miho, when she was alive.
There is one part that is slightly different. The place that was upgraded is at the front of the body. As for the rest of the body, she had precisely copied the original. Of course, the appearance is that of a sweet girl.
Fairy: He is being very vague about the upgraded boobs. That’s the crutch of the sentence.

However, being compared to Gerbera is cruel. Gerbera’s beauty is on a different level.
She has a flawless inhuman beauty, which is in a completely different dimension from Lily whose appearance is an imitation of a human being.

Of course, they aren’t originally meant to be compared, nor should they be compared. Even if I was to compare them with that in mind, as a Japanese there is a certain feel of loveliness in Lily and in that sense many men would support her. In that case, it would be completely due to personal tastes.

Putting that aside…

「Isn’t the conversation going off-topic?」
「Oh, you’re right.」

Lily stuck out her tongue then proceeded with the conversation.

「Master, I want you to compare your arm with Gerbera’s arm.」

Doing as told, I looked at Gerbera’s arm.
It was the thin arm of a girl.
My arm full of injuries and scars can’t even be compared to her beautiful and supple arms.

「Gerbera’s arm is pretty thin. It’s so much more delicate than Master’s arm which can’t handle Asarina’s blow.」

As expected. I’m a man, while Gerbera is a monster, she is still a woman nonetheless. All facts aside, mine should be firmer in appearance.

「However, if you were to have arm wrestling with Gerbera, Master would definitely not win.」
「Well, that’s true.」

Since this was a fact, I nodded without resistance.

「Win or lose aside, won’t the arm be crushed instead?」
「I would not do that!」

Gerbera immediately refutes but I’m pretty sure that what Lily had in mind wasn’t that at all.
In my memory, I recall the recent brave figure of Gerbera — luring away the group of gun vines; the savage looks of the white spider.
That ferocity was also a very beautiful scene.
Even if I were to train a lot, I would not be able to do the same.

….Wait. Is it really impossible?

I somehow feel that I understand what Lily was going for.

「We are monsters and Master is human, there may be differences in the structure of the muscles but under no circumstances Gerbera’s slim arms and freakish strength match at all. That’s to be expected, this is because of this world’s particular phenomenon.」
「Simply put, magic huh.」

Even if it seems impossible with the law of physics, this world still has its own specific laws. Following through, things outside my common sense is then rendered possible.

「Pretty much.」

Nodding in agreement with my words, Lily separated both our hands and drew closer.

「Being a Mimic Slime, I have maintained this appearance with magic. Rose being a Magical Puppet is moving the body of a doll. This is the same for the parasitic vine Asarina. Ayame the balloon fox is able to produce fire with magic. Of course, the same applies with Gerbera.」
「Ah. With magic power 」

Strengthening of physical abilities using magic.
After that I recalled that moment, after the forced transition to this world, the figure of that student that killed a dragon through beating it.
That sort of rampage from a person with cheat ability was brought forth through the enormous magical power that he held and the ability to use it together,

According to this conversation, that was apparently a skill that did not require special capabilities.
With that, even I should be able to do it. Even if it is not to that extent, if this body became even a bit sturdier, the situation would surely change for the better.
At the very least, if I were able to command Asarina, who is hidden in the left arm of my weak body, properly then it wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is the degree of difficulty in achieving that.

「What Lili-dono suggests me to do is 『To teach Milord body strengthening using magic』But…」

Gerbera furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

「Be that the case, even if it’s Lily-dono who is teaching, it will be fine. That sort of skill dost not belong to me alone.」

Gerbera’s point was reasonable.
With this logic, it doesn’t matter who will be teaching.

「Of course, ‘tis not like I hate teaching Milord. But, in the first place, is it not agreed that Lily-dono will be teaching Milord? Is this okay? The chance of teaching Milord, thou willst pass it to myself with nay any regrets?」
「That is a little unpleasant but…」

Lily, hearing Gerbera expressing her worry about something other than myself, although she wore a bitter smile, did not harbor any ill feelings towards her little sister.

The fact of teaching me the fundamentals of magic, the girls seem to be having fun as well. When I realized this, I felt a somewhat itchy feeling within me.
[ED note: He is getting embarrassed. Think of it like in an anime when a character itches the back of their head while laughing slightly due to embarrassment from praise.]

Even if she will abandon such enjoyable times, it seems like Lily has already considered that Gerbera should be the one to teach me magic related to body strengthening.

That reason was recited from the girl personally.

「I believe Gerbera’s teaching will be the most effective. Probably. 」
「Fumu, what do you mean by that?」
「The magic power within Master’s body is almost Gerbera’s magic power. First of all, I believe letting Gerbera trying it out now is the best shortcut」

My Magic power increased due to Gerbera becoming part of my family. This is due to the fact that one portion of Gerbera’s magic was transferred to me through the path.
With the birth of Asarina, some of that magic power is constantly being drained by her But it is only a small portion.

At the beginning, the amount of magic power that I used to have was just a minuscule amount. But the present amount of magical power that I have now can be said to be roughly that of Gerbera’s.

So having the original owner of said magic power teach the way of using it, is what Lily is thinking of.

「I see. So ‘tis that sort of thing. But with that, there is one more thing I wish to enquire.」

Gerbera who had understood Lily’s words threw out another question.

「Since Lily-dono has taught Milord about attribute magic from the start, how shall we go about it? Doing it concurrently or will Milord stop that and start learning body strengthening magic?」
「Regarding that area, I will leave it to Master. I will just enquire whether the plans for being able to withstand the recoil of Asarina attacks are good or not.」

After the exchange of words, both of them looked towards me.

「What will you do, Master?」

Lily who was the representative inquired.


I immerse myself, deep in thought, for a while.

Attribute Magic,
Body Strengthening,
Or possibly both.

I consider Lily and Gerbera’s words and decide on the next course of action.
It did not take long to reach a decision.

「I think I will learn body strengthening from Gerbera.」

I will adopt Lily’s rough plan.

「Asarina is now lodged in my left hand. If I were to learn attribute magic, I would certainly be able to provide supporting fire and possibly interception. But, no matter. The insecurity on defence still remains. ――Regarding this, if I were able to strengthen my physical capabilities, my stamina against attacks from opponents will more or less improve. If I wish to keep my distance and attack from afar, relying on Asarina is fine as well.」

I must not misunderstand. What’s necessary for me is not only things that are useful in battle.

My job is simply to survive. To survive, it’s essential that I do not drag my family into peril.
Due to the fact that I fell into the balloon foxes’ trap and almost died, I knew this extremely well.

「Lily has also pointed out that compared to Attribute Magic, Body Strengthening will show results more quickly. In addition, attacks by Asarina will also increase in damage proportionately. Memorizing Attribute Magic later is not a problem.」
[ED note: For that last line, the more proficient he becomes at Body Strengthening the more powerful shot he can release from Asarina without doing damage to himself.]

After my own monologue, I shift my gaze towards Lily with an apologetic look.

「However, it feels like a disservice to Lily, who has been teaching me Attribute Magic until now…」
「Uun(No). The one who had suggested it first, was me. So it’s okay not to think too much about it.」

Without looking depressed at all, she displayed a grinning smiling face.
I replied to her with a slight smile as well and this time let my sights shift to Gerbera.

「And Gerbera, I am sorry for taking up your time.」
「Likewise for me, I do not mind it at all. As for me, teaching anything to Milord, makes me really happy」

Looking really happy, Gerbera’s translucent white face was dyed crimson red.
Displaying such a childishly frank behaviour, no matter what, Gerbera’s expression became cute.
It’s certainly not a bad thing.

「Thank you」

While feeling elated after saying words of gratitude to Gerbera, I put pressure on my knees with my hands, in preparation to stand.

「So, since our conversation is settled, from now on…」
「Ano, Mashima senpai.」

I was aiming to start the lessons quickly,
But my words were interrupted.
This voice is from a girl, who until now, was of a listener role during our conversation.

「I am sorry, but may I have some of your time?」

Sitting directly opposite me around the bonfire.
Past the flickering orange of the burning flame, there was the figure of Kato-san staring straight at me.


To the girl Mana Kato, who is one year my junior, I am indebted.
That day I was kidnapped by the White Arachne, she had saved me. But returning this favor with something of equal value would be impossible. That is how huge this debt is.
I felt my body stiffening.

「… What’s wrong, Kato-san?
Thinking about it, it has been a long while since Kato-san has directly conversed with me.
The last time I talked to her was when we gave names to Asarina and Ayame. However, during that point in time, there was a main topic to discuss and everyone contributed equally. I did not chat with any of the girls at all.

Thus, conversing properly with her has really been a long time.
However, I realize it now. Somehow or another, ever since I was unconscious, it seems that I have avoided coming in contact with the girls.

「I am sorry. Although you are starting your training real soon, please stay here for a while.」
「I don’t really mind it, but…」
「Thank you very much for I do have things I wish to say to you.」

Having said that, Kato-san, slipped off the slightly dirty sheet she was always clad in and sat straight beside Rose.
It seems like it’s a serious conversation.
「Actually, I have a request for Mashima Senpai.」

The contents of her『Wish』she had confessed to me is something that I had not expected.

「If Lily is willing, may I have the chance to be taught magic by her?」
「… Magic?」
「Yes. Even if it’s me, if I take the time to learn it, I will be able to learn magic.」

To say if it’s possible or not, I would believe it’s possible.
Based on the Colony’s theory,『 Even if one isn’t a Cheat Ability User, they are able to learn magic』 Truthfully speaking, for someone like me, I only became aware of my cheat ability later. Therefore, those 『People who are unable to discover their own cheat ability』will definitely be able to. Moreover, Kato-san is also one of the people who got transferred, so the conditions are fulfilled.

There is a possibility.
However, I am unable to give a agreeable reply immediately.

「You can’t agree to it?」

Currently, she is unable to discover her own cheat ability. In other words, Kato-san is purely like a normal person (with implied meaning of “Can’t be helped”) who can memorise magic. Just for the sake of being able to use it for self-defence during the battle with monsters, I believe practicing it is hard.
Just like the past me, even if she took the time to learn magic from the girls, there was no meaning in it.
If we were to consider the situation where Kato-san is taught magic, since the other party is a human, a surprise attack is the only option available.

… For example, surprise attacks from the back.
It can only be used up to that level.

Thinking to this stage, I had hit my head.
( A more elaborate version of thinking too hard.)
Towards my benefactor who has tried her best in order to save me and even risked her life for me, I am somehow having doubts against her

But it’s a fact that even if Kato-san had mastered magic, there is no other application for it.
More than that, the doubt that I am holding towards her cannot be easily swept away.

In the first place,『Allowing her to learn magic』 means 『Providing her with a weapon』
If that’s possible, in the first place, I do not have to worry about the relationship between me and her.


As a result, because I had stayed silent so far, my intent of rejecting her request was conveyed to her.
[ED Note: the translation technically says that his mouth had stiffened as if it was filled with starch.]

Looking at my appearance, Kato-san quietly opened her mouth.

「Recovery Magic.」
「 I wish to learn Recovery Magic.」
That is a declaration which swept away all my doubt.
「Is it impossible?」
「That is…」

If what she is going to learn is Recovery Magic, she will not be equipped with a weapon.
Within me, I was aware that my vigilance level was dropping.
… If that’s the case, there should be no problem in giving her the opportunity to learn magic, I guess?
At least, it is likely that there is room for consideration.
I am halfway changing my thoughts. More than that, I am unable to proceed with my thoughts.

「This conversation, please hold for a while?」

Gerbera was waiting for a time to chip into our conversation.


Her eyebrows drooped as though she was sorry.
That pair of red eyes stared at Kato-san across the flickering flames of the bonfire.

「I am sorry but please consider my request of having Lily-dono by my side to help teach Master magic.」
「Help? In what sense?」

Gerbera who dislikes Kato-san, hardened her expression slightly and answered while receiving Kato-san’s gaze, who was waiting for a reply.

「I am a monster. I do not understand a human’s way of life. I do not have confidence in whether I will be able to teach Master the knack aptly. On that point, if I were to borrow the strength of Lily who, while being a monster, has memories of being a human I will feel more confident.」

「I see. At least in the beginning, just to make sure, it’s better if I attach myself to you, I guess.」

Lily also agrees with Gerbera’s opinion.

「You can’t teach both of us at the same time?」

To Kato-san’s question, Lily shook her head.

「I believe it would be difficult. If Kato-san were to start using magic, first of all, you must start from grasping the sensation of magic.」

No one is able to deal with it if they are unable to see it or grasp it at all.
In order to be able to use magic, first of all, they must be able to feel magic power.

「That itself will take time. Moving at the same pace as Master, isn’t it a little too much for you.」

At Lily’s comment, Kato-san dubiously frowned.

「If it’s about being unable to perceive magic which makes it useless, I can understand. But isn’t Mashima Senpai the same as well?」
「I am sorry but regarding this case, Master is special.」
「Special, is it?」
「Un, You can say it’s an exceptional case.」
To Lily’s exaggerated words, Kato-san showed a slightly ashamed face.
「Speaking of which… Are you able to perceive magic now?」
「That is certainly so. Compared to Kato-san, I have an advantage but it’s not to the extent of being exceptional.」

If you have a certain amount of magical power, anyone will be able to view magic.
Lily, do not use words such as “special” or “exception” if it’s to that extent.

What Lily means is that my circumstances are unique, only to me, through the unexpected entwining of fate.

「A few days back, didn’t Master almost die due to the lack of Magical Power? Thanks to Gerbera providing magic power to him, Master narrowly got back his life. At that point of time, the skill of perceiving magical power was unexpectedly conferred onto Master.」

Listening to Lily’s words, I naturally remembered what happened at that point of time in my mind.
The feeling where my body was filled with magical power from the spider thread despite me on the verge of becoming unconscious can be recalled easily till now.
The feeling where my vessel was being filled, if i were to say, felt really good.

It was precisely because I was drained dry in the first place that I experienced the good feeling of being replenished. It is an experience that cannot be easily reproduced. The times of sharing my pain with another person.

「To begin with, transferring magic power isn’t something that can be done by anyone. Even if we did it once, we will not know if it will succeed or not the next time. Master was also in an unexpected situation where he was on death’s door due to exhausting his magic power. Therefore, you can say that it is an exceedingly exceptional case.」
「Certainly… Then it is not likely for me to be able to get the same result in the same manner.」

If she uses the same shortcut as me, Kato-san will catch up with me.
However, that is an experience granted to me alone. The girls are unable to imitate it.

「I am different from Mashima Senpai. I guess it’s a fact that I must do things the normal honest way.」
「That sort of thing. Being unable to perceive Magic power, there is nothing you can do… First of all, you can start with touching people when they are handling magic, grasping the flow of magic. However, what Master is going to be taught now is Body Strengthening. Therefore, in actual fact, he will be moving about while training.」
「If he is doing so, it becomes increasingly harder for me to be in contact with him.」
「In the first place, teaching people with different levels of expertise is hardly effective, isn’t it. For this is not about cramming in school or participating in lectures.」
「That is true as well」

As expected, the things we are doing now have no room for margin of error.

「This is regrettable.」

Kato-san also understands our current situation and the reason we have been moving continuously until now. The girl quickly withdrew her request.

「Is this okay?」
「If its to the extent of troubling Mashima senpai and the rest, It’s not like I necessarily need to learn magic to begin with.」
Fairy: The author specifically said “want to learn magic” which doesn’t really make much sense. It is more like a Japanese Culture (tsundere)

To Lily’s question, she answers with no lingering regret.
She had a refreshing expression on her face.

「I’m sorry for asking for something troublesome.」

Kato-san quickly bowed.


As I gazed at her round head, I felt a bitter feeling in the midst of my heart.

… Is this really okay?

I owe a debt to Kato-san. I have an obligation towards her. I am indebted to her.
If it’s that small request, I do not need to hesitate about whether or not to grant it to her.
Although I thought of such things, I was unable to say it out from my mouth.

「Oh no.」
Fairy: “Oh shit” or “Damn”.

Lily who look behind her shoulders murmured and forcefully stood up.


At the same time, Gerbera, besides me stretches out her legs. Ayame, who was sleeping on her stomach flew out and with a roar *Gurururu* stared at the depths of the forest behind me.
Rose had already drawn her axes, thus finishing her battle preparations.
Then Kato-san and I followed suit in noticing the impending disaster.

As I turn towards the direction that my friends are looking, through the dark depths of the forest that enter my field of vision, I see the figures of multiple humanoids coming our way.
Oni: Fuck the author



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Personally, I think this goes beyond paranoia. Kato has clearly demonstrated that she’s worthy of trust, and non-combat magic holds little to no risk (only serious risk I can think of is that she learns how to perceive magic due to the basics>Magic happens to be her cheat. Power level goes up significantly>She still holds loyalty to the human side>Humans (as a group) perceive MC as a threat, and she sides with them. That’s still pretty unlikely though, and it’s way down the rabbit hole). Considering the initial betrayal by humans and the fact his life is on the line,… Read more »
More than Paranoia as he had experienced PTSD after being betrayed by his “close friends” when all hell broke loose in their school. With the PTSD, he is physically and emotionally unable to trust anyone who is not part of his family of monsters, despite their actions or how much they risked for him as evidenced by his dizzy spell a few chapters back. He has no problem in associating with other humans (like the bastard friend that tried to murder him to get booty), but only during when he thinks he must trust them (when talking with Kato after… Read more »
Luan Sebastian Castro Porto(Brazilian)
Luan Sebastian Castro Porto(Brazilian)

i really want to help here so i am taking some time in learning japanese, i hope that im 3 months i can understand some parts in japanese


the fact he avoids kato is horrible, teaching her any magic even if she uses it to take his life. He has nothing he can say about it not very Japanese like, he owes her a life and several favors. His human phobia has gotten a little bad and he treats her like garbage even though she was raped and beaten, making his near death experience a pittance to hers.
thx for chapter, always appreciate your work and look forward to next.

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nooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking cliff hanger n.n


MC is really F Asshole. Shitty bastard

If he keeps that shitty personality, then he better live in the forest. Where trust between PPL in the cities and towns is in everyday life to certain extent and level . His untrustiness to PPL will make hated fast in human towns because his assholeness. If he does not fix his fu**ed up mentality better avoid humans to begin with. And am starting to get sick of MC in the last 3 chapters his reasoning is fu**ed up (he does things at his own pace and when it gets bad he blame it on others and deviate his reasoning… Read more »

thank you for the chapter




is it drop


Thanks for the chapter RE Team in particular ( Blessor ), Faerie, Onilateur, and Onionrings!


His treatment and attitude towards kato is getting annoying. What is the point of saving and having her travel with him if he can’t even trust her with a weapon even after Shea saved his life


Thanks for doing this chapter?

Guys he’s not going to trust Kato until he get’s over his PTSD. Just think of it; if you have arachnophobia and someone hands you a spider, telling you it doesn’t bite people. Are you going to be ok putting that spider on your face? It’s not something that can be rushed (normally). On the other hand, if he could throw away his humanity he could fix is PTSD by killing those who attacked him before along with other humans (many many more). True Demon route unlocked. Now he can trust Kato, and then kill her right after teaching her… Read more »