Slave Harem – 194 – Great Hero

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Translated by airsblue
Edited by Takki and mranon

Great Hero

“Did it, desu.”

The only Gummi Slime gets petrified by Miria with ease.
We didn’t receive any area of effect magic attack either.
As you would expect when there’s only one monster.
I finish the remaining Clamshell off with magic.

“We close in on the monsters as soon as we find them. This is the basic tactic when fighting on higher floors.”
“Yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”
“There are a few monsters on the 23rd floor that use area of effect magic attacks, but you don’t need to worry about them.”

While I was tidying up the petrified Gummi Slime with Durandal, Roxanne lectures Rutina.
You don’t need to close in on the 23rd floor monsters like Clamshell and Kettle Mermaid; however, there’s no harm even if you do.
Roxanne can select her opponent.
It helps.

With the lecture finished, Rutina looks at me as if wanting to ask something.
However, I choose not to say anything.
If there’s no need to hear it, it’s better not to hear it.

“Then, please find the next one, Roxanne. It’ll be fine if it’s a place with a lot of Gummi Slimes.”
“Ah! Yes, I’m sorry.”
“Nah, it was actually better since it was her first time.”

Finding a lone Gummi Slime was really out of consideration by Roxanne.
Half of Roxanne is gentle.

It’ll be scary going to higher floors without Rutina receiving her first area of effect magic attack.
I should let her experience an area of effect magic attack while she’s on the 23rd floor.
It’s not necessary, though, to take it on the 23rd floor if her level increases.
Half of me is gentle, too.

Isn’t letting her receive an area of effect magic attack not kind?
Besides, in order for her to take an area of effect magic attack, I will have to take one as well.
It can’t be helped.
If she is going to enter the labyrinth, she will have to receive one eventually.

The next group of monsters comprises 3 Gummi Slimes.
The five of them, including Rutina, start to run.
Rather, since it’s her field trip, isn’t it okay for Rutina not to run?

Or so I thought; however, isn’t it important to let her get along?
Also, it would be rather dangerous to retreat.
What if there were a pincer attack from the monsters on the opposite end?
I start running after casting two [Thunder Storm]s.

I shouldn’t use Lightning magic if I want them to use an area of effect magic attack; however, it will be better to wait until Rutina levels up.
Even though she will go back to being Lv1 after reaching Lv5.
There’s no other way but to be (Lv1).

Because one of the monsters drops out of the line, the vanguards confront two Gummi Slimes.
Roxanne and Vesta stand in front of the monsters while Miria attacks from the side.
The Gummi Slimes’ status changes rapidly between sleep, paralysis and petrifaction.
At the end, I give the decisive blow with my magic.

In any case, it seems our party depends on inflicting abnormal status.

“S-Somehow, everyone is amazing.”

Rutina gets shocked.
The shock is probably due to Roxanne’s and Miria’s performance.
It can’t be helped if it’s Roxanne.

“Well, you can use it as reference. But only as a reference.”

It’s unreasonable for you to use that as a reference.

“Can I really be of any help? My confidence is dwindling down fast.”
“It’s alright. There’s the difference in equipment, too, after all.”
“It’s exactly as Master said. You should do your best as much as possible.”

Was there a need for you to follow up, Roxanne?
I feel an absurd swing (in behavior).

“In any case, you can only do what you are able to do. You’ll be alright, I guess.”
“Do it, desu.”
“I think you’ll be alright.”

Sherry’s and Miria’s follow up can’t be considered a follow up.
Especially, when someone were to hear Vesta’s response objectively, it would seem greatly irresponsible.

“Y-You’re right. I’ll become a Wizard, too.”
“You’ll become one eventually. No need to get impatient.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

If Rutina’s level goes up, she will probably be alright.
She has become Villager Lv3 after the last battle.
She will soon reach Villager Lv5.

Now that it has come down to this, I should inspect Rutina every time while fighting on the 23rd floor.
The area of effect magic attack is hardly coming in.
On the other hand, Rutina is gradually beginning to calm down.
Even though it’s a field trip, her eyes are fully fixed at Roxanne during the battle. It won’t be a good idea to use her as a comparison.

Roxanne’s rate of dodging the monster attacks is insane.
Up till now, she has never received an attack.
Her rate of evasion is probably 150% even when she is doing it poorly.
Because of her ability to dodge the attacks from two monsters simultaneously, an extra 50% has been added.

If all the monsters lined up in the front, Roxanne would be bound to receive an attack; however, that cannot happen on the 23rd floor.
They fall to Lightning Magic, and the battle with the Kettle Mermaids and the Clamshells tends to be short.
Nevertheless, I feel that Roxanne could evade five Gummi Slimes on the 23rd floor if she tried

“Did it, desu.”

Miria petrifies the Gummi Slime without holding back. The large Vesta, dual wielding 2 two-handed swords, looks reliable, too.
I can’t help but understand as to why Rutina lost her spirit.
Should I make her fight forcibly?
Since it’s a field trip, it’s fine.

“……Would I really be fine?”
“It may look difficult at first; however, since the opponent isn’t that difficult, Rutina should be able to do it once you’re used to it. Let’s do our best for Master together.”
“Yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”

Not missing Rutina’s inaudible complaint, Roxanne encourages her.
Is this a self-development seminar? That’s the feeling it gives, at least.
Suppress weakness into dependence.
Should I add something, too?

“That’s equally impossible. No one expects you to go to that extent.”

I advisee her secretly while Roxanne was in the middle of the battle.

“Because that’s not a standard. Even I cannot hold a candle to her.”

I’m on top of the list of party members doing a poor job during the battle.
Or, do I not appear bad?
It’s because I’m recovering MP thanks to the petrified Gummi Slimes that I haven’t been discovered.

She must have been surprised when I hit them with Durandal on the previous floor.
Is this much really alright?
There’s no need to be this reserved.

“My level is sufficient for direct battle. It’s better for one to do what they can.”
“Yes, thank you very much, Michio-sama. I will try my best.”

I have perfectly brainwashed her to take advantage of her weakness.
I’m dirty.
I feel somewhat guilty, but it’s inevitable.
I hope she goes into the right direction.

Rutina has reached Villager Lv4.
It will be better to stay on the 23rd floor till she levels up to Villager Lv5.
Why don’t you hurry up and become a Villager Lv5? I’m waiting.

I have been checking Party Job Settings repeatedly, and at last, I catch the moment.
The moment when my Hero job turns Lv50.

Hero, is it?
It’s not like I particularly wanted to experience this moment.
Because my jobs would increase once Hero reached Lv50.

Great Hero it is.
I’m happy to see it grow so much so soon while it has been away from me.
Still, I wasn’t particularly expecting it.

Great Hero is an advanced job for Hero, huh?
Like I acquired Adventurer upon reaching Explorer Lv50, I have acquired it upon reaching Hero Lv50.

Great Hero Lv1
Effects | Large Increase in HP | Large Increase in MP | Large Increase in Strength | Large Increase in Endurance
Large Increase in Intelligence | Large Increase in Spirit | Large Increase in Dexterity | Large Increase in Agility
Skills | Overdrive | Item Box Operation

As you would expect from the advanced job for Hero. The effects are incredible.
It’s a feast of Large Increase effects.
I can have high expectations of it.

I wonder why it has Item Box Operation skill.
I wonder why.
I wonder why a Great Hero is able to use the Item Box.

I want to protest to the Great Heroes.
Are you making fun of the Item Box?
Are you mocking the hard work the Adventurers put in to get the Item Box?

Nah, it’s fine because I’m using it, too. It’s a big help.
Since I’m running out of slots in the Adventurer’s Item Box, I’m rather grateful.
Great Hero is an amazing job.
If Great Hero had Overdrive and Basic Fire Magic, it would be even greater.

As for Overdrive, judging by the name, it’s probably an upgrade for Overwhelming.
I add Seventh Job and select Great Hero Lv1.
Initially, I decided to remove Hero; however, since Great Hero is low level, I decide to keep it in use.
That’s why I have increased the number of jobs so as to keep using Hero, too.

“Did it, desu.”

Luckily, Miria petrifies a Gummi Slime as soon as the battle starts.
It’s Durandal’s turn.
I put the items inside and take out the holy sword.

By the way, I seem to be able to put many items inside Great Hero’s Item Box.
It doesn’t seem to be level dependent like Explorer’s but Adventurer’s 50×50 Item Box.
I haven’t counted it yet, but it appears to be so.

Assuming that, is having Explorer Lv50 or Adventurer a prerequisite to acquire Great Hero?
It would really be a difficult to get job if there were such an additional condition as that.
Like leveling up Swordsman in order to get the advanced job for Monk?
Well, there’s no need to worry about it right now.

While wielding Durandal, I invoke Overdrive and strike the petrified monster.
The Gummi Slime dies in one blow.
One hit?

The monster turns into smoke and dissipates.
The attack power might have increased.
Is Overdrive a skill that raises speed and attack power for an instant?

I think it increases the speed in same manner as Overwhelming.
It wasn’t clear, though, because the monster didn’t move.
Did I get faster?

I look at Roxanne and the girls, but they aren’t surprised at all.
Was the increased speed my imagination?
Not necessarily. Maybe because they know about Overwhelming?
Because of that, nothing seemed unusual to them?

“Eh? That speed……”

Rutina is truly surprised.
The speed did seem to increase like Overwhelming.
If it increases attack power, too, then Overdrive is totally a rank above Overwhelming.
However, the MP consumption may be higher just as well.

“Oh, this?”
“It’s not standard……”

Oh, right. I told Rutina that my level is sufficient.

“Of course it’s to be expected because it’s Master.”

I receive a follow up from Roxanne-sensei.
If it can be considered a follow up, that is.

In the next battle, I test if the magic power increases or not.
Upon invoking Overdrive, when I see the approaching monster and the five girls in slow motion, I get ascertained that the speed does increase.
The magic power increases as well.

However, the magic invocation speed doesn’t.
It doesn’t look likely for me to cast a fourth spell in the state of Overdrive.
It would simply be the strongest if it were possible.
So, using Overdrive to boost magic power seems complicated, huh?

“No worries. When I become a Wizard…”

Rutina mutters during the break between the battles.
She’s optimistic.
Her response to Roxanne’s follow up is pretty good.

And finally, Rutina levels up.
To Villager Lv5.
She has acquired the Wizard job.
Actually, Rutina has acquired two jobs: Wizard and Forest Ranger.

Because the Duke had Forest Ranger job, too, it seems to be a racial job for elves.
There’s nothing special about its effects and skills.
So, there’s no need, I guess.

“Rutina, try to cast [Breeze Storm].”

I set Rutina’s job to Wizard Lv1 and tell her to cast a spell.
Quratar’s 23rd floor is a bit of a nuisance.
The Clamshells and Kettle Mermaids have weakness against Earth attribute, but the Gummi Slimes don’t.
Because a Clamshell is resistant to Fire attribute, and a Kettle Mermaid is resistant to Water attribute, it will be better to use Wind magic here.

It will be fine for me to defeat the Clamshells and Kettle Mermaids with my magic.
As for Rutina, she should focus her magic on the Gummi Slimes.

“Ehh, th-this…”

Rutina opens her eyes wide in surprise.
It seems to have gone well.

“Is Rutina finally a Wizard?”
“That’s right.”

I answer Sherry’s enquiry.

“I’m glad for you, Rutina.”
“That was fast.”
“As expected, desu.”
“I think it’s amazing.”

The four girls congratulate her.

“Y-Yes, thank you very much, everyone. However, I’ve heard that I cannot become a Wizard unless I visit the guild.”
“It doesn’t matter because it’s Master.”
“But I only just joined the party. I thought it would take a considerable amount of time before I became a Wizard.”
“Because it’s Master.”
“As to why it took such a short time, it’s probably because Rutina is amazing.”

Wait, wait.
For now, I curb Roxanne’s remarks.
Don’t point everything to me!
Even if it was thanks to Gained Experience 20x.

“So, I did have the power like I thought. Okay, thank you very much. Right, I can use that sparkling magic now.”

By sparkling magic, she probably means Lightning magic.

“Ah, that would be difficult in Rutina’s present condition.”
“Is that so?”
“You have to chant the incantation which floats up in your mind when a group of Gummi Slimes appears next.”
“Oh, that reminds me, there has been no incantation thus far.”

She has noticed something inconvenient.

“Err, that also is impossible for Rutina, I guess.”
“I-I see……”

Actually, it’s already quite impressive that you can use magic now.

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