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Chapter 48

The Adventurer’s Guild was packed when I walked in.
I had everyone wait at the entrance, and aimed for reception by myself.
I put some spirit into it and one way or another I advanced and pushed through the crowd of people. At last, I finally reached the reception desk.

“It’s really packed today. Did something happen?”
“Welcome. A strong monster seems to have appeared near the town.”

“Strong monster?” (TL: normal tone, people.)

“This is it.”

The receptionist onee-san displayed a document, the contents which said that a Silver Grizzly had appeared near town.

Silver? It’s not clear, maybe the monster is gray.
Apparently the monster boasts of fur that has the strength of metal.
It cannot be harmed by ordinary weapons.

“I’ll be careful while going out of town. Besides, today I have come here to receive the prize from the competition.”

“Ah, I heard about that. Please come to the back room.”

“Please wait a moment, my companions are waiting outside.”

After calling to Ayla and everyone, I returned again to the receptionist onee-san.

We were guided to a room where you could see things such as robes and books, something like bones and dubious liquid, and on top of that there were things that I don’t even know what to call.

“Zir, choose what you might need. If you do not need it, let’s hand over the remaining items to the guild.”

“Kufufu, to has’t this many things to chooseth from is quite sore. Oh my, oh my. I am so joyous yond I couldst scream.”

When Zir finished inspecting the items that had already been laid out, she arbitrarily aimed for the big box at the back of the room.

“What is this?”

I tried to open it by putting all of my strength into it, but it wouldn’t open. When I tried to send for a little bit of help, a voice called out from behind me.

“Umm, Hibiki-san…”

The receptionist onee-san spoke up.

Apparently, it seems she wants to tell me something. It won’t be a problem because Ayla and Amy have headed towards the box.

“Is something wrong?”
“Yes, please confirm the goods that have been previously disposed.”
People’s names were lined up in a row in the proffered inventory.

“Umm, is this a list of names?”

“Yes, so what about the [Disposed Goods]?”

At last, I realized what was being said here. In other words, this is an inventory of zombies which were [employed] by the necromancer.

“There was also a corpse that could not be identified, I was going to dispose of it because as one would expect a [Human Corpse] can not be handed over.”

“Oh, thank you very much.”

I probably felt uneasy during the talk because a [Human Corpse] was completely being treated as merchandise.
Well, it is a tool of trade for a necromancer, so I guess how corpses are handled in this world that has necromancers established as occupations will differ from my former world.
It seems it’s not particularly a crime to possess a human corpse.
If you obtain the approval of the bereaved family that lives in the city, a [Fresh Corpse] can be transferred over with money, likely you do not even need such procedures as long as they died outside of the town.
The receptionist onee-san heard and did not dismiss it.

“When a necromancer is in a party, [Monster Zombies] are put in a box without disposing of them.”

The onee-san pointed at the box which Zir was about to open.

“Zi-Zir! Wait!!”

“Master? Anon, wherefore didst thee taketh mine han————d!”

It seems I was too late. Zir confirmed the contents of the box, screamed and fainted on the spot.
Fortunately, Ayla and Amy were safe because they were in a position where they could not see the contents, I quickly support the fainted Zir and it seems that she was uninjured.

“Umm~, is something wrong?” (TL: many things is wrong nee-san)

“No, it seems that I got excited too much. Also, excuse me, but I want to dispose of this [Monster Zombie].”

“Are you sure about that? I heard that monsters that have been [Zombified] are difficult to acquire though?”

When a monster is killed, it leaves materials and then disappears.
To make a monster into a zombie…
First, the monster is driven to the limit without killing it. Moreover, for it to become a zombie, minimize as much damage to it as possible.
Next, an abnormal status causes the monster to zombify. I think there are items or magic and such for this. However, 【Ghost magic】 seems to be useful.
At the end, after the monster receives the finishing blow it revives as a zombie dozens of seconds later.
When it’s made it becomes a [Stray Zombie] and necromancers control zombies. Is this similar to a monster tamer?

This concludes my report. At last, he was able to reach the point where he could employ the zombies from a distance.
By the way, skeletons and so forth existed in a bone-like state from the beginning.
As for this, there is a theory that skeletal corpses that were abandoned were converted to skeletons, apparently the theory states that this is the only way that a monster of this form is birthed.
Well, whatever. Therefore a [Monster Zombie] is likely to sell at quite a high price.
If you have a connection with a necromancer buyer of course.

I had to ask because apparently it is possible to sell by using the network of the Adventurer’s Guild.
That’s really good to hear, because at the present time we can not afford to keep the zombie, so we declined it.
Because Zir fainted, I looked after her by giving her my lap as a pillow and resting on the bench within the lobby.
Then, someone approached us. There were other benches available, but they kept coming straight at me.

“Yo, [Annihilation]. We meet again.”

The one coming over is the [Stew uncle]. I even ran into him a lot yesterday.

“Hello, is uncle aiming for the Silver Grizzly?”

“Stop with calling me an uncle, okay? That’s right, I’ve been meaning to get me some huge prey from around here.”

“Isn’t that unreasonable recklessness?”

“Really, what mouth is saying these things. Listen here, now all those people who take up the extermination mission for the Silver Grizzly, those guys are the same ones who saw your duel that evening.” (TL: idiom meaning stop talking bullshit)

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone got inspired by you. Such a decent fight, my blood is boiling for battle.”

Everyone seems to be itching for a fight.
If say such a big prey like a Silver Grizzly appeared, it is always natural for those guys who wait-and-see to end up gathering together for a subjugation.

“So, are you also participating in the subjugation?”

When trying to think of an answer, I felt a considerable amount of eyes from the surroundings. It’s seems whether or not I’m joining is important information.

“No, I intend to decline this time. Well, it’s likely I will participate if it’s not been subjugated in one or two months.”

My true feelings about this are… The Silver Grizzly seems to be considerably tough. Above all there is still that mission to find the [Demon] that was requested of me.
It’s just a thought, but the surrounding air seems to have relaxed a little.

“Is that so? Though it’s probable that you could kill it in no time.”
“Not at all.”
“Is that so?”
“That’s right. I heard it’s hide is terribly tough. Perhaps even my sword can’t cut it.”
“Still you seem to have a chance there.”

I shrugged my shoulders and told the man that it was an overstatement. Anyway, I told him not to be reckless and I parted with the uncle again.
Ten minutes passed since I parted with the uncle. Zir had woken up, so we left the Adventurer’s Guild.

“I’m fill’d with pangs of hunger, is’t not dinner time yet.”

We, who had gone out of the guild, decided to follow Zir’s suggestion and have lunch.
The menu had numerous meat dishes. However I want to eat fish, but there is nothing but river fish around here. They stink of mud and are not very tasty.
Should we venture out to a coastal village for the purpose of eating fish just once?
Well, there is still the quest about finding the [Demon].

“Ruby, was there a reaction?”

Ruby *trembled* *trembled* as if to convey [no]. However, it still quivers when it is a [yes], but it’s still possible to understand it.
Is this the effect of the monster tamer?

“So there’s nothing from the demon, huh.”

The [Demon Detector] I received from Giren did not detect anything at all.
The detector is the size of a washing machine and weight as one, too. In its current form it cannot be carried around.
However, it is obstructive. I strongly insisted on that. I was at a loss, when Ayla said [Let’s have ruby carry it]. (TL: poor ruby.)
I see, and in Ruby’s body we can still pay the [Demon Detector] by starting to throw in some magic stones.

The [Demon Detector] seems to be working without a problem in Ruby’s body, so we decided to leave it in.

“Well, it’s probably because we have walked nothing but around the Adventurer’s Guild.”

The effective distance of the detector seems to be about 100m. As such, I think it is short compared to the weight of the equipment, I heard that they were going to load the machine in a carriage and drive it around.
Was Giren going to lend out the carriage to us or try to sell it. What is that? A separate sale cheat?
Well, I did not buy it thanks to Ruby.

“How about we wander around where there is a lot a people for a bit?… It will be a date.”

Amy was unmotivated, but said it was a thoughtful idea. However, it’s not a date. Ayla showed no reaction.

“Let’s do it, since there’s no other way.”

When we started to leave a shop, Ruby’s body shook with a sudden *twitch*.

“Master, there seems to be a reaction.”

It seems to be approaching this way rapidly.

“No way, did it notice us and is trying to attack?”

“No that isn’t possible, there’s no way to become aware of the detector even in the slightest.”

In other words, did it approach here by chance?
The target seems to have already reached the front of the shop. It will be quite a coincidence as it is if it passes by our shop.
If the target attacks, it will have a sharper detection range than the one we have.
We became tense from not knowing the other side’s attitude.
Shall we pass? Or do we attack?
Who is it?

“I’m sorry~ I overslept~”

The answer, [A shop assistant who overslept and was late for a part-time job].

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