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“Is… that so?”

As she learns that she cannot use the same magic as me, Rutina gets depressed.

Since a Wizard cannot cast two spells simultaneously, it cannot be helped.
She has no choice but to give up.
I have no way of following it up.

“It’s alright. Just being able to use magic is helpful in its own right.”

Roxanne-sensei, this cannot be considered a follow up.

“O-Oh well, it’ll be fine. Roxanne, next please.”

I assign the next task to Roxanne.
If she’s occupied, she won’t be able to ‘follow up’.

Roxanne guides us to the next group. It comprises two Tur Turtles and a Gummi Slime.
Since there are three, I strike them down with Thunder magic. (TN: We have been using Lightning and Thunder interchangeably. It will now only be Thunder)
Because the three get easily paralyzed right after we encounter them, Miria doesn’t get a chance to petrify any of them.

Maybe because I have Large Increase in Intelligence set as Jobless effect, the number of spells I need to cast hasn’t increased even though we’re on a higher floor.
Actually, I should rather be relieved since it hasn’t decreased.
Against the next group of three Tur Turtles and two Gummi Slimes, I use Thunder and Ice magic.
It’s about time we encountered a monster that would use an area of effect magic attack.

“Did it, desu.”

However, before we could receive a magic attack, it ends with Miria showcasing her brilliant performance.
Three of them have gotten petrified.
With Miria having petrified three monsters, my next Thunder spell wipes them out.
I assumed that the monsters would be more active if I reduced the number of Thunder spells; instead, did my not delaying them only served to increase Miria’s preys?

“Is this chunk of ice perhaps Ice magic?”

Rutina asks after the battle.
Ah, right. Was this her first time seeing my Ice magic?

“That’s right. Rutina will soon be able to use it.”
“But I thought only a Grand Wizard would be able to use Ice magic.”
“That’s right. Therefore, Rutina will be able to manage it, somehow.”

Rutina gets surprised when I tell her that she will be able to use it, somehow.
Although she is a Wizard now, she will be able to use it once she becomes a Grand Wizard.
So, it’s not a lie.

“It’s okay. You’ll be able to use it.”
“Do you mean to say ‘after a long time’?”
“Since Master said it’s okay, it IS okay.”

Adds Roxanne.

“Y-Yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”
“Well, I mean to say ‘before long’.”

The reason as to why I believe Rutina will become a Grand Wizard quickly is owing to Gained Experience 20x.
On a side note, she’s a Wizard Lv5 at the moment.

“Err, was that *pikapika* sparkling and glittering magic perhaps-”
“Thunder magic.”
“S-So, it really was like I suspected, huh? Then, saying that I’ll be able use it ‘before long’……”

I wonder if she really understands what soon means.
Rutina is feeling depressed because she thinks it will take a long time.
So, I tell her that she will be able to use that *pikapika* sparkling and glittering magic before long.

Rutina seems to be aware that a Grand Wizard can use Thunder magic.
It isn’t strange for her to know about Thunder magic since she already knows about Ice magic.
Leaving whether she has seen it before or not aside.
Why is it that she didn’t know it was Thunder magic until it was mentioned?

“By any chance, have you never seen Thunder magic?”
“I thought it would be a magic with an even louder sound.”

Speaking of which, I have heard about ‘raimei’ being thunder and ‘inadzuma’ being lightning.
Since it is accompanied by thunder, it is appropriate to call it [Thunder Storm].
It may be unrelated to Brahim, though.

It may probably be normal for her to have never seen thunder since she was an earl’s daughter.
That she were sheltered in the castle, she would only hear the sound.
Rutina doesn’t answer my question whether she has seen thunder before or not.

“If you mean ‘gorogoro’ rumbling sound, it’s not possible unless it’s a Thunder magic of an even larger scale.”
“Is that really so? Since it is magic, you should be able to produce just the sound.”

Because I babble something out carelessly, Sherry nibbles.
That was dangerous, wasn’t it?
My superficial knowledge has gotten exposed.
When will I be able to talk carelessly in this world.

“The thunder’s main body is what inflicts the damage to a monster. It’s only sparsely necessary to produce the sound.”

Although the sound is part of the attack, the core of Thunder magic is lightning.
And the paralysis is thanks to electricity.

“So, that sound is only an attachment.”
“Rather than an attachment, it’s the result of lightning.”
“The sound is a resultant?”
“Thunder magic is basically thunder; you can hear a *pachipachi* crackling sound if you listen carefully. If it were on the same scale as natural thunder, it would probably produce *baribari* ripping sound.”
“So, it’s like that, huh?”

What a relief.
I have somehow managed to convince Sherry.

“Somehow, both of you are amazing.”

Rutina’s query has successfully been diverted.
Thanks to Sherry.

“At times like this, it’s better to leave them alone.”

I can hear you, Roxanne.

“Understood, Roxanne-ane-sama.”
“Ignore, desu.”
“I think it’s alright.”

That was harsh, Miria, Vesta, and for no real reason.
After having wiped two groups out with Thunder magic, we encounter four Tur Turtles and a Clamshell next.
Because there are four Tur Turtles, I cast [Dirt Storm].

Not only that we don’t get hit by any area of effect magic attack, the monsters die quickly, too.
It was fast also when I used Wind magic against the Gummi Slimes on the 23rd floor.
Rutina doesn’t get to cast any spell this time as well.

In other words, my magic power has gone up.
It’s most likely thanks to Large Increase in Intelligence set as Jobless effect.
It’s also thanks to the rising level of Great Hero and Rutina’s Wizard; however, the effect of Jobless is the most potent.

On the 23rd and 24th floors, the number of Thunder spells I cast – 2 – hasn’t changed; however, the number of Thunder spells and the spell of an attribute the monster is weak against combined seems to have changed.
Whether the damage required to defeat is equivalent to 0.1 spell or 0.9 spell, the number of spells required will round up to 1; hence, the difference will be 1 spell wide.
It may also have to do with that.

I steal a glance at Sherry; however, she doesn’t seem to be paying attention.
Has she not noticed?
Or, does she not feel the need to meddle at this point?

Now that I think about it, Sherry knows that I can adjust the magic power, too.
Earlier, I adjusted it on a lower floor to beat a monster half-dead in order to acquire a job.
She may think it is the same as that time.
Do I not need to mind the reduction in the number of spells and Rutina leveling up?

That’s it.
It’s part of an experiment.
It’s purely an experiment.
Let’s go with that.

Nothing can be done regarding the change in magic power.
I resolve myself and continue hunting.
You can say that I’ve become serious.

Rutina becomes a Wizard Lv7 shortly after.
As expected, leveling up is faster on the 24th floor.
We have yet to receive an area of effect magic attack.

“Area of effect magic attacks aren’t coming in on this floor either. So, how about we move up a floor since you’ve gotten used to it?”

I propose to Rutina.

“You’re right. I think I have gotten a little used to it. The suffocation due to casting magic has gone. I think I’ll be able to do it. However, I’m not sure if it’s okay to move to a higher floor.”

It’s simply because your level has increased.
Well, that’s fine, too.

“Ah, n-no. I would love to move to a higher floor.”

When Roxanne glares at her, Rutina corrects herself.
It doesn’t look good going to a higher floor.
Is it okay to move, but you don’t want to? Or, is it not okay to move?
I want her to take responsibility for her own words, not someone else’s.

“That’s right.”

When she corrects herself, Roxanne nods.
It’s not good to pressurize her.
If she feels danger, I want her to actively oppose.

Oh well. Since Rutina said it’s okay, it should be okay.
We move on to the 25th floor.

“Quratar’s 25th floor monster……was it Cape Carp or Black Frog?”
“It was Black Frog.”
“If I’m not mistaken, its weakness……was Fire attribute?”

I brief while Sherry follows up.
I’m pathetic.
Nah, I was just confused as to which one was where.
If the 25th floor monster is Black Frog, the 26th floor monster will be Cape Carp. Probably.

“Therefore, if there is a large number of Black Frogs or Gummi Slimes, cast [Fire Storm]; if there are more Tur Turtles, cast [Sand Storm]. It’s Sherry’s duty to collect the information about the floor monsters and their weaknesses. Sherry is very knowledgeable and smart. From now on, I will have Sherry brief.”

I use this opportunity to leave the briefing to Sherry.
I cannot lose more face than I already have.
That’s wrong way of putting it. It’s called ‘right man for the right job’.

I know that the 26th floor monster is Cape Carp.
I also know the ones on 27th floor and up, of course.
After all, we have been fighting all these monsters all this time.

“I understand. [Fire Storm] it is.”

Somehow, both Sherry and Rutina have gotten it.

“Then, take us to a place with fewer monsters, Roxanne.”
“Okay. This way then.”

We proceed under Roxanne’s lead.
The group we come across comprises two Black Frogs and a Tur Turtle.
Since it’s a black frog, Rutina should be able to recognize it.

The five girls start running.
After casting two [Thunder Storm]s, I follow after them.
Since there is small number of monsters, Thunder magic would do.

Why is Rutina not casting a spell?
Is she preserving it?
Oh well. There are only a few enemies anyway.

If it were me, I would cast [Fire Storm] regardless.
Is she conducting herself elegantly as one would expect from an earl’s daughter?
Don’t be greedy.

“Did it, desu.”

Was two too few? This time, Miria petrifies both of them.
As expected.
Don’t be greedy, though.
The Estoc of Petrifaction is thirsting for blood.

On the next group, Rutina uses magic.
She seems to be able to cast [Fire Storm] without any problem.
We continue to hunt on the 25th floor.

“Be it 23rd, 24th or 25th floor, the number of spells doesn’t seem to have increased.”

Asks Sherry when I finish almost all the monsters off with my Thunder magic.
Even Miria cannot petrify all the monsters all the time, I guess.

Or so I thought; however, she doesn’t seem to be accusing me with cold eyes.
She appears to be asking me genuinely.

“It’s a little experiment. I’ll be carrying it on for a while.”

Right. Experiment.
Even if my magic power changes, there won’t be any problem.
It’s an experiment.

When Rutina’s level increases and the number of spells decreases, I’ll call the experiment off.
Perfect, no?

“Is that so?”

Sherry withdraws easily.
She understands the importance of an experiment.

However, Roxanne is looking at me with an astonished expression.
Again? This feeling.
Hey Roxanne, your heart is a bit too loud.

“Roxanne, next.”

I ask of Roxanne, who doesn’t seem to understand the importance of an experiment, to guide us.
We continue with the hunting.
We’ll keep at it until Rutina reaches Wizard Lv10.
We’ll continue even after she reaches Wizard Lv10.

We advanced to the 24th floor when her Wizard turned Lv4, 25th floor when it turned Lv7; therefore, it should be fine to advance to the 26th floor when it turns Lv10.
However, thus far, we haven’t received any area of effect magic attack.
It won’t be a good idea to move to a higher floor just yet.

We may receive one if we stay on the 25th floor for a while.
If Rutina’s level goes up and the number of spells cast changes, It’ll be enough reason to end the experiment.
To be specific, it (the number of spells) will decrease.
Come on, batch (group of monsters)!

“Here it comes.”

Roxanne warns.
A blue magic formation manifests under the Black Frog’s white abdomen.
Rather than the number of spells decreasing, comes in an area of effect magic attack.

Water dances around us.
My body gets squeezed tightly as I feel slight pain.
Albeit light, it’s pain nonetheless.
Besides, it’s momentary.

It’s not to the extent that I cannot bear it.
The damage shouldn’t be heavy either.
Has the area of effect magic attack on the 25th floor always amounted to only this much?
Or, maybe it’s the effect of Great Hero’s Large Increase in Endurance.

I counterattack with a [Fire Storm]; immediately after, the frog collapses.

“How was the monster attack? Are you alright?”

I confirm with Rutina.

“Yes. If it’s just that, I can probably go on.”
“Great. Are you sure?”

Rutina didn’t seem to receive heavy damage.
Well, she had Plating applied on her.
Also, Rutina seems to be gaining confidence.
“As expected of me,” is what she was muttering.

“I don’t think we need [Area of Effect Heal]; what should I do?”

Enquires Roxanne.
I didn’t receive much damage, so I don’t need recovery.
It’s probably the same for Roxanne, too.
As far as Rutina’s recovery is concerned, Monk’s Heal would be better than Area of Effect Heal.

“Can you cast one for now? It’s our first for today, so it should be fine.”

Because I don’t have Monk selected at the moment, it’ll be difficult to change jobs and cast Heal.
Therefore, I ask of Roxanne to cast [Area of Effect Heal].

“D-Did no one receive enough damage to require recovery?”
“Well, that’s probably so.”

I re-apply Plating on Rutina.

“Because it’s a party with a Dragon Knight.”
“I’ve indeed heard about the stability of a party with a Dragon Knight. Does that have to do with the damage getting reduced? Then, was that also the reason for my receiving less damage?”

Damn you, Sherry. After Rutina finally gained some confidence, you pushed her down again.

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