(R18) Frequenting Brothels 14

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TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Pink Salon 「Aokinoko」 ★ Part 2 (Rachel-chan)

「You already came 2 times、are you still good to go?
Then let’s get started as there’s not much time left、I’m already the last one」

Saying so Rachel-chan took off her pink negligee and her panties, let them hang around her ankles then clung to me while giving me kisses.


I rubbed and groped her tits as we kissed, and Rachel-chan’s body shivered.

「Nn! Nnn♥」

(Hn……? She’s really sensitive isn’t she?)

「I、I’m sorry、then、I’ll put it in my mouth right away okay?」

Saying so Rachel-chan got down to all fours side-way on the sofa and slowly put my penis in her mouth.


(Oh、this is……)

Rachel-chan’s fellatio wasn’t rough but, it was the legendary {ED ( ͡°ω ͡°)} Vacuum Fellatio, she sucked on my cock like a straw while licking it slightly with her tongue, she attacked my glans intensely.
Pyuti-chan and Elenora-san’s intense fellatio were also good but, this sticky method is also really good.


Continuing the fellatio, Rachel-chan’s butt was shaking from side to side.

「……can I play with your pussy?」

「Mchuu……pwua……it’s fine♥ Are you going to lick it?」

「Eh、licking it is OK?」

「It’s fine、but、you can’t do it too violently okay? Be gentle alright?
Well then、please lie down……」

I lied down to the sofa as told, Rachel-chan moved herself into the 69 position.

「Please lick me gently okay? chuu……mchuu……*suck*……」

I gently used my tongue to lick Rachel-chan’s labia while she continued giving me fellatio which made her hips sway.

「Fun♥ fuun♥」 (TN: Please readers! Do not read this in english LMAO, it’s pronounced ‘foon’ not ‘fun’){ED: chocolate? CHOCOLATE!!!}

Just that much made Rachel-chan’s lower back tremble, and her fellatio faltered.
Making this oversensitive girl cum is also entertaining, but my goal now is to ejaculate, so I’d better not be a hindrance to Rachel-chan’s fellatio. I savored her pussy by moving my tongue really slowly.

「Fuuun♥ muchuu……un♥ *suck*……」

Rachel-chan admirably endured the pleasures and continued her Vacuum fellatio.
My ‘son’ reacted to the pleasure, after receiving such satisfaction from Rachel-chan’s wonderful oral techniques, I released a huge load into Rachel-chan’s mouth.

「Nn! *suck*……muchuu……*gulp gulp*……you let out so much♥」

After gulping down all my semen, Rachel-chan removed my dick from her mouth, helped me sit up, put her panties back on and sat down next to me.

「There’s still a little bit of time、do you want to talk?」

Saying so, she offered me a drink.

「Right……It was really satisfying」

Counting from the time at the Health Fashion, it’s already my 7th time cumming, my son’s also satisfied.

「Rachel-chan、I think you’ll also be really popular in the brothels and health fashion、why did you choose a pink salon?」
(TN: Quick reminder, Health Fashion is just prostitution is form of massage, Pink salon’s also somewhat the same, just a bit different)

Such a question was boorish, but I asked anyway.

「A ha ha……I’m too sensitive、so I wasn’t suited for Health Fashion。
Before coming to this place、I was a prostitute in the Snowy Mountain Village health delivery service, but what I felt and experienced was that the number of jobs became too many and it got too hard for me……」

「He~、Snowy Moutain village’s prostitute huh?」

「There are some of them there。
Like、it was cold so people seek for body warmth……」

After that, I listened to Rachel-chan’s old stories about the time when she was a prostitute in that village until the time’s up.
According to Rachel-chan, this shop seems to accept normal courses too.
Next time I come, I’ll pick Rachel-chan again, she accompanied me to outside the shop and placed a kiss on my cheek.




I returned to my house from the Red light-district, I intended to go back to the real world when the advice of Ayakidou’s owner suddenly came back to my mind.

According to him, items can be brought outside of the game but, they can be brought in as well.

I wanted to make sure if that’s true, I took a Restoration Medicine out of the Item box, I operated the 3PS in my head and returned to the real world.




I returned from the game and place the small bottle of green liquid onto the desk.

No doubt, this is the Restoration Medicine from Dorahun.

「It really is possible huh……」

Using this system, I felt like some useful things could be done but……。

「Oh well、let’s go to sleep」

I jumped into my bed, feeling refreshed in my heart and slept to get myself ready for the next day ahead of me.

Return of Former Hero 71
(R18) Frequenting Brothels 15

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