Slave Harem – 199 – A Useless Human Being

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Translated by airsblue
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A Useless Human Being

Having prepared the bath, I head to the kitchen, too.
What helped me prepare the bath without needing to restore MP halfway through was the effect of having a Wizard, Rutina, in the party; also, the effects of Jobless and the leveled up Great Hero.
It turned out quite well.

“It was easier preparing the bath thanks to Rutina. I’ll count on you from now on.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

I speak to Rutina in the kitchen.
With five girls inside the kitchen, even a flower may blossom.
It may get a little cramped, though.
Nope, it’s no good, is it?

“I hope I won’t have to trouble Roxanne from now on.”
“It was never a nuisance.”
“I understand. Thank you.”

I thank Roxanne for everything she has done thus far.
In the kitchen, the course I’ll be making is the dessert.
Because it’s hot, it’ll be good to make a jelly to cool down.

“Vesta, can I ask for your help?”
“Squeeze this for me.”

I pass the fruit that I bought.
Vesta squeezes it. After dissolving the gelatin with fruit juice and sugar, I’ll chill it.
Squeezing it is easy thanks to Vesta’s great strength.
It’s better to leave such tasks to her.

“By the way, what’s with such a huge bathtub?”

Rutina, who was helping someone out by chopping the vegetables, speaks.
It’s a continuation of the conversation left off in the bath.

“The bathtub we had in our home was like a barrel; it was long and narrow. It was difficult to boil the water in it. We had to bathe one at a time.”
“Huh, is that so?”

I wonder if it was a drum can bath.
Would it require less quantity of hot water?
But the capacity wouldn’t change even if it were laid down.
Nope, it would be difficult sleeping inside it.

“E-Excuse me.”
“Since it’s so big, does everyone really enter together?”

Rutina asks quietly.
I wonder if she’ll join in together with us.
What should my answer be? I have to give it some thought.

If possible, it would be nice if I answered like it’s a matter of fact.
It’s natural for us to enter together, is there something wrong with it? Something along the lines.

“Of course we do. Is there something wrong with it?”

I answer her just that.

“Master washes our hair.”

Roxanne, nice follow-up.
No, is it really a nice follow-up?
Well, even if she were reluctant about my wiping her body, washing her hair would be fine.
Because she didn’t say I wash their bodies, it’s a nice follow-up.

“It’s also a waste of time to separately take a bath.”

Sherry’s follow-up is great, too.
It’d take time If we entered individually.
Truly rational.

“You can understand the feelings of a fish if you enter the bath, desu.”

That’s not a follow-up.
Only you, Miria, would be interested in understanding the feelings of a fish.
Wait, can you really understand the feelings of a fish?

“Lying down in the bathtub with everyone feels comfortable. I think it’s alright.”

It really is comfortable.
For me, especially.

“Is that the way it is?”

Being tricked! She’s being tricked!.

“That’s right.”
“However, I feel like the information is biased.”

She has noticed.
She is being careful not to be deceived at not just the Lords’ Assembly.
The situation requires me to change the topic.

“Vesta, I’ll make ice. Crush it, please.”
“Okay, understood.”

I manifest an [Ice Wall] and have Vesta shave it.

“Rutina, when you’re done with cutting, can you help me out?”
“Ah, yes.”

As for the bath, it’ll be better if everyone enters normally.
I could enter by myself, too; however, there’s no need to go to that extent.
I will enter together with everyone as usual.
It’s normal.

“Is this a kind of Aspic?”

Rutina asks as I submerge a cup of jelly in ice.
Does it look like Aspic?
It’s a gelatin based French cuisine.
I’ve heard the name of the cuisine, but I have never eaten it before.

What’s the side dish then? Tom Yam Kung?
Or Chaliapin Steak?
I have only eaten Pirozhki Curry Buns.

Even though it wasn’t an authentic one, I have eaten Mapo Tofu, too.
I have also eaten conveyor belt sushi……nope, nothing.
My eating habits were poorer than I thought.

“It surely has similar feeling to it.”

Sherry answers in my, who doesn’t know what Aspic tastes like, stead.
Have you eaten it before, Sherry?

“Is this the way it’s made?”

I don’t know as to how Aspic is made. Rutina seems to be interested in it.
I bury the jelly I made in ice.
By the time the dinner is over, it’ll be chilled and ready to eat.

“I wonder what kind of dish is Aspic.”

Asks Vesta.

“I haven’t eaten it either.”
“I have eaten it before. It’s delicious; it leaves a deep flavor in your mouth.”

Rutina sticks her chest out.
I wonder if it’s tastier than a normal broth because it’s a jellied broth.
I think I know the reason for its deep flavor.

“Hee, is that so?”
“Then, does Rutina know how to make it?”
“N-No, I don’t know how to make it.”

Rutina panics.
You fool.
See where boasting got you to.

“I don’t think it’s something impossible to wish for Vesta who has gotten used to eating the dishes here.”

Sherry, who seems to have eaten it before, replies.


Vesta seems to be convinced, too.
Well, just don’t make unreasonable requests.

After waiting till Sherry’s soup was ready, we start the dinner.
The side dish is the stir-fried meat and vegetables, which Roxanne made, while the main course is the whole fish nitsuke made by Miria. (TN: Nitsuke – vegetables or fish simmered in soy sauce)
Everyone surrounds the dining table quietly.

“I am grateful for the toil and tribute of everyone. I receive this with love.”

I cannot get used to Rutina’s prayer before a meal.
However, Rutina’s eating figure looks beautiful.
Especially the whole fish nitsuke. The way she lifts it on the back of the knife and carries it to her mouth is just so beautiful.

She opens her cherry lips slightly, puts the fish in quickly.
The piece on the knife, without making any sound, disappears inside her mouth.
The beautiful girl’s small jaws move up and down, masticating the food.

What a refined movement.
I want to be eaten, too.
I want to go inside that mouth of yours.
I want you to chew me.

“Is something wrong?”

I’ve been staring too much, it seems.

“What do you think about the whole fish nitsuke?”
“Yes, I got to eat something delicious. It’s in no way inferior to the whole fish served by our cook in the past when we invited a special guest.”
“We eat it quite frequently in this house. It’s Miria’s favorite; it’s her specialty.”
“Specialty, desu.”

Was I somehow able to deceive her?

“Although I said that, it’s obviously not everyday.”
“Sadly, desu.”

I regret.
If it were everyday, I’d get fed up.

“But I heard it’s a rare ingredient.”
“We enter the labyrinth, after all. We catch it directly from time to time.”
“I see. It must take quite some time then. So, you’re a gourmand, huh? I really have gotten myself under the care of an outstanding person.”

It doesn’t take that much time, really.
It’s all thanks to Cook’s skill and Roxanne’s ability to locate Ma Breams.
If it were only that, I wouldn’t mind the misunderstanding; however, what does she mean by gourmand?

Apparently, Rutina sees me as a person with a strange hobby.
A gourmand on top of a bath enthusiast.
I’m an extremely useless human being.

Who loves to wake up late in the morning to a drink followed by a bath.
Who cannot help but have a beautiful slave girl serving him.
It’s reasonable.

Having had the main course, we partake of the dessert.
I distribute the cups of jelly.
The Jelly hasn’t gotten very cold, but it has solidified properly.

“Then, will everyone be entering the bath after eating?”

There’s no reaction from Rutina.

“That’s right. Everyone will be entering.”
“Y-Yes, I understand.”

When Roxanne says ‘everyone’, Rutina agrees to it.
As expected of Roxanne.
She seems to possess an impressive persuasive power.

“Well then.”

We’re finished eating the *puropuro* jiggly dessert.
Would I get to have a *puropuro* jiggly dessert in the bathroom, too?
Will it be *puropuro* jiggly?

“This… can definitely be called a dessert.”

Yes, Mademoiselle.
It’s jiggly.
I’m pretty sure it’s jiggly.

“Yes, we get to eat it every now and then after the dinner.”

Vesta explains to Rutina.

“So, he’s a gourmand, after all……”

That’s some image of me.
After I was finished eating, I head to the bathroom alone.
I so want to see Rutina stripping, but it’d be better if I weren’t present.

I believe in Roxanne and the rest; hence, I leave it to them.
They will surely bring her to the bathroom.
In the bathroom, I take my clothes off ahead of everyone.
While Roxanne and the girls were doing the dishes, I adjust the bath temperature.

Because the temperature of the hot water was about right, the adjustment gets done immediately.
I’m bored.
Should I lather the soap while I wait?

Lathering the soap while I waited, I hear the footsteps outside.
They’ve come!

“Excuse us.”

The door opens, and Roxanne enters.
Popping up in front of my eyes are two enormous fruits.
Although it’s different from what I was waiting for, it’s wonderful.

Following behind her are Sherry, Miria and Vesta.
Fruits bigger than even Roxanne’s.
Following behind Vesta comes in Rutina who’s shyly covering her body.

A glossy, white, smooth skin like a white porcelain.
This is Rutina.
This is an elf.

“Y-You said everyone enters together, so I came, too.”

Sadly, Rutina doesn’t mutter ‘so huge’ when she enters the bathroom.
Because she has already seen the bathtub once.
I’ve made a mistake.
It would perhaps have been better had I not let her help me out, had she not seen it before.

“Rutina’s skin is very smooth.”
“Silky, desu.”
“I think it’s smooth.”
“Thank you very much.”

Rutina does seem to have a beautiful skin.

“Is your skin smooth perhaps because you are an elf? Are all the elves the same? Also, your chest seems to be big. We, dwarves, are taught to be wary of elves. It doesn’t seem to be wrong, after all. I hope you perish.”

A certain someone is spitting venom.
So, Rutina does have a big-in-its-own-right chest, after all, huh?

“Umm, that’s because I polish it. I don’t think it’s the same for all the elves. Besides, everyone’s skin is beautiful. Also, Vesta-ane-sama’s chest seems to be much bigger.”
“I heard from Master that the bigger the chest of a Dragon Knight, the more athletic they are.”
“Is that so?”
“It seems to be so. However, aside from Vesta, who has air sacs, mumumu”

What’s with the ‘mumumu’.
I give up.
Disregarding the girl’s talk transpiring between the four behind me, I wash Roxanne’s body.

I have to do it in order.
It’s all thanks to Roxanne that Rutina entered the bath. I cannot neglect this fact.
Rather, I love what’s in front of my eyes.

I’ll wash it.
I’ll wash it until it perishes.
It must perish.

“Looks good. This much is fine.”

I must polish this divine body every day.

“Thank you very much.”
“Next is Sherry’s turn.”

Holding Sherry’s lovely petite body and washing it feels great, too.

“By any chance, do you happen to wash everyone like this?”
“That’s right. Because he’s a kind master.”

Roxanne, who’s still smeared in soap, talks to Rutina.

“But that would be a waste of time.”
“You’re going to receive a body wash from Master. You must accept it with gratitude.”
“Hii, y-yes.”

As expected of Roxanne-sama.
Thereafter, I wash all the nooks and crannies of every member’s body. I thoroughly enjoy Rutina’s skin, too, especially the places which I skillfully left uncovered while applying the soap.

White skin.
White breasts.
I fully enjoy her.

I enter the bathtub after everyone washes my body.
Cannot help it being cramped with everyone inside.
Actually, no. Being cramped feels rather great.
The contrast between Vesta’s healthy, light brown skin and Rutina’s enchanting, white skin looks beautiful.

“I think it’ll be fine for Rutina to sleep in the bed today.”

Roxanne, whose silky tail I was stroking, says from beside me.


Rutina seems to have heard her.

“You should gratefully sleep in the bed. You must sit up straight and accept it.”

Roxanne cuts off any possible objection from Rutina.

“Right before sleeping and immediately after waking up, you must greet Master. Missing it isn’t acceptable.”

By ‘greet’, she probably means ‘that’.
Everything will be fine if I leave it to Roxanne.
I won’t end it at just the greeting, of course.
It’ll be Sex Maniac’s turn.

Slave Harem - 198 - Teamwork
Slave Harem - 200 - GRB

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Yeah I remember that as well, also (I can’t beleive I forgot her name) The Elf wife he wants said she do everything she can to fix their situation to Rutina. I think she does the Earl in and he some how gets her as a slave as well (Rutina cousin). There maybe other races out there. Roxxane is like Golden Retriever and Mira is a cat, they mentioned wolf beast types and I am sure their must be more. I can’t think of any other races other than Demon that my make it into the story latter on.


I had actually forgotten the party limit removal, but I am interested in seeing what the advanced version of the sex manic class will be, sex fetishist maybe, or harem king…


It’s in chapter 33 but it’s not clear that it’s party limit removal. The actual setting was [Party Entries Unlock]. All it did was change the “Character Reset” screen to gain access to [Party Job Settings] and other settings. I don’t believe it a “Party Limit Removal” was actually mentioned. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Maybe the author is still deciding if he’s going to expand the Harem beyond 5.
I’m curious on if Jobless gets an advanced class. I can’t think of an upgraded version that wouldn’t be completely broken.


i think the party still need a proper healer …. roxanne will be switched back in the racial job for get the advanced job
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Not sure why some people are so hungup on Roxanne staying a beast warrior, it didn’t seem like it had anything unusual that it granted. Its not like smith or dragon knight in that it granted special abilities that could not be gained by any other races.


dex -> increase dodge rate
beast warrior give medium dex (king large dex?)

It give critical damage, increase evasion and grant strength. One of the reason why Duke recommended Michio is because of Roxanne, later boss have the ability to destroy equipment, so Roxanne will need to be in her strongest form in order to fight, being a healer is waste of talent. Sherry can always change to Shrine Miko after she get the new BS advance class (if she doesnt betray Michio then) I am hoping for across job between priest and wizard. in my opinion Michio need to level other jobs like priest and swordsman. maybe he can get like magic… Read more »

I also don’t understand some peoples insisting that Sherry is planning to betray Michio. No evidence that she is plotting something and I find it oddly offensive the it keeps being brought up as a thing that will happen, just a matter of time.

Unless you are reading off the novels and there is some subtext like that there is nothing in the WN like that, and you can’t point to future chapters as nothing happens in those either.


I hope not, 5 is alread very good, more would strarting become ridiculous, maybe 1 human woman to make a heir? Because i dont think even the evolution of sex maniac will lead to breding unlock, since theres no info about that till now.


dude…that sounds like a high possibility….


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Dude, I have noticed that for the past few months your comments have been on pretty much every light novel I read. Great taste.


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Jack Trowell
Hi Rusaku, it might not work, but there’s a little trick that I often use when I got a hard drive crash on a Windows PC and I have data to recover (if yours happened to have windows installed of course). I use a DVD or USB key with a bootable Linux distribution installed on it, and then I try to access the hard drive that crashed from Linux (and I then copy what I want to recover on a separate drive or a USB key). As you don’t boot from the windows drive, having the windows installation corrupted or… Read more »

Yeah, I know that method,but it wont be applicable here as the hdd literary doesn’t receive any power, tried to test it using another pc with a good powersupply but alas my 1tb wort of treasures hdd is gone for good. ( ̄^ ̄゜)

Jack Trowell

Ouch, the damage seems rather severe indeed.
In this kind of situation, if it’s the drive power plug that is damaged, the solution would probably be to open the box and transfert the internal drive to another box with a working power input (ideally of the same brand and model), but this is more delicate to do, might require solding the drive to the new box, and risk damaging the new one too.


Sad when that happens. Only way to recover a drive that will not even spin up would be to send it to a recovery company, but that gets stupidly expensive.

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