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Amidst the dizziness resulting from Sex Maniac, I greet the morning listlessly.
I’m in a good mood.
Everything feels great at the moment.

The softness of the bed.
An icy cold air circulating overhead.
Roxanne’s supple breasts. Vesta’s refreshingly cool body.

Seeing Rutina’s fabulous body last night felt great, too.
As if a white body emerging in the night ocean.
Her enchanting body bewitchingly moving to match my movement. Writhing to melt in the night.
She was quite happy even though it was her first time.

There was, of course, no way it would end with just one round.
As you would expect from a Sex Maniac.
It’d be fine even if I did them a hundred times.

Don’t worry, I didn’t do her 20 times.
I’d better keep it as little as possible since it was her first time.
The point is, if I have Sex Maniac I can go on forever.
It’s such a relief.

Roxanne pays me the morning greeting when I wake up.
As if to dampen the lingering taste from last night, it’s a gentle – not hot – and devoted kiss.
I surrender myself to her and gladly accept it.

“Good morning, Master.”
“Morning, Roxanne.”

I separate my lips from hers after enjoying it fully.

“Good morning.”

Next is Sherry.
I accept the big devotion of her small tongue.
Thereafter, Miria and Vesta greet me in order.

“The last one is Rutina.”
“Yes, Roxanne-ane-sama.”

Told by Roxanne, Rutina comes over.
The bed was big enough even for six people.
Rutina was sleeping next to Vesta who was next to Sherry.

Her soft lips touch mine gently.
Rutina’s mouth moves stiffly.
Her attitude doesn’t suggest denial, though. It’s just that she’s still not used to it.
She seems to earnestly be trying to accept my tongue.

This time, I exploit it.
Rutina’s tongue not moving was really a good thing. I shove my tongue into and violate her mouth until I was fully satisfied.

“Good morning, Rutina.”
“Good morning, Michio-sama”
“Then, should we change and go to the labyrinth?”

After enjoying plenty, I part my mouth from hers and announce.
It’s the same heading to the labyrinth after morning greeting as usual. Nothing out of ordinary.
It’s our normal routine.

I get down from the bed, grope for and put on the equipment.
We’ve been doing it every day without turning the lights on.
It’s something which we’ve gotten used to.

“Thank you very much.”
“Onee-chan, desu.”

As I was thinking as to whether Rutina, who wasn’t used to it, would be doing fine or not, I find Miria helping her out.
If there’s anyone who can move freely in the dark, it’s Miria.

“I’m sorry for being slow since I haven’t done it much.”

Rutina seems to, as expected, be the last one to get ready.
By ‘haven’t done it much’, does she mean she had a lady attendant changing her clothes?
If so, I would love to be the one helping her change.
However, she may also mean she has never put the equipment on since she has never entered the labyrinth before.

“Then, let’s move to the labyrinth. Miria, great job.”

I praise Miria for she assisted her in changing clothes this time.
I’ll add a fried fish dish to tomorrow’s dinner.

I invoke [Warp] and jump to Quratar’s 26th floor.
Today, we’ll be kicking it off from here.
Because she had already observed the 26th floor yesterday, we proceed immediately after a brief observation to the 27th and 28th floor.

“If it’s me, I’ll be alright. Let’s go ahead.”

Because the 28th floor appeared okay, we quickly arrive at the 29th floor.
It’s the floor where we were originally fighting at.
However, it’s time for the boss battle.
“The 29th floor is where we were originally fighting at. We’ll be fighting for real from now on. We have never moved up the floors as fast as this before.”
“Okay, I understand.”
“Because Rutina has only just joined, I would like to observe for today and tomorrow. What do you think?”

I consult with Roxanne.
Rather than consulting, isn’t it more like making a call?
It has thus far been a rule to observe for two days to ensure there’s no problem in advancing.

Actually, one day would do since we have already repeated the 29th floor boss battle for one day.
Roxanne would definitely suggest moving up right away.
But that would be tough, surely.

“You’re right. That’ll probably be better.”

I have received Roxanne’s consent.

“Then, let’s do that. Also, Rutina, if you sense even a slight danger, please let us know. From here on, we’ll be moving up a floor every two days.”

Rutina is surprised.

“Is something wrong?”
“Every two… days?”
“If no problem comes up today and tomorrow, we’ll move on to the 30th floor. And then we will move to 31st two days after tomorrow if we don’t encounter any problem for the said two days.”

Because she didn’t seem to get it, I explain it in details.

“Do you move up every two days?”
“We do if there’s no problem on current floor in our present condition, and we stop before it gets dangerous. Therefore, if you feel danger, by all means, say so.”
“I’ll be counting on you.”

Also, it’ll be easier for Rutina, who has only just joined, to speak up.
I expect her to be a Stopper.

“Anyways, are you really advancing a floor every two days? I thought you had an incomplete party, though.”
“We can still afford it, but we have to eventually stop somewhere.”
“Yes. No, Even I-”

Since she’s starting to show signs of motivation herself, Rutina should be alright.
For now, let’s try to fight.
The 29th floor wasn’t that hard. Rutina doesn’t seem to have encountered any problem either.
We have only been moving up one floor, after all.

However, we haven’t received any area of effect magic attack on the 26th, 27th or 28th floor.
Isn’t it better to receive an attack here?
Since the objective of repeating a boss battle is to completely shut out the boss battle, we may probably not move to the next floor until we have received the attack.

“In case of normal 29th floor monsters, cast two [Water Storm]s. If I don’t use magic, you’ll cast zero spell; if I use magic, you’ll cast two, please.”
“I understand.”

I brief Rutina on casting spells.
Usually, against Moloch Tauruses, I reduce the number of my Thunder spells by 1 while Rutina seems to cast 2 Water spells.
Since the combination of monsters appearing on the 29th floor isn’t complicated, it’ll be fine to give her the instructions beforehand.
Fire is the only attribute which Moloch Tauruses, Cyclopes and Scissor Lizards are resistant to.

We manage the battles on the 29th floor smoothly.
Although I have removed Wizard, nothing has changed in comparison to before. Actually, the pace of the battles seem to be even better.
It’s all thanks to Rutina joining; also, the job effects of Great Hero and Jobless.

“Here it comes.”

It takes us quite some time to receive an area of effect magic attack.
It’s a trap not to advance even though we’ve been able to fight smoothly.

“There’s no problem with the 29th floor area of effect magic attack, is there?”

After tidying up all the monsters, I confirm with Rutina.
Although we received an area of effect magic attack, there was no problem in killing them.

“Yes. If it’s me, I can go on.”
“Although it’s the boss battle, since it’s the 29th floor, there’s no problem, right?”

Because Rutina seems to be fine, I consult with Roxanne.
Rutina has yet to experience a boss battle.
Having her receive the boss attack intentionally would be harsh. Besides, there’s no particular meaning in doing it.
We are basically here to fight the boss, not to receive its magic.

Shouldn’t I try to receive a magic attack from the boss every now and then?
Advancing to higher floors without receiving one and then suddenly finding the magic attack of a boss extremely strong.

Such a thing won’t happen, right?
I haven’t heard such a thing from Sherry, though; also, the bosses will become common after the 33rd floor.
As for the area of effect magic attack of a normal monster, I can receive it while walking from the small room, where I move to via [Dungeon Walk], to the boss room.
Wouldn’t it be enough to judge it based on that.

“It should be enough hereon.”

I’m only receiving positive comments from Roxanne regarding the battles.

“Shouldn’t we stay here for two days?”

As I was about to face Rutina and ask her, she turns to me and asks first.
Although it’s abrupt, I’m saved.
She seems to have heard the conversation between Roxanne and me.

“For the time being, let’s repeat the boss battle for two days.”

“Although we can afford to advance in our current state, we’ll repeat the boss battle for two days and see, nonetheless. At any rate, we won’t be able to advance unless we try the boss battle.”

Rutina seems a little surprised upon repeating the boss battles.
So, there’s no such precedent, after all, huh?

Most likely not.
If there were anyone who could do that, it would be Roxanne.
In the first place, it was Roxanne who brought up the idea of repeating the boss battles.

“The boss room is on the other side. There’s not much distance.”

We are yet to be there, though.
Or rather, considering the fact that we’re heading to the boss room and the number of battles, it should be close by.

“Are we really going to repeat the boss battle? If I’m not mistaken, the difficulty of the boss battle increases when you repeat it.”
“You’re not mistaken.”

Rutina and Sherry converse.

“Not only have I never heard of anyone repeating the boss battle, I have heard about parties that never partake in the boss battles.”
“Such a thing doesn’t happen at our house. Also, unlike an order of knights, we don’t follow anyone.”

I was wondering as to how they move up if they don’t partake in the boss battles; however, I just recalled that you can pay the Explorer at the labyrinth.
As for the order of knights, seniors and superior officers assess your ability and direct you where to fight.
I don’t feel there’s a difference, though, between repeating the mob battles on higher floors and the boss battles on lower floors.

Considering such situations as stepping into a monster filled room or getting surrounded by the monsters, repeating the boss battles on lower floors sounds better.
Also, the number of monsters in the boss battle is fixed.

“I’ve heard you need to brace yourself for the boss battle since it’s too hard.”

Is it a matter of psychology?

“It’s not that difficult in case of our party.”

After all, we have someone who can dodge all of the normal attacks from the boss.
Reliable, safe and secure.
What Sherry said is unmistakably correct.

“There’s no need to brace ourselves when it’s merely a 29th floor boss.”

Roxanne bluntly says to Rutina.
How can she say such an absurd thing?
Maybe she herself meant it as an advice?

“Ooh, no. Wait.”

I have Roxanne, who was leading us to the boss room, stop.
I have an idea.

“Is something the matter?”
“There’s something I want to try. Let’s go to the 23rd floor boss room.”

Experiment is important, you know?
Well, Roxanne has never said she has gotten fed up with it.
It’s just to confirm.
To be certain.

Or, maybe she has already given up on me?
No, it can’t be.
I’m being paranoid.
There’s no way this cute Roxanne would hate her master.

“For just a bit. If you heard it, you would be surprised; if you saw it, you would be dumbfounded. Also, it won’t be bad for Rutina to experience a boss battle on the 23rd floor.”
“Very well.”

I manage to convince her and move to the 23rd floor.
We sweep the small fries and enter the waiting room.

“It’s your first time, so it’ll be fine for you to freely observe. However, the experiment may fail, so be prepared to fight.”

I psyche Rutina up for the boss battle.

“Just in case, I’ll have Vesta keep the sword. It’ll be better this way for a while. Especially, I may need to use it this time. If I asked for the sword, you would have to hand it over to me immediately.”

I bring Durandal out and hand it to Vesta.
Ever since we started repeating the boss battles, I stopped preparing Durandal beforehand.
It’s a waste of bonus points.
Most of the bosses end up petrified by Miria. I eventually bring Durandal out, though, when it does happen.

Either way, it’ll be better to have Durandal until Rutina gets accustomed.
Especially this time. If the experiment doesn’t go per expectation, I may need Durandal.
I complete the preparations in the waiting room.

Earlier, when we were hit by an area of effect magic attack, Rutina didn’t have [Plating] applied on her.
I cannot afford to select Alchemist during the boss battle.
Rutina will soon be able to cope without [Plating], too.
Our objective is to shut out the boss battle.

I decide against selecting Gambler for this experiment.
It’ll make things difficult for Miria, but I cannot help it.
I want her to do her best.
I open the door once the preparations were done and enter the boss room.

“Rutina, standby close to Sherry. I won’t mind even if you hit it with the stick if you can.”
“I understand.”

I give instructions to Rutina and brace myself.
The smoke gathers, and the monsters emerge.
Well, let’s get it started then?

“Breath of the star, burn to nothingness, accelerate to the limit of light, burst motion — Gamma Ray Burst!”

I chant the incantation of the bonus spell I had selected.
It’s Gamma Ray Burst.
I should be able to cast it as I am now.

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[…] Slave Harem Chapter 200 […]


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