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Chapter 49

It’s an existence that ranks in the top tier among the vast number of monsters.
That power is more overwhelming than monsters not to mention humans.
[Run the other way if you meet a devil]. This seems to be the advice spoken by expert adventures.
Because it’s not possible to win even if you fight back, they say that you should scatter and run away separately so that at least someone could get away save themselves.
Of course, humans also have the means to subjugate demons. I received the request of demon subjugation from Giren this time because there was a chance of success.
One item that is useful is an [Anti-Demon Killer]. It’s harmless to humans but demons and monsters receive a large amount of damage.

They can be bought in a church but they’re unexpectedly expensive.
I heard that [drugs that work on demons] can be bought at a church. Is it [Holy Water]? That’s what I think I heard, isn’t?
That’s what Giren had said.
Damn, fantasy.

Well, why did I suddenly talked about this matter? The genuine [Demon] that reacted to the [Demon Detector] is too different from the provided information.

“I’m sorry, manager. I will change and enter the floor right away.”
“No, it’s fine. Latia-chan. You, can you just stop coming to the store?”
“N-no way, though I finally found a place to work at, to be fired again.”
“I’m sorry, however, it is already impossible.”
“Wh-what have I done wrong!? I tried my best, too.”
The manager sighed deeply.
“Like today, you are always late for work.”
“B-because there was trouble while I was going to work.”
“The plates are often broken.”
“Those plates broke before I even touch them.”
“Above all, it is because the people whom you served collapsed one after another!!”
“I’m fired!?”

Isn’t that last reason excessive? I spat out my drink. After all isn’t she unrelated to that?

“Th-that’s, um, I’m sorry.”

She admitted it!? What! This … this girl, is she really a demon? Though she is certainly like demon in that humans around her collapse one after another.

Can such a fellow integrate their life into human society? In the first place, can demons live in a human society?
I rush and confirm her status immediately.

Latia Evilis (Half-demon)

Curse of the Half-demon.
Gives the abnormal state of 【Coma】 to people in the area.
The effect is proportional to the goodwill of the target.

The surrounding people collapsing is probably because of this curse. Because the proportion of goodwill is high, this girl who is liked by everyone, is burdened by the continuous coma events.

However, to be a half-demon, does that mean one of her parents is a demon?
Is this girl really the true culprit who gave direct orders to the necromancer?
When I asked the Book of Wisdom about half-demons, it said that it had not heard of it.
Then, have you heard of someone referred to as a demon and human crossbreed? Can children be born between demons and humans? I was asked on the contrary.
Anyway, we decided to follow this girl who got fired and was at a loss. I asked Ayla and the others to go ahead and finish shopping.

Latia was wearily looking down and shuffling down the narrow road. Her sorrow drifts from her back.
I have watched her for roughly 30 minutes, but I don’t know where she is heading. Perhaps, she noticed us tailing her.
Though we observed her once more, however she simply seems depressed. Well, she could be acting.

“What, are you a stalker!?”

The girl, who I was stealthily following, had become disgusted. I made up my mind and decide to talk.


She seemed to be surprised to be talked back to and gave a strange reply in return.

“I don’t have any money. I also just got fired from my job.”

Yes, I know that.

“My boobs are small so you should just stop!”

She went *Look* and pushed out her chest by putting both of her hands underneath her chest.
As for the shape, something like that will come soon, but I won’t tell her that.

“Besides that, I don’t have any parents, I’m foolish, I’m an extremely ugly woman, nothing good will come out of me. Gusu.”

Her negativity is unravels, it seems some switch has turn on. Her self torment continued for a while.

“Did you settle down?”
“Huh, yes, I’m sorry for my misunderstanding.”

She thought I was a robber or something so she said she had no money and it would be good if he overlooked her. The dissatisfaction of everyday life seems to have exploded here.

“Well, I called out suddenly from the back alley so I’m also in the wrong.”

“Um, I’m called Latia. I came to this town about 1 month ago.”
“I’m Hibiki. Well, my job is an adventurer.”
For a moment, I thought it might be better to hide the fact that I’m an adventure, but it will come out anyway if she checked.

“So you are an adventurer. Thank you for your care when it comes to this town.

Latia bows her head to me for some reason.
After that, we had a long talk about Latia and me for about two hours.
Although, Latia was the one that spoke mostly.
As you would expect, I couldn’t ask her to her face “Are you a demon?”

“I don’t have a single friend in this town at all. Hibiki-san, could you be my friend?”

The vicinity had began to get dark, so we gradually returned to town when Latia said such thing.

“For a long time, a person who seems to get along well with me, would fall senselessly. However, It seems that Hibiki-san is safe with me, somehow?”

It’s because an abnormal state is not effective on me.
However, is this a trap? Perhaps it’s intention is to make friends when its own attack is not effective.
It might be too late, but we shouldn’t be getting along too much.
So like that, when I tried to say the words of refusal, she became aware of it.
Though a bright expression was on her smiling face, the hands that grasped me tightly trembled a little.

However, if what she said is all true, This girl who lost even her work in this town where she had no one to depend on and doesn’t know what may come tomorrow.
In this state, she didn’t ask for help but for a friend.

“O-oh, that so. Best regards.”
Before I noticed, I gave an ok.
“Is that true!? I’m so happy!! Please treat me well.”

Latia took both of my hands and swung them while humming. It seems she’s truly happy.
In that case, there’s no helping it if it is an act, I give up. I will be there for damage prevention so that nothing will happen to Ayla and the group.
I promised to Latia that we would meet up with her again and told her where. In this world of no cell phones, there are no methods to directly contact each other but only a promise to meet at an arranged location before parting.

“Now, since I don’t have any lodgings, I’ll meet you there. Well then, bye!!”

Latia lightly drops a bomb and leaves. So there are no lodgings either? I tried to call out and stop her, but her figure wasn’t visible anymore.
Though if you aren’t staying at an inn, where do you intend to go?
After parting with Latia, I met up with Ayla and the others, everyone was waiting having already finished shopping.

“Thanks for waiting.”
“I just arrived myself, Master.” (TL: MTL told me “I just came, Master”)

Amy who remembered our exchange from the date, jokingly answered with a teasing laugh. I smile in return, then Ayla talked to me.

“Was that a demon as after all?”
“Hmm, it might not be. Though it seems that she has ties to demons.”

As I spoke ambiguously, Zir also had a question.

“Incidentally, thee spake of that lady as a [Half-demon]. What pray bid is yond?”
“I don’t clearly understand. However her race seems to be [Half-demon].
“Then, thee knoweth nothing but which inn the lady is staying at.”
“Err, she looks like a homeless person. Also, we became friends.”

It was a surprise for the 3 people to hear.

“If possible, I think I will wait for Latia to reveal her faults.”
“Isn’t that dangerous?
“That might be. Therefore, I’ll meet her alone. Will you wait nearby?”

I told everybody that the next meeting was in two days, so we work out some countermeasures I decided to return to the inn.

In addition, I decided to go to the Adventurer Guild tomorrow.
The reason is that I told Latia that I’m an adventurer, I judged that I should be in the guild as much as possible.

===Change Scene=== (ED Note: To make you easy to notice it)

Compared with yesterday the number of adventurers is less because they have gone out for the subjugation.

“Yo, [Annihilation]. We sure meet a lot.”
“Uncle, did you not go out to subjugate the Silver Grizzly?”

Though I was motivated yesterday, there was no vigor in me today.

“Well about that~, after you left the guild there was a turnover when someone came and reported that a fellow had defeated the Silver Grizzly.”

It was indescribably unlucky. However, being able to subjugate it from the very first day it was discovered, there sure are some outstanding adventurers.
No, perhaps it was done several days ago, since I could only say that knew about it yesterday.
However, I heard talk that it was thought that the Silver Grizzly was a considerably powerful enemy.
Since they were able to defeat it they surely had to have considerable skill.

“And, who was it that subdued it?”
“Hmm, if I remember correctly it was either Evil or Evin.”
“Eh, Evil?”
“Well, I’m not too clear on the details. Apparently, that fellow is not registered in the guild yet.”
“I-is that so?”

After hearing the story from uncle, I became a little bit uneasy. I will ask Lord Giren for the full story. I wonder if he’ll at least tell me the name of that fellow who defeated it.
I left the guild at a light trot and headed towards the residence of the Lord. Because it was sectioned off firmly even within the same building it took a little time.

When I passed by the courtyard where the duel was performed, Frey was seen in the corner of the courtyard. I intended to ignore her, but, anyhow her appearance was strange.
When thinking about that, I abruptly stood up and began to wander around the courtyard. After walking around a bit I return to the corner in the courtyard, I sat down holding my legs to myself. The so-called PE sitting position. (EN: Here’s what it looks like https://www.pinterest.com/pin/353743745707167324/)

“Ah, geez. What!!”

Frey seems to have noticed me and spoke out. I was looked at with eyes like an abandoned dog.

I approached Frey while breathing out a huge sigh.
Meanwhile, Frey occasionally looked at this PE sitting position.

“What happened [Proud Knight]-sama?”

She reacted to my appeal and began to cry with a *waah-waah*.
Apparently it seems she reacted to [Knight], it was somewhat fragmented but I listened to her story.

“So, what’s the matter [Frey]?”

I called her name reluctantly because each time I called her knight, she began to sob.

“I’m *hic* no longer a *hic* knwight~”
“What did you say?”

“I was *hic* dismwissed as my *hic* lady’sh knwight~”

Apparently, instead of like an abandoned dog’s eyes, it seems she completely has the eyes of an abandoned dog.

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