E? Heibon desu yo?? Chapter 19

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Hand of God Liliana 4

Okaasama has gone into labour.

I am doing things like rubbing Okaasama’s lower back according to the labour pains, wiping her sweat off, rehydrating her, and staying at her side.

Of course, the bed’s sheets are all sanitary and prepared perfectly for Okaasama to lie in bed.

Otousama is holding Okaasama’s hand and talking to her to give her peace of mind

Of course, the healer; Leone-san is also in the room.

The position of the baby, Leone-san’s has confirmed by hand echo.

The twins are usually, both of the 2 heads are down, I thought it was ok, their 2 heads where in the proper position.

When the feet are positioned down, it would be difficult to give birth when the feet are down.

After that, 1 baby comes out, I see the other has been brought into position in the birth canal, it was put in good position.

Both look healthy.

「Okaasama, breathe in a hi, hi, fuu pattern!! Don’t be tense, please stay calm」

The legendary Lamaze Method.

「Because your breathing is good, take a deep breath. Abdominal breathing. And, when the baby’s head comes out, short breath of hah hah ha! Please don’t forget it, Okaasama!!」

「I, I understand. Liliana-chan, Okaasama will do her best!!」

The long night starts, as baby’s cries resound late past dusk.


「Thank You Alice, for these two precious new family members」

Otousama, gives words of appreciation to Okaasama.

「Thank You, Lewis. My lovely children?」

Otousama gives a soft and gentle smile.

「Madame, congratulations on giving birth. To two children of noble blood.」

Leone-san brings the, now bathed twins, to Okaasama, who embraces the two babies closely to her breast.

「Our Angels, a lovely boy and a lovely girl」

That’s so.

The twins, are a boy and a girl.

In other words, I have a younger brother and a younger sister.

Those two, begin to calm and sleep peacefully on Okaasama’s breasts.

「Okaasama, thank you very much. And, thank you for the lovely younger siblings」

Really, they look wrinkled like monkeys, but the Anebaka¹-filter shows the two as cuter than anything.

The boy who was born first, inherited Okaasama’s silver hair, the left eye is Otousama’s amethyst color, and the right eye is Okaasama’s amber color.

The girl who was born after, inherited Otousama’s gold colored hair, the left eye is Okaasama’s amber color, and the right is Otousama’s amethyst color.

Both, have mismatched eye colors.

First time I’ve seen that, it’s amazingly intense.

However, both born with evenly divided colors of their parents.

Though I also have my parents colours, because their colours are evenly distributed, I feel a sense of alienation.

Still, the endearing feeling of love isn’t shaken.

「Because their twins, I thought it would be a difficult delivery, but because it wasn’t the first pregnancy, it did not take as much time as expected」

「Well, Leone. The time, I think when Liliana was born, was much more serious」

What? Me??

「Liliana-chan, you weren’t born easily, you didn’t cry, and the color of your skin was getting gradually worse too」

Eh, then that means that……From the moment I was born, my life was in danger?

「Leone, without giving up, lifted Liliana-chan upside down,pat you, and removed the mucus from your nose and mouth.」

When I think about it, I don’t have any memories of that day.

In other words, my life really was in danger.

「At that time, you felt more dead than alive. When you safely gave your first cry, I cried as well」

I excessively worried you, Otousama.

Thanks to Leone-san’s hard work, I’m alive now.

I can’t thank you enough.

「That night Liliana was born. The moment when the young lady gave her first cry, I remember a miracle happening」

「Yes, of course. A lot of stars in the sky fell, it was beautiful as if the world was blessing the arrival of Liliana」

Wow, romantic.

The day when I was born, it was a day of a meteor shower.

I want to see it.

「Though I wanted Liliana-chan to see it, but after your crying you fell asleep. Then Liliana-chan, it was like the first day was a lie, and you cried every day」

Okaasama while gently patting the twins, is looking far away as if recalling that day.

「Th, that’s right.」

I feel like I remember.

I still couldn’t accept the reality, so I cried, the time when I still rejected the world.

Ugh…… Please don’t mention this dark history.

Mainly, for my own sanity.

「Otousama, Okaasama, have you decided the names for those two?」

To quickly divert the topic, I asked what was on my mind.

After all, humans have a hard time calling people without names.

「Ah, after much debate, we have decided on their names already.」

And those names are?

I unintentionally gulped.

「The boy’s name will be Radius. The girl’s name will be Leticia」

「It’s Radi-kun and Leti-chan.」


When Otousama and Okaasama said so, it felt like Radi and Leti laughed in their peaceful sleep.

The first present from a parent to a child is their name.

Both of them received it with joy.

「Nice to meet you, cute, cute Leticia and Radius. I’m your two, older sister Liliana」

What shall I do.

I’m so happy, I feel like I’m melting.


Okaasama’s postpartum bowel movements are fine too, and on a later day, Radi-kun and Leti-chan’s congrats party was held.

Everyone is treated with enough cuisine to make up for the amount of time we spent holding back and eating sodium-restricted foods.

People from the surrounding villages have also gathered around, unrestrictedly indulging themselves.

Mina-chan also comes, and celebrates with a ‘congratulations’ as well.

Mina-chan, seemed to like the fried food.

Sirius-sensei says he’s not good with groups of people like these, and is unfortunately not participating.

Well, I can’t really imagine Sirius-sensei cheering with everyone else, and so it is like him, I guess.

The party started at noon, even though it’s night out now, it doesn’t seem like it will settle down any time soon.

Even though it such a wild party, one person is not the same as usual.


It’s Leone-san

Leone-san approaches me and bows her head.

Always so serious.

「I wish to congratulate you on your siblings’ birth.」

「Leone-san, please raise your head. Because it’s somewhat noisy here, let’s go somewhere else.」

I, flusteredly, ask Leone-san to raise her head.

It isn’t very good to have a serious talk, when it’s noisy like this.

We, went to a deserted garden.

There is no such thing as outdoor lights like on Earth, but the gentle light of the moon and stars shines over us.

I was never able to experience something like the moon and stars’ lights in that life.

「Leone-san, I should be the one thanking you for helping Okaasama.」

I express my heartfelt gratitude in a ladylike fashion just as Okaasama taught me, raising my head and curtseying².

「I didn’t do anything. After using what Liliana-ojousama said, everything turned out good. The delivery was easy. From now on I plan to, little by little, try out Liliana-ojousama’s teachings on other pregnant women to demonstrate its effectiveness.」

「Leone-san, also helped it turn out good as well!!」

Leone-san shakes her head, her pure white hair shakes as well.

「I can at this time say, I learned a lot from Liliana-ojousama. You probably thought I’m a stubborn and inflexible old lady. But it wasn’t so back in the day.」

Although Leone-san is facing me, her verdant green eyes seem to be looking somewhere far away from here.


「When I was young, I challenged without worry of failure. But, just once in my life, I made a wrong choice and failed. By that choice, I lost a very, very important person」

Leone-san has a very pained expression.

For every word she speaks, her expression distorts awfully.

The important person she’s talking about is probably…….

「Since then, I have had a fear of failure. It’s something that hasn’t withered with time. I have become a very cowardly person.」

Leone-san, is a very gentle person.

So for me to not have the same experience befall me, she severely restricted my actions.

And Leone-san, is a very strong person.

「Leone-san, what I did was only based on previous cases. My actions, there was a possibility of being wrong too.  However you accepted me, thank you」

Leone-san, has pride in her work, she is a wonderful lady who believes it is her duty to help people.

She understands that a single action can have grave repercussions.

That’s exactly why she absolutely cannot give in.

At the beginning, I wondered why, even though she knew what was right, she wouldn’t accommodate for it.

However, she is merely doing what is expected of a healer.

That’s why, I trust Leone-san.

Later, I came to realise something.

Human beings here are the same as in my previous life.

Seirulen and Earth have the same calendar and hours.

After becoming pregnant, the period of child rearing is the same.

There is a head, hands and feet extend from the body, hair and fingernails, even the navel.

When we’re sad, tears flow, and when we’re wounded, red blood flows.

Therefore, I thought that people from here and Earth have the same body structure.

But, there is one thing that is different.

That is, magic can be used.

though I’m happy to be able to use magic, this causes a difference.

Since there is the idea of magic on Earth, there could possibly be the latent ability to use it as well.

If so, that’s good.

Though I tried asking about the human body from Leone-san, since they haven’t reached anywhere near the level of modern technology as Earth, the majority of it is shrouded in mystery.

What if the body’s physique is different?

The preventive measures that I performed are solutions designed for people on Earth.

What if the measures that Leone-san said were correct?

What if I made a mistake?

That is why I am thankful for Leone-san existence.

She was the only one to stop me.

「All the people around me are soft on me. So therefore, I’m thankful for Leone-san for taking pride in your work and judging me severely, for my sake. And because it was that Leone-san, that you could save my life without giving up. The fact that I am still alive is also thanks to Leone-san. Thank you very much.」

Leone-san shows a surprised expression after hearing what I say.

「Liliana-ojousama is a very clever person. And the person who will show us the light. Truly the owner of the Hand of God.」

I’ll get embarrassed if you praise me.

My cheeks feel hot, so I put my hands on them.

But why Hand of God here??

「When Liliana-ojousama’s light is proven, let us spread the knowledge, and save as many people as possible.」

Leone-san is amazing as expected.

Because Leone-san knows the importance of life, she avidly looks for the ways to tie people’s lives down……and does it plainly greedily.

What Okaasama has said, it was not wrong.

「Leone-san, is like a dandelion isn’t she」

When I said so, Leone-san had a surprised face.

「Strength that doesn’t give up on life. Like the fluff of a dandelion, you leave seeds floating in the wind to spin life.」

Also, every time I try to do something, you have a similar strength as it, facing against me again and again.

Oh, that may have been rude.

Although it would be understandable if I said something like ‘a rose’, I compared her to a dandelion that grows anywhere.

I fearfully look at Leone-san’s expression,

There, Leone-san had a smile on her face that I’ve never seen her make before.

「Telling me I’m like a dandelion, Liliana-ojousama is the second person to call me that. Thank you Liliana-ojousama.」


I am dumbfounded by Leone-san’s unexpected reaction.

「Well, it’s time for the children to rest」

Said with a happy voice I’ve never heard Leone-san make before.


The happy news was announced in Sherfield Kingdom.

The birth of Sherfield Kingdom’s princess Meryl Rose.

The Imperial Queen gave birth to a daughter.

His majesty the king of Sherfield kingdom’s direct descent, the second child, and first princess.

The Sherfield Kingdom was filled with joy.

  1. Anebaka; literally, idiot sister, it is used in this sense as, as Liliana is their sister, she can only see them as cute.
  2. It does’t actually say curtseying, but rather 礼, meaning to show appreciation/gratitude, usually meaning bowing rather than curtseying. But because of the more western culture, I thought it would be more suitable.
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