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Gamma Ray Burst

I chant the incantation of [Gamma Ray Burst].
I should be able to use it.

I’ll do it.
I should be able to do it.
No, I shall make it work.

As an expression of my resolve, I chant the incantation of the spell this time.
At any rate, I did say to Roxanne and the girls that I would be conducting an experiment.
One point game of confidence. (TN: 自信の一点勝負 No idea if it’s a reference or a proverb. Any help would be welcome)
I’ll definitely succeed.

I’ll never let my resolve go down.
What would happen if it failed?
After all, the chuunibyou me cried such a painful ‘serif’ (lines) out in the middle of the boss room.

The damage received would be incomparable to the Meteor Crash failure back then.
This time, everyone is here.
I’m in public.

Roxanne would look at me as if she has had enough. Sherry would glare at me with cold eyes.
Miria might demand a fish at breakfast in exchange for overlooking my failure.
Vesta would casually console me a bit, surely.
It would shatter the trust I’ve built with Rutina thus far.

The loss would be immense.
Too immense to recover from.
What an idiotic thing have I done?

If I kept my mouth shut, I would never have been exposed.
As ever, I don’t have a figment of talent.
Neither my character nor my ability can be trusted.

Actually, to begin with, Rutina doesn’t trust me in the least.
She was first forced into slavery and then forced by Roxanne to accompany us.
Which part of me can she trust?
What a useless human being I am.

Aah, no. That’s wrong.
It’s the MP.
My MP is low.
The reason as to why I’m having negative thoughts is because low MP.

In other words, [Gamma Ray burst] was cast successfully.
It’s a success.
However, there’s nothing particularly strange or anything.

Speaking of strange, the room has gotten slightly brighter. It really has gotten brighter, hasn’t it?
There doesn’t seem to be any change other than that.
Does [Gamma Ray Burst] have no other effect?

Or, because I don’t have the ability to use it, did it yield no effect?
It’s different.
That’s not it.

“Amazing, desu.”

The monsters have collapsed.
The two monsters, that appeared beside the boss, turn into smoke immediately after they emerged.
That’s [Gamma Ray Burst]’s power.

The two dead monsters look similar to Gummi Slimes.
Can it one-shot the 23rd floor monsters?
The boss still remains, though.
Because it was a dull human who used it? It doesn’t seem I can kill the boss in one hit.

“Vesta, the sword.”

I had done the preparations to open the Item Box immediately and take the MP recovery medicine out in a contingency; however, if it’s just the boss, there’s no need.
The uncool plan of the petty me has shattered.
I close in on the boss from the side after receiving Durandal from Vesta.
And use it to slash the boss from the side.

I seem to be absorbing MP. With every hit, my mind seems to be calming down.
I’m fine.
I can fight.

Miria and a-little-late Vesta join in on besiegement of the boss.
Roxanne is standing the front of the boss.
Sherry thrusts her spear from behind. Rutina seems to be participating in the siege, too.

The boss collapses after only a few hits from Durandal.
[Gamma Ray Burst] seemed to inflict massive damage.
It wasn’t able to kill the boss, but it wiped the small fries. It’s considerably powerful.
I wasn’t able to use it before, but it’s quite useful.

“How was the experimental magic?”
“For an instant, it flashed dazzlingly. The rear turned bright.”
“It flashed?”

Based on what Roxanne said, [Gamma Ray Burst] seems to emit light.
I wasn’t able to see it, though.
Because it’s called ‘gamma ray’, I thought it would be invisible to the eye; however, is that not the case?

“I saw it clearly because I was on the side. It was shining.”
“I saw, too. Michio-sama was shining.”

Because they were in the back row, both Sherry and Rutina seem to have seen it clearly.
Shining, huh?
The light emitted by [Gamma Ray Burst] isn’t actually a gamma ray but a low frequency light. Because the light emitted accelerates to nearly the speed of light, it turns into a high frequency light due to the Doppler Effect.

On the contrary, from my – positioned at the centre – view, the frequency lowers due to the Doppler Effect, disconnecting me from the range of visibility.
It’s a terrible red shift.
Because Roxanne and the girls wouldn’t be able to live if they were exposed to a large quantity of gamma rays, it may likely be not the case.
They are safe because the allies don’t get hit by an area of effect spell.

“To be able to cast such a spell, as expected of Master.”
“I don’t think such a spell has much use. It’s quite troublesome to use. It’s out of question if I cannot use it in case of an emergency.”

Although the damage [Gamma Ray Burst] inflicts is amazing, the consumption of MP is equally amazing.
What’s more, my MP didn’t restore fully even after killing the boss.
In terms of MP efficiency, the winner would definitely be Wizard’s or Great Wizard’s magic.
Although it can one shot small fries, there’s no helping it.

Like [Meteor Crash], it’s not an everyday use spell.
It’s a trump card for contingencies.
I can fight using Durandal, too, in order to recover MP. There shouldn’t be any problem in fighting at the front using Durandal. That said, there shouldn’t be any problem in using normal magic either while Miria and Vesta take on the enemies.
Roxanne needn’t even be mentioned.

“You should definitely experiment if you’re able to use such a terrific magic.”
“It’s troublesome, though, to the point I cannot cast it twice.”

Sherry approves of the importance of experiments.

“Relief, desu.”
“Indeed. I think I feel relieved thinking such a great magic can be used at the crucial moment.”
“You really are as terrific a gentleman as I expected.”

The experiment seems to have impressed Miria, Vesta and Rutina.
It can safely be concluded as a great success.

“Then, before heading back to the 29th floor, search for monsters on the 24th floor, Roxanne.”

Without moving to the 29th floor, I continue on the 24th floor without any change.
After recovering MP, I jump to the 29th floor boss room.

“Rutina, try hitting the boss once in order to get a feel. Even if it’s the boss, it’s not that scary if you hit it from the side.”
“Very well.”
“We have already fought the 29th floor boss with 5 people without any problem, so don’t worry.”

We enter the 29th floor boss room and fight the Boss Taurus.
The battle progresses smoothly.
Because I don’t have Gambler selected, the boss doesn’t get petrified till the end; however, we kill it without any problem.

“I felt somewhat nervous, but I can handle it, too.”
“I look forward to it.”
“Anyways, are you going to repeat this? Ah, no. I should be able to do it, too.”

She won’t need to psyche herself up once she gets used to it.
Besides, Rutina doesn’t stand in front of the boss.
Actually, the one who stands in front of the boss is the one who suggested repeating the boss battles.

By any chance, is it difficult for Roxanne, too?
What’s the possibility of her saying it out of obstinacy?

The boss battles are supposed to be difficult.
I would probably have a hole in my stomach from the pressure if it were me.
Is it painful for Roxanne, too?

Did she propose it because she wasn’t able to look up anymore?
Because she’s obstinate, does she want to look cool by doing something which no one but she can do?
That’s good enough. Take rest already. However, should I really say that to her?

“Roxanne, too, sorry for always troubling you. The boss battles must be difficult.”
“They are? But- thank you very much.”
“If you feel even a little uneasy, please tell me right away.”
“Yes, I’ll do that, of course.”

Although I’m being considerate, there doesn’t seem to be any need for the time being.
She doesn’t even have a clue that I’m being considerate.
If you’re fine with it, I’m fine with it, too.

“How about we fight on the 30th floor once? Rutina has yet to see a Half Herb.”
“You’re right.”

I consult with Roxanne. We’ll try to fight a Half Herb on the 30th floor once.

“You make it sound like it’s easy.”

Rutina braces herself. Well, if you can handle the 29th floor boss battle, the 30th floor shouldn’t be a problem either.
In the end, there was no problem, so we return and repeat the 29th floor boss battle.
There are problems, though.

Firstly, it’s more difficult to petrify the boss without Abnormal Status Resistance Down.
It’s not like we cannot kill it if it doesn’t get petrified; however, the duration of battles increases by 30% to 40%.
The faster we kill it, the more we can repeat the battle.
So, not selecting Gambler is no good?

“Again, desu.”

After going 2-3 rounds without the boss getting petrified, Miria shoulders can be seen drooped.
There’s another problem.
It’s Cook.

The Boss Taurus seems to drop a rare ingredient, chuck flap.
I haven’t seen one thus far.
Today, the Moloch Tauruses haven’t dropped any chuck rib either, so I can assume it’s a pretty rare ingredient like chuck rib.
Therefore, I want to obtain one during the repeated boss battles today.

We will repeat the boss battles until it drops. It’s a way to reach the target; however, what should I tell Roxanne?
Rutina sees me as a gourmand already.
Miria would insist on repeating it, if it were a fish.
As it turns out, I have no choice but to select Cook secretly.

I’d end up with 8 jobs if I attached Hero, Adventurer, Jobless, Grand Wizard, Priest, Great Hero, Gambler, and Cook.
It’s over the limit.
Besides, I’ll have bonus points to spend on an experience points category skill if I select Seventh Job.
With Cook, I won’t have bonus points to spend elsewhere.

The purpose of repeating the boss battles is to gain more experience points. If I selected more jobs, gaining less experience points resultantly, I would be mistaking the means for the end.
I must not lose sight of the goal.
I must not mistake it with the target.

Well, I’ll make the best possible compromise. The Cook will be better for the 29th floor.
The reason being, I cannot get a rare ingredient from a boss if I don’t fight the boss.
The higher the risk the greater the reward.
Or is it different?

Rather than gaining the experience points, I’ll enter the boss room to get the rare ingredients.
The reverse approach.
In the process, I can gain the experience points.

My target is chuck flap.
I wouldn’t deny it if they called me a gourmand.

Then, which one should I remove?
I should be removing Priest first.
I’m fighting the boss battles with the objective of shut-out. (TN: It has been used on many occasions, so it needs to be defined. Shut-out: a competition or game in which the losing side fails to score)
There’s no need to consider recovery.

I select it due to safety-first, of course.
However, if I think about it, I wouldn’t be doing the boss battles if I were particular about danger. Besides, it’s safer to just not enter the labyrinth.
Because I’m beginning to think of the boss battles as daily routine, it’ll be better to consider these preparations as routine, too.

Also, I can remove either Hero or Great Hero for their roles overlap.
I cannot expect Great Hero to level up if I remove it. Because I’m not using Hero much, I can remove it.
I can also use Item Box with Great Hero.
The bonus points would decrease if I removed Hero from First Job; however, it’s within the scope I can manage.

It feels somewhat unpleasant that the next highest job, to be used as First Job, is Jobless.
Well, it cannot be helped.
Because Jobless is a job that isn’t widely known, there may be some benefit of doubt.
If it comes to light, I’ll turn into a gourmand+carouser in Rutina’s eyes. (TN: 遊び人 – Asobinin – We have been translating it as Jobless, but it may also mean Carouser which means someone who drinks excessively. It may also mean Playboy. By the way, gourmand means a food connoisseur)

First, I remove Hero and select Gambler.
It’d be scary to suddenly change everything.
After taking off Hero, I’ll fight once or twice before exchanging Priest for Cook.
And if there’s no problem with that either, I’ll finally remove Durandal, too.

“Have you gotten a little familiar with it, Rutina?”
“I don’t have any problem.”
“Well, don’t relax your guard even if you’ve gotten used to it.”

I use the causal warning to Rutina as an excuse to make the changes then head to the boss room.
Because I have removed Hero, our attack force should drop to some extent.
It’d be so troublesome to explain all the whys one by one, so I decide not to.

“Did it, desu.”

However, before we had the opportunity to notice the attack force having gone down, Miria petrifies the boss.
I can hear Miria’s cheerful voice.
The remaining Moloch Tauruses get petrified as well. Miria has completely suppressed this boss battle.
This follows the moment I select Gambler, huh?

“As expected of Miria. Thank you.”
“Yes, desu.”

Her voice has regained the liveliness.
She was accumulating anger up when she wasn’t able to petrify the bosses without Gambler.
It’s like she’s venting out the pent-up anger after a great success.
I didn’t cast Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the Moloch Tauruses, though. She petrified them on her own.

I take Durandal from Vesta and dispose the petrified monsters off.
If I select Gambler and Miria petrifies the boss, I can select Cook and be done with it; however, I decide not to do that.
I’m not sure about the experience points setting if I switched the jobs in the middle of the battle.
There may be disadvantages, so I shouldn’t tinker with it needlessly.

Thereafter, having confirmed the situation, I decide to remove Priest and Durandal.
Rutina has gotten used to it, too, somewhat. So, from now on, it’ll be a full-scale start.

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Here’s my explanation: Michio is so dense he warps the space around him such that it would seem like light is accelerating as it moves away from him.

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