Slave Harem – 203 – Etiquette

I’m on holidays at the moment…. why do I have all of you on my hotel room doorstep? How did you find me? What are you here for?


I finished the fighting in the labyrinth.
Today we made it this far.
After this we will shop, and then return to the house, then we’ll have dinner, and then… well, you know what will happen.

Also, we haven’t been to the clothes shop in the Imperial Capital yet.
Roxanne would never leave there empty handed, even if we went there every day.
It’s good to go there to buy the camisole negligee though.

The clothes that Rutina was wearing at the Earl’s castle are currently being made useful as pajamas.
It will do for a while.
I’ve begun to enjoy the taste of Rutina more.
It’s good to have some change so I don’t get bored.

Rutina can’t run away from me.
Chasing her might be fun though.
I should take my time enjoying the taste of her.
I have plenty of time.

“Chuck flap dropped today, so tonights dinner is simple roast meat.”

I let the five of them know.
Chuck flap, Roast and Chuck rib will be roasted.
Rutina already seems to be ensnared by my cooking.
I don’t think she can run away anymore.

She’s been caught by my tentacles.
This is the skill I worked on for ten years in the Hida mountains.
The more you struggle, the more my hold on you tightens.

There is no soy sauce or worcestershire sauce in this world so complex sauces can’t be made, but the demons drop salt and pepper so those can be used freely.
It will be better to be simple with steak.

“Yes, it will be great.”
“Please make a vegetable soup as well, and that should be plenty.”
“I understand.”

I asked for soup, and went shopping.
I bought vegetables, eggs, and bread, and then returned to the house.
It seems like the summer heat is past it’s peak.
The hottest times might be over.

“With the meat today, lets fry up some white meat for tomorrows dinner as well.”

It’s not because it’s started to cool off, but it’s the right time to start deep frying some dishes again.

“Oh. Yes, desu.”
“Miria and Vesta make mayonnaise with these eggs.”
“Ma yonn ai se, desu.”
“Okay, I think we can do it.”

I passed the eggs and olive oil to Miria and Vesta.
It’s hard to make the mayonnaise alone, but it should be fine with two of them.

“Mayo, mayone, what is that?”
“Mayonnaise is for seasoning. It’s a delicious sauce.”
“I’ve never heard of it, is there such a thing?”
“It’s quite thick, and enhances the flavour of fish and vegetables.”

Sherry informs Rutina.
Mayonnaise doesn’t convert to Brahim it seems.
There doesn’t seem to be a similar seasoning.

“I’ll look forward to it. I can’t get enough of your cooking.”

She’s noticed.
That’s right, Rutina.

“We’ll grill some meat as well.”

I pass the Chuck flap, Roast and Chuck ribs to Roxanne and Sherry.

“I’m going to prepare the bath. Do you want to help Rutina?”
“Yes, I’ll help.”

Rutina and I went to the bathroom.

“You really prepare it every day.”
“Everyone gets quite sweaty in the summer.”

With Rutina helping it’s become quite easy. We might have a bath every day even when summer ends.
Though, I’ll wash all five of their bodies every day even if we don’t prepare the bath.

“Getting into a large bath is extremely comfortable, it’s the height of prosperity. After coming here I’ve come to love bathing as well, so thank you.”

Rutina seems to have come to like the baths.
It’s a good habit.
It’s not the same reason that I like it though.

“I’m glad that you like it.”
“It’s a little embarrassing to get in with Michio-sama, but it feels like getting in with a maid servant.”

Am I considered a maid servant?
That’s very straight forward.
I am pleased that she’s relaxed enough to say such a thing.

I prepared the bath together with Rutina.
I don’t use [Overdrive].
Time isn’t a problem here, unlike when we are in battle.

The amount of water won’t necessarily double, even if power doubles.
The heat power of [Burn wall] will go up.
I also have Rutina to help today.
My MP might have increased too.

“It’s good that you’re helping.”
“Yes, I’m glad I could help today.”
“You’re doing well.”
“That’s good. Is the bath getting prepared faster? Michio-sama shortened the battle time today.”

Rutina is a little mysterious.
Her Wizard has improved a bit, and she’s managed to help out right to the end.
The increase in my Great Hero has probably helped out too.

“You’re probably getting used to using magic.”
“Maybe that’s it. As expected of me. But…”

You can be pleased.
After that we went to the kitchen.

“Ma yonn ai se, desu.”
“Good. Lets put it away for tomorrow.”

Miria passed me the mayonnaise when we returned to the kitchen.
She seems to have made it correctly with Vesta.

“This is going well too.”

Roxanne is cooking the meat.
An appetizing smell is drifting in the air.

“Oh, this is Chuck flap?”

When you see the meat cooking, the colour is different depending on the kind.
So you can tell the difference by colour once it’s cooked?
The items appearance for Roast and Chuck flap is nearly the same, but you can also tell the difference as soon as you cut it.
The Chuck flap has a white marbled colour to it.

“How can you tell the difference with the Chuck flap?”
“This part is different.”
“It’s white, and not very good.”
“Right, well this is the part that is tasty.”

Roxanne doesn’t know about marbling?
If you don’t know, will you think it’s bad?
I think it’s beautiful marbled fat.

“Is that how it is?”

It seems that even Sherry doesn’t know.
Is it alright?
Don’t they know that marbling tastes good in this world?
Is it because it’s a rare drop?

“We have gotten Chuck flap as a gift from people in our territory several times. It is certainly a delicious ingredient.”

Rutina says it’s good, so it should be fine.
Can it be a gift even if you can’t see the difference?
There might be some mistakes.

“Roxanne, can you prepare the meat juices?”
“Vesta, chop these vegetables finely. Rutina, break that ice.”

I made the sauce in the kitchen.
Beef is fine with seasoning of just salt and pepper, but this time we have a large amount of chuck flap, roast and chuck ribs.
Any waste will come out simply by cooking it.

I stewed the chopped vegetables in the meat juices and made a simple sauce.
I don’t know how to make a demiglace sauce, but this should be enough to enhance the taste.
I prepared it in a small dish so it can be used if we like.

We wern’t able to make dessert, so we used the ice to cool some drinks.
As soon as the meat finished cooking, the dinner was ready.
The things cooked earlier have had some time to cool down.

In reality we should all be cooking our meat on an iron plate.
It’s feels strange that I made Roxanne cook for me.
It’s sad to have one person cook it for everyone to eat.
Well, I fried the tempura so there wasn’t much else we could do.

All the meat is carried to the table.
It’s all delicious.

“The roast is delicious.”

How should I compare them?
As Roxanne says, the roast is very good.
I feel like I’ve only eaten a lot of meat.

Compared to the roast, the chuck flap is soft, and it’s taste is a level higher.
The chuck rib isn’t soft, and has a thick taste.
The roast isn’t bad.
The roast is a nice roast.

“I can notice all the different tastes, but they are all delicious.”

Sherry seems to have the same opinion.

“Delicious, desu.”
“It’s great to eat so many different things.”
“The texture changes when you put the sauce on it. The crunchy texture of the vegetables is splendid and makes the sauce wonderful. I’ve never eaten something like this before.”

Rutina seems to have liked the sauce.
I should give them my thanks if they liked it.
Of course I’ll be giving them my thanks in the bath.

“Good, we’ll clean up and then take a bath.”

In the bathroom I massage everyone in order.
I give my thanks to Rutina to my hearts content.
It’s the second time so I do it without the hesitation I had yesterday.
Rutina’s chest is white, and has an unbelievebly good feeling.

For size, of course Vesta’s is the best, and rubbing hers is also wonderful.
No. Comparing sizes is a taboo.
Somebodies eyes would glare at me.

“Next we will wash Master’s body.”

I depend on Roxanne’s suggestion for this.
Five people wash my body.
Miria and Roxanne rub my chest with soap.

My back is massaged by Vesta’s big mounds of flesh.
This is the best.
Since I don’t compare them, Sherry helps as well.

Rutina also washed me a little more enthusiastically than yesterday.
It’s a good trend.
She washes me with her smooth skin.
My mind and body are washed.

After that, some time of bliss is spent in the bathtub.
Thankfully the bathtub is small.
It’s a time of pure bliss for me.
Rutina may be holding back, but I settle in without problem.

“After getting out of the bath, we’ll all go to the kitchen before we change cloths today.”
“I understand.”

I declared that we’ll go to the kitchen after the bath.
My naked body is wiped.
Roxanne wraps my body with the cloth as a substitute for a towel.
It’s not perfect, but it will suffice.

“This is the traditional ettiqute taught in my clan.”
“A clan tradition? Thank you.”

I thank Roxanne.

“First we stand side by side, next cup your empty hand and put it at your waist. Extend your elbow sideways, and raise the cup to your mouth. Then tilt your head and drink it in one go. This is the proper ettiqute when drinking this drink after taking a bath.”

After explaining it, we drink the icey drink.
It’s the drop from the Boss Taurus that we got today.
We didn’t drink much, but it was good.
It’s a delicacy.

A thick slightly bitter milk flows down my throat.
It’s a drink somewhere between yogurt and buttermilk.
It is not sticky even though it’s thicker than milk, and has a good flavour.

A cold drink after the bath is special.
The cold soaks into my warm freshly bathed body.

“So this is the proper way?”
“Of course.”

Whey is a dropped item wrapped in a transparent film like Olive Oil.
The film tears easily and can be poured into a cup.
Roxanne prepared the cups, and we drank the Whey.

The appearance of her standing firm with her feet parted and her hand on her waist is wonderful.
Her chest is proudly thrust out.
It’s regrettable that she’s wrapped in a cloth.
I want to massage her from the front.

“Thank you. It’s cool and delicious.”

I’d give you 100 points Roxanne.
I want to drink this more often.

“It’s nice and cool in my throat, it’s the best, drinking it all at once.”

Sherry sticks out her chest too.

“Cool, desu.”
“I think it’s wonderful.”

Vesta is large, so I was hoping for a nice reaction.
Maybe that’s just my selfish expectations?
She doesn’t take large gulps, but just drinks it in smaller swallows.

“A cool body will help us sleep well.”

Well that’s true, but I won’t let you sleep, Rutina.
There is some light exercise waiting for you after this.
I say it’s light, but you might have to do the exercise five times.

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