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Chapter 50

When I asked for Frey’s story, after she was defeated in the confrontation with me, Flora’s attitude seems to have become cold.
When Frey was in a rush this morning, she was going to ask to be pardoned and that she’ll persevere for the sake of the young lady…

“That is fine. Frey, a true knight-san was found by me.”

That is what she seems to have said. Afterwards, Frey seems to have took on that puzzling behaviour in the courtyard and kept at it for a long time.
Honestly, Frey being dismissed as the knight of the young lady is trivial, but the fact that a [True Knight-san] appeared at this time is interesting.
Quite conveniently, Giren and the young lady, and the new knight are apparently in Giren’s reception room. I’ll go and see their faces a little.
Of course, I also want information on the fellow who subdued the Silver Grizzly.
When I asked the person who looked like the receptionist to get me an appointment, I was told to go ahead to the reception room.
Is it alright with such a defense?
Ahead of me towards the reception room are two guards, they stood before the door. Indeed, the person at reception really was the receptionist.
As for things like defense, these two people were in charge of that.

“I have business with Giren-san.”
“Presently, the Lord is inside with a visitor.”
“That visitor is also acquainted with me. It’s Lady Flora, right? Even if you say that, I have come to meet him, so send me in.”

The two people are discussing something, well I don’t particularly intend to enter by force.

“Wait a little, I need to get confirmation.”
“Ah, that’s fine, while you’re at it please also inform him to recall the 2nd and 3rd clause in the contract.”

One of the guards entered inside and immediately it became noisy. Just when I thought the footsteps I heard were noisy the door opened at once.

“Really now, you bastard!!”

Apparently, he seems to have remembered.
2. While 1 is being followed, Hibiki has the right to meet Giren Brooks once a week.
Actually, with this wording, when I have asked it, Giren absolutely must meet me at that time.
What is one week? One week is divided into 7 days.
Then, where do you start off the new week after the 7th day?
Or do I have to wait 7 days after I’ve last met with Giren?
Then, to begin with what criteria is clause 2 even abided by?
If I voluntarily went to meet with Giren, at that time does it turn out that I’m exercising my right?
Or if I met him by chance, does that mean I’m exercising my right?
The answer, [I don’t know] would be given. (TL: what was this???) (EN: he is basically saying that since clause 2 is so vague, there are a lot of interpretations of how you could use it or misuse it)
And, when the answer is given, clause 3 comes into effect. By the way, what kind of effect it will take is not very clear either.
In other words, Giren, who cannot cancel the contract, can’t refuse my visit.
Giren who had came out glared at me. It’s likely he tried to immediately terminate the contract and failed.

“Was something wrong? Lord? I heard that Lady Flora was also here, I was thinking of giving my greeting but was it a disturbance?”
“What is that contract!? To become such thing…”
“Apparently, it seems to be busy. Shall I come again?”
When I said so, Giren panicked and stopped me
“Wait, please wait. Let’s hear your business inside. Miss Flora is there, but do you not mind?”

Of course, it is one of my objectives. When I nodded, Giren guided me inside.

When I entered, Flora was sitting on a sofa while drinking tea and happily talking to the swordsman who stood nearby.

“Oh my, Evin-sama, you know even these kind of things~”
“No, it was merely that I was experienced.”

Apparently, that man was the one who took the place of [Flora’s knight] away from Frey.
Giren sat on the sofa inside the room and informed the two people of a visitor.
As Flora looked at us, *oh!* and seemed to be surprised and had her hand over her mouth.
The man lost interest and returned his gaze to Flora immediately after taking a look at us.

“It’s quite a coincidence to be seeing you again. Um, adventurer-san?”

Incidentally, I recalled that I had not introduced myself to this young lady.

“I am Hibiki.”

Then, the nearby man reacted.

“Hibiki? Are you [Annihilation] by any chance?
“Ehm, I’m also called by such a thing.”

The swordsman mutters *I see* and continues looking at me. I silently ward it off.
The one that broke the silence was the lord.

“Well, Hibiki-kun. What was your business?”
“I want to hear what had happened.”

I asked the name of the guy who subjugated the Silver Grizzly recently.
Then, Giren looked at the swordsman for some reason.

“It was I who subdued the Silver Grizzly.”

The swordsman introduced himself as Evin Kruger.

“I see, so it was you.”

“Ah, it was. By the way…”

Evin looked behind me at Frey who had become tiny.
Frey noticed the glance and cowered. Where did that haughty attitude from our first meeting go?

“Frey, was it? Did you still have some business?”

Frey somehow glared at Evin and declared.

“I-I haven’t confirmed if you are really suitable to be the Lady’s knight!!”
“Do you want a duel?”
“That, mugwu–”

While she was speaking, I silenced her (stupidity).
This fellow, just recently, does she not remember that she was defeated horribly in a duel?
I whisper in a low voice to Frey’s ear.

“You, if you compete with him as it is you will be defeated again.”
“Mu, mummu”
“Hold your tongue! Do you want to start the first punishment game here and now?”

Frey began to tremble with a *gatagata*, the threat of the punishment game was effective.

“If anything, I am not trying to obstruct you. On the contrary, I am trying to cooperate with you.”

My purpose was of course not helping Frey. But by raising Frey’s equipment and tactics as much as possible and pit her against Evin, my intention was to evaluate Evin’s ability.
I confirmed with Ruby, but there was no reaction of a demon on the detector. However, the timing of this guy’s appearance couldn’t possibly be unrelated.
If Frey were to be defeated, my only loss would be the cost of the equipment I bought for Frey.
Also, if I collect the equipment after the duel ends, it might not be too serious.

“Now then, that fellow told me that she wants to have the duel in three days.”
“A-ah, understood.”
Thus, the duel between Evin and Frey will be held in the courtyard of the lord’s castle in three days.

We left Giren’s castle and immediately went to Thill’s shop.
The purpose is to buy Frey a new weapon.

“Since your build is good, how about you wield something long?”
“But I-I want to fight with a sword~”
“Thrill-san, do you have something good?

I ignore Frey and began choosing a weapon.

“Yeah, hey how about this?”

After Thrill watched Frey for a moment, he handed over a spear-like weapon.

“It’s a halberd, it has a fairly sharp blade.”

Frey, who had hesitated a little while ago, now had a different look in her eyes when she saw the weapon handed to her.
After having been handed over its full length was 2m, had a pointed tip like a spear, and attached to both sides were blades that bent backwards and were shaped like an axe.
It was rare for Thrill’s work to have any ornamentation. Apparently, the edged part of the spearhead was made entirely of demon ore.

“The spearhead is a little heavy but it is possible to handle, you can’t swing it unless you have sufficient strength, but you seem to be all right.”
“I want to swing it a bit.”

We exited the shop to watch over Frey. Frey confirmed that the surroundings were empty and slowly began to wield the weapon to test it.
Frey took up a fighting stance and swung the halberd. *Hyun* a high pitched sound reached my ear.
The halberd increased its speed gradually giving out a howl like a tornado.
As I thought, this fellow would be strong if she fought decently.

“It’s looking good. Have you used it before?”
“Yes, but I know only the basics.”

Perhaps, she learned it at a place like the knight’s academy.
I told Thill that I’ll purchase the halberd.
Afterwards, I also received some toys that I ordered beforehand.
With the shopping ended, we went to the goblin’s village.
Recently, I feel like I’ve been here more often than the inn in the town, well, it can’t be helped.

“Lalu, please bring me several strong fellows from the village.”

I had Lalu choose an opponent for Frey.
As for who appeared…
Two goblin elites with a long sword.
Two goblin elite lancers with an iron spear.
Lastly, an ordinary goblin with a sword in each hand.

“Is this goblin a strong fellow?”

Lalu nodded repeatedly, it hasn’t evolved yet but was a considerable fighter.
Well, I’ll understand when I observe it fight.

“In this training, if you show strength, I’ll give you a name and weapon like Lalu.”

The morale of the selected goblins fired up.
First, is the fight with goblin elite A.
The goblin elite is slightly bigger than a normal goblin, but smaller than a human adult.
Roughly it’s physique is around a 12-14 year old human.
It will not be able to handle the halberd if it doesn’t close in immediately.
Both begin to reduce the distance between each other *Jirijjiri*.
They both stopped moving closer, probably because one step further would enter the range of the halberd.

That idiot Frey didn’t rush to attack on her own, she devoted herself to intercepting to make the best use of the halberd’s ability.
She firmly bent her body and turned the tip of the halberd to the back edge to save strength. Her intention was conveyed to her opponent that she could wait for as long she liked.
The initiative to attack was given to goblin elite A, it rocked it’s body frequently trying for it’s intention to attack to not be read.
However, Frey was wholly unmoved. Goblin elite A grew impatient.

With some momentum it started running in one go. It readied it’s sword in a low position in preparation to receive the blow from Frey that was sure to come.
However, no matter how much it waited the attack did not come. I doubt Frey has moved from that posture by as much as one step.
Goblin elite A judged that she might not be able to react, so it increased its speed further to try to move for an attack.
At that moment, Frey switched the position of her hand and thrust out with the butt-end of the halberd with both hands, it charged towards the goblin elite A.
It’s a stab technique close to stick fighting arts and the like.

She stopped the butt-end of the spear near the base of goblin elite A’s throat.

She can even afford to worry about goblin elite A, this fellow, are you seriously not strong?
Afterwards, she trained with the other goblins, but the only ones who fought decently were Lalu and the dual wielding goblin.
As promised, I decided on the name for the goblin with the dual sword style.

“Your name will be Musashi. I will arrange to get a sword afterwards. Will it be necessary to prepare two?”

When confirming with Musashi, it nodded it’s head in agreement. Though there are some weapons that can be bought at Thrill’s store, there weren’t any that would go well together.
I will prepare a good sword next time.
Well, because Frey who won over the goblins is getting cocky, it is necessary to bully her a bit.
Good grief, I don’t want to do it, but it can’t be helped.

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