Slave Harem – 204 – R.E.M

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“First thing today we’ll break through the 30th floor. Do you have the map?”

I entered the labyrinth today early in the morning.
I should get the prize for perfect labyrinth attendance.
Well I am also afraid to skip a day.

I heard that even the best pianist’s skill will decrease if he doesn’t play every day.
Will my skill decrease if I skip a day?
What will happen if my skill decreases?
In the Labyrinth, you will endanger your life if your skill decreases.

It isn’t like I will suddenly become weak if I skip a day, since I fight every day we have a lot of leeway in our present condition, so we won’t get into a pinch straight away.
I’m trying to think about it objectively.
It isn’t something I need to worry over, but I am afraid to skip a day after all.

Because I value my life which is at risk.
The risk is huge.
Even if it is fine to drop back to lower floors, my judgment may become dull, and I may get an not notice after skipping some time.
If I spend a long time to recover, my loss will be huge.

It is not like there is any great entertainment in this world that I can skip for.
I have sex maniac so I do have something else to do, but I would be in serious trouble to keep Roxanne and the girls going all day long.
When I am speaking about entertainment, it is about that much.

In that case, it will be good to keep going in the labyrinth everyday without skipping it.
I think I am nervous to some extent, but it is not like I am mentally tired.
And I will perfectly enjoy the labyrinth while entering it everyday.
If I vent my anxiety everyday, no anxiety will be left for the next day.

That should be fine.
We advance in the labyrinth with Roxanne’s guidance.
I feel quite good.
The boss for the 30th floor is Heart Herb.

It is a grass monster with it’s stem shaped like a heart.
The stem makes me think it’s a heart.
Whether the heart is a vital part or not I am not sure.
Miria ended up petrifying it immediately.

Miria successfully petrified the three of them.
It seems like the competition will continue today.
The battle time will become longer as we go up.
Miria will get more of an advantage.

Although, we may encounter some monsters in higher floors that won’t be affected by petrifyication.
Should I arrange for one of us to fight the monster Miria can’t petrify if it happens?
I would like for Miria to have a successful path.

“Did it, desu.”

While I was cleaning up the petrified monsters slowly, Miria shouted.
But all the monsters should be petrified with none left.

“Seems to be a Magic crystal.”

Roxanne informed me instead of Miria who ran to the corner of the boss room.
Is it the magic crystal also known as fish savings?
As the amount of fights against bosses increased, picking up magic crystals increased.

Boss rooms often have them, and other parties rarely get a chance to take them if we do continuous boss battles.
And Miria can find them for sure.
Though, picking up a black crystal is not a great treasure.

Because there is not enough bonus points in crystal acceleration, the magic crystal will not grow fast.
But it is not like I am troubled with money so I don’t have any problem with that.
I still have one white gold coin.
Currently I also have a yellow magic crystal, soon it will turn to a white magic crystal and should become another white gold coin.

Lastly, I finished the boss with my magic, and receive the black magic crystal from Miria.
Heart Herb became smoke and left Mung Bean behind.
Is this Heart Herb’s drop item?

What an ordinary green bean.
It is not strange for a grass monster to leave a seed behind.
It’s not in a pod, it’s just a bean.

I don’t think Mung Beans would grow anything since it’s an item.
I remove gambler, and attach Herbalist.
I raised herbalist up to Lv15 yesterday.
I’ve raised Herbalist to Lv15 during my spare time, was it enough?

It only took a little time.
Lv20 shouldn’t take much time either.
If I want to level it further then I’ll have to put in some proper effort..

I can already use Herbalist on the drop from Half Herb, but if I think about it then shouldn’t the drop from the boss require a higher level?
It’s possible Half Herb only needs Herbalist Lv5.
It’s common to think that a bosses item would require a higher level.
At least Lv10? Maybe Lv15?

Maybe Lv15 isn’t enough?
There is a chance I may fail.
When I fail I will try not to disgrace myself, I will have to use [Crude medecine generation] with an innocent look.

Roxanne picked up the Mung Bean.
I hide the concern on my face and take it with my palm.
I immediately use [Crude medicine generation].
The Mung Bean rolled down on my hand.

If this was the raw material for medicine, it would change to medicine right now.
I feel the Mung bean in the center of my palm.
And as for the pill, none……appeared………

“I am glad. You still aren’t able to create the 10 thousand pill.”
“10 thousand pill?”
“Yes. That is something that you can’t make without training for 5 or 10 years. A friend of mine who become an herbalist was happy after being able to make the medicine after 20 years of training.”
“What do you mean. Is a herbalist coming?”

Rutina tilts her head to the side in puzzlement as I was talking with sherry.
It seems Rutina doesn’t understand it.
Or rather, Sherry really noticed it.

But you were not supposed to notice it.
How did she discover it?

Was it reflected on my face?
Nope. Maybe it’s simply what I did?
She saw through it.
I have no choice but try to decide it now.

The reason why Rutina doesn’t know is because she hasn’t seen me make any medicine yet.
Excluding my failure just now.
Because I put all the medicine I got from Epicus in my items box, Rutina doesn’t know I can use the Herbalist skill to create it.

“Ah~. I didn’t use it just now. Maybe later.”

I face Sherry and tell her.
And made sure Rutina next to her is listening perfectly.
I didn’t use [Crude medicine generation].
I didn’t do it, you know.

“Is that how it is?”

Sherry nodded her head.
Frightfully obedient.
Out of respect to her obedience, I will overlook her remark that doubted my skill just now as her master.
She didn’t doubt it although she saw through it.

“Are you doing any important experiments?”

It is going in the wrong direction.
Far from important, there is no experiment.

“Ah~. No. Ah well it is not that important.”
“Can Michio-sama make ten thousand pill medicine?”
“Ah~ no. Ah~ I wonder about that?”
“What do you mean?”

I wanted to take advantage of Rutina’s question to deceive her, but this question is dangerous too.
The 10 thousand pill seems to be the medecine made with [Crude medecine generation] from the Mung Bean.
It looks like I’ll need a higher level to make it.

I can’t make it with Herbalist Lv15.
In another word, the current me can’t make it.
I can’t afford to answer Rutina’s question with certainty.
If I can’t make it later, I will be exposed.

I need to avoid the question, and find out if [Crude medecine generation] can make it.
I am planning to keep Herbalist attached today to increase its level.
Because today is different than yesterday and I don’t need cook, this much is fine.
If it goes well, I may be able to make the 10 thousand pill.

Or, I can also play that hand where I set the [Crude medecine generation] skill as Jobless’s skill.
When I set item box from Explorer as Jobless’s skill, item box’s capacity was the same level as Jobless’s.
If [Crude medecine generation] is level dependent, then it will be good to use the skill of Jobless which has a higher level than Herbalist.

I can make the medecine from Ephedra even if I don]t do such a troublesome thing.
Even though it’s troublesome, I should have done it in front of Rutina.
Although it’s too late now.
I should go to the next floor quickly now.

“Rather than that, should we go up to the 31st floor?”
“Let me see. The monster on Quarter’s 31st floor, is the Non-R.E.M golem. It doesn’t have any attribute weakness. It is regarded as a troublesome enemy for Wizards. Because it is a monster made of rock, it is resistant to earth, and sometimes uses earth magic. However as it’s main attack it will attack simply using its arm. It seems quite powerful so it is necessary to be careful.”

Sherry gives explanation.
As expected, if we move to the next floor any further discussion will be postponed.

“Non-R.E.M golem? Roxanne, you’ve fought it before right?”
“Yes. It’s attack seems to be strong but the attack motion is big, if I don’t look away then it shouldn’t be able to land a hit.”

I listened to the story about when Roxanne hunted the Non-R.E.M golem before.
Nevertheless, I don’t know if this means the monster is easy to deal with or not.
It is Roxanne after all.
Let’s hope its movement is easier to understand than that monster.

“It is regrettable that it doesn’t have attribute weakness, but I have thunder magic, it should be fine if you adjust depending on the monsters that come with it.”
“I agree.”

I confirm with Rutina what magic she should use.
Will it be good to keep thunder magic as Jobless’s skill?
By the way, Half Herb from the 30th floor’s weakness is fire magic, though if it appears with Moloch Taurus, Cyclops and Scissor Lizard who have fire resistance then fire magic plays a less active role.
I set Thunder magic as Jobless’s skill.

“The number seems a little large, we will immediately find them going this way.”
“I want to try it. Let’s try fighting it anyway.”

We go up to the 31st floor, and Roxanne locates the monsters immediately.
We move with Roxanne’s guidance.
When the monsters appear, I cast [OverDrive] immediately.

As time flows slowly inside [OverDrive], I observe the monsters.
It’s 5 monsters.
Though she said a little large, it is the maximum number for this floor, but it’s alright.
4 Non-R.E.M golems and 1 Moloch Taurus.

I cast two [Thunder Storms] and observed the Non-R.E.M golems.
Non-R.E.M golem is a yellowish brown square built monster.
It has both legs and arms attached and walk on both legs.
It’s body is probably made of rock.

They notice us, and start approaching slowly.
Nope. The slowness is due to [OverDrive]?
When I stopped [OverDrive], only Moloch Taurus’s is moving like normal.

When I look at its movement, they don’t particularly seem to be sleeping.
They have something like a face, there is eyes, nose and a mouth.
They are in a line.
Have they fallen asleep in a line?

They didn’t move after thunder hit them when I invoked [Thunder storm], they are not asleep after all.
The movement of the three of them has stopped.
It is paralysis.

The remaining Non-R.E.M golem and Moloch Taurus approach the vanguard.
Non R.E.M golem pulled it’s arm slowly behind it back.
After pulling it to the very limit, it pushes out a punch to the front.
The motion seems to be really large like Roxanne said.

Perhaps this will not be able to hit us very often.
You might not be able to keep track if you are fighting two of them, but it should be fine if you focus.
The punch itself is a fast, quick attack.

Roxanne twists her body lightly and easily evades it.
And instead hits it with her Rapier of Hypnosis.
The Non-R.E.M golems head drops down with “gakuri” noise.

It is asleep.
The Non-R.E.M golem doesn’t lie down, but this seems to be it’s sleep state.
I don’t know how something Non-R.E.M would sleep.
It may be R.E.M sleep.

First of all, is there such thing as a doll made of rock?
Seems like it is possible for the eyeball to move even when the eye is closed.
R.E.M sleep has a moving eyeball, but non-R.E.M sleep has no moving eyeball.
R.E.M sleep and non-R.E.M sleep can be told apart by rapid eye movement or not.

The eye had an eyeball when the stripe was opened.  睡眠状態のときにはうつむいているので目は確認できなかった。
Because it was looking down when it was under sleep status, I couldn’t check the eye.
It wakes up with thunder magic, and the eye appears.

Whether it is still sleeping or not, the Non-R.E.M golem is handled soon..
As for the strength, it is not something worth mentioning specially.
Is the 31st floor monster really known for it’s strength?

Although it is troublesome there isn’t a weak point, and since thunder magic is used petrification will happen easier.
MP recovery will become easier.
Not this time though.

The Non-R.E.M golems become smoke and leave behind rocks.
This seems to be the droped item.
It is not that big, it is around the size of a volleyball and probably an ordinary rock.
There shouldn’t be any problem fitting it in the item box since armour can fit in.

“A rock?”
“It can be crushed relatively easily, and when it is crushed and used with cement or shielding cement it seems to become a first class building material.”

I look in Sherry’s direction, and she immediately tells us.
Adding crushed rock to cement to make building materials.
Wouldn’t that just be concrete?

Is it really necessary to use the item rock?
It must be rather expensive.
Maybe cement is an item that only works with the rock via a skill.

“Sherry-ane-sama, I don’t think Michio-sama doesn’t know about something like that.”

Rutina called out to Sherry.
It seems it is something everyone on this world knows about.
Of course I didn’t know, is there a problem?

This is bad.
I can’t make Sherry the bad person here.
Still I would be looked at like a fool by Rutina if I confess I honestly didn’t know.

“Nope. This is something I asked her to do. Because there is many things I don’t know about, I asked her to teach me everything.”
“That’s right.”

I interrupt her somehow.
Sherry has an expression that she understands completely, and withdraws in silence.

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