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Chapter 2 Episode 14   Hero


Kuu’s scream resounds, hearing it the black haired girl tilts her head.

「Your brother’s tail? Aah, this was your brother. It’s been cold recently hasn’t it. I looked warm so I made a muffler with it. Take a look it’s so soft and cute isn’t it ?」

While making a carefree smile she buries her head on the tail. That’s what makes it repulsive.

「And Nii-sama? Nii-sama is still alive? 」

「He’s dead. First I gouged his heart out and then I borrowed the tail.

This is not only one. The nobles really like accessories made of firefoxes’ tails but you can almost never get them, so they sell for a huge amount of money. I made some effort and gathered them from all dead bodies.

Your brother is the most beautiful so i’ll keep it for myself. The rest i’ll sell when I get back. It’s out of our jurisdiction so it was troublesome getting this far away. This is the best bonus. 」

「…….. just for something like that, you not only killed them but desecrated them like this」


Kuu scowls with her tail raised at the black haired girl

Fire mana start to gather around Kuu with incredible power.

「Kuu, calm down. I want to talk a little more」

I interrupt Kuu.


「Did you forget?」

With just that Kuu quiets down. She should have remembered her promise of treating me as the chief.

Even so, the flames of hatred burn in her chest and she glares at the girl.


「You are the empire’s Hero?」


I ask directly. An abnormal existence like her can only be a Hero.

Heroes are a strange abnormality born once in about ten years amongst humans.

Humans are essentially weak. Their mana affinity is half baked compared to the other races, their physical ability as well if compared to the other races doesn’t shine in any way.

However, in exchange for the whole race having low magical powers, once in awhile a human with extraordinary magic capacity and capable of releasing great quantities of magic is born.

Strangely in worlds that have mana, an entity like this is always born. According to the researched made in another world, there’s a meteor that reacts to mana and will destroy everything.  Because of that, the theory is that it’s an entity created by the planet to defend itself. To stand against the meteors the entity fights releasing overwhelming magical power all at once.

「Hero? Aah, they do call me that. But I call myself a mercenary. I use violence to fulfill my customers requests and receive money for it. That’s much better than a vague title reeking of hypocrisy like Hero. 」

Saying that the girl shrugs her shoulders. Giving off a trivial impression.

「The client this time was the Empire, so you came to this village right? Then why did you kill everyone? The empire should have given orders capture at least the women.」

「You’re well informed. That’s right. My orders were to contain the rebellious firefoxes at one of the empire’s villages. They wanted me to kill the firefoxes and rescue the villagers, and, if possible, capture the women.

A very hero-like job. But i’m also a girl, so when thinking of the captured women I felt pity, so I thought it would be better if they died here. So while being very reluctant, I killed them. The empire`s supervisor is also very late, so it`ll take at least two more days to get here」

At the end she seemed to say, look how kind I am?

「Then, let me ask you something, why are the other villagers besides the firefoxes also dead?」

「Ah, that’s because, I also accept another request. Punish the villagers who sheltered the firefox rebels. 」

「Doesn’t that contradicts the first request?」

The first request was to save the villagers subjugated by the firefoxes. The second request was to subjugate these same villagers. No matter how you think about it the objectives conflict.


「If you worry about things like that, you can’t do this job. Anyway I ended up killing everyone.

After all, the firefoxes prefer to self destruct before you kill them so you can’t’ get the jewel, so they asked me who can kill them before they self destruct, it’s even outside jurisdiction. It’s it cruel to catch them alive? You never know when they’re gonna blow up.」

「That’s not what you just said, didn’t’ you feel pity towards them?」

「Ah that was just to make me look like a good person. The truth is, it was a bother so I just killed them. And if they’re alive you can’t get the tail and my income would diminish 」

Kuu’s fury that had settled before, starts burning again.

「I can’t hold it anymore. ….. I’ll kill her」

「I heard that line more than a hundred times today. Well, you can try. That tail is more beautiful than this one so i’ll take yours. I don’t need this one anymore」

The girl casually throws away the tail around her neck.

Where it fell, there were numerous tails piled up. These must be the ones she gathered to sell.

On the side, there was a pile of carelessly piled red gems. The gems removed from the hearts of the firefoxes.

Kuu opens her eyes and creates fireball on both her hands.

The temperature is so high, the flames are white. As the temperature gets high flames change from red to white. They radiate as to not leave any place to run.

No matter how you look at it, there’s no way out. It was hot enough to burn even the bones. Even so, the girl laughed and charged straight ahead. Just before touching the flames, she jumped over them.

She rotated once in the air, and brandished her sword.

I flykick Kuu away from the side. I’m sorry for her, but there’s no time to gently embrace her.


Doing so, the girl’s sword falls from the sky exactly where Kuu was.

「So she avoided the fire」

I check which magic the girl is using with a side glance. She’s only using 【Body Enhancement】

If, what stopped my kick was some sort of activated magical barrier, she could have used it and charged straight through. With her magic power it’s possible.

Since she didn’t, the possibility her using the easy to use 【Body Hardening】 is high.  As far as the difficulty of magic is, 【Body Hardening】 is incredibly easy to use.

「Sending girls flying that’s terrible! If she turns into damaged goods what will do?」

「Then, I’d take responsability」

「You still have to speak something like that at a time like this. Even though you’re the same man who prolonged the conversation to have enough time to heal.」

「Thanks to you, my leg is all healed up. Won’t you give me enough time to heal the cut on my arm too? Two more minutes should do. 」

「That’s no good. You are weak, but you give me a bad feeling」

Before she even finishes the sentence, she’s already charging towards me.

I realized something looking at her movements so far. She’s several times stronger than me.Aside from the amount of magic power, how much she can release at once,  her base physical abilities are all so superior you can’t even compare.


Using【Reincarnation Recall】 I can call upon a me stronger than her. But, twelve hours have not passed since I last used it before leaving town. It would cause harm to my soul.

And, to use 【Reincarnation Recall】 there’s a need to focus on the casting of the spell for twenty seconds, an interval I would be defenceless during.

If i’m defenceless for 20 seconds in front of this girl, she would kill me more than ten times.

First of all, In front of the two of them I don’t want to show any form other than Cyril.

I have to fight as Cyril, even worse, with an injury to my dominant arm and against this monster of a opponent.

I ask myself. Can I win? I can.

「Do I scare you?」


While saying trifling things like that, I start to change the magic I activated.

I change the radius of 【Enhanced Perception】from 300m to 5m. This reduces the burden on my brain. And increases the amount of acquired information.

I change 【Body Enhancement】 from low consumption mode, to the limit the body bear.

And【Program】from general mode to inter-personal mode. And activate self-learning optimization.

I activate 【Wind Armor】.  It gathers the wind constantly and changes the direction of the wind in accordance with my movements. The favorable winds accelerate every movement while at same time hampering the defense of the enemy.

「Of course not, just thinking how it’s a bother」

The girl swings her sword at me.

But this time I evade moving half my body.

In exchange for reducing the range of information acquisition, the amount increases causing the precision of the movement prediction to increase as well. Together with that my body is strengthened and the wind is also helping.

If is simple evasion, I can somehow catch up.

If possible I also would like to activa 【Self Regeneration Enhancement】, but even pushing my calculation capacities to the max four abilities is my limit.

「It’s weird. You’re faster than before. Why didn’t you die?」

「I wonder」

For while now,  ever since I received her direct hit,  she continued to send consecutive lethal attacks toward me.

With the changes to the magics, I somehow became able to react. But at most i’m able to dodge her attacks. There’s no room for a counterattack.

「Argh, you’re annoying. I’ll end up killing you anyway so just die already. You have no way to kill me. You’ve been struggling from the start.」

「That’s not true. I have a weapon that can harm you.」

「So hurry and take that weapon out」


Irritated by the fact she can’t kill me, her swings become larger and larger. As I thought she has a short-temper. Rather than her saying her swordsmanship is inexperienced, it’s more like a kid swinging the sword at random.

Because of her overwhelming physical abilities, she never had a tough fight so far. So there is no need to confront the sword directly.

There’s no way such a sword can get me. Like it’s natural her sword cuts the air and strikes the ground.

Like a replay from just now.


But this time the prey is different, a carbon knife with improved cutting capacity caused by high speed vibrations and body toughness reinforced by magic. Wielding on my unhurt left hand I strike using the smallest distance possible at the girl’s cheek.

A high pitched sound resound, the sound of something hard breaking.

However, what broke was not the girl’s skin, but the high oscillation carbon knife. The toughness was such, that the blade effect was reversed and the surface turned into powder and scattered around.

Even so I use all my body to try and push the knife further. The girl’s neck just moves a little. It was just for a moment but I could feel the knife surpassing the hard resistance.

The girl readjusts her posture, and enters a fighting stance a little farther.

「Was that your trump card? A little disappointing」

「That’s not true. It’s enough. It’s the first of three steps to victory. First, although shallow I managed to wound your cheek」

I was just a drop, but blood flowed out. The fact the using 【Body Enhancement】 with full power and the high oscillation carbon I could only spill a drop of blood is a little hard to swallow……… But, I managed to confirm that it’s not that she has an absolute defense, is just that she’s very tough.

「Something like that, look, already healed」

Probably 【Self Regeneration Enhancement】, the wound already healed.

「And, another thing. When I hit you with the knife, your neck moved」

That is important information. If she had a magical barrier, the barrier itself would take the hit so no matter the force of the knife, her neck would not move.

With this I have definitive proof that it’s just her body that’s enhanced.

And third, with this attack just now I managed to obtain the best weapon against her. I use the wind to gather the powder of the carbon knife and place it in my pocket.

「Just these trivials thing, what does it matter if you understand it or not!」

She attacks me with faster and wilder attacks than before. Punches and kicks are mixed with the sword strikes.

However, I started to be able to dodge her strikes. No matter how she continued to attack, I was never in danger.

Due to the self-learning optimization,【Program】 evolved. 【Program】simply uses the movements of the enemy to predict the most suitable movement response. However in movements there’s always habit. A pattern. After accumulating data on these patterns, countermeasures are taken and I start to move faster.

It’s a response to the interactions with the opponent so,  the predictions become exceedingly accurate.

The girl kept fighting with in a draw out fight.  The more time passes the more advantageous it is to me.

I cancelled 【Wind Armor】a while ago. 【Program】is already capable of the optimization without it helping.

She showed another opening. This time I use the right arm that should be injured and strike with a open palm right at her heart.



「Feels pretty bad doesn’t ? Because the surface is hard the shock goes through」


What I used was a armor penetrating technique. Fired right at the heart. No matter how much of a monster it will you pause.

Since I canceled 【Wind Armor】 I could activate 【Self Regeneration Enhancement】.

So my arm healed completely.

「Also, if it’s just hard you can do something like this」

While crouching, I trip the girl who stopped for a moment. Her body is separated from the ground.

I launch the body that’s still in the air using the power of wind with all my might.

The girl, who was not touching the ground, obviously couldn’t brace herself so she flyed very high. I use the wind to bind her and keep her still.

「Lucie, Kuu!」


「Leave it to me」

After I kicked her away, Kuu kept watch intensely looking for a chance to use the fire she kept accumulating.

She couldn’t capture the girl with her first attack, but I would definitely create a chance for her. Believing that, she waited for it.

And on her side was Lucie. She knows. Our wind can cause the fire to burn much more intensely.

Kuu stretched out her hands. Lucie puts her own hands in together with her.

「Feel the force of our grief and anger! 【Fox Fire】」



Kuu’s white flame was enveloped by Lucie’s wind and,  started to burn much more intensely and rushed toward the powerless girl. Because of the raise in the fire’s temperature, the flames changed from white to blue. The power of the flames Kuu released alone can’t even compare. It hit perfectly on the immobile girl.  

I controlled the flame just now with my own wind.

The girl hit by the flames fell and hit the ground. Her body is carbonized and completely black.

She’s dead. I thought, but the black mass slowly rose up.

「I was careless, I died」

The carbonized part fell off, and from there beautiful skin appeared.

Her weapons and armor were completely burned away. In the now naked girl there’s not even a trace of a burn.

「The thing about fire, is that I have some level of resistance against it, but it’s not as strong as the others. It really hurt. It’s the first time I felt so much pain」

She sneers at us with killing intent on her eyes.

「Really? Want to try again? We’ll throw you to the air and scorch you as many times as you want 」

Her movements are fast, but unskilled. I can do the same thing as many times is needed.

「No, it’s alright. I had enough. I’ll kill you without taking a single step. With my trump card 」

I feel the magic power rising. All my hair stands up.

A premonition of the characteristic magic common to all heroes.

「Don’t worry, you even have time to feel pain. Good bye」

After saying that, the girl releases a thunderbolt from her hands.

The speed of lighting is 200km per second. The power reaches up to

There’s no room to even react. There’s enough power to kill me a thousand times over.

But, that thunderbolt never reached me.

「I’ll return your line to you. 『Was that your trump card? A little disappointing』」

「That’s impossible!」

Another thunderbolt. Like she can’t believe what’s happening in front of her, she keeps calling thunderbolt after thunderbolt.

She probably had absolute faith in the thunderbolts.

No matter how impressive the mana reserves of a hero are, they are not like us who borrow mana from the surroundings. If she keeps releasing this much destructive power relying just on herself, soon she’ll run out.

But the results do not change. The lightning will never reach me.

「It’s useless. With that level of power, you can’t break through my barrier」

I lied with a smile on my face.

That’s right, that I made a magic barrier and that the reason the lightning can’t get through is simply a question of power. All lies.


The reality is different. Actually I insulated the area so lighting doesn’t get through. Lightning follows along the atmosphere so even with a ultra high voltage, if I apply the phenomenon of insulation lightning does not pass. That is all.

But, as the atmospheric pressure rises,  electric breakdown can happen and the situation can get bad. I’m regulating the atmospheric pressure of the air around me to ensure that does not happen, even if it’s a strong thunderbolt, it will not pass.

「Then, how about this!!」

Easily falling for my provocations, she readies a extra large thunderbolt.

To defend against it without getting hurt would be easy. But I make it look like the magic barriers suffers just a bit of damage on purpose.



「Hahaha this is my power! Feel it! I make it even stronger!」


If she raises her power, she can reduce me to cinders. The girl, who believe this stupid lie, kept releasing more power every time wasting it magnificently.

After about ten times, she was sweating all over and her breath was getting ragged. She’s finally feeling some discomfort.


She tilts her head feeling strange on the inside.  But without answering her, I close the distance and slash without saying anything.

Carelessness and fatigue. Because of them she can’t react to the knife I threw casually.

Like always, 【Body Hardening】 stops it. But it cuts flesh for a second and blood starts flowing out.

「What’s wrong? Your defense is getting weaker」

Since she wasted all that magic power on the thunderbots, the magic sustaining her【Body Hardening】was lowered unconsciously.

「Yo, You, why, even though you’re weak, how?」

「Is this the first time you fought with someone stronger than you? You better remember. You should always prepare various ways of defeating someone stronger beforehand 」

「Shut up! Die」 

She becomes conscious of it and pour magic into【Body Hardening】, but now 【Body Enhancement】 turns into a weakness and her movements become dull.

Removing power slightly and rotating it, a shallow cut, only when the opponent’s 【Body Hardening】slacks, cutting for real.

Besides, instead of having pauses to allow the magic to regenerate the girl is constantly using 【Body Hardening】and 【Body Enhancement】at full power.

She begins to feel the lack of mana and her face’s color starts to get worse. Even so she paid attention to her legs so as to not get off the ground again.

Right there, I took one step back.

The girl who was keeping vigilance until now, freezes a little.

I was waiting for this moment.

The real trump card I had prepared. I needed a opening to use it. That is the thing that didn’t happen when girl kept attacking in my direction without thinking about anything.

「【Water Pressure Manipulation】」

I take the canteen on my waist, point toward her and throw the water. With the assistance of the magic I form a ball with the water in my hand and pressure starts to increase.

Elves wind compatibility of 90 draws attention, but the compatibility of 70 with water is pretty high.

I mix in the gathered water the dust from when the knife hit the girl. The third step to guarantee victory I mentioned before, is this very dust.

「【Air Pressure Manipulation】」

With water magic I raise the water pressure to the limit, from outside I raise it again with wind magic.

Then, what is born is,

「Composite Magic 【Water Blade】」

The water whose pressure was raised to the limit with water magic and wind magic, reaches a speed three times higher than the speed of sound and becomes a ultra high speed blade.

I call it blade, but it’s more like a laser. The attack stretches out from a miniscule point.

Water at high pressures and speeds becomes a lethal weapon. Also the dust mixed with it raises it’s cutting power ridiculously.

It’s the fastest, strongest magic I can use as Cyril right now.

It’s a composite magic so I can only use in a state that 【Body Enhancement】 , 【Program】and 【Enhanced Perception】are deactivated so that’s a problem. But it compensates for it with huger power.


【Water Blade】 cuts her skins to shreds and she’s dyed in blood.

A huge laceration that shows the bones is made diagonally from her shoulder. But you can’t be negligent with a Hero as opponent.

「【Water Blade】 」

Then I cut from the top of her head to the middle of her legs. Having already received a fatal wound the girl’s body cannot activate 【Body Hardening】and is cut without resistance.

The Hero is a bloody mess.

The attachment to life is rooted at the molecular level, as long as a cell is left alive the body will unconsciously reform due to the survival instinct as long as the magical power in the body serves as a key to resurrection.

「Kuu, burn it」

「…… understood」

Even like this we can’t rest easy so I have Kuu burn it down.

Every cell is thoroughly burnt down.

After doing all this, only now can we say 『It’s probably alright』, is the entity referred to as Hero.

「Kuu, I’m sorry」

「Why are you apologizing?」

「For kicking you, and for not being able to protect your brother and the others」

「That’s not Cyril’s fault」

Kuu denies it while covering her face.

Actually if we didn’t stop here on the way back, but on the way over couldn’t they be saved? She’s probably thinking that.

Even I am thinking that. No way she isn’t.


「Cyril-kun, I have a request」

Kuu says with a meek expression.

「Say it」

「The tails that girl cut off, please don’t exchange them for money. I want to bury them properly」

Kuu pleads desperately.

「It’s true that our tails can be sold for a lot. People wanting our tails and gems attacked the village every year. I know that Elucie needs money! But tails are special to us firefoxes. To lay them to rest without them is too sad. I don’t like it. I long as i’m capable i’ll anything, please 」

「I understand. We’ll not sell the tails. But the empire’s soldier will arrive soon so we’ll bring them back and bury them on Elucie. Is that okay?」

「Thank you. With this our departed friends will rest easy」

With her eyes full of tears, Kuu comes closer and hugs me.

「Kuu, is the empire abominable?」

「….. Abominable. My hometown, my family, my friends. It took everything from me, they are abominable.」

「I see, i haven’t told you guys yet. But after the snow clears it will be all out war. More than three thousand empire soldiers will attack. 」

At my words, Kuu and Lucie take a breath.

It’s more than ten times the elven population. A number I have never beaten.

「I have a plan to win. But in this plan Kuu’s power and these fire magic stones are needed. That will leave a fatal wound on them. But it goes hand in hand with danger, and more importantly, using the magic stones will mean using the lives of the firefoxes. Will you forgive me for that?」

「What’s to forgive, it makes me happy. Our power will help defeat them…… also」

From the pile of magic stones next to the lined up tails, Kuu takes out a unusually large and deep red one.

「Nii-sama will fight together with us」

「I have high expectations」

I give a bitter smile.

It’s a plan I had thought out before. But I’m saying at this time for no other reason than to help Kuu move forward.

To not be swallowed by sadness and keep moving.

「Let’s leave this place before the empire soldiers arrive. We’ll take the magic stones and the tails. We’ll have to give up on burying the bodies. Kuu and Lucie would you search the inside of the village to make sure there’s no one alive?」

「Understood, we’re going」

「We’ll be right back」

The two leave in a hurry.

After making sure they left I speak slowly.

「Still not dead huh?」

The girl’s presence is faltering on the side.

Even if it’s a hero, it’s been a long time I saw such a resilient individual.

Before long the girl will be revived.

「You probably think that I can’t kill you」

After all, even with burning the body she’s still alive.

There’s no other way.

「But you see, A me that’s not me can do it」

That’s why I made the two leave.

Even if I risk injury to my soul, leaving this monster here alive is much more frightening.

「Release, my soul. Trace back the time of the path once taken, here and now」

Like i’m giving a speech to myself I strongly start chanting.

My soul warps and screams.

Disregarding the pain I keep forming the image.

「My wish is, the king of avarice that ruled over the world of darkness, the name is…….」

What was once my name. I call out sonorously the nostalgic name.

「Gramdeel! 【Reincarnation Recall】!」

My body is covered in light

My inherent magic 【Reincarnation Recall】 starts.

After the light dissipates my body is, covered with a jet black coat my hair and eyes are also dyed black.

In my mouth, large fangs.

「Now, let us eat our fill, 【Predation】 」

This form, belong to a time I was what is called a vampire.

Sucking blood comes to mind, but in reality we devour the entire existence.

Magic power, soul, we devour everything. Sometimes we control. That’s the true essence of us vampires.

「I will devour your everything」

Activating the inherent magic 【Predation】, I devour the remains of the girls laying there, magic power, soul, everything even the lingering thoughts are consumed.

That’s the meaning of complete annihilation.

Power overflows. It’s completely different from when I absorbed the few hundreds as Deet.

With this, the girl’s existence, is completely annihilated.

Just as it’s written complete annihilation.

No, there’s a slight discomfort. Like indigestion, like it’s still alive inside me…….

「【Release】, Gramdeel」

After verifying that, I release 【Reincarnation Recall】.

Without thinking I grip my chest. I suffer the backlash of using 【Reincarnation Recall】 ignoring the restrictions.

Without being able to stand, I crumble down.


Coughing, blood comes out.

I won’t be able to stand, or cast magic for a while.

Because I used it on the same day after only five hours, I’m left like this.

If the interval between【Reincarnation Recall】was shorter, or the time as  Gramdeel was longer, at the worst cases I could experience memory loss, or permanent damage to my magic circuits.

I’m feel sorry for Lucie and Kuu that are doing their best, but i’ll rest a little.

Then while looking at the sky I wait for the two to return.

When they return I’ve recovered a little and the three of us leave the village behind.


(R18) Frequenting Brothels 16
Elf Tensei – Volume 2 Epilogue

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Rip. Poor demon lords have it hard


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Thanks for the chapter! I’m so glad he didn’t go all softie and let her live because she was a girl I hate when they do that and she definitely deserved to die such scum.


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Somehow, hearing that “hero” girls speech made me think of Clementine from Overlord (Anime version).