Elf Tensei – Volume 2 Epilogue

Translator: Haydn

And here’s the end of the second volume of elf tensei, enjoy!

Chapter 2 Epilogue:   Oath

As I run carrying Lucie and Kuu, my vision goes black and I can’t stop trembling.

The backlash from 【Reincarnation Recall】 is this bad.

If it goes on like this……

「I’m sorry. I’m at my limit. Please take care of the rest」

Using the last of my strength, I go to the side of the road and put the two down gently.

After that, I walk with with unsteady steps towards a big maple tree, and crumble down leaning on it.



The two are flustered and rush over. I hear they call my name but if feels so far away.

My consciousness starts to fade.

I put up a lot of effort to reach this distance. From here to Elucie it should be another 50km. The probability of encountering the empire is small. Worst case, it’s enough of a distance for Kuu and Lucie to run away by themselves.

「Hide, for one night, if don’t awake, run, just you two」

After menaging to say that. I finally blackout.



O pure white room with nothing in it. My usual mental world.

I realize i’m inside my dreams.

But it’s strangely cold. Focusing my consciousness, I concentrate on my own form and it materializes, then I hug myself.

「What’s this?」

I keep shivering. Not only it’s cold i’m strangely tired.

There is the backlash from 【Reincarnation Recall】 but also something else.

「Hello, we meet again」

In the white room there was someone else besides 【Me】.

A young girl with black hair.

A girl  flashing an impish smile.

「I was surprised. How you killed me sure, but what happened after too. That you could eat my everything really surprised me. After being eaten, I became a part of you. Even I can’t come back to life from this. That there was someone capable of killing me in this world was really surprising.  」

「Why, do still have a consciousness?」

「You say strange things. It’s because you ate me whole without chewing. Normal people would disappear with digestion, but I’m strong」

The black girl’s smile gets deeper.

「That’s why, I can eat you now」

My tiredness starts to increase. My vision starts to warp. I feel bad. What’s going on?


「Mine and your’s souls became one. So, the strongest personality the one with the most powerful will becomes dominant. Also, when I was beaten I used a secret technique to make it easier to become dominant. In other words, I died but from now i’ll live through you. A body and knowledge capable of killing even me, i’ll take it all. From now on i’ll earn much more money. 」

I try desperately to hold on to my collapsing consciousness. If I let go of my consciousness now I’ll never go back to being Cyril. I don’t want that, I want to live as Cyril, live together with Lucie.

「If you want to resent someone, resent yourself who decided to eat a strong and tenacious soul and vivid personality like me. Goodbye」

The girl’s victory declaration.



『Calling a something with this level of shallowness a secret technique』

『Strong and tenacious soul? That cheap artificial thing?』

『Vivid personality? Oi oi that’s a joke right? With no zeal and no conviction, an empty existence like you, aaah my stomach hurts from so much laughing.』

From every corner of the room, the laughter and scorn of various people with no desire to hide echo around.

My body warms up, my tiredness disappears.

「What’s this, it’s weird, I’m disappearing, why, i’m the one who takes. It was always like that. From now too, even so, this is wrong」

The girl gets confused, like a bad dance she starts to fumble her hands around like she’s searching for something.


Suddenly, a near the girl’s feet a big black hole appears, from it a dog about the size of a lion appears and open it’s huge mouth. It eats the girl’s whole body with one bite.

『Woof, woof』

The dog doesn’t chew. With its huge mouth it eats the girl body with just a big gulp.

「NO! I don’t want to disappear! I don’t to die! I never heard about this. It’s impossible. Why’s there’s two souls! No, how many are there? It’s all one in the end? Then why its like this, someone like this can’t exist 」

『Oh but there is. Yes, it’s well made for a toy. The inherent magic is, hm, surprisingly easily constructed. At this level, it can come back to life in general and the idea is very interesting. I never thought that after coming here there would be a new discovery. But it tastes bad. Not enough seasoning. What a bland soul 』

「Help me, i’ll do anything, i’ll do anything please」

『No. It’s unpleasant. I can’t have someone else in my room』

After saying that, the girl is completely eaten and disappears. The dog exposes his body that came out from the hole.

The jet black fur is beautiful. If you look closely the facial features are sharp, the fangs are pointy. It’s more like a wolf than a dog really.

But, the its length is over 3m, so I wonder if you can really call it a wolf.

The black wolf starts to groom its own fur.

A me I don’t know. There’s at least 5 of me that【I】made it so I can’t remember. It’s probably one of those.

『Hello me. It’s been a while. Look’s like you’re doing alright』

Holding all memories, the gathering of all my consciousness. 【I】talk to me with a friendly voice.

「Aside from your appearance, it looks like you are much more human than the last we met」

『It’s because your feelings keep flowing into me. Ever since you became aware of me, I keep awakening this thing called human nature. However now I’m forcing myself to emulate a human front』

His voice is so like a normal human that I never thought he would say he’s forcing himself.

「Thank you. You saved me」

『Well, it is for my own sake. Cyril’s personality is very amusing so I don’t really want it to be broken. There’s something I should warn you about. Unlike Deet’s  【Soul Eater】 that gathers the scattered fragments,   Gramdeel’s 【Predation】devours it in it’s entirety so it’s bad for digestion 』

For my own sake, if that means for Cyril or for【Me】 I couldn’t understand.

「I know. That is after all me」

『That’s not what I mean though. Gramdeel, no matter how strong the will or personality of what he ate, never felt threatened like this.  You probably didn’t even know how dangerous 【Predation】 can be.

That’s right, that’s why I used 【Predation】 without hesitation. If you think about it this risk is obvious, but in Gramdeel’s memories there was never any threat so I assumed it was safe.

「Sorry for being so weak」

『But, that’s what’s strange. Cyril’s will is weak,  your status as existence is low, so why did you remain as Cyril for so long』

「The experiences and memories would be gone, but【I】 made so the personality couldn’t be touched right?」

『That’s right. But, even if you can’t touch it, memories and experiences do affect the personality For example, your taste in foods in not Cyril’s, it’s closer to a japanese from earth.  For example your hesitation in taking a life has disappeared . For example feelings of love for a girl that always tries hard come easily to you.  All of that came from your memories and experiences and these parts were changed by it.』

I was left without words. If you think about it, I really changed.

『But that’s about it. The fundamental parts are always all Cyril’s. There are always exceptions but, if I take back the memories and experiences, the overwhelming quantity and quality distorts, crashes down, a fake 【me】is created, or destroyed. Then【I】come out to the surface.  』

Like he thinks it’s strange from the bottom of his heart, the 【me】 who took the shape of a black wolf asks me with cute round eyes.

『It’s someone with a overwhelming personality like Gramdeel or Shuzina i’d understand. Murushu or Soara whose minds can remain separated for the body i’d also understand. But Cyril I can’t understand. Could you tell me why?』

The answer to that question, I realized in a second.

「I want to be the me Lucie and Kuu like. That me is not 【me】. That’s why I won’t become 【me】」

The black wolf hearing that, goes from puzzlement to opening his huge mouth and laughing.

Almost like howling.

『Who would’ve thought, that something so trivial would protect me. Thank you. It is reason enough to help. Well, do your best to keep amusing 【me】 』

Around the black wolf’s legs, a hole just like the one that appeared near the girl appears, and the wolf returns to it.

『I’ll give you a warning, you should fix this habit of yours of choosing only bothersome women. No, that’s one more of 【my】 influences……, A jade green elf, next a gold yellow firefox, when that girl comes, it will naturally…』

His voice gets farther away.

The usual【me】 disappears while saying something.

It’s me so I understand. I want to say it but I also don’t want to say it.  That’s why I did it half assed like this.

「I think I have a good eye for women, at least better than 【me】」

With this last retort, this dream ends.



「Cyril, good morning」

As I open my eyes, I see Lucie.

Lucie is keeping watch as she’s seated leaning on the tree.

And, in my left arm there’s a warm soft feeling. Kuu is sleeping while holding on to me.

「Good morning, Lucie. How long did I sleep?」

「You collapsed yesterday evening, it’s now around noon」

I slept all that long, the black haired girls probably had something with it, but the main problem was me disregarding the safety restrictions of  【Reincarnation Recall】.  I have to limit to a last resort move.

「You’re keepin watch? I’m sorry. You couldn’t sleep right?」

「No, Kuu-chan kept watch until just a while ago, so I sleep well」

「Is that so, thank you. Lucie, and Kuu as well」

I say thanks to Lucie, and pat the head of Kuu who’s hugging my arm.

Even so Kuu’s sleeping face is cute.

In Kuu’s eyes there were vestiges of tears. She was probably crying until she fell asleep.

「Cyril, are you alright? You don’t seem to be wounded but to just lose consciousness like that, we were worried」

「No need to worry. I used to much magic in the battle with that Hero-sama. I’m just tired」

After I said it’s alright, Lucie pats her chest.

「I’m sorry for always worrying you」

「No, the reason Cyril has to push himself so hard, is because we are too weak. We will become able to help you.」

「I’m happy with just these feelings」

「I’m not happy with just feelings」

Just by having a casual conversation with Lucie I feel healed.  Because she is here, I can keep being myself.

「It’s a shame to wake Kuu, so this time I’ll princess carry Kuu, and Lucie will go on my back. It’s bad if we don’t go back soon」

Snow will start to fall any day now,  I have prepared a great quantity of maple leaves for the goats but they should have eaten it all already, in a airtight environment their hygiene conditions will also start to decay.

Since we just bought these goats we can’t very well let them die.

「Okay, but it’s really alright? If it’s difficult, I can walk by myself 」

「It’s allright. Leave it to me. Actually i’m feeling better than usual」

While saying that I lift Kuu up in a way that doesn’t wake her.

The vestiges of tears have not disappeared but the has a happy sleeping face.

While I was thinking that, Kuu sleeptalks.

「Cyril-kun, I’ll give birth to a healthy baby」

Lucie gets startled.

「Hey, Cyril, you did the thing that lets you have babies with Kuu-chan didn’t you?」

「…… Yes, I did」

「I think I’m a little jealous, I also want kids and…….. no , nevermind」

Sayin that she goes completely red and buries her face on my back.

I say nothing and keep shouldering her weight.

Feeling both of their warmth, I keep moving forward.


After returning to Elucie, the first thing I do is to unload the cargo at the warehouse. I give the fabrics to Lucie and tell her to divide it amongst the elves.

Kuu has already woken up so, I go with her to the firefoxes dwelling.

In her hands, is the bag filled with the tails of her brethren.

First, we distribute the clothes we bought, they are all happy.

The clothes themselves are pretty and durable, since they couldn’t even change it’s very well received.

Then, after the excitement dies down.

Kuu told them them what happened at the last moments of their brethren who they separated from when running. And opens the bag.

All the firefoxes cry.

In the middle, there were children hugging the tails and crying for their mothers.

The firefoxes can identify who each tail belongs to. From what I heard from Kuu, the members of each family separated and ran in different directions. So almost all theses tails belong to a relative of someone here.

I’m certain everyone was wishing for the others to be safe.

The reason the families were split was to try and preserve the diversity of the blood. It seems Kuu’s father decided it.

A logical and cruel decision.

Thanks to that, various bloodlines still remain. The sadness of splitting up all the families turned in to the bitter taste of losing their loved ones.

「Everyone, for one day, cry as much as you want. And from tomorrow on, let’s do our best. Everyone’s life is connected. We have to keep on living. To keep on living, we can’t just cry all day」

Kuu spoke with a firm voice. In front of the firefoxes, no matter what, she wouldn’t cry.

Nothing changed this time.



The next day, the firefoxes started working immediately.

Taking care of the goats, and raising the turnips. They are doing both very proactively.

Like they are trying to forget their sadness in the work.

Then, two days later returning to Elucie, after they’ve calmed down, we had the funeral of the firefoxes.

「Please rest in peace」

Kuu holds the ceremony, a solemn funeral.

In the firefoxes village, cremation seems to be the norm, so this time we are doing the same.

A great pyre born from magic. Inside it the blood relatives throw the tails of their family members along with their parting words.

The firefoxes who had already calmed down, in this situation, start to cry again.

「No! Don’t burn my mom!」

Among them, a little girl hugs her mother’s tail and doesn’t want to let go.

For her,  this all that remains of her mother.

Then Kuu comes closer, and while looking with a side glance she puts her hand on her head.

「Nee, Kurone. Let’s let your mother rest already」

「No, we’ll always be together」

「If Kurone doesn’t let go of the tail, you mother will remain in heaven without a tail, isn’t it sad?」

「But, Kurone will be left all alone」

「It’s alright. Even if the tail is no longer here, your mother is always looking over you Kurone. Also, Kurone is not alone. Me, and everyone else is at your side」

Kuu hugs the little firefox tightly.

She’s still the same age as me, 14, barely counts as an adult. Yet, even so I could feel her motherly instincts.

「Kuu-neesama, I understand」

「Kurone is very admirable, let’s say the last parting words okay?」

「Okay, mother, good bye, stay happy in heaven」

So, the last tail is enveloped in flames.

Then, we throw the ashes at the river and end it.

But, the firefoxes start to become noisy.

「Are we also going to get killed?」

「I’m scared, so scared」

「We hear that there was much safer than here」

The ones who died, were the ones with a big number of guards, money and food. Safe because they were the main group. Of course, for them, who were in the group with no hope of survival, the future now holds great anxiety.

「I won’t forgive them」

「Even if I die, I’ll kill at least one of them」

「I want to dispel onee-chan’s regrets」

And those who burned with anger also appeared.

Their hometown was burned, their family was stolen from them. They even cut off their tails, an act that tramples the firefoxes dignity underfoot. Of course feeling like these also arise.

「There were so many, I’m tired」

「That’s right, whatever」

Lastly there were the one who gave up, after sadness and anger what’s left is despair.

These three negative emotions, cover us all around.

Kuu tries desperately to turns the mood around, but she can’t do it.  Not matter the front she puts up, Kuu is also feeling the same they are.

That’s why, it’s my turn now.

As the chief of Elucie, as Kuu’s lover and as the Cyril that Lucie thinks is cool, there’s no other way but to do something.

「Everyone, listen up」

I raise my voice.

Because I had to do things like this repeatedly , I eventually got used to it.

「Everyone is already citizens of Elucie. I, and everyone in Elucie will protect you. There’s no need to fear something like the empire. We will not lose」

From the firefoxes, doubtful eyes are raised at me. No helping that. The empire is that big, and they haven’t witnessed the last fight. They haven’t felt strong yet.

「Elucie, keeps winning against the empire. We won with just the elves. From now we’ll also need your power. With it there’s no way to lose.」

I assert strongly. Holding absolute confidence, a little of their anxiety is dispelled.

Doing so, one of the firefoxes raises her voice. A lively girl who longed for her Kuu-neesama called Kemin.

「We’ll also fight?」

「We’ll not force anyone. But, we plan to win so, we would like if you fought with us. Elucie is not only the elves. You guys are also citizens of Elucie」

「Then, I want to fight. I want to get revenge. I don’t to just lose things anymore. I’ll do anything, Even if I die. So, please」

The motive is hatred but, they finally hold a little will to live.

「Thank you. But please don’t say it’s alright to die. As long as I’m leading Elucie, I’ll never let anyone die. We will have our revenge without losing anyone. I can do this, we have been doing it so far」

What a idealistic thought. Compared to the next war everything up to now was child’s play. After all, around three thousand soldiers are coming. We can only count with a few hundred. They have around thirty times more soldiers. In this conditions to win with zero casualties.

No matter who hears it, it sounds like a fairytale. Even so I said I could do it with conviction.

「I don’t believe it」

「You don’t believe me? Then remember what happened so far. Did I ever lie to you until now?」

In the firefoxes eyes, the light of belief now shines a little.

Then, just one more push.

「Also, i’m not only the chief of Elucie」

While saying that, I go to where Kuu is and hug her.

「Erm, Cyril, kun」

Kuu, trembling with confusion raises her voice.

「I’ll eventually marry Kuu. That is to say i’m the man who’ll become your next chief. I want you to trust your chief and Kuu who chose me.」

After I marry Lucie, I’ll also marry Kuu.

Only me, or only Kuu, is not enough to believe.  Putting together what each of you did so far, they have to believe.

「I’ll say it again. I’ll protect you. We’ll win and take our revenge. So I want you to lend us your power. It’s fine to feel sad, but, so that you can live, always look ahead. That is my wish……. No, as the chief of Elucie, and as the chief of the firefoxes,  it’s my first order 」

Trembling starts all around.

For them it’s like a bolt from the blue.

Even so no one was against it. Out time together is short, but I managed to earn their trust.

The firefoxes break out in unrestrained smiles, look at each other, and then…..


They nod very strongly. 


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Random Internet User (tm)

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『I’ll give you warning, you should fix this habit of your of choosing only bothersome women. No, that’s one more of 【my】 influences……, A jade green elf, next a gold yellow firefox, when that girl comes, it will naturally…』

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