Slave Harem – 205 – Decoy

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Translated by airsblue, edited by Takki & myself.


“Michio-sama, is it really fine for me to only cast two magic spells?”

After being able to handle the 30th floor boss battle a few times, Rutina came to inquire.
It’s a difficult question to answer.
Right now, Rutina is not useful in battle.
The number of spells I used never decreased no matter how many times Rutina casts magic.

To be blunt, Rutina is not necessary in the battles.
It will be good to increase the number of spells Rutina is using, but the battle time is too short for her since she needs to chant to be able to cast, and when the time in boss battles increases Miria will petrify the boss so there is no big merit for Rutina to cast magic.
Additionally, even if my magic is reduced by one when Rutina casts 4 or 5 magic spells, that is because Rutina’s magic power is ¼ or less of my magic power, so there might be no reason for her to cast more.

Even so, since I am more hesitant to tell Rutina she is not necessary, I left this matter unsettled.
Would she like to hear that?
Well, it could be so.
Because we moved from the 29th floor boss battles to the 30th floor boss battles, confirmation is needed.

When I was on the 29th floor before using [OverDrive], I was able to reduce my spell cast by one when Rutina casted two magic spells.
That’s why I asked Rutina to cast two magic spells.
Occasionally using it twice? 0 if there is no MP.

After that, I became able to use [OverDrive] and my magic power increased by two fold.
There’s no doubt that the magic power of Rutina at present is less than ¼ of mine.
Wizard and Great Wizard are different, there are is a difference in levels and equipments, also there’s the effect of the earrings of sacrifice, so there will be that much difference.

However, having [OverDrive] is good.
When I started using [OverDrive] the time between the first and second spell is shortened.
When I use two [Thunder Storm], what they’ll see is that I cast just one thunder magic.

Using it once? Twice? Sherry shouldn’t be able to notice it either.
Only by my voluntary report whether the number of magic used decreased or not.

“I see. Then I will ask you for two.”

There is no helping for it.
I will deceive her indefinitely.
I also have the choice to tell her the truth and ask her to cast more during a boss battle, but she will find out that she’s a child who can’t help with other fights though.

A lot of changes will appear once we ascend to higher floors.
Strictly speaking, will the number of my spells decrease when Rutina uses magic? It is not directly unrelated to magic power.
If I assume that I will need 8.1 spells to defeat monsters on the 32nd floor, and if Rutina’s magic can do 0.1, I will be able to defeat the monster with eight spells instead of nine.
Let’s hope that happens.

It will be fine to adjust the number of spells that Rutina casts at that time.
It will be alright to postpone it till then.
Putting off the problem is unexpectedly the right solution.

I will repeat the boss battle today without thinking about it.

“It’s about time for the sun to rise.”

When I was about to continue the early morning hunting, Roxanne informs me.
What happened to Herbalist?
It has risen up to Lv20 when I looked at it.

Although Herbalist was Lv19 until just now, it seems that it leveled up in the last minute.

“Then, should we stop here?”

We finish the last boss battle and end our fighting.
Perhaps, it is necessary to be Lv5 to create medicine from the drop item of Half Herb.
But I wasn’t able to make medicine from the boss drop even with Lv15 Herbalist.
It may be possible with Lv20.

I receive the item left by the recently defeated boss.
It should be alright to try it.
I cast [Crude medicine generation].
The Mung bean rolls into the center of my palm as I close my hand on it.

The Mung bean…… didn’t have any changes at all.
It doesn’t show any sign that anything might happen either.
It seems that Herbalist Lv20 is not enough yet.

It is alright.
It isn’t yet the time to get upset.
I have Jobless.

I toss the Mung bean in my item box with a nothing happened face.
Nothing happened.
I didn’t do anything.

“Ummm. After breakfast will it be the 31st floor boss battle?”

While I was having a poker face, Roxanne asked.
I probably should be thinking what to do next.
Is that so?
Is it wrong not to think about that?

“Hmm. No point thinking about it here. We will talk about it during the meal. So How about shopping first?”

I deceive her by saying we should go shopping.
I [Warp] to the Adventurers guild.
The first thing I’ll do after moving is changing the Jobless skill.
I set Herbalist [Crude medecine generation] skill as Jobless’s skill

I can’t set the Jobless skill often.
In the meantime, after this we are going to shop, make breakfast, eat it and clean it up. I think I should barely be able to return the job at the last minute after all that?
It would even be good to go to the Merchant guild if I had an errand.
There is nothing like that when you need it.

On the other hand, even after leaving the labyrinth in the evening, because I’ll be setting the intermediate Water magic as Jobless skill for the bath, I still can’t set [Crude medicine generation] as the skill.
The Jobless skill is pretty hard to use.
Well, it is Jobless after all.
It is a job that will not work diligently.

Then, I will miss the chance to set [Crude medicine generation] before going to sleep.
Truthfully, I should have set it up last night before sleeping if I knew that this would happen.
I didn’t notice it even though I knew that I will fight the Half Herb boss today.

It is different, right?
I have to beat the boss first to get the Mung bean.
I should have thunder magic as Jobless’s skill during the boss battle.
It is no use after all.

“There is no resistance at all from something like Heart Herb, I think we should move immediately to the 31st floor boss battle.”

Roxanne proposed immediately during breakfast.
Is that a problem as well?
I didn’t even particularly think about whether I should advance to the upper floor or not, although I intend to repeat the 30th floor boss battle as usual.
I can’t tell her that I didn’t think about that right now, it’s already too late.

“Ummm. What should we do?”
“I also think it will be better to move to the 31st floor.”

Oh wow.
Aside from Roxanne, even Sherry chimes in.
Should I really be thinking about it if Sherry says so?

“You think so as well, Sherry?”
“Currently, the 30th floor is too lenient to waste time in. It will be better to move to a higher floor. We will be troubled if we got accustomed to weak battles. And Rutina just joined too.”

I see.
I only considered that it’s dangerous to go up floors, but was it the opposite? Is it more dangerous to get used to halfhearted battles?
As expected from Sherry, she knows what to say.
She has persuasive power.

“Petrification, desu.”
“I think it will be alright to go to a higher floor.”
“I also think it will be better to advance higher.”

Apparently all members agree on going up.
Because I used [OverDrive], It seems that the battle time is entirely shortened, I also understood the idea that there is no helping it even if I stay too long.
Should I go higher now?

“Should we try to advance as far as the 31st floor boss then?”
“Yes. I guess that would be alright. As expected of Master.”

However if I followed Roxanne’s suggestion without thinking, I will be in trouble.
I guess I can hear what the other girls will say again at that time.
I guess it will be good if there is no difference.

Rather, the four girls will be influenced by Roxanne?
Aside from Sherry, Miria and Vesta don’t think about anything.

“Because Heart Herb doesn’t leave any ingredients, there is no reason for Michio-sama to keep fighting.”

And Rutina is Rutina, saying such a thing.
I want to interrogate her about what she thinks about me.
Though if I question her, she’ll clearly say Gourmand, so I’ll be troubled.

“Let’s finish the meal.”

Roxanne seems happy.
Since it’s dangerous, it will be good to prevent her from giving strange influence to those around her.

“We’re not going to the slave trader?”

Rutina asked.
Ah. You mean that?
I was told to take you to a slave trader by the Duke.
If I go to the labyrinth after breakfast, when will I be able to go to the slave trader?

“Ah~. That reminds me there was such a thing.”
“Yes. If we can go early it will save us some trouble.”

Is it better to get there early?
Usually you want to postpone such a thing.
Although it is different, since I had forgotten about it.

“Just in case something happens.”

It is a good thing, if there is a chance to be free from slavery.
Nope. There is a chance the slave will follow after the master when he dies depending on the will.
I guess it is about that.

Because she is a slave without an owner, they may decide to kill her so she follow’s the Earl.
What’s with that.
It’s too scary.

“Ah! I understand.”
“Eh. Well. If you can understand it.”

I should apologize here.
I should also tell everypne what the Duke said.

“I was not yet set as the owner of Rutina.”

I explain to Roxanne and the girls.
They’ll find it out soon anyway.
I should gracefully confess.

“There is a chance that someone may rewrite it if the owner is not set.”

Sherry explains to me.
It isn’t about following the master after death?

“That’s right.”
“Yes. Although the consent of the person is necessary when becoming a slave, after becoming a slave, they can’t choose who becomes the master. The owner is set first, and the approval of the former master is needed to change the master. You should set the first owner as early as possible.”

If I don’t set who the first owner IS, anyone can set himself as master without permission?
Is that what she means by any chance?

“I-it is just in case of any chance it may happen.”

Rutina wants to become my slave as a precaution in case of an emergency.
It is a good inclination.
Well, I already slept with her.

“I understand. Take out your left arm.”

I would have done that if you said it before.
When I told Rutina to show her left hand, she stretched it out with doubting eyes.
I set Slave Trader as my job, and open the Intelligence Card.

When her Intelligence card came out, Rutina was further surprised.
Using Slave Trader’s [Intelligence card operation], I can change the Owner’s setting.
Although, it doesn’t look like anyone can be set, it appears that I can only set the owner if his intelligence card is open in the vicinity.
I take out my intelligence card too and set it as Rutina’s owner.

“Ho~. I can do it.”

It seems fine if the person set himself as the owner while operating it.
Guess that’s true?
When a slave trader purchases a slave, he must be able to set himself as the first owner.
Otherwise, the slave could be taken by another person after going through a lot of troubles.

“Eh……Is it possible to do it?”
“You can see your Intelligence Card. Why don’t you check if it works properly?”

I let Rutina check her intelligence card.
It should be done.

“Y-yes. It is done.”
“Then it was a success. I am glad.”
“Ah…. Is it alright if I can look at Michio-sama’s Intelligence Card?”

Rutina is asking if she can read my intelligence card.
She doesn’t trust me yet?


I regret stretching out my left arm in front of Rutina.
I made Jobless my first job.
Because I removed Hero, Wizard, and Explorer, Jobless is the highest level right now.

Since the first job is directly connected to the bonus points.
It is the first job, but it is displayed on the Intelligence Card as my job.
Rutina will know that my job is Jobless.

I guess I will try to deceive her somehow.
I should be able to do that.
It’s still not the time to panic.
What should I do?

“Y-you are young.”

That’s what surprised you?
Humans can’t properly tell the age of an elf.
On the contrary, I wonder if Rutina as an elf can’t tell the age of humans.

“You are able to break through the 30th floor boss easily? I can’t even consider that.”
“Because it’s my master.”

I wonder if it is something for Roxanne to puff her chest proudly about?

“Eh also… however is that Michio-sama’s job?”

She noticed it after all?
It’s happened.

“Because of this opportunity, I will tell you all a portion of my secret.”
“Your secret?”

Sherry’s clinging to it.

“As of now, my job currently became Jobless. Actually, I can set any other job skill as a skill of Jobless.”
“Other jobs?”
“I can set the owner in intelligence cards if I set the skill from Slave Merchant, I can also use [Field Walk] from Adventurer, and I can do [Dungeon Walk] if I use the Explorer Job, and I can use magic if I use Wizard’s magic skill. Something like that.”

I explained Jobless for Sherry and everyone.
As for the explanation, there is no mistake.
If by any chance this is leaked, the chat about Jobless is true.
It will make anything concerning the truth about me difficult to approach.

A weapon to deceive the eyes of my enemies is called a decoy.
Like a paper airplane exhibited at an Airport? A scattering of puppets falling together with parachutes? Or using chaff to deceive the Radar?
Regarding Jobless, it is not a problem whether it leaks or not, and in the case of it leaking it will function as a decoy《Decoy》.

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