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Translated by airsblue, edited by Takki & myself.


“Was it like that? As expected of my master.”

When Jobless has been revealed, Roxanne puffed her chest with pride.

“A Jobless? No wonder. Is that a portion of your ability?”

Sherry accurately understood that Jobless is only a portion of my ability.
Casting two magic spells, is not part of Jobless’s ability after all.

“Amazing, desu.”
“I think it is what we had expected.”
“Jobless Gourmand?”

It didn’t get through to them.
I want retort at Rutina, but I ignored her.

“If I set the Herbalist skill I can make medicine. Like this.”

I remove ephedrine from my item box, and create an all-purpose pill.
In order to show it to Rutina.

“It was true.”

I got carried away and took out Mung Bean.
I cast create medicine, And the Mung Bean……didn’t even move.
I-it failed.

“It looks like I can’t make medicine using Mung Bean. It is really hard like Sherry said.”

I couldn’t make medicine from Mung Bean even with Jobless.
Is my level still insufficient?
Maybe Lv50 is necessary?
Or maybe being Jobless was useless, will it work if i remove Herbalist?

Because I set both Jobless and Herbalist, I don’t think that’s it.
Jobless is supposed to take priority over Herbalist since it’s the first job.
Will I be able to make it if I use [OverDrive]?
To test it, I remove Herbalist.

I invoked [OverDrive] and then proceeded with medicine creation.
It was useless.
I couldn’t’ make the medicine.
Mung Bean stayed as Mung Bean.

“It appears to be quite difficult, there is no helping it.”

Sherry’s words sound awfully glad.
Damn it.
Even though I tried it in different ways.
And I have been behaving myself not to make medicine until now, but it was all in vain.

I pull myself together, and enter Quratar’s 31st floor after breakfast.
As for Jobless’s skill, I somehow made it in time.
I put the Thunder magic back .
I ate slowly just for that, though they may think that I was feeling depressed.

“What is the boss for Non-R.E.M golem?”
“The boss for Quratar’s 31st floor happens to be R.E.M Golem. There is no magic attribute weakness. It is the same as Non-R.E.M golem, a rock puppet with earth attribute resistance, but a portion of it’s body is made of metal, increasing its attack power and endurance more than the Non-R.E.M golem.”

Sherry informs us in the waiting room.
The boss R.E.M golem is probably a reinforced version of Non-R.E.M golem.
Rather, does R.E.M even have a meaning?

“R.E.M golem?”
“When it appears in the boss room, there are times when R.E.M Golem appears to be sleeping unlike the Non-R.E.M golem. There is a valid strategy to postpone fighting R.E.M golem if it is sleeping.”

It had a meaning.
It occasionally appears asleep?
As expected of the R.E.M golem.
Although I don’t know whether it is R.E.M sleep or not.

“Because I will be using area attack magic postponing it will just become troublesome. Probably it will not be much of a threat, I will attack them in one go even if it is sleeping. So Roxanne, I will entrust it to you.”
“Please leave it to me.”

A reliable reply came from Roxanne.
Roxanne takes charge in front of the boss.
It will not make much difference whether it’s sleeping or up in front of Roxanne.

That’s wrong?
Eventually the boss will wake up when I attack to defeat it, therefore Roxanne’s burden will be the same as usual.
Roxanne will fight the other monsters first assuming we left the boss sleeping, so she can fight the boss on it’s own, so her burden will decrease?
Because Miria will start from a standby state, she may be able to petrify it a little faster. Is it much easier if the boss is sleeping?

I think that I shouldn’t be worrying about it.
I brace myself towards our first R.E.M boss battle.
However, the door to the boss room didn’t open.

“It seems that the party before us is taking their time. Probably, the party doesn’t have a wizard. R.E.M Golem is considered the last boss you can easily defeat even without a wizard in the party.”

Sherry explains.

“Because it’s sleeping?”
“Yes. You can concentrate on defeating the monsters that are not sleeping. Of course, in case none of the monsters are sleeping, you will need the ability to designate people to deal with the three of them. However, since no matter how much time you spend in the boss room no other monster will intrude, you can fight safely.”

They probably can move to the next floor if they have the ability to defeat the boss, but for a party without a wizard they have to fight in a small scale, but the situation is reversed if a large group of monsters appeared.
Instead of taking a risk, is it better to fight against the R.E.M golem?

“I see.”

Also our timing was bad.
Most of the people are active since the Sun is up.
Eating the breakfast slowly backfired.

We waited for a while.
the next party arrived when the door opened.
They didn’t have a Wizard when I appraised them, I guess these guys will take some time too.

Because the door opened, I jumped in.
I was wondering if the party before us was wiped out or not, but no equipment was left behind.
It seems that they had the ability to take it down even if it took time.
The smoke gathers, and monsters appear.

Without confirming if it was asleep or not, I throw in Thunder magic.
I am fighting using Thunder magic and Miria’s Petrification, so no need to take care of them one at a time.
I’ll handle all of them using area attack magic.

As for what appeared, it was two Non-R.E.M Golems and a R.E.M Golem.
But since I attacked immediately with thunder magic, I don’t know whether it was sleeping or not.
R.E.M Golem, is one size bigger than Non-R.E.M golem, but it’s appearance is not that different.
It is on the degree where you say, it’s slightly bigger.

How can you distinguish between them without using Appraisal?
Maaybe R.E.M golems eyelids move and twitch when it’s asleep?

“Did it, desu.”

I guess even the eyeball will stop moving when it’s petrified.
The fight in the boss room came to an end with Miria petrifying the three of them.
It is now my job to beat them up using Durandal and magic.

I restore my MP since this is the first time I will be entering the 32nd floor.
I get rid of the Non-R.E.M golems with magic, and then finish the boss using Durandal.
R.E.M golem turns into smoke.

“Oh. A rock?”

R.E.M golems drop item was a rock.
Same as Non-R.E.M Golem?
I can’t use it.

“R.E.M golems drops are Rock and Damascus steel. It was unfortunate this time.”

Sherry tells me while picking it up.
It leaves behind Damascus steel?
Well, the boss shouldn’t just have the same drops as the regular ones.

“Damascus steel? Can Sherry handle that drop item with blacksmith?”
“Before processing Damascus steel, experience on processing Hard Leather, Iron, Steel and Dragon leather is required.”
“It is quite far ahead.”
“I guess. I still have long way to go.”

So Damascus steel is not necessary right now?

“By any chance, is Damascus steel the reason why a lot of people fight the R.E.M golem, maybe?”
“Because the drop chance is not good, I don’t think it is possible to make money. If there is a blacksmith that can process the Damascus Steel, I think they can fight at the upper floors.”

That’s also not good?
People are gathering for the R.E.M golem boss battle because it is easy to fight even without Wizard.
Furthermore, because they don’t have a Wizard the battle prolongs, so it gets more congested.

There was no Wizard in the party that arrived at the waiting room either.
Also there is the party that fought before us, they probably returned here to repeat the boss battle.
Should I only come here in the future at times when the boss room is not crowded?
When Damascus steel becomes necessary, I can only come at dawn.

“What is the 32nd floor monster?”
“Quratar’s labyrinths 32nd floor monster is Rock Bird. It is a bird with a body made of rock, there is also a chance that it may scatter rocks in our way. It doesn’t have any weakness attribute. It can use Earth magic, and it is also resistant to it.”

No attribute weakness?
It seems I will be relying on thunder magic again.
I guess not having to think about the attribute every time is a plus.

“It seems to be strong.”
“It is not as strong as Drive Dragon, but because it doesn’t have any attribute weakness it’s considered as a powerful enemy among the monsters that appear up to the 33rd floor.”

That reminds me that Drive Dragon on the 33rd floor also doesn’t have an attribute weakness, so Jobless’s skill will still be Thunder magic.

“In that case, how about we spend the day handling Rock Birds? Since this boss room will be crowded.”

I look for agreement from Sherry.
Though I am talking to Sherry, Sherry without saying anything looks at Roxanne.
She still needs the approval of Roxanne?
I also look at Roxanne.

“If we defeat Rock Bird, then we can go straight to the 32nd floor boss battle.”

Roxanne nodded when I looked at her.
But what did you just say.

“Nope, we will go to the boss room tomorrow. It is not good to advance suddenly. We’ll need to get used to Rock Bird. I don’t want to lose any of you.”

I interrupt her with a cowardly answer.
If someone is going to be killed at the start, it will be someone like me.

“Is that how much you care about us?”

Roxanne surrenders.

“In that case I think the 32nd floor is alright.”
“32nd, desu.”
“I think that we’ll be fine.”
“I am alright, nevertheless it might be good”

I got the approval of all the members.
If someone’s going to die among those members, it’s probably Rutina.
I can’t imagine the scene where Roxanne and Vesta are killed.

For Miria, I think that it is possible, but she should be able to dodge well even using the shadow of petrified monsters since she’s using Estoc of Petrification.
In that case, the first people to be killed are the three rear guards.
And Sherry has a higher level than Rutina, so it’s either me or Rutina.

Even though I think about the situation where I get casualties among my party members, my recovery magic is enough so we shouldn’t be defeated.
As long as it’s not a one hit kill.
The only reason that I can think of why my recovery magic will not be sufficient is when I’m out of MP, at that moment I’ll bring out Durandal and stand in the front.
I who will be at the front is in a more dangerous position than Rutina who’s at the back.

Is it me who will be the first to die among the members after all?
I braced myself again and head to the 32nd floor.

“Then, Roxanne, a place with small numbers at first.”
“Okay. This way.”

We advance with Roxanne’s guidance.
What appeared was two Rock Birds.
Rock Bird, is quite a large bird.

Does it resemble a swan?
Even if I said that, since I never saw one in person I’m not that confident.
It is bigger than a pigeon and a crow which I’m familiar with.

Because it has a dark brown color, like the name suggested it’s made of rock.
Sherry’s information is accurate.
It doesn’t flap its wings frequently, but it spreads its wings in the air.
It feels like it’s gliding?

After taking two barrages of [Thunder Storm], both of them crashed down.
It can’t fly when it’s paralyzed, is it also the same with other bird monsters?
I guess that’s expected?

Or perhaps isn’t it natural?
I don’t know, what is common sense here.
At least when I looked at where it crashed, it doesn’t look like it was gliding.

In any case I want to defeat it while it’s paralyzed.
The vanguards rushed to attack it.
Including Sherry and Rutina as well.
Rutina is attacking with the cane, because the number of monsters is not large.

In the end, we finished both the Rock Birds before they started moving again.
Miria managed to petrify one of them.
We were lucky this time, but the enemy doesn’t seem to be that hard.
The Rock Birds became smoke and disappeared.

What’s left behind was a feather.
It appeared as feather when I appraised it.
This seem to be the Rock Bird’s drop item.

“Here, desu.”
“A feather? I wonder what it can be used for.”
“If used with ink, you can write a letter on papyrus.”

Vesta asked as I received the feather from Miria, and Sherry informed us.
It seems it is used as a pen.

“Feather pen?”
“After removing the shaft, stuff it inside cloth, and you can use it as a comforter.”
“A feather comforter?”
“It is considered an expensive item because it takes time and labor to remove the shaft, the comforter made of feathers is considered a high class item. The removed shaft will be crushed, I heard that it is mixed with other inferior products.”
“It’s a deceitful sales methods?”

There seems to be a unscrupulous merchants in any world.
I’ll have to maintain my vigilance.

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