(R18) Frequenting Brothels 17

Prepare for another badge of ecchi-chaps……it’s coming close.

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Delivery Health seeking, to Yukiyama Village

In Dorahun Cross, the setting of the game is that, players are dispatched to various places as members of a research organization called the Dragon Institute.

That’s why a house was prepared as a base for me in each town.
Since you can receive quests from any given village, to be honest, it’s just a matter of the hunter’s taste when deciding on a village.

In Snowy Mountain Village, monster ranks and sales were recorded in a software that people usually called 「Dragon Hunter Portable DOS」 and it became a common topic among the young generation of Dorahun players. When I was a ○school student, my friends and I used to gather here and play around on all sorts of quests.

It feels good to drift in my nostalgia, but this time my purpose here is Delivery Health.
I got information about the Delivery Health from a young man in the village that looked like he’d be interested in erotic things.
According to him, there’s an introduction agency in the village where everyone comes to be introduced to the shops, the girls will also be dispatched from there.

I was told to go to the outskirt of the village and entered a small building, there was a neatly dressed youth waiting inside.

「Welcome!……Oh、aren’t you the hunter-san from the Dragon Institute。
Are you looking for a certain shop?」

「Ahー……right, yeah。
It’s my first time looking for a Delivery Health, so I thought that you could tell me various things if you please」

「Understood、these are the basic plays for each shop」

According to the clerk, it seemed like it was basically Health Fashion without mat play.

「Then、for each girl there are possible options and no good options、so please discuss that with the girls directly」

「Option huh……」 (TN: Option-shiki? Denpa kyoushi?)

I wanted to know so, I half-jokingly asked the clerk.

「Is real sex alright?」

「……every shop is the same、sexual intercourse is prohibited」

There seemed to be something hidden in his words, so I gave him 500 gold from my Hunter Card as a tip.

「Get yourself a drink。
……I kinda wanna hear more stories~、or something like that」

「I will gratefully receive your gift……that’s right……every shop is the same in prohibiting sex. However, if you prepare the Great contraceptive drug、then directly negotiate with the girls、it has nothing to do with the shop、and you won’t have to take responsibility」

「So that’s how it is……」

If you want the real thing, then it’s your own responsibility to get it, or so it seems.

「May I ask how much of a budget you have for today?The introductions to shops will vary based on that」

「If it’s about money, then there’s no need to worry。
I have enough money to go to Dragon Brothel many times、just introduce me the best shop with cute girls and good service」

「If that’s the case then……as expected, it’s「Setsugetsuka」 。 (TN: This sounds way better than Beauty of four seasons… so I’ll keep it at Setsugetsuka){EN:Could be “Snow, Moon, and Flowers” as well}
Among the Deriheru of this village、it has the richest services、the girls are all excellent、revisit rate is also high……in addition、「Setsugetsuka」has a special play course」

「Special play? What kind?」

The clerk whispered each word into my ear.
Just by hearing what he said, I got excited and a little hard.

「All the girls in that shop will do that?」

「Girls that are NG with it exist、but most of them are OK-desu」
(TN: NG means saying ‘No Good’)

Hearing that I was about to ask about that shop when I suddenly recalled seeing something on the net about sexual services, so I asked the clerk.

「That shop、can I do a 3P?」

「3P is it? Yes、Setsugetsuka does offer 3P courses」

Today would be last play, so I’m in an energetic and playful mood.

「Well then、a Special-play 3P course is possible right?」

「Understood、how much time would you like? You can also pay for a whole night」

「Hmm……This is my first time here、so to try it out、I’ll go with 3 hours for now。
If I really like it then next time I’ll do a whole night」

「3P course、special play、3 hours、it would be 7000 gold is that okay?」

「That’s fine、no problem」

「You can pay 100 gold to specifically pick a girl、but since this your first time、can you tell me what kind of girls you prefer?」

「She should be cute、with good service、and if she even has good style then I certainly won’t complain」

Thereupon, the clerk had a flattering expression on his face.

「……If customer-sama pay 1000 gold in addition、I can suggest a girl to your preferences……」

Ahh, so that’s how it is, this shop wants to earn secret pocket money huh…

「I’ll just give you 2000 gold right now。
Gimme the two cutest girls you got」

「Thank you very much……I have received 2000 gold。
The other 7000 gold with Option-fees, please pay it directly to the girls」

「Can I change them if I’m displeased?」

「Yes、but、it would be 100 for every time you change your mind」

Then、I’ll wait at my house, ok?」

「Yes、you can see the girls as soon as they finished their preparation」




After nervously waiting for 30 minutes at my house in Yukiyama Village, there was a knock on my door.

「Good evening~、I’ve come from Setsugetsuka~、may I come in~?」

「Ah、I’ll open the door now」

I said that while opening the door, two completely different looking girls stood there.

One had dark tanned skin with long blond hair like a real gal gal girl, she had a short skirt on and clothes that exposed her tanned skin unsuitable for a snow-covered mountain, she also had thigh high boots without stockings.

The other girl seemed a little timid with slightly drooping eyes, she was wearing a thick coat, but it couldn’t hide her slender body and huge breasts.

「I’m Reimi、nice ta’ meet’cha~」

The blond girl introduced herself.

「A……Ano……I’m Anri ……please take care of me」
(TN: Erm… Are you perhaps a cousin of Enri in Carne Village?)

Anri-chan said so while removing her hood and revealing her blue ponytail.

「Are the two of us OK~?」

The two of them were very different, but both were cute nonetheless.

「Yup、no change is needed」


「Th……Thank you very much」

I invited them into the house and asked them the crucial question.

「Special-play is OK for the two of you right?」

Reimi-chan laughed while answering.

「Ah、anal fuck? we’re both okay with that~」
(TN: Bloody hell!!! She literally said ANAL FUCK){EN: Konichiha~desu Anaru Fakku desu~}

Elf Tensei – Volume 2 Epilogue
Takami no Kago 51

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in the reading mode of firefox the line of “Delivery Health seeking, to Yukiyama Village” that is under “TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan” disappears.


[…] (R18) Frequenting Brothels 17 […]


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he can only brings item back if i’m not mistaken. And no, he can’t impregnate them because of the contraceptive drug and if he did try it without, he’ll obviously labelled criminal and chased by the red-light’s organizations. In a world where normal man fought against dragon, he can’t really mess around and it should be obvious that hes not the most powerful hunter in that world. Though, i think that he can be labelled amongst top ‘crotch-sword’ user in that world.


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