Slave Harem – 207 – Making a Futon

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Making a Futon

Last chapter summary: Obtained a feather after killing a Rockbird.

I put the feather, which the Rockbird dropped, in my Item Box.
Feather futon, eh?
Let’s see if I can make it.
How soft would it be.

To sleep in a *fukafuka* fluffy, *sawasawa* rustly and *pafupafu* puffy futon.
With Roxanne and Vesta on either sides.
The softness of the futon, the smoothness of Roxanne’s body, the sensation of her tail and the coolness of Vesta’s body.

The best.
So much so that I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

However, the number of feathers is a little too small.
100-200 won’t be sufficient to make a futon.
How many were needed back on Earth?

If we work hard for an hour, we can collect 50. Hunting ten hours a day, we can collect 500.
Assuming 5,000 feathers are needed to make a feather futon, we will have to stay on the 32nd floor for 10 days.
Umu, won’t it be good, too?

As of late, we have been clearing a floor a day as part of our repetitionary training.
We should be hitting the wall anytime soon.
When we reached the limit, we might even die if we were unlucky.
I wonder if it would be a good idea to relax here for 10 days.

Or, should I rather make a pillow than a futon?
However, it’s a dilemma as to whether the pillow would do or not.
If I used it myself, Roxanne and the girls would deserve one, too.
If the pillow were slender, though, all six of us would be able to use one.

If it can be made into something, it’ll be absurd to sell a hard-earned item.
I have to make a prompt decision.
Because it’ll be illogical to buy it at the guild, I have to hunt it myself.
Alright, I’ve decided.

I’ll hunt and make a futon.
We’ll have a 10-day break.
That’s an estimate, though, not an absolute.

“The next one is on the other side.”
“Roxanne, can you please guide us to a place with a lot of Rockbirds?”

I instruct Roxanne who was about to lock onto the next target.

“I intend to make a precious futon.”
“Futon? Very well.”

I have received Roxanne’s approval.
I’m relieved now.

“If we purchase fabric, we can make one for everyone. Although quilt manufacturing is an extremely difficult process, we can do it.”

It seems to be agreeable to Sherry, too.
Although it’s somewhat difficult, it’s something that can be done.
With this, we’ll be able to spend 10 days leisurely.

“That’s good then.”
“Well then, we’ll proceed to the next floor later.”
“There’s no need. If we fight for a while on the 32nd floor everyday, there won’t be any problem.”

My spontaneous idea has immediately been shot down by Sherry.
I see.
That’s it.

There’s no need for us to confine ourselves to the 32nd floor.
If we need an item, we can simply revisit.
It can be saved up little by little.
As expected of the rational Sherry.

If we continued our regimen of moving up a floor a day, wouldn’t the observation period get shortened?
I’ve failed.
I shouldn’t have suggested making a feather futon.
Oh well. Since I wanted the futon for myself, it would be fine.

Disheartened, I start hunting the Rockbirds.
While killing the monsters, Rutina has been casting no more than 1 spell; hence, the number of spells I cast has decreased by 1.
Before I could cast the next barrage of 2 spells, the Rockbird collapses.

“It has become quicker than a while ago.”

Sherry hits the bull’s eye.

“Then, on the 32nd floor, 1 spell seems to be enough, doesn’t it?”

Rutina appears delighted.
If I send myself into Overdrive and use 10 Thunder spells, the remaining HP of a Lv32 Rockbird seems to most likely be just as much.

Normally, it requires 11 spells of mine; however, with Rutina’s 1 spell, mine has fallen down to 10.
Because I used a barrage of 2 spells, it’d decrease in even number; hence, it’d be visibly noticeable.

From a third person’s perspective, 6 spells would reduce to 5.
Rutina would be satisfied, too, upon witnessing the clear difference the power of her spell made.
Without the duration of battles having shortened, if I told her that she’s helpful, she would take it as a lie.
Well, I mean, it really is a lie.

“I guess. From here on, I’ll be relying on you.”

On the 32nd floor, thanks to Rutina’s 1 spell and my Thunder spells, we amass the feathers.
Correction: we kill the monsters.
Oh well. It’s not like there’s any difference.

As for Rutina, she has been using 1-2 spells on almost all of the groups of monsters.
When one perceives the clear difference they make, the get driven by motivation.
We have been taking a rest only against the groups of two monsters.

However, since Roxanne has been leading us to locations with a lot of monsters, we have rarely been able to meet a group of two monsters.
In other words, I have continuously been using magic.
Is my MP enough?
Because if it abandoned me, I would be in my grave.

“In case of 1 spell per a group of monsters, it can be used for fairly long. However, I have heard that Wizards fight taking breaks in between. Especially, in cases such as these.”

She seems to have noticed.
I have no other choice but to follow up.

“Ru-Rutina may probably be superior.”
“Do you think so, too? Then, I really am.”

That was easy.
Roxanne and Sherry were trying to say something but I hush them with my eyes.
That’s the spirit.

My glance seems to have stopped the two in their tracks.
It’s out of character even for me.
It must be a master’s dignity.
If I clapped my hands together, it might look like a request.

As for the other two, they don’t seem to have noticed in the least.
Oh well. Besides, Rutina’s Wizard has reached Lv29.
She shouldn’t face any MP issue.

Thereafter, Rutina continues to use magic until the lunch break.
She has leveled up, too. Her Wizard is now Lv31.
She can no longer be classified as a beginner anymore.
Gradually, it’s becoming difficult for her to level up.

Taking Roxanne and the girls as an example, it gets increasingly difficult to level up after Lv30.
I cannot expect rapid improvement henceforth.
The higher we move up the floors, the more the experience points we get; however, the more the party members, the more it spreads.

“Will we be going to the 32nd floor boss today or not?”

Just past noon, once we return home to take rest, I hear the sound of Roxanne fluttering a paper.
It’s the map of Quratar’s 31st floor.
While putting it back, she means to confirm whether she should bring the 32nd floor map or not.

“Let’s keep collecting the feathers for today.”

I get it.
It’s alright now. However, if I chose the boss battle, Roxanne would be concerned.
It’s nothing to be glad about.

“We have originally been doing the boss battles. Thanks to Rutina, the duration of battles on the 32nd floor doesn’t differ much from the 31st floor; therefore, there shouldn’t be any problem even if we try the boss battle.”

And yet, why don’t you understand, Sherry?
This is troublesome.
Mysteriously, it feels like we have to try the boss battles now that Sherry has suggested so.

“If I’m helpful, it’ll be better to try the boss battle.”
“Rutina is helpful but in collecting the feathers. During the boss battles, it’s Miria.”
“Do it, desu.”
“I think there’ll be no problem.”

Having said something inconvenient, even Miria and Vesta seem to be on the opposite side.
Roxanne is my only ally.

If we moved up a floor, petrifaction might become more difficult to proc.
Or, there might be a monster which is immune to petrifaction.
I’d better move up cautiously.

“The 32nd floor boss battle shall be tomorrow.”

In the first place, we fought on the 32nd floor as an alternative to the 31st floor boss battle since the boss room was crowded, so we cannot try the 32nd floor boss battle just yet.
In the afternoon, we continue to collect the feathers.

“It’s about to be evening.”
“Is that so?”

Upon Roxanne’s advice, we close the business for the day.

“It’s still a bit early, so can you please take me to the Imperial Capital? We can buy the fabric for futon.”
“So, it’s the Imperial Capital like I thought, huh?”
“Because it’s for Master’s use, the fabric will have to be excellent.”

So, it’s that, huh?
It doesn’t matter to me, though.

“Oh well. As long as it’s durable, please.”
“I think a beautifully dyed silk fabric will be better.”
“I know, right? It’ll be excellent.”
“Silk, desu.”

Sherry and Miria seem to be on the same page when it comes to the fabric being excellent.

“I think a fabric with a beautiful design will be better as a futon cover.”
“Futon cover?”

Asks Sherry.
Is a futon cover not used here?
By the way, in our house, kind of a towelket is used as a blanket.

“It’s kind of a cloth bag and serves as a top layer which covers the futon.”
“I see. If that’s the case, then it should be selected based on the favorite color.”
“Will it be fine to wash only the cover if it gets stained? If it’s only the cover, I’ll be able to wash it every day.”

Although Roxanne is in charge of laundry, everyday will be a little too much.

“It’d be very difficult, surely, if it were everyday.”
“Is that so? I don’t think, though, that it’ll be anything big.”
“I think its size will be fairly large.”

There seems to be a discrepancy in Roxanne’s idea.

“If it’s for Master’s use, it’ll have to be adjusted to Master’s size.”
“No, no, the futon’s size will be enough to accommodate all of us.”

Did you think it would be small because it were for my use?

“Umm, would it be fine for all of us?”
“Well, I do sleep with everyone, after all.”
“Thank you very much.”

I’ll be able to sleep properly with everyone.

“I’ve only heard of it being a high-class soft item, so it’ll be a pleasure.”

Looking at Sherry, I nod.

“Oh, futon, desu.”
“I think it’ll be warm in the winter.”
“There’s no way to sleep in one futon.”

Everyone seems to be okay with it.
Because Vesta is a poikilothermic dragonkin, winters are harsh on her.
If she had a warm futon, she would be relieved.

“Won’t it be difficult to collect the feathers if it’s supposed to be this large?”

Broods Sherry.
Because you thought it’d be small in size, is that why you suggested to collect a little every day?
If it’s going to be a large futon, it’ll take time.
We have to stay here leisurely for 10 days, after all.

“There still are days before it turns cold, so I think it’s alright.”

Vesta’s opinion this time is decent.
Since a feather futon tends to be warm, it’s not our immediate objective.

“If it’s not for Master’s exclusive use, we don’t have to especially go to the Imperial Capital, do we? It shouldn’t have to be anything excellent.”

Roxanne considers a change in plan; however, there’s no need for her to.
Now that such a thing has been said, I’ll buy it from the Imperial Capital no matter what.
Wouldn’t it simply be contrary to my character?
It would be bad.

“There’s no need to say that. We’ll go to the Imperial Capital.”

I Warp us to the Imperial Capital Adventurer’s Guild.
The fabric needed for the futon cover can be bought all at once.
Even if it’d take time before we collected the feathers completely.
Also, if we buy in bulk, we’ll get a 30% discount.

“If I remember correctly, isn’t the shop there?”
“I think it’s alright there.”

Roxanne and Vesta confirm outside the Adventurer’s Guild.
Do you two know of a shop?
Because the two of them explored the Imperial Capital on their day off, they probably found it then.

The place where the two lead us to has a large quantity of fabric put on display.
It’s not a clothing shop. There’s only fabric here.
Or, is it perhaps an order made specialty shop?

“Antoner Company?”

Mutters Rutina upon entering the shop.
It seems to be a shop Rutina is familiar with.

“Do you know about this shop, Rutina?”
“I didn’t know it was here in the Imperial Capital; however, it’s popular for its fabric.”
“So, you knew about it but didn’t know the location?”

Is it a famous brand?

“We acquired their services on an occasion.”

So, it was that, huh?
Is it a specialty foreign company for nobles?

Because I’ve no idea about fabric and such, I leave selection to Roxanne and the rest.
They take their time, of course.
It seems to be for both the futon and futon cover.
Since the quantity is large, I’ll think about the size.

When we return home, Roxanne and Vesta start making the futon.
Although I said that, they’re just stitching it to make a bag.
In the meantime, I set the bath.
When I was done setting the bath, I take all the feathers, which I hadn’t sold, out.

“Alright guys, take the axis apart and put the feathers into the futon, please.”

Since Sherry and Miria are in charge of preparing the dinner, I leave making the futon to the other three: (Roxanne), Vesta and Rutina.
Done with stitching, Roxanne goes to the kitchen.
If the feathers were threshed hard with hands, they might easily come off the axis.
The feathers that come off the axis become *fuwafuwa* lightly *sawasawa* rustly.

It’s not that difficult.
However, they’re large in number.
We have to do it every day.
It’ll be bothersome for a while.

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