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Chapter 51

(TL: Haa~ Frey is so pitiful that I can’t even give her my condolences.)

Author note:
There were several cases where it was pointed out that the status was not seen.
I’m sorry.
I was going to describe the status seen in the confirmation scene with Ruby in the previous chapter.
I will write about the full details of the status in this chapter.
I’m sorry for not being clear.

“Come on, what are you doing? Will it hurt if you don’t defend?”
I pass through while repelling the halberd with my sword and attack Frey with my fist in ultra-close combat.

I released the sword when it was about to slip into her bosom, the naked sword tumbled onto the ground.

“Tsk, that was too close!!”
“You fool, would you say the same thing to that guy?”
When Frey steps backwards in order to use the halberd, one can block it by stepping in and closing the space. Under such a condition, a long weapon sure becomes a hindrance.

I tried to make the shaft of the halberd go upward by deflecting it, but Frey evaded that by pulling back a little.
Because Frey’s posture broke a little, I decided to pursue.
Using 【Mental Force Magic】 I aimed at Frey’s abdomen and hammered her with the [Rubber Balls] that were scattered on the ground.


Frey got hit directly in the belly and fainted in agony.
Because she already suffered the attack of the [Rubber Balls] hitting her all over her body many times, bruises appeared everywhere.

“Owner, ten minutes have passed. It’s time for a break.”

[Book of Wisdom], who I asked to be the timekeeper, informed me that it was time to rest.
[Book of Wisdom] seems to have a very accurate biological clock. Well, it doesn’t have a body though.
Amy murmured, *I’ve had to wait since yesterday*. As if to say to itself…

“To be accurate, it was 18 hours, 34 minutes, and 18 seconds ago. It can’t be helped. Amy would just have to bear with it for a minute.”

Because it said things like, Amy was on the verge of burning the [Book of Wisdom].
Well, about the surprising feats of the [Book of Wisdom] it should be left here.
The problem is the collapsed Frey who remains lying face down.

I stuffed a [Physical Strength Recovery] potion in her mouth, then used 【Recovery Magic】 to cast [Cure].

“Yes, good morning.”

As expected, she woke up immediately. It would too much to quarrel with this kind of weak fellow.

“You, how many times did you eat those rubber balls? Did you like it that much?”
“It’s not that simple!! I was so desperately avoiding your attack that I forgot to repel them.”

Rest ended and practice resumed. This time, from the onset, I shot several floating rubber balls at Frey.

“Wa-wait!! In the first place, what is a rubber ball!?”

The rubber ball is one of the toys I requested Thrill to make.
In a previous visit, I had a pleasant talk with Thrill about how rubber was made. Apparently, there are plants that are able to produce rubber in this world, so I had him prepare some.
First, though there were various things like whether it can be used to reinforce armor or not, but from the story of using rubber bullets to suppress a mob, I wonder if it is possible to use it as a bullet from a magic bow, so I had it made.
In the center of the rubber ball is a demon ore and there is just enough rubber sap covering it. In the end, though I couldn’t use it for a magic bow, it was nice that magic could permeate through it thanks to the demon ore.
When moving it with 【Mental Force Magic】 it flies with a fairly good speed, so for Frey’s improvement, reluctantly, they are being used for special training.

“This is a rubber ball. It will be very painful if it hits you, but you won’t bleed and it’s difficult to die from it.”

While saying this, I take aim and shoot one at Frey.

*Swoosh*, Frey heard the sound and avoided the ball which flew at her.

“Well, it’s not painful if you avoid it. Did you finally learn?”

Why was such training being done? That’s because I saw the Evin’s status in the reception room.

Evin Kruger (Human)
LV.40 剣士 25歳
LV.40 Swordsman Age: 25

【Swordplay】 ★★★
Bonus is applied when using weapons from the sword series.
The effect depends on the level.

LV.40 appears at last.
There is only the skill 【Swordplay】, but it is considerably trained.
Also, he is guaranteed if he wields a sword.

Flamberge +3 (EN: it’s a sword with a wavy blade, google it)
【Shave】 +3
Attack that decreases the defense of the target.

The percentage of decreased defense is proportional to the attack.

【Inflict Poison】 +1
When wounded by the blade, the abnormal state 【Poison】 is given to the target.

Quite a frightening sword. It’s ability is effective against both humans and monsters.
I heard that the Silver Grizzly was an excellent monster when it comes to defense.
I thought that there had to be something because he had subjugated such a monster all alone.
Because of that fellow’s sword defense is insignificant.
If a hit was received from that sword, shield and armor will steadily be worn down.
If the blade hit flesh and gouged it, the body will be inflicted with an ample amount of poison.

In other words, to be able to defeat him, one would need to concentrate on evasion and interception. For that reason we are doing this kind of training.

After the break, I shot the balls one after another at Frey.
About 10 balls in all surrounded Frey.

“Alright, today’s intensive training will be done if you can repel all of the incoming attacks.”
“However, if even one strikes your body…”
“…When it strikes?”

I smiled cheerfully and told her we were starting.


There were various screams but soon she won’t have any room to scream.
The rubber balls were scattered around Frey.
However, after dodging, the rubber balls return immediately.
It will be no use if she dosen’t hit all the rubber balls
The ball approached Frey from the front, but she intercepted it with the halberd calmly. That’s the first one.

The moment the first ball dropped, more balls attacked from the left and right.
The right ball got flicked with halberd, shortly after she dodged the one on the left. Second.
This time two balls drew near Frey’s back at the same time.
When Frey glimpsed behind her to confirm, the two balls dropped when she swung with one hit. With this it’s four in total. (TL:????? Where did 3 go)(EN: He’s counting the # of balls she hit, so those two balls are 3 & 4)
Three to four rubber balls were sent with different timings, Frey awaited their approach until the last moment then stepped in and somehow twisted her body to dodge them.
However, her posture was now slightly broken, and balls continuously assailed and grazed her body.

At the time her movement dulled.
She was being bombarded with balls one after another, her beautiful movements from before seem like a lie in front of this ragged figure.

“I-I’ve been hit already!! P-please stop!!”

I gently tell Frey who had pleaded and was pitifully crouching on the spot.

“Fool, training and punishment games are different. No matter how many balls you hit, I won’t stop until all the balls are knocked down.”

The ugliness of life is not sufficient for Frey.
Even with this training, if she doesn’t rise to my expectation then I will give up at once.
This is a training to reform her nature.
Naturally, because I can keep her healthy by using potions and recovery magic every time we reach a pause point, it is possible to work her hard as much as I like.

She understood that we won’t stop until the balls were knocked down. Frey stood up and attacked the barrage, though she hit the balls I resumed the attack.
It took 10 minutes for her to drop all the balls.
“Mainly, you are too honest. We are continuing until I give you permission to stop. Perhaps I might not notice?”

“S-such a cowardly thing!!”
“Really a fool, you are.” (EN: yoda speak :D)

This training, with it’s impossible to achieve contents, was forced onto Frey from the beginning.
How to overcome it, I wanted to see if she could recover from failure.
Though the result was hopeless, but there might be some meaning in this harvest.
Frey recovered by force and training resumed.
In the end, though Frey repeated this training dozens of times until the day fell, but there was no clear accomplishment.
Though Frey was depressed, she spent less time crouched down and was hardly getting hit.
Though the results were sufficient for the first day, I did not tell Frey.
Because this fellow will immediately get cocky.
“G-geez it’s impossible~. P-Please no more recovery~.”

I informed Frey, who without a single wound was face down on the ground grumbling, that the training had ended.

“Well, today’s training has ended. Tomorrow, I am going out in the morning but don’t worry the goblins will keep you company.”

Since one on one they will not be able to compete with Frey, I informed her that several of the goblins will cooperate to bring her down. (TL: hehehe ^~^)
When training with Frey, the goblins’ cooperation can be polished. Killing two birds with one stone.

“I-I wonder if I can really win?”

Because she’s been bullied a little too much, Frey has become timid.
If I praised her, she will be conceited, however, I’m hesitant in how far I can break her self-confidence. (TL: sounds like training sex slaves.)

What a troublesome fellow.

“It will depend on you.”

I answered Frey with a few words. Though I don’t know if it was effective, with her legs slightly trembling she stood up using her partner (halberd) to pull up her weight.

“I won’t say things like [You can do it if you try]. Because I hardly know anything about you.”
“I-Is that so.”
“Well, for the time being I’ll be your ally for these 3 days. There’s the punishment games also.”
“Y-yes. I ask for your best regards.”

I have never forced a punishment game so far. (TL: did he said that he punish Frey with rubber ball?)

Though I intended to work her hard with a punishment game if she ran away, she is handling the training although she is complaining.
Well, if she can completely endure the training, there is a possibility of winning against Evin. To clear her debt I also need to think of punishment games.
Now, the day to meet Latia is tomorrow. It is part of the investigation, but my chest dances when I think of meeting with the girl.

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I decided to be a translator to contribute something for the community. Please enjoy my works~ ^^

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