(R18) Frequenting Brothels 18

It’s that time again guys. The ecchi actions are back and it’s strong within this badge.


TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Delivery Health 「Setsugetsuka」 ★ (Lightweight, Wash)

The two of them entered the house and cheerfully approached the fire and warmed their hands.

「Aa~、so warm I feel alive again~……it’s snowstorming like crazy outside~。
Did Kusha come out or something~?」
(TN: It’s maybe a reference to Kusharudaora from Monster Hunter – thanks Osura-san)

「Haa……I’m revived……」

I looked at their asses while they were warming their hands and asked.

「What Options are available?」

「Option? Aa、please look through this and decide~」

Reimi-chan took out a sheet of paper from her bag and handed it to me, I took a look at it and there were various plays listed there.

Panties Violating is just what sounds like, and dildo must be the so-called vibrator.
I didn’t understand the “Rough-sketch” at first, but when I thought about it, it seems to be equivalent to Polaroid photographing at Delivery Health in the real world.
So that’s how it is, even if there are binoculars, this world has no camera, so roughly sketching a picture would be the souvenir.
Since I’m not an artist, let’s leave this aside.

「Hn~……Masturbation and Urination viewing、and then Bring-home-panties are the things I’ll request from the options、is it OK?」

「I’m OK with anything~」

「A……Ano……Urination is NG for me……because I can’t just do it out of nowhere……」

「Yeah、got it、then Masturbation and Bring-home-panties for two people、and Urination for Reimi-chan」

「Okay、masturbation will be 300 gold per person、Bring-home-panties is 500 gold/person、Urination is 200 gold, is that good?」

「No problem……and then、are you two OK with real sex?」


Reimi-chan giggled.

「Customer-san、not only anal but you also wanna do the pussy?」

「A……Ano……for anal sex、if your penis isn’t hard enough to a certain extent then it’s impossible……」

「If you came inside the pussy then move on to anal fuck、but your penis already shrunk 、your money won’t be refunded you know~?」

「All good、I can come as many time as I like、and it won’t lose its hardness」


They glanced at each other and whispered something in silence, they seemed to be discussing a lot of things.

「Great contraceptive drug、did you prepare it~?」

「Yup、for both of you、everything’s all prepared」

I took out two small bottles from my Item box and put them on the table.

「Then、each person is 500 more gold and you can do our pussies~」

「Got it、that’s also fine」


Reimi-chan stretched herself in front of the fire.

「Then let’s get started~、please lead us to the bathroom, we’ll wash ourselves~」

「P、Please take care of us……」

「Same here」

I led them to the bathroom, and the first thing they did was strip me.
My armor had already been removed so only my underclothes were left, so it was easy.
When my underclothes were removed, a superb article was released, *bin* it soared upwards making Reimi-chan giggle and grab it to play with it.

「Amazing、it’s so big and hard ain’t it?」


The look in Anri-chan’s eyes seemed to change, was it just my imagination?

Then the two of them quickly stripped themselves nude.
Reimi-chan’s tanned skin wasn’t sunburnt, it seemed like it was this color since birth.
Reimi-chan’s boobs were quite big, but Anri-chan’s were even bigger.
Anri-chan’s areola were pale pink, and a little large, but her nipples were inverted so I couldn’t see them.

「Anri-chan has inverted nipples?」

「Please don’t stare too much……I’m self conscious about them……」

「Anri’s nipples do come out but~、how’s customer-san’s techniques I wonder~?」

「I wonder the same thing」

Though I think I already got used to doing women after so many times at the brothels, I honestly don’t know because I’ve never made comparisons between them.

「Then、let’s wash ourselves~」

The three of us entered to bathroom, Reimi-chan took up her position behind me, then started to apply body soap on me.

「Then、I’ll wash your behind、Anri will take care of the front okay~」

With that, the washing started.

Reimi-chan didn’t just wash my anus, but my entire butt, she also gently washed my back and my legs.
In Anri-chan’s case, after quickly washing my chest, she focused on my crotch and washed it with enthusiasm.

In other words, this is the perfect washing session that spares no space on my body.
Anri-chan held my balls in one hand, rubbed my body clean, and washed my penis up and down with great determination.


I hadn’t touched her yet, but somehow Anri-chan’s breathing became rough.

「Anri~、you don’t have to rush you know~? There’s still lots of time~」

「It’s fine even if I ejaculate here、I told you right、I can go many rounds」

「We don’t really know about that do we、hora、Anri、do it moderately okay~?」


Anri-chan’s washing slowed down and became gentler.

「Hey、what will you do? I’m about to pee、do you wanna see it now?」

「Right……If possible、I want to see it while you masturbate、let’s go to the bed then」

「Your bed is going to get dirty、is that alright~?」

「I don’t mind」

The one who cleans the place is the Nekoru girl so…

After washing we wiped our bodies, Reimi-chan seemed to remember something.

「Ah、that’s right、I forgot to say、seriously serious, give me something to drink、I have to pee and all so…」

I took out a cup filled with water and gave it to Reimi-chan, she drank up all of it.

「Fuu、then、I’ll start masturbating!」

「Ah、wait a minute、can you leave your panties on at first?I’d like it to be stained a little bit」

「Eh? Kono Hentai、Pervert」

Reimi-chan lightly laughed at that, but both of them did it and left their panties on while settling themselves at the edge of the bed in a line facing up, then spread their legs towards my direction.
Reimi-chan’s flashy panties is pink with black pattern, it was pushed in revealing the her labia.
Anri-chan’s panties was just a normal white silk one, with lace ornaments on.

「Well then、let’s begin」

Reimi-chan spoke and the two of them started rubbing their pussies over their panties.

Takami no Kago 52
Return of Former Hero 71

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Haha oh you. This is that translator who finished the series. He’s just posting the edited versions on RTD.