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Previous Synopsis: We decided on repeating the Drive Dragon battle.

I repeated fighting the 33rd floor Drive Dragon until the evening at the end.
It was quite difficult.
When there is a lot of Drive Dragons, battle time will increase no matter what.
Though Miria will immediately petrify them if there is one, or two enemies.

I’m getting my old sensation back.
Though I am saying old sensation, it’s from a while ago and not recently.
It is from when I came to this world.
Before getting Great Wizard, Jobless, and Great hero, the battle time was long.

It may have been even longer than now.
I did well.
Comparing to those days, it is fine to say that the current fights are comfortable.
The monsters are often paralyzed right now because I have Thunder Magic.

Nope. The number of monster was fewer in the past?
I guess although the number of monsters increased, the number of monsters getting paralyzed by Thunder magic also increased, so it isn’t very serious.
Also, back then the monsters hardly used area attack magic.
Because Drive Dragon Lv33 charges in to make a serious attack, it became quite difficult.

It’s like that.
Pretty hard.
If I think I’m being pampered now, then that would be a mistake.
The circumstances are different from those of the past.

Since Roxanne is here to perfectly heal me up when we get hit by Area attack magic, the problem is no longer there.
And we also aren’t receiving attacks that recovery can’t catch up with or MP is not enough.
It’s just a little painful.
It’s just unpleasant.

That much is unavoidable.
After advancing to the 33rd floor in the labyrinth, it is no longer possible to get an easy victory.
I can feel that we are risking our lives.

When we finish fighting, we return to the outside world.
Now it’s the time to get benefits.
But before that I must go to the clothes shop in the Imperial capital first.
I have to do it to get the benefits.

“Does Rutina know about the clothes shop in the Imperial Capital? It is very close to the adventurers guild.”
“No. I have never used that clothes shop.”
“That’s alright. We are going to the Imperial clothes shop now.”
“You are making clothes for Rutina.”

I mention it before leaving the labyrinth, and the goal is easily exposed by Roxanne.
How does she know?
No. She understands it?

I haven’t prepared maid clothes and an apron for Rutina yet, because I was anxious about if she will wear them or not.
However, because she will be with Roxanne when wearing it, Rutina should not be able to go against her commands.
Still, how about forcing her to wear something she finds unpleasant?

In regard to the maid clothes, it seems it originally imitated the female attendant clothes from the imperial palace, since only a reliable person of birth and parentage can become female attendant, I don’t have to worry too much about maid clothes.
I don’t think even that Emperor will put strange people in the Imperial court.
It is not strange for nobles second and third daughters to enter the Imperial Palace as female attendants.
I wonder if Rutina as a former noble wouldn’t agree on wearing maid clothes?

The problem is the apron.
Rutina also saw Roxanne and the girls apron look during meal preparation, and Rutina didn’t particularly show any dislike to it.
I think the apron should be okay.

Aside from the naked apron.
That is the problem.
However, thats what I want her to wear.
I want to see her wearing it.

That is my benefit.
That’s by itself is my benefit.
It is made for my benefit.

As we fight in the labyrinth every day, we get sick of it.
I want to endure it by eating delicious things on the bed.

“Well, we are getting closer to capturing a labyrinth thanks to everybody. As a reward for this, I’ll make clothes for everyone else as well.”

Since we are there, I will make clothes for everyone.
This is not a deception in order to make the Apron.
I think.

“Are you going to make something else again?”

Despite that, Sherry is showing some doubts.
How am I viewed by Sherry’s eyes?
If I could make them, I would make a Sailor Suit or a Nurse uniform.

However, it will be difficult to do that here.
I can’t make paper pattern, in the first place I don’t know how to make them.
That’s why I gave up on the Sailor Suit and Nurse uniform.

Well, that’s wrong.
I didn’t have such desire in the first place.
I just want some benefits.
I’m just a guy with a hobby.

“Ah~. I don’t have anything in particular in mind this time. Do you hate the clothes that I made?”
“Of Course we don’t dislike it. Ummm……. We surely love it.”

Roxanne followed up.
Sailor Suit is Ok, if it is Roxanne.

“This isn’t for clothes to wear in the labyrinth, I am planning on making every day casual clothes. Because it’s a prize in the end, I would like each of you to give your preference to the shop to make it.”
“Is that alright?”
“I don’t mind.”

Well, you don’t need to make anything strange.
Although if they make a dress there will be nowhere to wear it.
The clothes shop in the Imperial Capital is a shop that deals with high-quality clothes, but I think something casual will be fine.
It made imitation shrine maiden clothes.

You don’t go to clothes shop when you become a top ranked noble, but instead you summon a fabric shop attendant and tailor the clothes yourself, or thats what I heard yesterday.
As expected of nobles.
As for people going in and out of shops directly, I guess no matter how much of a dignified air they have they are not top ranked nobles.
In that case, common people like myself can go to the shop without hesitation as well.

“Thank you very much. But what kind should I make that would be good?”
“If you ask the shop worker, definitely they will make some suggestions.”

Sherry tells Roxanne who got lost in thoughts.
I see, I guess there is that as well.
We should manage some way or the other if we go to the shop.

“Clothes, desu. Make, desu.”
“I think that it is an amazing thing making clothes at the shop.”
“It is natural to fix my appearance for the feudal lords meeting.”

The feudal lords meeting doesn’t matter, but it seems Rutina is looking forward making clothes.
If she is making clothes, then there is the measuring.
Reusing that personal data a little would be allowed since there is no personal information protection law.

Just a little.
It’s just a little bit.
Because it’s only just the tip.

Afterward, she will understand.
With a great mood we fly to the Imperial Capital.
The usual clothes shop facing the main street in front of the adventurers guild.
I will feel relieved if I entrust the work to them.

“Today I would like to prepare casual-wear, a bottom and a top for each of them. Is it possible?”
“Of course it is, sir. Please let me gratefully accept it.”

When I enter the shop and speak to the male shop assistant, he accepts with a smile on his face.

“There will be a preference for each one of them, will you please give them advice?”
“I certainly will.”
“Ok, then I’ll leave this up to everyone.”

When the salesman turns his face, the saleswoman comes over and takes Roxanne and the girls inside.

“For the casual wear we make in our store, the least expensive top and bottom set we have starts from 4,000 nars. The rest, 7,000 nars, 10,000 nars, and then 13,000 nars.”

It’s such a system?
Quite sketchy.
We choose the cloth, and they’ll make something.
I wonder how much it’ll cost exactly to look good and not be called stingy?

“They are all high quality casual wear using silk. The clothes which exceed 10,000 nars are the ones nobles and equal ranking wealthy merchants order. Our store also takes pride in the quality of the 6,000 nar clothing, and you should order multiple sets if it’s for everyday wear.”

Hoo. He’s relatively honest.
Although I think you’re leading us to expensive items instead of bottom, middle, and top options.
The sales techniques have only advanced to this extent?

Or, is it the idea of not selling a cheap item that will lower the shops brand value?
In the first since the rich will not pay attention to them, there is no need to prepare cheap items.
4,000 nars is sufficiently expensive enough.

That’s right.
It is expensive.
Even if 4,000 nars is bad quality, it is still 10 times higher than Quarter’s western style shop.
I was nearly about to get deceived.

“The 4,000 nar option will be fine.”
“Sure. I think you will be satisfied with that.”

I am really satisfied with the 4,000 nars option.
When the price is decided, Roxanne and the girls start noisily deciding on clothes.
It looks like it will take time.
But it is within my assumption.

“Master, I am sorry we are taking so long.”
“Nope, it’s alright. Do it slowly.”

Roxanne apologizes but I should be the one to do that.

“Then, can you come here so we can take your measurements?”
“About the girl who just went for measurements, as she is new joiner she doesn’t have the clothes we prepared for everyone else. Like the imitation of Imperial castle female attendant clothes.”

I ordered maid clothes when Rutina went away.
Although I don’t think there will be any problems if I order it in front of her.
I-it’s a s-surprise present.
The man who understands a woman’s feelings does it this way.

Though, Roxanne exposed that I am going to make clothes for Rutina.
They are questionable clothes however, so I’m not sure if she’ll be happy to receive them or not.
There is also the silk apron as a nude apron among them.

“Understood, sir.”

The salesman accepts the order before Rutina comes back.
It is a good store that understand my real intentions very well.
I decided to receive all the goods at same time.

I will only get the apron early.

However, I don’t think I will be able to visit the stocking shop today since I am out of time.
I guess it will be fine going to that place later.
For now, I buy a camisole dress as negligee for Rutina and go back.
Rutina chose a yellow color.

That’s also a benefit.
I will prepare the bath quickly when I return.
To the bath. And then to the bed.
I can’t get enough of this trivial life for trivial benefits.

“Fish, desu.”

And, dinner is before that?
That is also a benefit.
Today is a fish dish to answer Miria’s request.
Food is also one of the trivial gambles in life.

“Master, there is a message from Luke. He managed to win a bid on a bee monster card. It seems it went for 5,300 nars.”

A monster card?
As expected that one can’t become a benefit.
I guess I will pick it up tomorrow.
I only want to spend today getting benefits.

Dinner benefits, bath benefits, and afterwards more benefits.
I don’t have to worry about my overflowing power running out.
On top of it is sex maniac.
It won’t run out.

I am satisfied with my benefits, if I do it all night and then fight in the morning.
Still continuing with the unproductive battles.
However, it is not bad.
It will become a fuel for tonight’s benefit battle.

Today I will finally set foot on the 34th floor.
It will be a floor where every step will be a tough fight.
As for last nights benefits, all of that has prepared me for this.

“Then, let’s go?”

We prepare our equipment, and move to Quratar’s 33rd floor.
We advance to the boss room with Roxanne’s guidance.
I must break through the boss room to go to the 34th floor.

“Drive Dragon’s boss is Land Dragon. It doesn’t fly, but be careful because it’s movement is quicker than Drive Dragons. When it attacks with Earth Magic the power seems big. Like Drive Dragon, it has tolerance for all attributes, so there is no attribute weakness.”

After receiving Sherry’s briefing, we enter the boss room.
The Land Dragon has a strong earth attack?
Although, Sherry is prepared with her spear with the incantation interruption skill when we fight in the boss room, so there is no need to worry about magic.

As for it’s quick movement, Roxanne will be the one to handle it.
Because there is only the boss, Miria’s petrification is effective.
I don’t need to be afraid any more than necessary about this boss fight.

The smoke gathers in the middle of the boss room, and a monster appear.
As she said, because it can’t fly it appeared in low position.
It is the Land Dragon.

A monster that is heavy and standing on four legs.
A body which touches the floor with its stomach.
Four feet spread apart.

“Isn’t that just a Tokage?”

Rather than a Dragon, it is just a Tokage.
Not a Land Dragon, it is Tokage.
Rather than calling it a Land Dragon, it is a Komodo Dragon.

Certainly it is huge.
This looks more dragonish than Drive Dragon and seems scarier.
I would surely feel terribly frightened if I had seen Komodo Dragons on earth.
Have I become accustomed to this sort of thing?

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