Slave Harem – 211 – Counting on Her

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Counting on Her

Last chapter summary: the Kobold Kampfer turned out to be weak.

After repeating the boss battle until it was time for breakfast, we leave Quratar’s labyrinth.
Dragon leather dropped a few times on the 33rd floor.
Because dragon meat dropped more, Dragon leather must surely be a rare drop.

Although it feels bad that its drop rate cannot be increased for it’s not an ingredient, it isn’t like it’s particularly necessary right now.
It’ll be fine to just throw it into my Item Box.
Because Great Hero can use Item Box, my Item Box has more room.

Right, room.
Room is crucial.
I’ll have to procure various training materials from the guild for Sherry to forge. Although I can have her make dragon leather armor right away, I don’t think I have to go that far.
There’s no need as the monster attacks don’t hurt in our present state.

Keeping our current pace of moving up the floors, we’ll hit the wall sooner or later.
When that time comes, the points that can be strengthened will be plenty.
Considering the fact that there still are many possible reinforcements, that there is still room, puts me at ease.

When the battles become difficult, I can make calm decisions if I can strengthen immediately rather than if there is no room for strengthening.
In the labyrinth, if I failed to notice it becoming difficult and overdid it, I would be exposing my life to danger.
In order for that not to happen, having more room is important.

With a heart having more room, I buy bread and other ingredients, and head back home. For breakfast, Sherry is preparing the dragon meat soup.
Even though I said ‘soup’, she’s merely boiling it.
Because she hasn’t added that root-ish thing, I think it’s not needed when boiling it.

“Since you only need to boil it, it’s a really easy-to-cook dish.”

Is what Sherry says; however, seasoning it like this will be unexpectedly difficult.
You will suffer if you think it is easy.
Without a doubt.

“It does seem to be simple up to this point.”
“Because dragon meat has rich flavor, it will not fail even if I don’t pay attention to seasoning. Dragon meat is a very appreciated ingredient.”

Being careless with seasoning is fine, too?
Very appreciated, indeed.

“Really? In that case, it will be good to have on the busy mornings.”
“I guess. There is dragon skin, too. As for Master’s concern, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to boil it for long in order to make soup.”

Roxanne clarifies.
Normally, boiling meat or vegetables for long is necessary to make soup.
If I intended to eat delicious food in this world, I would need a personal cook who could spend a long time.
Party member spots have already been filled. Next time, if I wanted to increase the number of slaves, I would need someone suitable for cooking or housekeeping.

Earlier, I vaguely hinted it.
However, it was perfectly guarded.
Since the cause to add party members is now gone, will it be difficult to expand my harem?

Actually, I’m all set even if I only have Roxanne.
Roxanne is beautiful, obedient and gentle.
Furthermore, she has dog ears.
What is there to be dissatisfied with?

There’s of course Sherry. Small and cute.
Also, it’s difficult to get away from Miria’s cat ears.
Vesta has great presence, too. Especially about her chest.
And I don’t intend to part with the elven beauty, Rutina.

That’s it, I guess.
If there ever appeared a woman that I wanted at any cost, it would be fine to think about it at that time.
If she were an immensely beautiful woman, I would think about it when she appeared.
I will wind the rope after the thief has been caught.

However, there is no such person yet, so there is no sense in contemplating expansion.
Hmm, what to do about the Tanuki that I haven’t gotten yet? (TN: Pretty sure everyone got the reference)
When she appears, I will manage it somehow.
When that time comes, I will use every wile to make Roxanne and the girls change their mind.

“Well, did you find it delicious?”

The dragon meat soup is actually delicious.
I am certain I will manage it somehow.

“Yes, it is very delicious. This much is enough.”

I can articulate long-winded praises, but I opt not to.

After breakfast, I go to the Merchant’s Guild and buy a Bee Monster Card from Luke.
The Bee Monster Card, albeit not required at the moment, will help with strengthening when needed.
Aside from the weapon, when put on an armor, it can progressively decrease the damage dealt by the monsters.
The convenience of its use may leave something to be desired, but it will be a reinforcement nonetheless.

“There’s a message from the Duke of Harz. The Duke requires you to turn up once more.”

Although the Bee Monster Card was authentic, I ended up receiving an unpleasant news from Luke.
All in all, it wasn’t a good business this time.
I leave the Merchant’s Guild without delay.

I could go to Bode right now, but I pass on that.
Tomorrow would do.
Since there is no phone here to immediately inform him that I have received the message, there will be no problem in ignoring a ‘read message’.
Room is crucial.

Room, not delay.
A.k.a. tease play.
Isn’t it sweet and pleasurable?

The Duke may suddenly die today.
It is always a possibility as the Duke enters the labyrinth.
‘Don’t do today what can be done tomorrow.’
Such an insightful proverb even if I say so myself.

“I’ve obtained a Bee Monster Card. Would it be fine to attach it later to an armor?”
“I guess so.”

After returning home and consulting with Sherry, I put it off.
Sherry has approved of it, too.

I may be able to get a better armor if I put it on hold.
If I don’t show urgency and set it aside, I may have more options in the future.
The more the choices, the better.
Delaying is the right choice.

I realize now as to why a Bee Monster Card is not popular after contemplating over what to do with the Bee Monster Card.
It is indeed difficult to validate its effectiveness for it works only against the same enemy.
Even so, it is better to use it if you can.
Or, it may only be me who thinks so.

In this world, it is difficult to add multiple skills to an equipment.
You can add one skill to an equipment, but the skills to choose from are many.
Bee Monster Card is as tricky as I thought.
I see. So, it was such a thing, huh?

I will go to the Duke tomorrow when I’m feeling better. Fighting the 34th floor boss comes first.
I still feel that advancing a floor a day is a mistake, but there’s no helping it now since I have already done it.
It is necessary to make an excuse for Roxanne if I am to stop.

Other people probably face more hardships in the labyrinth.
Moving up, we have thus far been fighting comfortably. That’s probably why we are careless.

“We will take left at the next fork. Although there seem to be monsters nearby at right, it should be fine for now.”

Roxanne leads us through the 34th floor joyfully.

“You are right.”
“We will go straight from the next corner. Ah, there is a Rockbird, though, if we go left. The smell is strong, so they probably are large in number. Shall we make it a parting gift?”
“Let’s do that.”
“However, because the 34th floor boss is fun, I want to hurry there.”
“I-I see.”

I collect the feathers from the monsters, that were supposed to be a parting gift, and proceed to have a fun time with the boss.
I don’t know as to what kind of face I should make at this time.
I have no choice but to laugh.

“It is not so in Quratar’s labyrinth, but I’ve heard about fighting the boss before moving on to the boss room onward from the 34th floor.”

Informs the not-so-laughing Sherry.

“In a small room, there is a treasure chest mimicking the boss.”
“There is?”

Which reminds me, I’ve heard such a story.
A treasure chest imitating the boss.
If you think about it, it is strange to fight the boss before first going to the boss room.
If it’s a treasure chest, it can certainly be fought.

“It appears on lower floors, too, but it seems to be found more frequently onward from the 34th floor.”
“I see. You encounter them when you explore without knowing the location of the boss room.”
“Because there is a lot of parties aiming for the treasure chest, it is not certain.”

A treasure chest mimicking the boss should be easy to fight for there appears only one monster unlike in the boss room.
And that’s why there are many parties aiming for it.
Although entering a labyrinth is earning money, in the end, you have to kill the monsters to earn money.
As for the treasure chest, even if it mimics a monster, in the end, it is a treasure chest.

“Before going to the boss room, should we fight the boss once?”

I consult with everyone.
A good idea has struck me.
We can wander around before going to the boss room.
If we take one day to encounter the treasure chest mimicking the boss, we will take one more day before encountering the boss. Considering the boss battle takes one day, our speed of moving up the floors will drop down to half.

I’d like to adopt this (plan) by all means.
Rather than confronting a boss for the first time in the boss room, I would feel relieved if I saw it before at least once.
There is a chance of encountering the treasure chest without spending an entire day, too, but I will think about it when that time comes.

“There is no problem. As for this floor’s boss, no matter how many came out, they would not be Master’s opponent.”

Even though it was a great idea, it gets shot down by Roxanne.
Or rather, it wouldn’t be Roxanne’s opponent.
I’m inferior in every way.

“There is no need to go to that extent in our present condition. Nevertheless, if we feel uneasy going to the boss room on a floor, it may be a good idea. Since we will fight for a while on that floor, it means we will fight the mimic boss as well. Besides, the 34th floor boss is Kobold Jaeger.”

Following after Roxanne, Sherry rejects it, too.
Certainly, what Sherry said has more persuasive power behind it.
So, if we feel uneasy about fighting a boss, we will eventually fight the mimic boss on that floor?
She has come up with a good cover up.

Besides, Kobold Jaeger, that is the boss of Kobold Kampfer, that is the boss of weak weak Kobold, deserves to be ignored.
Whether a hunter 《Jaeger》 is superior to a warrior 《Kampfer》, I have no idea.
Since there’s an example of Jagdpanzer, there must also be an existence that hunts soldiers.
Let’s leave it at that.

“No problem, desu.”
“I think it will be alright.”
“I will not be able to show my face at the Lords’ Assembly if I am afraid of the likes of Kobold Jaeger.”

These three will always be so, I guess.
I wasn’t counting on them in the first place.

“Vesta has also gotten brilliant. It is the result of Master’s training.”

Roxanne, for some reason, seems to be deeply impressed; however, Vesta has always been like this.
You may call it training, But I’m certain it’s the bad influence of a certain someone.
Someone who *hyoihyoi* casually dodges any and every monster attack.

“Yes, isn’t it my and Vesta’s job to hold the boss down?”

Since it is the 34th floor, will two of them take care of it as a precaution?
Roxanne seems to have grown up a little.

“Umm, in the 34th floor boss room, two boss monsters will appear.”

As soon as I thought that, comes Sherry’s explanation.
Two bosses will appear?
So, Roxanne and Vesta will hold down one each.

“Any other monster beside the bosses?”
“If I am not mistaken, only the two bosses.”

So, the two small fries stop appearing and the bosses increase by one. It’d reinforce the battle strength for the time being.
As I thought, after the 34th floor, the usual methods will not work.
Although I believe that Roxanne would not have a problem with any enemy even if she met it for the first time, will Vesta be fine?

“Even though Miria acts as a mobile unit in case of two monsters, she’ll give priority to the one in front of you, Vesta. Still, will you be alright even if you haven’t faced it before?”
“Yes, I think I will be alright.”
“If you look carefully at your enemy’s movement, it will not matter even if it is your first time seeing the monster. When the enemy moves *fuu*, you should avoid it *suu*.”

Nope, she hasn’t grown up at all.
In the end, whether the boss fight will become a problem or not depends on Miria’s petrifaction.
Although its usability is unrelated to facing for the first time, I have no countermeasures in case it doesn’t work on the boss.

Moreover, let’s say I fight a boss and it doesn’t get petrified. It will be impossible to judge whether it didn’t get petrified by chance or petrifaction doesn’t work on the boss from just one battle.
Even if Miria’s petrifaction will stop working eventually, it will rather become difficult to use gradually, than stop working suddenly.
It will be impossible to judge after fighting only once.

Even if I went so far as to abandon the boss attack pattern, it would be meaningful only if there were no more than one boss.
It will be difficult to go that far.
Then, it may be better for us to go to the boss room as is.
We head to the boss room under Roxanne’s guidance.

“As for the bosses, Roxanne will take care of one of them while Vesta and Miria will surround the other one. Vesta will be at the front.”
“I don’t know the position where the bosses will appear; therefore, please attract them to a place where I can reach both of them.”

After confirming the formation with Sherry and the rest, we enter the boss room.
However, there was hardly any meaning to all that.
Because Miria petrifies both of them right away.

Miria’s petrifaction seems to be effective against Kobold Jaeger Lv34 all the same.
If Miria is going to end it with petrifaction, it will become easier; for even though the number of bosses has increased, the total number has dropped from 3 to 2.
We seem to still have room for flexibility.

Slave Harem - 210 - 34th Floor
Slave Harem - 212 - Use

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