(R18) Frequenting Brothels 19

More ecchi. Close your doors!

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Delivery Health 「Setsugetsuka」 Part 2 ★ (Masturbation enjoying, Urination)

「Ahn♪ haa……Nn! Haahaa……this’s some serious shit here……」

Reimi-chan started off massaging her breast with one hand, she got that done in a hurry, then reached down to caress her clitoris through the panties, she used her other hand to rub fondle her pussy and rubbed herself.
It seemed to be a bit irritating to just rub indirectly through the cloth.
Reimi-chan started to feel it as her body shivered, on top of her tanned-skin breasts her pink nipples shook back and forth. The contrast in colors was tantalizingly hot.

「Nn……! Aa Aa……Mnn~! Haa……haa……」

Anri-chan on the other hand, was daringly rubbing and embracing her left breast while violently rubbing her pussy through the cloth of her panties.
……I’ve been viewing her as a timid girl、but she’s surprisingly aggressive?
While fondling her breast, Anri-chan also used her finger to rub her nipples, but it seems like her inverted nipple hasn’t shown itself yet.

I thought it looked pretty stupid to just stand there and watch them, so while the girls were masturbating, I started whacking off.

「Haa haa……Ah, Hey! Don’t just jack off……what happens if you come just like that……Ahn!」

「I told you、I can go as many rounds as I like to……hora hora」
{ED: HORAHORAHORA Star Platinum}

Both of them watched me stroke my big dick.

「Mou……Anal aside、you gotta save enough to fill our pussies~……Nn!」

「No worries、whichever hole it is, I’ll fill them all up……」

「……haa haa……Mnuu!!」

Watching me jack off, Anri-chan’s masturbating became even more violent.
I looked at their panties and they were all soaked in love juices.

「That should be enough……hey you two、you can masturbate without the panties now」

「Nn……got it……」

「……haa haa……」

Both of them closed one leg and raised their waist to take off the panties, put them to one side of the bed, then once again resume masturbating with their legs spread into the M pose.

「Haa haa……Ah shit……」

「Nnuu! Nn! Nn!」

Reimi-chan’s blond pubic hair was slightly thin, it looked like it was shaved, but upon looking more carefully, the pubic hair took on that form on their own.
The shiny color looked good on her tanned skin, her pink clitoris was also bigger than average.
Reimi-chan teased her big clitoris with one hand, while the other dug slightly into her pussy and stimulated it.
Reimi-chan’s love juices’ viscosity seemed to be pretty thin, every time she rubbed her pussy there were little *picha picha* sounds coming from her splashing love juices.

「Reimi-chan’s clit sure is big……do you prefer it shallow?」

「D、Don’t say that idiot! Aa♪ Aa♪ Just a little more, cumming……!」

Then onto Anri-chan, her light blue pubic hair was thicker than normal, but the hair on the labia was all taken care of.
Her areola  were also a pale skin-color, her clitoris was of average size, but it was standing *piin* erect.
Anri-chan seemed to be more of the vagina-group rather than clitoris as she plunged 2 fingers deep into her vagina and violently pistoned into it.
In contrast to Reimi-chan, Anri-chan’s love nectar was stickier, every time her fingers went inside her vagina, obscene *nucha nucha* sounds came out.

「Anri-chan likes it deep inside?」

「Nn! ……Y、Yes……only plunging it deep inside……would make me completely feel it……Nn uuu!!」

As the two of them nearing to climax, their fingers became more violent, I also took a stronger stance and jerked off violently.

「Aa♪ Haaa! It、It’s……coming……! Nn♪ Ah Ahh!!」

「Nnnn! Uuu! Aaaa! I’m、I’m going to cum……very……soon……!」

Reimi-chan was the one who reached climax first.

「Aahhh! CummingCumming!! I’m cumming! I caaame!! It’s coming ooooout~~~~~~!!」

Reimi-chan bent her back like she was doing a bridge, with her arms spread wide, shaking and trembling. Then *Pssshhhhhh* urinated vigorously.

Next was Anri-chan.

「Aaa!! Cumming! I’m cumming!! Aa! N、No good! Cummiiiing!!」

Anri-chan took the fingers out of her vagina and, in contrast to Reimi-chan, closed her legs and curled up while shaking and trembling violently, however Anri-chan too, let out a clear stream of liquid in a parabola.

The scene of these two girls cumming and peeing made me excited, I stroked my dick even harder to finish.

「Cumming! I’ll splash it on you!!」

I declared and magnificently came, shooting semen on both of them.

「It……It’s hot……haa haa……」

「Haa haa……uwa…how much are you gonna come? You……can you really come again?」

「Rest assured、I told you right、I can come as many times as I like」

I showed them my still-towering cock.

「Uwa……seriously crazy……」

「……haa haa……」

Anri-chan meanwhile, reached towards her belly and gathered some semen in her hands, put her fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, savouring the taste.

I’m convinced.
Anri-chan might appear to be a timid girl, but she’s actually a hidden pervert.

I was still in the heat of excitement so I decided to spread their legs and drew closer to their crotch, first would be Reimi-chan.

「I’m licking you……」

「Wa、Wait a minute……! Lemme wipe it first……!」

「Nope、this is good enough」

I plainly declared and attached myself to Reimi-chan’s pussy.

Nymph: Alright guys, I’ll say this one last time. The version of this series on my site is rough and unedited, I gave up on some explanations. That’s why this on RTD is the edited version, which makes a lot more sense.

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Another team already finished this one. did you not know or just was bored??


The other translator you speek off is the same translator here at RTD, the one at the original site was unedited unlike the one that was posted here is the edited version.


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Hmmm… I thought that i would see you enywhere but here…

But look here… What a ‘Silent Water’ You are.


Thanks for the chapter!


>suggesting I read alone
It’s mother’s day. I’m reading this in the vehicle with half the family in here.
No fear!


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