Slave Harem – 214 – Escape

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Last chapter summary: obtained passing marks from the head of Rutina’s and Cassia’s family.

“Grandmother Cassandra’s late husband, too, had a decorated life.”

Because Grandmother’s story was dragging on and on, Cassia joins in and follows up.
Belonging to human tribe, Grandmother’s husband has already passed away.
Well, she’s 107 years old, you know.

“Quite right. Despite being a human, my husband was a fine man. He originally belonged to a certain noble family. However, after being done in by a labyrinth, they lost their peerage. A common story of a downfall. Having a sense of foreboding, my husband remonstrated in every possible way. Consequently, he was cut off from the family. Chased out, he arrived in the territory of our house. Later, when he earned the peerage back, his relatives said whatnot to have him come back, of course; however, being an earnest man, he refused every approach. He was the only person who adopted such an upright stance even though he had the mark to succeed. ‘Such a fine man cannot be missed. He has to be caught,’ was this lady’s thought. He had courage to enter the labyrinth; he was competent in terms of abilities; and he was endowed with excellent manners due to formerly belonging to a noble family. Cassia, you too better wash your hands of your man without a moment’s delay if he’s a good-for-nothing.”

It seems to be common for a noble to lose peerage if they fail to subjugate a labyrinth.
Still, her story hasn’t served any purpose.
It has merely been long.

“Do you mean I’m not a fine article?”
“I didn’t mean that. If mine were a worthless man, I would abandon him. A fine man must not be abandoned. You’re a better judge of yourself, no?”

The Duke amusingly tips over.
You’d best give up.
Or, is it a duke’s obstinacy?

“Shitty brat, although you have the potential of earning peerage soon, it’s not that simple. In case you fail and turn out to be a good-for-nothing, you’ll be abandoned, too.”

It’ll be better for me to just nod.
So as not to end up like the Duke.

“Choosing a human isn’t all that bad. This way, I can manage the women of this family well. In the absence of descendants, one can judge fairly. There’s that reason, too.”

Belonging to different tribes, a human and an elf cannot bear a child.
Because Grandmother doesn’t have children of her own, she oversees the family fairly.

“I see.”
“The head before me gave preferential treatment to their daughter and grandchild, garnering notoriety. It would very likely have been their daughter’s turn for the head of family’s position. However, in order to discipline me, they entrusted the custody of the place to me saying, ‘if you’re suited, so be it.’”
“No, it’s necessary to battle in the labyrinth.”

One can simply not be too careful.
I wonder if there really was no intention of taking it up.

“Oh well. Regardless of the way, if you live earnestly, I will not complain. However, if you act excessively cruel and make her cry, I have a plan of my own.”

Why do her eyes feel like they are glaring at me?
What’s the plan that you spoke of?
It must be something scary, so I’ll pass.
It must be something scary.
I repeated it twice to emphasize the significance.

“I cannot even think of making her cry.”
“Tomboying, disappearance, eloping, downfall, slavery; these cases aren’t rare. The head of a family cannot afford to panic over each and every single one of them.”
“Such a thing?”

It must upset you a little, I think.
Eloping, especially.
Other than that, I somewhat agree.
They may go missing in the labyrinth, too.

“Currently, what worries me the most is a girl the father of whom is unknown. Even though she’s the daughter of a noble, what will her mother be thought of as? With her father unknown, she won’t be received at an acceptable place while she cannot be left to grow somewhere unacceptable. She’s the daughter of the family, nonetheless; therefore, ensuring her happiness is the responsibility of the family’s head. Whenever I think she’ll soon be of age, it gives me a headache. Shitty brat, don’t you want to take her?”

There’s a country in contemporary Europe where illegitimate children are numerous. This world doesn’t seem to have developed to that point yet.
It’s probably difficult to be a noble’s wife.

“I don’t have any particular issue with you being a human, as long as you’re capable of keeping her happy, even if you have god knows how many mistresses.”

Is this Grandmother trying to push me?
If that’s the case, then I’d like to.
As you could guess, I cannot say that out loud.
But she would surely be a beauty for she’s an elf.

Well, if it’s about an elf, I have Rutina.
Roxanne and the girls are there, too.
Or it may likely be a bait in order to observe my reaction.
Badger game, huh?

“No, really.”
“Oh well. Since it’s as such, I cannot make a *gatagata* ruckus about that girl’s matter. The more the family members knew, the more the gossip would there be.”
“I see.”

It doesn’t seem to be a story that can originally be impeached.
Was it merely a character introduction?

“Did that kid dream of participating in the Lords’ Assembly?”
“Yes, Grandmother Cassandra.”
“Such a thing. If her man is adequately decorated, I have no objection.”

Grandmother tells Cassia after confirming with her.
A hurdle has unexpectedly been raised for me.
Will it be alright?

“Do your best. If you’re troubled with anything, I’ll be here to advise you. It’s for the sake of the family’s cute daughter, after all. You can seek me if you need consultation.”
“Well, till then.”

As for the consultation, I think I’ll pass.
As far as Grandmother is concerned, since Rutina is adorable and I’m not, I would be played with like the Duke if I approached tactlessly.
A wise man does not court danger.
Respecting and keeping a distance seems to be the right attitude toward this Grandmother.

“Umu, I’m relieved that the interview is over without any hitch. Shall we return then?”

Is the conversation over?
The Duke seems to want to escape, too.

“Aah, that’s about it. Brocken boy, I have a few things to discuss with you.”

However, he has been sneaked around.

“Well then, I-”

The Duke looks at me with reproaching eyes, but it cannot be helped.
Begazu kyantobi chuzazu. (Beggars can’t be choosers)
It’s an English proverb which means beggars have no right to choose.
To begin with, I have no relation to the Duke’s and Grandmother’s conversation whatsoever.

“I’ll be waiting outside. Speaking of outside, Gozer seems to want to discuss something with Michio-dono.”

Cassia lends me a helping hand.
Nice, Gozer.
As expected of the model man of the world.
I was wondering as to why he didn’t join us inside. Now I get why.

“Well then.”

Using the business with Gozer as an excuse, I escape.
The Duke’s eyes are pitiful.
I would like to tell the Duke the importance of resignation.
You cannot escape from the great demon lord.

However, I don’t go to Gozer right away.
Because I had disbanded the party, I have lost all contact with Roxanne and the girls, so I’d better return first.
Besides, the discussion with Gozer won’t be troublesome nor will it be restricted.
If it were a discussion with the Duke, it would be troublesome.

“Since it’s getting late, you should return for today. You can go and talk to Gozer another day.”
“I understand. Thank you very much for today.”

Leaving Grandmother’s room, parting with the awaiting Cassia, having been escorted to the lobby, I return via Warp.
It was great to be escorted to the lobby at Grandmother’s place.
Is such a reception commonplace?

It’s vastly different from getting thrown out of the office and returning home from the Duke’s place.
The Duke wouldn’t know even if I took an excursion before returning.

“Welcome back.”
“I’m home. Sorry, did I take too long?”
“Not at all, it’s not a problem.”

When I return, Roxanne and the girls receive me.
That I met Grandmother, I cannot tell Rutina, can I?
If she felt homesick, I wouldn’t be able to take her there.

There’s a possibility of Rutina still clinging onto the only hope of rescue from Grandmother.
In that case, if she came to that Grandmother has permitted me, what awaited her would only be despair.
In such a state, if she took a desperate action, it would be problematic.

I know that the damage afterward would be great.
‘Here I was counting on the rescue from Grandmother while that man was laughing in the back, knowing it wouldn’t come.’

Such a man.
Regrettable……even I feel so.
*Shudders* *trembles*

I’m brutal.
It’s all good, though.
Because I’ll remain silent.

“Then, let’s go to the labyrinth?”

In order for there not be any suspicion about disbanding the party, I move to the labyrinth right away.
If we went to the labyrinth, the battle would be more important than such a trifling matter.
When life is on the line.
Mind keeps from drifting off.

It’s not like I’m guilty or anything.
Although I met a woman, she was a granny.
And I’d best not meet her again if possible.
The Duke would agree with me, too.

We pass the day hunting the 34th floor boss.
With Miria, the boss battles tend to be stable.
Partly because only two monsters show up onward from the 34th floor, they *bishibishi* relentlessly end up petrified before getting killed by my magic.

However, the 34th floor boss is Kobold Jaeger.
It being from Kobold lineage, I can’t help but discount it.
From 35th floor onward, the battles will be full blown.
I’ll challenge the 35th floor boss tomorrow morning.

Oh well. It’s not like I dislike it.
But that doesn’t mean I look forward to it.
Neither disliking it nor expecting it is kind of an indescribable feeling.

It feels somewhat similar to what I felt in junior high school about field trips.
Because it was merely a tour, it was all good.
I neither disliked it nor expected it.
The 35th floor boss feels kind of same, too.

Because I’m not expecting it, I activate Sex Maniac and unload.
I probably do dislike it. Even if I didn’t dislike it, I would activate Sex Maniac and unload.

However, if I were expecting it, I would activate Sex Maniac and abstain.
Sex Maniac is almighty, after all.

“The 35th floor boss is called Canaria Camellia. Like Naive Olive and Palm Baum, there’s no attribute it’s resistant to or weak against. You can think of it as one step stronger than the 35th floor monster, Palm Baum.”

The next morning. I challenge the 35th floor boss.
After Sherry briefs, we break into the room.
As for magic, Thunder would do.

Smoke gathers; two monsters emerge.
Just like Naive Olive and Palm Baum, it’s a tree monster.
Unlike Needle Wood and Rub Shrub, there are lush green leaves growing thickly.
Are these leaves the reason as to why it isn’t weak against Fire magic even though it’s a tree?

After casting 2 Thunderstorms, I put Abnormal Status Resistance Down on the left Canaria Camellia which Miria and Vesta were taking on.
The usual pattern.
However, I’m not sure if it’s right.
Not just Thunderstorm, no matter which spell I cast, there’s a small time lag before it invokes.

If Abnormal Status Resistance Down takes immediate effect, I can cast a spell and subsequently utilize the time lag before it invokes.
However, if there’s a time lag, just like a spell, before it takes effect, then it won’t be effective unless I cast it before the spell.
Because I have no idea about the timing of the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance Down, I can’t decide on either of the two.

In the first place, there’s no knowing whether Abnormal Status Resistance Down takes effect or not.
Actually, no. Up to the 33rd floor, the monsters appearing in the boss room were more easily paralyzed by Thunder magic and petrified by Miria than even normal monsters.
It’s apparent that Abnormal Status Resistance Down takes effect properly.

Just that, it isn’t clear whether it takes effect for the very first shot or not.
If I prioritize paralysis over damage by Thunder magic, there’s an option of casting Abnormal Status Resistance Down first.
That said, there’s no particular need to change as I’m faring well in current state.

The two monsters get paralyzed by the very first combo of two Thunder spells.
However, because one of them wasn’t under the effect of Abnormal Status Resistance Down, I can’t conclude that it took effect.
Subsequently, Miria deals with the paralyzed monsters.
Before the two could regain movement, they get petrified.

An easy victory.
In this world, it’s called a piece of cake.
There was almost no need for Roxanne, Sherry and Vesta to make any move.
Cleaning up is left for my magic.

Canaria Camellia is a tree monster with a large flower attached.
For a moment, I thought there was a canary perched on the branch. Nah, there isn’t.
Instead, there’s a yellow flower blooming at the top as if a face.
It can be called a yellow canary.

Upon the last spell hitting the petrified Canaria Camellia, the monster turns into smoke.
At the same time, the yellow flower drops.
It doesn’t scatter upon falling. It falls whole.

“Owaa, what the-”

Because it fell suddenly, I let out a strange sound.

“I see. People call it an ominous monster because the flower would drop whole as if a human were beheaded.”

Tells Sherry.
Even if a monster were a good omen, it would be troubling.
Or rather, how could you compare it to a human head?
Well, it was positioned where a face would be.

Author’s note: ‘Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World Vol. 6’ will be out on December 28th.
Thank you in anticipation.
For those who buy it, there will be a destructive spell on the back cover.

Slave Harem - 213 - Grandmother-sama
Slave Harem - 215 - Man of the World.

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