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First, some news. I kinda screwed up with the name of one of MC’s pets: the serpent. His name is Kuroyou, not Kokuyou. Will fix that a bit later. Also, it seems that Julio-san (and lots of other people) who was on beach, was not invited to the garden, so the text concerning him in previous chapter will be fixed.

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Arc 9: Inheritance of Babylon.
Chapter 66: A Kiss, and then A Kiss

「In other words, the island floating in the sky called [Babylon] was built more than 5000 years ago by your creator, Professor Regina Babylon. Now it is drifting about in the skies throughout the world after becoming scattered? 」
「That is right-gozaimasu. 」

Rin asks Shisuka for confirmation. The scale is too large and I don’t quite get it. Everyone who was strolling in the garden gathered in the pavilion and listened to Shisuka’s story.

「If there was such a thing floating in the sky, there should have been a commotion. 」

Elsie states a plausible opinion.

「Babylon cannot be seen from the outside because of the magic barrier surrounding it. Because of that, it is almost impossible to confirm its existence from the ground. 」
(TL: again, the ground as in below)

So that’s how it is. Ancient genius (pervert) professor, freely using every single ancient magic, gave Babylon the perfect stealth.
The only way to discover it, is to pass through the transfer formation. However to use it you must have the same all-attribute trait as the professor.

「And so, how many floating islands like this exist in the world-degozaru? 」
「Including my [Garden], there’s the [Library], [Laboratory], [Hangar], [Tower], [Rampart], [Workshop], [Alchemy Shop], and [Warehouse] totaling 9 in earlier days, but now I don’t know how many are left」
(ED: Is the rampart actually an island itself? Does that mean the islands combine like jigsaw puzzles and the rampart is a circular island with a hole in the middle? That would actually be cool)

9 more are floating in the sky?! No, much less in the entire world? It seems that in terms of size the [Garden] is the biggest. That professor was truly amazing… though a pervert.

「As for me, that [Library] seems captivating. It might be packed full of various information about ancient civilization. 」

Rin nearby is expressing a daring smile, but I wonder about that. It IS that professor’s library. Won’t it be packed with mountains of ero-books? Too suspicious. Also about the [Warehouse] and the like… It would be really bad if it were also packed with ero-items.

「… What about contacting the other floating islands, can you? 」

Lindsey timidly asks Shisuka. Still fearful of strangers… Well, the other party is not [human] however.
(TL: pun on 人見知り where 人 means human)
Certainly if there are people similar to Shisuka who respectively serves as a control terminal, it should be quick to just get in touch with them.

「Unfortunately, the link with the other sisters is currently severed. Because the level of the barrier was set too high, no communication magic is allowed. And unless Master permits it, it won’t be lowered. 」
「Link…? Moreover, what is Master? 」

Yumina tilts her head and asks Shisuka. Does she not understand link and the other words? While if it were proper nouns like [Glass] and [Knife], English words can be understood to some extent through daily use in conversations. Are technical-like terms not common in the world?

「The Link means [Link, Connection]. Master means [Beloved Husband-sama] 」
「Do not teach them incorrect facts. Master means [Master] or [Boss], right?」

This fellow, she interprets [Master] = [Beloved Husband-sama], making a convenient explanation. Despite being a robot-child (not really), she jokes around too much. This is Professor Regina Babylon’s fault, too.
Which reminds me, Regina is a woman, right? A type you don’t want to be acquainted with very much…

「… What do you mean by Master? 」

Lindsey narrows her eyebrows and demands an explanation. Wait, why am I being criticized?

「After my pantsu was seen by Touya-sama, I have decided to devote to him my body and heart. Therefore, he became my Master, my Goshujin-sama. 」
「Wooo!! This explanation is not enough!! 」

With a snap, the air freezes. With the exception of Rin and Kohaku, Sango and Kuroyou, everyone’s eyes are turned towards me, but I can’t sense the warmth in them.

Relaxedly, Lindsey stood before me, who was sitting on a chair, and looked down on me with her arms crossed. Eyes emitting the shine of absolute zero. Eh, who is this, this person? Where is the reserved, docile Lindsey?
(TL: yandere #1
(ED: Wouldn’t this be more accurate? yandere #2 */

「… Touya-san. 」
「Ha, Hai? 」

Lindsey-sama has gotten mad. Because she is usually quiet, the intensity this time makes it difficult to defy her more than anyone else. I decided to obediently sit on the ground.

「… Despite seeing ours from before, you did it again. Do you really like pantsu that much? 」
「No, the thing earlier was an accident, it was completely visible, or rather I should say… 」
「… And this time it was intentional, right? 」

No no, this wasn’t intentional either, there was no way to prevent that, I think. It was displayed. Eh, am I the one at fault?

「What is with that, were you not satisfied yesterday with our swimsuit figures? You saw them clearly, did you not? 」
「No, that is… 」
「I also tried my best and wore a matching bikini with Onee-chan, but was it no good? As I thought, swimsuits and underwear are different, is that how it is? 」

Hey, that is scary! Lindsey-san turned the other way and started grumbling!? The other 3 people also drew back a little bit, didn`t they?

「With this flow should I also show my pantsu, I wonder? 」
「Excuse me, just be silent for a little while」

Rin is floating an evil smile with a broad grin. She is fully enjoying this, isn’t she!
However, why do I have to be condemned like this?

「You’re making that face that says you don’t understand why she is angry 」

I’m startled by Rin’s words as if she read my mind. Are you an Esper! Or is it a no-attribute magic!? Please give that to me!!

「Let’s leave it at that. If you blame him more than that, you girls should also clearly be precise with your standpoint with him. At least you should stand as equal with the princess, right?」
「… … Yes」

Lindsey nodded slightly and withdrew at Rin’s words.
? What does that mean? Elsie while bitterly smiling, is clapping on Lindsey’s shoulder. I don’t understand it well, but was I saved?

「To lower the level of the barrier obstructing communications, Touya’s order, who is the master, is necessary. However, Touya is Master only of the [Sky Garden], nothing else. Unless the other side also lowers their barrier level and sends something back, they cannot be discovered」
「It is as described」

In order to return to the previous discussion, Shisuka responded to Rin’s words.
I tried to look up [Babylon] in the smartphone map application, but there was no hit. Even the [Garden] where we are now also doesn’t have a hit. I think that [Search] is being obstructed.

「Drifting for such a long time, did you not encounter the others? 」
「It happened twice. 3,028 years ago and 985 years ago. The first encounter was with the [Library], the second one with the [Warehouse]」

It seems like in accordance with Yumina pointing it out, a few encounters have occurred. But even so, because it is a thousand years….. . By no means do we intend to wait for such an encounter that long.

「In the end, to discover the other [Babylons], we have no choice but to search for every transfer formation. 」

Rin mutters while sighing. Do you still want to look for it? Although I’m not really interested.

「By the way, do you know where the other transfer formations are? 」
「I don’t know. In the first place, I probably don’t know from what place Master and others came here. By the way, where is transfer formation of this [Garden]? 」
「In the south of Ishen, in the sea」
「Ishen? It is a name of a land which I don’t remember」

Aah, is that so. 5000 years ago Ishen was not founded yet?
In any case, it seems that Shisuka doesn’t know where the transfer formations for the other islands are. Taking that into account, won’t it be difficult to search for them?
This time it was in the sea, but it would be unusual if the others were to remain safely for 5,000 years, won`t it… However, there is a possibility that some parts of the ruins are still there.

「To begin with, why were the ruins dispersed like this-degozaru… If they are scattered throughout the world, collecting them in one place would be almost impossible… 」
「I don’t know why professor divided the [Babylon]. I didn’t hear anything about this」

There had to be some reason to divide it, I think. I don’t think it’s mere harassment.
With this though, the professor’s credibility keeps falling. Arbitrarily treating the deceased person as eccentric who I have not even met is discourteous, isn’t it.

「And Touya. What will you do with this child? 」
「Even if you ask me what to do… 」

Being called out by Elsie, I become worried. She was in this place by herself for more than 5000 years. Though I feel sorry for her, but…..

「Shisuka, what do you want to do? 」
「I think I want to be together with Master. From morning till night. From bath to bed. 」

Staggering anxiety came about. Forgetting about it as if it did not happened is not a correct decision, isn’t it. Somehow, Lindsey-san started grumbling again.

「Wait… Won’t leaving [Sky Garden] be bad? If anything happens in the absence of the manager it will be troubling, I think」
「Don’t worry about that. If anything happens to the [Sky Garden], I will know it immediately. In me, there is an ability to transfer to [Garden]. Since the automatic management of [Garden] is enough, there won’t be any problems」

Ah, that is how it is…. The retreat is cut off. I already have no choice but to take care of her, do I?

「Concerning [Sky Garden], I want to finish its master registration. I am already Master’s possession, but [Garden] has to become Master’s possession precisely. 」
「Registration? What are you going to do? 」
「Please excuse me for a bit」

Saying so, Shisuka comes around before me who is sitting on the chair. And then, drawing with both hands my face towards hers, she brought our lips together as if it was a trifling matter.

「Fumu ! ! ???」
「「「「Aaaaaa───────ッ!!!! 」 」」」

A quartet of screams is heard. But without paying attention to it, with a smile Shisuka’s tongue penetrated my lips. Hey hey hey hey! What has gotten into her!? I demand an explanation!
Not long after my lips are separated, I realize that I have been kissed.
(TL: this guy is an Einstein)

「Fu, Fua!? 」

The stupid voice leaks out. Although it could not be helped, it was my first time! Snatched. Snatched away completely…

「Registration complete. Master’s gene memorization is finished. From now on the ownership of [Sky Garden] is transferred to my Master Mochizuki Touya. 」
「Wait a minute, what are you doing!! 」

Yumina approaches Shisuka. Raising her small hands over her head, she expressed her anger with her whole body with grinding noise.

「All of sudden, you, ki-, ki-, kissed him! Even though I haven’t done that yet! Even though I haven’t done that yet!! 」

Why did she say that twice? I don’t quite understand whether she is being angry or she is panicking with her face becoming red. I think that she looks a bit cute, but what should I do?

「It is because I thought it was the most efficient way to collect the gene. I can’t have children, but that method probably would have various problems」
「Chi-, Children!? 」
(ED: Registration by snu-snu)

Yumina`s face became even more red. It might just be my imagination, but it looks like there’s steam rising. Interrupting my field of vision, someone stood up before my eyes. I look up to see Lindsey’s figure with hands on her hips and grim face glaring this way.

Ah, that’s a bad sign. Halfheartedly, I’ve come to understand. Resigning myself, I closed my eyes.

「… Touya-san 」
「… H-, hai! 」
「I, I like Touya-san. 」

Opening my eyes at those sudden words, when I look up at the girl once more, Lindsey is standing with her face dyed brightly red similar to Yumina’s face.
And then closing her eyes as if reaching a decision, she forcefully pressed her own lips on mine.
Different from that time with Shisuka, it was a forced-like kiss with a lack of experience.

「mMugu !?」
「「「AAaAAAaA─────────ッ!!!!」 」」

The scream of trio lacking one voice from earlier, echoed in the [Sky Garden].

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