Science vs. Magic – Overture | Hydrogenium – Ch. 1 | Rushing to the Battlefield


Excessive advancement of science led to the devastation of Japan.

Amidst the crisis, shouldering the last hope, marching behind the enemy lines to use the space-time transfer program in order to alter the history was a combat personnel of Force Hacker, Shin.

However, where he transferred to wasn’t the past. It was a world where magic and monsters, something simply unimaginable on Earth, ran rampant.
The path Shin chose was a path of no return. With the power of science in his hands, he could only live in that world, or die.

He must use the ultra-tech at his disposal and surpass the magic in such a world.

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Hydrogenium, 1st Chapter | Rushing to the Battlefield

“Activate Terminal (Device on), Battle Status (Battlefield) ・Load (Open).”

The Battle Status (Battlefield) opened.
Through the Portable Terminal (Device), the elements to be captured could be seen. The list was gone through.

N, C, H, O……various symbols lined up on the display.
C was selected per norm.

“Particle Bond, Stable……Carbonized Edge.”

Carbon atoms immediately converged and materialized per composition input beforehand.
In the palm spread out a deep black object as if it had been existing from the outset. A curved Japanese katana-esque object came into existence.

“……Acceleration System.”

Through the Portable Terminal (Device), Reverse Magnetic Force Generation was directed to the gray alloy boots. Shin’s body instantly dashed.

Obstructing him from the front was the defense system computer, alias: Android Killrer.
It was specialized in versus-battle, had the appearance of an old-fashioned mobile suit right out of an anime, and was armored in Tungsten Carbide.
The so-called Super Alloy.

“……Even its joint is this tough.”

Speaking of the Android Killrer’s Super Alloy Armor, its joint portion was the main operational part.
Therefore, hoping to tread on amidst this degree of toughness was naive of Shin.

That’s the paramount facility of the deepest division for you. The investment made in the equipment was enormous.

Accelerating via magnetic force repulsion, cutting via Carbonized Edge, even the Android Killrer that constituted the last line of defense couldn’t stand up to him.

“Now to cut the neck off……Amplify Output, Battle Status (Battlefield) ・Expand (Overflow).”

Taking a good distance from the Android Killrer, he quickly operated the Portable Terminal (Device).
However, in the meanwhile, the Android Killrer aimed at its designated target, Shin, and emitted Diffusion Wave Discharge (Electronics) off its arm.

“Convergence Stable, Diamond Edge!”

Incidentally, at the last moment, he captured supplementary C through the expanded Battle Status (Battlefield). A transparent sword materialized in his palm.
Cutting through the Diffusion Wave Discharge via the Diamond Edge, he closed in on the Android Killrer via Acceleration System.


The moment the Android Killrer’s cut off (supposed to be) head slipped down, an electrical discharge could be seen. Right after, its main body collapsed then and there.

Closed isolation of Japan.
Advanced technology, if too advanced, can lead to the extinction of mankind.
Complete automation of labor led to people losing employment.
Programs were developed to even operate the machines. The world had reached a point where every task was performed by a computer.
Japan, too, in order to catch up with the development in the world, hurriedly developed technology.
On one hand, the development of science and technology can make the lifestyle affluent; on the other hand, the mismanagement of it can return all to nought.

A certain hacker leaked the blueprint of a cutting-edge technology to the local network of only Japan.
Even if it were used to create an instrument of world destruction, no one could be blamed.

In order to put a lid on the situation, UN took over Japan. The regulation of technology and preservation of information reached perfection.

Thus, Japan lost trust.

The only UN member nation the technology information was plundered from; the only UN member nation that was forsaken. If you think about it, didn’t it happen all so fast?

Due to an evil programming organization, Death Debacle, Japan lost command. Due to the anti-military, what followed was the road to ruin.

However, an opposing organization was naturally ready.
The resistance, Force Hacker.

Divided into two due to the organizations, forsaken by other nations, it had become a struggle for life for few that were left inside the island nation of Japan.

Amidst all that, Death Debacle developed a certain something.
The Particle Decomposition Relocation Equipment. A technology that allowed particlized decomposition of molecules constituting a body and reconstruction at a different location.

Its intended application — breaking out of Japan under the protection of a special shield and oppressing other countries.

This time, however, the two organizations clashed over it.
Amongst the barely remaining population of Japan were four from Force Hacker, which included Shin, and ten from Death Debacle.

However, the goal of Force Hacker was not just stealing the Particle Decomposition Relocation Equipment.

Their ultimate goal was……

————Shin, there’s not much time. The Android Killrers have been seized; hurry up.

“……Aah, I know!”

Through the Portable Terminal (Device) came in his partner’s transmission.
And the one who returned the not-so-friendly answer was Shin.

————History……rests on you……please……

The transmission was disrupted by noise.
It was transmission jamming. However, it was already too late.

Guarded from the Android Killrers, Shin stepped into the Particle Decomposition Relocation Equipment created by Death Debacle, and autoput the data entrusted by his partner into the equipment.

“Dammit……has transmission recovery not finished yet?”

The transmission had likely been jammed by Death Debacle.
But the members of Force Hacker weren’t stupid. They should’ve countered transmission jamming immediately.

However, from behind the glass of the equipment, the swarm of Android Killrers could be seen turning toward him. Shin had surely been sensed.

“There’s no time……where’s the switch?”

A green ‘ON’ button; a gray ‘OFF’ button; and an ‘EMERGENCY’ carved red button.
It must be the ‘ON’ one.

Shin, who was ignorant in respect of the equipment operation, received directions from his partner. There was no time to hesitate.
No one knew as to how many hardships they had faced in reaching this point. No one knew if there would be another chance.

The goal of Force Hacker was to add a data program to the Particle Decomposition Relocation Equipment and execute dimensional relocation.
What Shin was ultimately entrusted with was history alternation.

The history must be changed.
Before science and technology developed, the present state of the future must be conveyed to those in the past — to the members of Force Hacker from the past — in person.

“……No matter what we do……nothing will change.”

In truth, he was all but dead, so there was no room for hesitation.
His loved ones had already been snatched away from him. Even if the whole country disappeared, he wouldn’t regret.
The members of Force Hacker were perhaps the same as him.

‘If it has to be the last act……it will have to be an act of vengeance.’
Without a shred of hesitation, Shin pushed the ‘ON’ carved green switch.

In an instant, Shin’s vision was swallowed by a dazzling light; following which, his consciousness dispersed.

When he came to, he found a vividly green land and the clear blue sky without a speck of cloud.
Upon seeing the color of the sky, he was convinced that he had successfully relocated to a decade back.

However, which area had he relocated to?
Upon looking around, he could even see what appeared to be a village.
Harmonious air reeking of mold, straw-thatched roofs erected in *potsupotsu* dribs and drabs……at the very least, it was not a city. However, the ancient construction of the houses, which couldn’t evoke the image of Japan in Shin, was unnatural nonetheless.
It could barely be recognized as a house thanks to the lumber door.

Although the members of Force Hacker did their best to match the coordinates of stars with the Earth from a few decades back, there would be a possibility of it not being Japan if one were short on luck.



Right then.
Across the lined up houses, a scream coupled with a groan coupled with a cry could be heard from somewhere inside the village.
‘Some kind of an animal?’ Having heard a voice he hadn’t heard before, having grasped the situation, he couldn’t shake the unease off.

Let alone where he was, he didn’t even know whether he was in Japan or in a foreign country.
Regardless, Shin decided to turn his feet toward the location the voice came from.

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Science vs. Magic - Overture | Helium - Ch. 2 | Enter the Hero of Science

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