Slave Harem – 215 – Man of the World.


Man of the world.

Previous chapter synopsis: I escaped from the old lady.

As the petals of the Canaria Camellia turned to smoke, the center was left behind.
This seems to be the dropped item.

“A flower? This is the item?”
“It’s Camellia oil.”

As Sherry says, [Analyze] confirms that it’s Camellia oil.
It should be full of oil.
It probably won’t be easy to squeeze it.

“Umm. It’s high quality cooking oil. It’s quite delicious.”

Sherry’s tone is strange, so I asked again.
Wouldn’t you normally say it has a bad texture?

“You can use it to maintain furniture. It increases the gloss and depth of the colour.”

Rutina lets me know in Sherry’s place.
You can use it like that too?

“It’s fine Sherry, I’m not worried about it.”
“Oh. Umm…”

Sherry and Rutina have a disagreement.

“Camellia oil is a necessity for nobles. It is sometimes called 『Maid’s taste』. It was a maid who taught me about it. The maids serving the Earl of Selmar said it was proper to use it.”

Rutina explained the reason.
Sherry, were you conflicted on the subject after considering the former noble Rutina?
I fall silent and consider the difference.

Maybe there’s something else for her to have some anxiety about.
That’s right.
That must be right.
I give Sherry a nod.

“Is there something else?”
“Fine, I’ll say it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Camellia oil is good on the body. It can be rubbed into the skin and hair to give it more shine and tension.”

There’s a usage like that too.
Skin care and hair care.
I’m not really worried about caring for my skin.

“We’ll probably be beautiful, we should all use it.”

It’s already been proposed?

“When you use it for a massage, it has the effect of improving blood circulation and relieving fatigue. It’s called 『Maid’s taste』 because the maid will use it on her own body, and use it to massage the master of the house.”

I watch Sherry’s expression as she informs us, and everything becomes understood.
For the massage, you would have to rub, and rub, and rub, and touch skin directly.

The maid.
With her whole body.
With her body slimey with oil.

“So, that’s how it was.”

It seems Rutina didn’t know that much.
The playing around of Selmar’s Earl.
He was doing it with the maids.
Of course he’d have maids using 『Maid’s taste』 to give him some personal grooming.

What was the maid thinking that taught it to Rutina?
No, don’t think about it.
It’s outrageous.
It’s really outrageous.

He’d be laying there all stretched out…
Well, that’s part of why the Earl of Selmar’s house went to ruins.
Knowing this, I won’t make the same mistake.
I understand why Sherry was hesitating as well.

I’ll do it.
I want to do it.
I really want to do it.

“Shall we collect Camellia oil for today?”

I confirm it with everyone.
Of course, there is no objection.

Any rebels would be punished.
Any heretics would be punished.
I need to pick the bud of rebellion ahead of time.

“Yes. We’ll hunt the boss.”

Roxanne’s face said that it was natural, Sherry gave a nod as well.
I have a feeling that Roxanne misunderstood something, but that doesn’t matter.

“Yes, desu.”
“Well, I think it should be fine.”
“I’m already accustomed to it.”

Miria, Vesta and Rutina all nod.
There doesn’t seem to be any worry of an uprising.
I’m relieved.
Everything is fine.

I’m not sure if Miria and Vesta followed the conversation.
Rutina understands because her father’s hidden activities just came to light, but she doesn’t seem to be worried about it.

“High level cooking oil. I think frying fish with Camellia oil will be very delicious Miria.”
“Collect quickly, desu.”

Miria started heading towards the exit.
It’s quite a brisk pace.
When she arrives at the exit, she stands with her feet apart and turns to us.
She’s quite impatient.

Her eyes are angry.
She wants to tell us off for being slow.
I’ve betrayed the will of my father, and murdered Yoshitsune, then gotten angry at Yasushi Fujiwara who was going to lose Yoritomo.
Including me, everyone rushed over in a hurry.

I don’t think I’m the only one getting blamed.
Roxanne rushed over as well.
It should be fine.

We left the boss room.
Miria loses points as she leaves the boss room for not doing the six directional jump like a kabuki actor would do as they leave the stage.
I’ll have to tell her off.

“We can’t do the deep-fried food today because it’s still too hot.”

In kabuki, when a strong character leaves through the passage between the stage and the audience, they perform a six directional jump.
If you think about a strong character’s stance, you’d have to think about a six directional jump.
If you think of John Kay, you’d think of the ‘flying shuttle’. If you think of Ben Kei, you’d think of the six directional jump. It’s common history knowledge.
However, Miria can’t be expected to know all this.

“….I’ll do it, desu.”
“We don’t have any tartar sauce ready either.”
“I’ll use… lemon, desu.”

Even if a war happens, you still want to deep-fry and have lemon.
Your favorite is obvious.
Lemon isn’t allowed to be added to the deep-fried food that a slave eats without permission from her master.

If that happened, a revolt would break out.
A rebellion.
The enemy is in Honnoji Temple.

“That’s alright then.”

It might be good if Miria makes it.
Even if the temperature in the kitchen goes up a bit, it should be fine.
Unless you’re right near the pot.
Well, that might be wishful thinking.

“The demon on the 35th floor is the Spice Spider.”
“That’s good. We can use pepper for seasoning even without any other seasonings.”
“I’ll defeat it, desu.”

Sherry tells us which demon it is, and Miria gets even more motivated.

“This way then.”

Roxanne leads the way as we enter the 35th floor.
Miria follows right behind her.
You should always show this motivation.
It’s like having two Roxannes.

We keep pressing forward, and Roxanne and Miria find a single Spice Spider to compete against.
Is it fine if they aren’t calm?
There’s only one spider, so I don’t use area attack magic.

I don’t even need to use magic, Miria petrifies the spider straight away.
Does the chance to petrify something change with motivation?
Does it?
The probability wouldn’t change, but the frequency of her attacks might, so motivation may have contributed a bit.

“As expected of Miria.”
“Yes, desu.”

I’ll give praise for now.
I get to pat her cat ears, so I am satisfied with it.
It’s not enough to see the strength of a Lv35 Spice Spider though.

I always ask Roxanne to find a place with a low number of demons, maybe that’s useless?
No. Miria doesn’t usually defeat them in a single blow.
My idea isn’t originally wrong.
As the floors go up it becomes unusual to find a single monster first.

It’s just one by chance, the next one probably won’t be like that.
Finding small groups to start off has been good so far.
Even though we didn’t get a grasp of the strength of the demons, we return to the 34th floor.
We’ll go back again after finishing with the boss.

After repeating the 34th floor boss, we checked the 35th floor.
Miria gets a big haul of Camellia oil and Pepper.
Miria’s face has a very pleased expression when we leave to do shopping.
She’s walking cheerfully at the front.

“We’ll leave breakfast to Miria.”
“I agree.”

Roxanne gives her vote.
It’s not especially strange in this world to have the same food for breakfast and dinner.
Also, there would be a revolt if I said we couldn’t have it.

“Loave it to me, desu.”
“Leave it.”
“Leave it, desu.”

I finish the shopping while teaching Miria some Brahim, and return to the house.
I took out the White fish and Camellia oil, and passed them to Miria in the kitchen.
I always have a stock of White fish in my item box.
Because of someone.

“What do we do with the old oil?”

I asked Sherry.
It’s necessary to dispose of the old oil and replace it with new oil.
So far I’ve just been taking oil out of the pan for stir-frying, and adding oil to the pan for deep-frying.

All the current remaining oil will be thrown away because we are switching the oil to Camellia oil this time.
It’s the first time we’ve wasted oil.
Even if there isn’t any thought of environmental damage in this world, it still would be bad to carry waste oil to the river.

“It would be a waste. If we can get beeswax, we can make candles I think.”
“Oh, we can do that?”

Even though I thought it was waste, it can be used.
We can make candles?

“I’m not certain, I’ve never tried.”
“We can try, and if it doesn’t go well we can ask around about it.”

We don’t have any Beeswax in stock.
Beeswax is the item Grass Bee drops.
We’ll get some later.

“Ok, we’ll put the oil into a jar.”
“I’m going to go out for a little while, I’ll be back soon so please prepare the breakfast.”

Since the kitchen is going to get hot, I decide to run away.
I have to go to Gozer.
Now is a good time.

It’s a good strategy.
If the business there is troublesome, I can use the fact that breakfast is still being prepared to escape again..
Escaping the heat, and Gozer, is really useful.
It’s the plan of a man of the world.

It’s possible Gozer is still having breakfast since it’s earlier than normal.
I think it might be impolite to intrude, as I head to Bode’s castle.
I appear in the lobby with a slightly apologetic face.

“I think he might be in the office.”

The person from the Knight’s Order easily lets me through.
It seems he isn’t eating.
As expected, I am a man of the world.
It’s too early to eat.

Eating early lets you start your day early, and gives you a head start.
From the perspective of a man getting overworked by the Duke, that is surely a requirement.
Do the maids working for the Duke prepare his food as well?
It wouldn’t surprise me.

“Excuse me.”
“Oh, it’s Michio? You’ve come again.”

After knocking on the office door, the Duke invites me in.
This kind of response is strange.
It’s common to knock, but wouldn’t you ask who it is before inviting them in?
There’s the possibility of uninvited guests.

We skip that process, and it’s just “Enter.”.
Well, this sort of thing just seems to be in the Duke’s nature.

“Yes. Gozer wanted to see me about something?”

I lightly greet the Duke, and then turn to face Gozer.
If the Duke calls for help, then someone will probably appear immediately. They might even be watching from the ceiling.
A suspicious person wouldn’t knock on the office door.
It’s safe to invite someone in, even if you don’t know who it is.

I shouldn’t doubt it.
That’s right.
I don’t need to doubt.

The SP of the Duke are quite excellent. (TN: Probably Special Police.)
Because Gozer commands the SP.
He is a man of the world.

“Oh, sorry. It wasn’t anything you really needed to hurry for.”
“No, it’s fine.”
“It’s about the business in Palmasque. When we’ve found some Adventurers for it, could you possibly take them to Palmasque?”

I didn’t need to rush?
He said “When we’ve found”, so they haven’t prepared anyone yet?
Why did you need to speak to me about it already?

Because the Duke envied me after I escaped the granny, he needed to be appeased.
Did Cassia plan this tactic with Gozer beforehand?
I guess it doesn’t matter either way.

Should I say that I understand the Duke’s hardships well?
As expected, I am a man of the world.

Wow guys. After like a year an a half, we caught up to the author. It’s been one hell of a…. mostly slow paced ride… with an over secretive MC…. who repeats the same things over and over and over, but some how we love the crap out of this series and are all here anyway.

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Now sadly the waits between chapters from now on will be massive. Normally 1-2 months. We are over that at the moment waiting for chapter 216, but the author posted in syoset that it would be delayed because he had been in hospital. RTD will still be bringing you any new chapters as soon as we can.

airsblue didn’t want to add any messages at this big milestone, but I guess that I finally got him to post one of his chapters was big enough 🙂 (213)

Mranon says: glad that you enjoyed the work.

So, what am I going to do with myself now? I’ll put a post up this week asking for suggestions for improving RTD & I’ll work on that. I’ll consider which of RTD’s projects a MT can handle and maybe do a bit of work on one of those, or look for a new dead project to revive. You guys can suggest stuff if you want. MUST be MT friendly, which means short sentences, not many wall of text paragraphs/sentences. Around 200 lines per chapter to make it easier for me to keep a weekly release between work & RTD work. If your suggestion doesn’t look like you’ve put any effort into it, then I won’t put effort into it either. 🙂

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