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2nd Volume, 3rd Chapter 【The Fluidic Creature】 1st Part

5th month, 3rd week, the day of the Light.

「——The subjugation quest for a monster that’s……able to use magic?」

Answering my enquiry was the Merville Guild receptionist, Sheena-san.
Well arranged facial features, fair complexioned skin——a beauty the manner of speech of whom matched her looks.

「Yeah, I’m interested in a monster that uses magic of any kind.」
「If it’s Seiji-san……it means it has to be within the scope of Rank D, right?」

I returned a nod.

Basically, I intend to receive a quest appropriate for my Adventurer Rank. There may be stronger monsters with more useful skills, but I don’t need to be hasty.

With my current ability, I can solo a Blood Ogre.
However, if I overestimated my strength and ventured into an area inhabited by powerful monsters, I would only meet a premature death.

There’s a possibility of getting encircled by a group of Blood Ogres or encountering a monster that I’m not a match of.

The purpose of the Guild in introducing the Rank restriction system is to keep the Adventurers from losing their lives wastefully.
Receiving a quest under the guarantee of safety margin, polishing the skills all the while, seems the most reasonable.

……Save for the inevitable cases.

That’s the reason as to why I’m searching for a Rank D scope quest. I, who’s not knowledgeable when it comes to monsters, can’t be expected to know as to which ones use magic. Hence, here I am asking Sheena-san quietly.

「Wait a minute……found it……」

Upon my saying so, Sheena-san left the reception desk and walked toward the bulletin board which had the quest papers affixed.
I followed after her. Pleasing fragrance drifted to me softly. 『Ponytail! Cute ponytail!』 That my mind housed such idiotic thoughts behind such an innocent face, no one would be able to guess.

「——Here, it’s a Rank D+ quest. Albeit few, there are monsters that use magic. I’ve heard from Bays that Seiji-san is competent. Still, be careful not to be careless, please.」

As for the quest paper she indicated……

Collect the nucleic beads of the Slimes inhabiting the Paudal Wetland Belt in the southeast of Merville.
Quest completion requirement: deliver nucleic beads worth 2,000 Dalas.
Client: Helmut Firm
Time limit: none

「Erm……Slimes are those gelly guys, right……?」
「Ah, did you know?」
「Nope, do Slimes use magic?」
「Yes. Although the Paudal Wetland Belt is a place overflowing with nature, the mana in the atmosphere there is extraordinarily thick. It seems to be a manaspot.」

Manaspot……a place where mana tends to be dense……?

「What springs out of there as if pulled out is the Slime from the quest. Because it’s disconnected from the southern highway, it’s not frequented by people.」

I see. So, the purpose of the quest isn’t subjugation……it’s the collection of nucleic beads.
Hence, the subjugation proof part isn’t required either……or rather, as long as I have the nucleic bead, there won’t be any complaint.

「Albeit miniscule, its nucleic bead is a mana crystallization; therefore, it seems to be in demand. Do you want to receive this quest?」

Just to be sure, I had her indicate the location of the Paudal Wetland Belt on the handheld map.
It’s quite far……If I were on foot, such a tiring distance would require a day’s trip.

「If you need transport, it’s provided by the gate, okay?」

There’s that option, too?
It’s not needed now; however, it could come in handy if I decided to go on an adventure.
Still, wouldn’t it be better to get on one?
I have yet to see……the Riding skill.

Sheena-san suggested so kindly, after all, it would leave a bad aftertaste if I declined.
After having completed the quest receipt procedure, I headed to the South Gate.

In case of moving from town to town, there’s an option of using a guarded coach; however, my destination – the Paudal Wetland Belt – is disconnected from the highway. Besides, the speed of a coach tends to be slow.
Renting a personal mount would be the best, no?

In the vicinity of the gate, the shops which conducted the business of lending mounts could be found sporadically. I decided to enter one such shop and asked.

「Erm, can I rent a horse?」
「Aah, you can rent it for 200 Dalas per day. Are you……an Adventurer? Where do you plan on going?」
「The Paudal Wetland Belt.」
「On a horse……it’ll be risky there. Although it may be more costly, wouldn’t you like to rent some other mount?」

Basically, a horse is the most commonly used means of transport after, of course, walking on foot. Even when you talk about coaches, the single horse ones can be seen most often.
Occasionally, however, people can be seen riding a mount other than a horse.
Such as a furry cow, or a feline one such as……a tiger?

「At least, a mount that can defend its own body……I don’t mean to say a Scale Dragon, but……」

Did he say……
A dragon?

「More details.」
「……Why so sudden? Are you interested in a Scale Dragon?」

A smile befitting a merchant was plastered on the shop clerk’s face.

「I see. Actually, this shop’s top recommendation is a Scale Dragon. It’s inside, though. Do you want to have a look?」

Thereafter, I was led inside the shop.
From the opposite side of the parting board, cries of various mounts could be heard.

There it is.

Lain down and adorably curled.
Tough scales covering its entire body, one black scale after another shining under the sunlight from the dormer, mingling with a glimmer of jade green, creating a lovely hue.

According to the shop clerk:

With ferocious and superior hind legs, it’s a runner that no other mount can hold a candle to. Overnight, it can cover a thousand ri. (TN: 1,000 ri = 3,927 km. May also mean a great distance)
Its thick tail maintains its body balance for extended periods of time. The comfort of ride is top notch, too.
Furthermore, being an amphibian, it can play an active part in the wetland belt.

He may have exaggerated a bit; however, it has already seized my heart.
Its horn looks good, too.

Unintentionally, I checked its skill constitution out.
As for the skills it possesses.
《Fire Elemental Resistance Lv2》
《Water Elemental Resistance Lv2》
It doesn’t seem to have any battle-oriented skill; however, its sharp fangs and talons look menacing enough.
Fumufumu……different dragon species perhaps possess different resistances.

「How much does this Scale Dragon cost per day?」
「1,000 Dalas per day.」

……So expensive! It’s five times the horse’s.

As for the quest reward, it’s 2,000 Dalas……do I have to splash half of that on just the conveyance?
However, in case of this quest, the remuneration as well as the quest completion count will increase with the number of nucleic beads.
If I think about it, I can complete the quest more efficiently if I roam about freely in the wetland belt.

Or I should say, I want to take this fellow at all costs.

「————Thank you for the business. The basic way of riding is what I taught you earlier. Don’t worry, even a beginner can ride it with ease for it has been adequately trained.」

Upon those words, I observed the shop clerk-san; especially, at the word 《trained》; however, I couldn’t find the 《Beast Tame》 skill.

「Are there people who tame the mounts?」
「N? Aah, just like this Scale Dragon, there are beasts captured and trained by people who do it as an occupation. We then buy from them. Unlike horse, their birth control is difficult.」

I see……it has piqued my interest……no, for now, let’s focus on magic. Yes, magic.

When I turned my face to the side upon feeling the Scale Dragon’s breathing, I found its cute round eyes gazing at me.
When I stretched my hand and patted its head slowly——


——Aah, like this? Got it.

……You see, it’s not scary. Ne? I was scared for nothing……
It hurts……a bit……just a bit.

「Oioi, if you’re not careful with play-biting, you can get injured. Before it happens, pull your hand out, quick.」

After all, I cannot have the Scale Dragon lick a bitten hand.
However, because it can get healed right away, it’s fine, isn’t it?

Then, I pulled myself together, straddled the Scale Dragon and faced outside the town through the South Gate.
Upon seeing me, a gallant figure called out. The sentinel who I occasionally exchange greetings with: Nicholas-san.

「Oh, if it isn’t Seiji. Leaving the gate in such a grandiose manner, where are you going?」
「Nah, just going to the Paudal Wetland Belt for a bit.」
「It’s quite far. Good, it’s best for an Adventurer, but don’t act recklessly.」
「If it becomes dangerous, I’ll flee back here. That aside……how is it?」
「……How is what?」

To Nicholas-san, who was making a strange face, I emphasized my sitting-astride-the-Scale-Dragon figure.

「Aah……how do I put it? Are you carrying the feed to a dragon’s den……?」
「No, I’m not! I have had enough.」

Having parted with Nicholas-san, I grabbed the Scale Dragon’s reins back.
Destination: the Paudal Wetland Belt in the southeast.

Dragon Rider……sounds cool and all, but.

——When its tough legs clutched the ground firmly in order to run, the vibrations it produced faintly transmitted to the back of the straddling me.
However, as getting on it was my own idea……I have no right to complain.
Although its speed isn’t much different from a horse’s, the comfort of ride is outstanding.
There was little to no fatigue due to rocking.
Moreover, its endurance seems to be considerable. Judging from the position of the sun, it had been running for about an hour, yet there was no instance of its speed dropping.

Still, for caution’s sake, I took a break by a brook bank. After drinking water, we resumed our journey.
We had advanced halfway through the highway. While I was checking the map, the route diverted to the east.
Away from human habitation, the air carried a tinge of anxiety.

To have rented it……was perhaps the right choice.

As the sun quickly reached its zenith, we arrived at the Paudal Wetland Belt.

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