(R18) Frequenting Brothels 21

We’re still in this badge of ecchi. Do be careful.

TL by Nymphriel
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Delivery Health 「Setsugetsuka」 Part 4 ★ (Anal fuck)

Reimi-chan asked me something while applying lotion to her ass.

「Have you ever done anal before?」

「No……this is my first putting it in the ass」

「Then、let me be on top……lie down face up please」

As told, I lied down face up with my dick pointing at the ceiling.
Looking at my cock from the side, Anri-chan applied lotion to her ass while playing with her breasts and nipples.

「Okay I’m putting it in……Nn! Nnn!」

Reimi-chan straddled my hips and slowly squeezed my cock into her anus.


I let out a sound as I felt the strange sensation of being inside her ass.
The entrance was really narrow and tight, but once I got inside, I was surrounded by hot and soft flesh gently stimulating me.

「Nn ah……! It’s hard……! Nn! Nn!」

Reimi-chan slowly swung her hips up and down.
I felt a little stupid just lying there, so I decided to start moving my hips as well.

(If I remember correctly……when doing anal it’s fine to do small movements)

Using my little bit of knowledge about it, I started to shake my hips rhythmically.

「Wait!It’s only just the beginning、but why… is it…. So good?……Nnn!!」

Since this is pretty interesting, I reached up from below and gently massaged both of her tanned-skin breasts.

「No……! That’s、That’s too much……! If、if it continues like this……! I、I’ll cum from my ass!」

Reimi-chan’s breathing became rougher as her hips shook more violently, I matched my thrusting with her movements and sometimes stuck it in deep.

「Aaaaa! Cumming! I’m cumming from my ass! I、I can’t take it anymore! Cummiiing!!!!」

Reimi-chan’s whole body trembled as she came from her ass, she tightened up like crazy and squeezed my dick, I came as she wrung out my penis.

「Nn ah! Nnn! ……haa haa……le、let me rest a little……」

Reimi-chan shivered while pulling my cock out of her anus and just sprawled on the bed.
Of course, my penis still stood piercing the heavens.
(TN: Hahaha… Pun’s gonna like this again){ED: Like his drill}

「So that’s how it is……I pretty much understand how to do it now……next is Anri-chan’s turn」

(TN: Readers, don’t read this in English… it’s “hee”… not “hi” LOL){ED: Fear the penis fear}

Anri-chan seemed to be a bit frightened of my matchless stamina.

I gently hugged Anri-chan from behind while she was on all fours, then completely inserted my penis inside of her ass.

「H、Hard……It’s hard……ah、and hot……Aaa!」

It was the same for me.
Anri-chan’s entrance was really tight and narrow, but the insides were really hot.
But even if that’s the case, she was a lot wetter  than Reimi-chan, especially with the help of lotion, I started off with small movements and sometimes pushed deeply into her ass.

「Aa! Aahh! Amazin’……! Nnnn!!」

While plunging my dick into her ass, I hugged Anri-chan close to me, which she seemed to like, and vigorously groped her breasts.

(TN: yep ahe-gao already…)

Before long Anri-chan slammed her hips back into me, and naturally that led to bigger and deeper thrusts inside of her.

「Aa! Cumming! I’m cumming! It’s coming out!! C、Cumming!!!!」

Crying out, the insides of her asshole tightened, and Anri-chan reached her climax.
I also thrust deep inside of her and released a torrent of cum.

Anri-chan fell forward on to the bed, my penis revealed itself, and once again pointed towards the ceiling.

「……Amazing……what to do now……」

「Haa……haa……Nee~、Reimi-chan、customer-san doesn’t seem to be satisfied……wanna do that……?」

「……that’s the only way huh~……」


Reimi-chan answered my inquiry with a different question.

「You’re a hunter right? That you should have a Deodorization Stone right?」

Deodorization Stone is something used to fight away the stench attacks by monsters, a restoration-type item.

「I do have it……but why?」

「Then、take it out、we’ll both use our boobs and mouth to do this」

「Eh? But my dick just went into your anus……?」

「That’s why we’re using the deodorization stone、just take it out」

I didn’t understand at all, but I took out the Deodorization Stone from my Item box and gave it to Reimi-chan.

「Alright……stay still for a while ‘kay?」

Saying so, Reimi-chan started rubbing the stone against my penis, which was dirtied with cum, intestinal fluids and lotion.
It wasn’t painful, but seeing smoke coming up from my crotch was a rather ridiculous scene.

「Alright、your dick’s all pretty again」

I looked at it and saw that the lotion and other dirty stuff were all gone, my cock became clean again.


So the deodorization stone can also be used like this, I learned something new.

「Then、come sit here and face upwards」

With that said, Reimi-chan and Anri-chan kneeled on the bed facing each other.

「We’ll satisfy you with our W-paizuri tit fuck and blowjob combo、let’s go♪」

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That one line reminded me of adventure time for some reason..
‘It’s the only way Finn…’


Thanks for the chapter


Wow… I need more of that stuff


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WTF, you here too.. are you a data or human ?


{ED: Fear the penis fear}
*blows the cola i been drinking*
That was a very dangerous sidenote
*cola comes out of nose*


the almighty penis strikes again


but seeing smoke coming up from my crotch was a rather ridiculous scene.

「Alright、your dick’s all pretty again」

LMFAO, oh my side is flying….. HELP….