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2nd Volume, 4th Chapter 【The Zealous Heart】 2nd Part

——6th month, 4th week, the day of Dark.

According to my schedule, it’s the day I’m supposed to study.

Even though I said that, I merely visit the library and binge on a book that piques my interest.
It’s quite fun.

『The situation surrounding Lechelle Kingdom. Beware… you’re being targeted.』

When I stumbled upon such a title… I couldn’t help pick it up.
I moved to the reading space and turned the book open.

『――Situated in the west of Aesha Continent, it’s a flourishing country with rich mines, bountiful agriculture and plentiful commodities. However, don’t forget the threatening devils lurking around such a blessed country.』

The author of this book is probably a Lechelle Kingdom resident…

『Let’s first start off with the introduction of the devil of the east. You’re aware of the commercial city located in the centre of Lechelle Kingdom, Merville, right? Although the Royal Capital, Iris, is located in the north of the kingdom, Merville dispatches and receives export and import articles to and from the port. It’s a commercial city which is indispensable to the kingdom. In the east of that Merville is 《Veronica Citadel Town》.』

Veronica… which also serves as a barrier control station?

『Veronica Citadel Town was the very first citadel town developed for the purpose of controlling the barrier at a low elevation point of Rave Mountain Range. The barrier is surrounded by secure unified walls to counter incursion from foreign invaders.』

I see. The citadel town is integrated with the barrier. If that’s the case, then the devil of the east is…

『By foreign invaders, I obviously mean Souven Empire in the east. Do you get it now? The devil of the east is Souven Empire. The empire is full of people who discriminate against beastkin. Blinded by the human supremacy belief, they’re coarse.』 (TN: Sven Empire has been changed to Souven Empire)

Is the author of this book a beastkin…?

『It’s a hyena trying to prey on the abundant resources of Lechelle Kingdom. Had Rave Mountain Range not existed, it’s not that hard to imagine as to what would’ve happened. Anyways, Rave Mountain Range and Veronica Citadel Town――if I said these two are a shield that protects Lechelle Kingdom, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.』

Fumu, from what I know, they are indeed cruel.
Somehow, I don’t want to visit Souven Empire anymore.

『Furthermore, its Emperor is the lowest of the pigs. The retainers are pigs, too. Decency can’t be expected of a country where the top brass consists of pigs――――…』

Isn’t this part the personal opinion of the author?

Is the author someone from Earth? They’re totally foul mouthed.

I skimmed through it without paying any mind and turned the page over to the next chapter.

『Let’s keep the devil of the east up to here. Okay? If you meet a human from Souven Empire, please be careful. They’re no good.』

Oh well. Taking caution is better than doing nothing.

『Next is the devil of the south. Anyone who read this would immediately figure it out. Whom I’m referring to are――demons. Although they’re humanoid, they’re an existence that launches an offensive on other races without any word. It’s said that they’re distributed over in the south.』

South, huh?
Continuing southward from Lechelle Kingdom is an uninhabited area, certainly.
The map which I bought at the town didn’t have the southern side drawn.
Since it’s an uninhabited area, it means it’s not developed enough for humans to live.
The Paudal Wetland Belt should be fine, though. Although it’s disconnected from the highway, towns and villages can be found close by the way back.

By the way, further south from the Great Forest, where we were attacked by the Blood Ogres, is a wasteland. That’s the uninhabited area.
It doesn’t seem to be an environment where people can live.

It would be difficult to secure water and food at a place uninhabited by humans, not to mention the appearance of strong monsters.
Because they live in such a place, demons seem to be formidable.

『When it comes to invasion by demons, Lechelle Kingdom and Souven Empire are equally under threat. In order to defend against invasion by demons, Lechelle Kingdom has constructed numerous forts on the border of uninhabited area. Demons are said to be highly capable. However, their population being small goes in our favor. If you meet a demon, escape right away. The chances are slim that you will be able to escape, though…』

Hey, don’t write such scary things!

『Why are demons hostile toward other races? Why do they attack them? It’s quite simple. The reason dates back to a distant past. Demons, who were a force at that time, massacred other races. They wanted control over the world.』

…Hey, they’re terrible, hey!
Controlling the world? That’s outrageous!

『Humans, beastkin, elves, and dwarves were mass murdered. The world was engulfed in flames. However, out of pity, the mighty dragons fought the demons off.』

Dragon, eh~ that’s my dragon! Beat the baddies!

『When the intense battle came to an end, the mighty dragons had lost a number of lives. Demons had dwindled considerably down as well. Or so say the accounts. Dragonewts, who have now been confirmed to be the descendents of the mighty dragons, are also powerful and bear hostility toward demons. They too are small in number.』

As you would expect from a dragonewt whom I wanted to be reincarnated as.
Oh well. It can’t be helped now.

Fumu, is the scale dragon a creature that pursues a different evolutionary path as well?

――Well, such were the contents of the book.
I put the book back and stretched my body.
That’s it for today. I’ll have to be ready for tomorrow.

Since tomorrow is the day of Light, I’ll be on an adventure at the Paudal Wetland Belt.

――Dining area of Feeder Pops’.
I enjoyed a meal with the beastkin family.

「So, what are you doing tomorrow, Seiji?」
「Tomorrow, I plan on going to the Paudal Wetland Belt. It pays nicely.」

By the way, I have a little less than 10,000 Dalas. It’s not sufficient at all to buy the Scale Dragon.

「Really? If it’s okay, can you please take Lim together with you? Last time, when we talked about the Paudal Wetland Belt, I promised her we would go visit next time.」
「Okay, I don’t particularly mind.」

That is so.
The landscape of Paudal Wetland Belt is just so beautiful. I remember saying so before.
Oh well. Tomorrow isn’t the day of the Origin. So even if I weren’t fixated on stealing skills, it would be fine.

「Hmm…? Only Lim? Is Arnold-san not coming along?」
「I have some business to take care of, and Lim wants to go. Well, if she’s with Seiji, she won’t be in danger.」
「I, too, can defeat a slime. So you need not be concerned.」

Pouting Lim looks so cute.
Her Cooking skill seems to have increased, too. I occasionally tasted Lim’s dishes 『although there was no comparison』 they were good.

By 『danger』, did Arnold-san mean monsters, or did he mean there would be no problem even if his daughter were with a human?
I’m curious.

In any case, it has added to my tension.
Since the two of us will be going together to the Paudal Wetland Belt, Rook (※the name I gave to the Scale Dragon without its permission) will have to dress up nicely.

Author’s note: about magic, I described what’s necessary for the basic story.
As for the possibilities, they are endless. They cannot be described.
Please understand the difference between the limits of the protagonist’s image and the author’s. m(–)m

Furthermore, please be gentle when making fun of the theories.
Please refrain from pointing something out that would push the mammal (the author) out of hibernation into the wintry sky. (((–)))

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