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Helium, 3rd Chapter | The Otherworld Transfer

“For the Acceleration System to be overly abnormal, is the magnetic field different from the Earth’s?”

The Acceleration System applies repellent force toward the magnetic field.

Due to the speed produced just now, he couldn’t shake the doubt off that it wasn’t the Earth.
After Shin activated the Acceleration System, he traveled a hundred meters within a fraction of a second.
Just now, it was rather at a level of *tamatama* casually striking than putting up a suitable edge.

To make the matters worse, the Carbonized Edge, which was supposed to have been converged, had disappeared. Because he instantly moved at super high speed, the Battlefield’s element capturing tracker couldn’t keep up.

“This……the settings haven’t changed, right?”

However, he didn’t have the luxury of leisurely playing around with the Device.
After getting used to the speed, Shin thought of reconverging it, since the converged Carbonized Edge had disappeared outside the range, and turned his head toward the group of monsters. After reconverging the element and reactivating the Acceleration System, he resumed the battle.

“……Ah, wha-”

The girl wanted to say something. However, seeing Shin vanish again in an instant and witnessing the ground bury under the chopped up bodies of monsters in the next instant, her voice couldn’t find a way to leak out.

The troop of monsters that attacked the village were completely annihilated in a dozen of seconds.
Sitting at the centre of negishi-colored pond, which comprised scattered remains and bodily fluids, Shin fiddled with the Portable Terminal (Device).

Although the crisis was somehow averted with the support of abnormal Acceleration System, it wasn’t fit for the purpose as it was.
Anyhow, it was difficult to adjust the posture freely under abnormally high speed. Let’s not even talk about the converged element disappearing.
Since it was a country where battles and such weren’t required; or rather, since it was a period where the creatures like those just now existed, it could be said that modifying the settings of Acceleration System was inevitable for Shin.

The current settings of Acceleration System generated the repulsion stress equivalent to approximately 2 times the average Gb of magnetic field on the Earth.
The range of modification to the settings was limited from 1 to 2.5 times. However, for him to be that fast, the speed it produced must be more than 4 times that of on Earth. Having estimated that 1.5 times would be the best, Shin modified the settings.

When he activated the Acceleration System to trial the settings, although it was still a little too fast, the posture was able to be reacted to compared to the extreme movement earlier.

The movement practice of Shin was unfolding inside the scattered remains of one of the monsters.


At the edge of the village, which had regained the calm, Shin abruptly came to his senses upon a faint voice.
Shin had totally forgotten the existence of the lone girl, who was confronting the troop of monsters, and immersed in the Device operation.

Not knowing where he was, not knowing which period it was, if he carelessly leaked his information outside, he would be in a pinch.
Considering dunno how many biological weapon calibre monsters there were, Shin regretted that he may have acted rashly.

“What in the world……you……”

That question created a doubt in Shin.
For some reason, the girl in front of him had her hair appear dyed the shade of blue which he hadn’t seen before. That was not it. For some incomprehensible reason, the girl, the features of whom were not even remotely close to that of a Japanese, was speaking Japanese language.

The Device wasn’t supposed to have functions such as translation.
As for translating a foreign language inside his head, since Shin had no need of it, he wasn’t equipped with it.

Then, what on earth was this place?

Based on the language, it was apparently Japan, but there seemed to be a village here.
It may be thought of as an isolated rural area from a few decades ago. However, knowing as to which period it was, to Shin, was the most important.

Even if he crossed over to some other country, it wouldn’t matter. However, to alter the history, it would take too long if he turned the time back to a distant past.
The ideal period would be where technology had developed to a certain extent.

But those mysterious creatures were wielding the swords. No matter which period it was, such a corps would be unimaginable on the Earth.

“……Do you know which year it is?”


Upon the words which were seemingly unexpected, the girl leaked an absentminded voice.
However, to acknowledge that Shin’s words had reached her, she followed up.

“E-Erm……Rudaana Era’s……5th year.”

It was an era different from CE. Although Shin didn’t know every translated version of every era in the world, the language being spoken here was a comprehensible one. First, the existence of monsters; and then, the era……taking everything into account, there was no choice but to conclude that it was certainly not a place which could exist on the Earth.
Is there any chance for a language to be the same in different star systems? Or is it a parallel world version of the Earth’s Japan?
Various thoughts crossed his mind.

Right then, he recalled the words of an occult enthusiast amongst the members of Force Hacker.

————The otherworld.

When the space-time relocation equipment program was complete, that member was frolicking about a world of swords and magic saying an otherworld would no longer be a dream if it were used.
At that time, other members flatly rejected the notion. Thinking back, that occult member was in the forefront of both the space-time relocation equipment proposal and the convergence image composition proposal.

The universe is a cluster of information. It continues to expand at cosmic speed while recording each and every moment of each and every star. In other words, by grasping the directionality, time warp would be possible if one moved at a speed exceeding the retrograde cosmic speed.
However, the particle decomposition relocation equipment was an essential prerequisite for the purpose. Shin stole it and here he was now.

Given the situation, that member evidently designed such a program on purpose.
Or was the relocation equipment developed by Death Debacle itself incomplete? Given Shin’s knowledge, it was impossible to investigate the root cause.

Shin was a combat personnel, who used the equipment developed by Force Hacker in order to counter the Android Killrers. When it came to scientific and programming knowledge, his fell short of other Force Hacker members.

“Umm……did you perhaps……come here……after seeing the quest at the Guild?!”

“Ah? Guild……?”

In the middle of cogitation, Shin was smacked with unfamiliar words. If it were limited to the Guild, he could guess it was some sort of an association, but what was the quest?
With a ‘what kind of a thing is that?’ look, Shin stared into the girl’s sparkling light blue eyes.

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Random Internet User (tm)

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If he’s smart, he’ll check the spectrum output of the sun to see how many years have passed.


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“Right then, he recalled the words of an occult enthusiast amongst the members of Force Hacker.”
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Past One/Hikari toKage



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