Takami no Kago 54

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Things become more serious from now.


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Chapter 54

That day of the duel, we visited the lord’s castle. It was no longer early morning.

“You are late.”

Evin was already in the square. The form of Flora wasn’t visible.

“You did not decide the time in particular. There’s no reason to criticize.”

Frey answered Evin.
So, this was a duel between Frey and Evin. I also think I have gotten too deeply involved but it can’t be changed.

“The young lady?”
“Well, we were together a minute ago, but she is a free-spirited lady, so it can’t be helped.”

In only a few days he has this manner of speaking of understanding Flora. As for this, Frey may lose her temper again.

“Is that so. Then, let’s begin the duel as soon as the young lady returns.”

My expectation was betrayed, Frey seems to be calm. Even Evin was also looking at Frey with a dubious expression.
This duel was to decide the knight for Flora. Since Flora wasn’t here, it can’t begin.
After what seems like a 15 minute wait, Flora came in while accompanied by Giren.

“Look, Miss Flora. Isn’t everyone waiting for you?”
“Yes, however lord uncle, It can not be helped since I was drinking black tea.”
(TL: ARGGG want to shove the damn tea up her cunt!!!!)

*What to do* Giren was shaking his head.

“I’m very sorry for making you wait.”

Giren started to apologize to me. But today I’m just an ordinary visitor.

“You don’t have to worry about it, I was concerned about the result of this duel so I only came of my own accord.”
“Is that so? However, you seemed to have taken care of that troublesome Frey-kun.”
“It’s what I wanted to do. Didn’t I say so? I look forward to this duel.”
“I see, and has anything been concluded about who the demon was yet?”
“…No, I’m sorry, but there is no information that I can report as of yet.”
“Is that so. I hear that you bought a great deal of [Anti-Demon Killer] at the church.”
“I’m a coward. That is provision to prevent me from being killed for the time being.”
“Hmph, well I am not requesting for the search of the demon from only you alone.”
“Is that so, I should have expected that much from you.”

Probably Evin was asked by Giren to search for demon.
Is this fellow really unrelated to the demon? To win over Giren, isn’t this state like a powder keg?
Well, I should evacuate the goblin village, Ayla, and the others for a short while when it seems to be really dangerous.
Still, if it seems to be unpleasant, I may go through the forest and return to Bureto. I may make a new village.

“Yeah? That remind me.”

Latia said she was also coming here today, but are you anywhere?
I looked around lightly, but she was not found.

“Zir, where is Latia?”
“Yea, attend f’r a dram while.”

Zir was trying to obtain information from the ghost.
It wasn’t possible to connect with all the employed ghosts in real time.

“Strange. Thither wast nay answer from the apparition yond hath followed that lady.”
“Then, do you mean the ghost has been done in?”
“Hmm, that is correct. Because ghosts art hated, if ‘t be true tis hath found throughout the city, they shall beest subdu’d without question.”

Maybe due to bad luck, it might have been killed by an adventurer who happened to pass by.
After such an event happened. There might not be a good impression with ghosts either.

“For now, I’ll let you employ a new ghost and make them search.”

I was told not to expect too much.
Well, it was a duel of those two who face each other in the open plaza.
The duel will begin anytime as long as Flora gives the signal.
Though Flora is essential, two people are seen laughing with a smile.
That girl, doesn’t she not notice if she doesn’t give the signal the duel won’t start?
Ah, Giren said something to Flora.
At last, Flora approaches close to the two people to inform the start signal.

“Do your best you two~”

So she said and returned to the seat near Giren again.
Eh!? Is that one now a signal of the duel?
The two had a perplexed feeling but entered into a battle posture.
Evin draws out his sword and takes a slight forward-bent posture, this stance thrusts out towards Frey.
Frey took a counter-attack posture, she twisted her body with the halberd turned to the back of the blade.
Even the voices from the peanut gallery that gathered sparsely disappeared and silence filled the square.

“Here I go.”

Together with his voice Evin invaded Frey’s interception area by stepping into it at a fair speed.
Frey did not move until Evin came into the position in which with one more step he would enter the reach of the halberd.
Rather than a defensive move, it was an offensive one.
Instead of a passive behavior which doesn’t allow an opponent to get close, this was an aggressive behavior that gave a blow to defeat the opponent.
This attack seems to have deviated from the vision of intercepting, which had been drawn by Evin, the defense seems to have been late for an instant.

“…! This timing!?”

Somehow, he was able to divert the trajectory of Frey’s halberd with his flamberge but his posture was destroyed by the impact.
However, still he approached and swung his flamberge at Frey, but she repelled it with the same momentum.
Even if it hits, the attack can only touch the surface of the skin. However, it was enough if it was Evin’s sword.
The wavy blade that touches the skin doesn’t cut but gouges out the flesh. Furthermore, it applied 【Posion】 onto the wound. That attack might have paved the road to victory for Evin, but Frey who could predict it avoided it without any difficulty.

“You avoided that!?”

Against his will, Evin’s posture was completely broken by the attempted attack, and he was crouching down.
Without being careless Frey gave pursuit. Shaking off the current situation, Frey lunged down with the top of the ferrule. (EN: metal cap at the end of the halberd, probably with a spike)
*Bang* the sound that reverberated said that somehow Evin was able to exchange a blow by applying his body weight, the sword was recklessly swung from that posture.
I think perhaps it was an attack that might only graze, Frey had returned to the counter-attack posture immediately after the attack with the ferrule.
Melee or free-for-all fight, the opponent had an advantage with close combat. Is the influence of being told many times to defeat him making it so? She corrected her posture and doesn’t run for an impossible pursuit.

“You really did it didn’t you. Honestly, to have made light of me you bastard.” (TL: MTL give me “I did it. I licked you honestly.” HAHAHA)

Kukuku, Evin snickered. He held the sword with both hands and steadily stared at his opponent (Frey).

“No, it’s really great, Frey-kun was really strong.”

Giren who was conflicted here, *haa* let out a sigh. The surrounding party was in a similar condition.
Yes, the intensive training has proven itself here. Simply, that might also have made Evin become serious.

“I will go serious this time!!”

Evin stepped into Frey’s area quickly with an attack that was far faster than the first one. This time, Frey might not have room to measure the timing. The second he stepped into the area, she intercepted with all her might.
*Clang* the shrill sound of metal clashing reverberated.

“HAHAHA, you blocked it well!!”

Before one was aware, Evin was holding the initiative. Frey somehow managed to prevent Evin’s charge. He repeated the conflict several times and this rivalry was broken at last.

Frey had gotten injured at last. There was 【Poison】 next to her status when I confirmed it.

“WAHAHAHAA, I have finally damaged you at last!!”

At once, Frey’s movements became dull. However, this isn’t a mental thing like that time in training. There was a decrease in status because she was violated by the poison.
Frey steadily suffered a second and third wound.

“HAHA, HAHA” (TL: Evin is an S)

Frey’s breathing became rough, it reached the point that her stance was destroyed when she swung her halberd.

“It ends here.”

Evin was convinced it was his victory. Evin approached Frey in a relaxed manner. He already thought that there was no power left for Frey to swing the halberd

Heat creeps up and oozes out of the wound made by that guy.
My body shaked left to right, when I lose focus my eyelids dropped without permission.
The rough breathing did not cease no matter how much I inhaled.
This 【Poison】. Hibiki said to never receive this. I was not able to follow what Hibiki said.
Is he angry? Perhaps, he might have already lost interest.
No. No. No. No. (TL: sounded good with 4 “no”)
With great pains, I was able to make friends with the goblins…
Captain Lalu helped me so that I could happily make friends with the other goblins.
The goblin who dual wields named [Musashi] by Hibiki, though it was a little bit of a poor talker, it treated me as its companion.
At first, I wasn’t able to to tell between the goblins, but now I know all the members now.
It will become impossible to meet them if I’m hated by Hibiki. It will become impossible to meet Hibiki himself.

“Haaa, Haaa.”

I managed to breathe somehow by sticking my tongue out like a dog. (TL: Eros desu~)
Evin casually approached me. I threw all of my strength in my body into my hand to grasp the halberd, but the best I could do was to resist dropping it.

“It ends here.”

No way. I don’t want to give up anymore.
Anything was fine. Any method will do. I’d like to win against this fellow.
I’ll do anything to win against this fellow. I want to win even if I fight like Hibiki.
Something, isn’t there anyway to win against him?
Evin raises his sword.
That’s right, 【Poison】 doesn’t matter. I should just move my body.
No matter what happen after this, it’s fine. Move!! My body!!
I wrenched my body and dodged the blade approaching before my eyes. It didn’t seem that I could completely dodge it and my wounds increased again. Who cares!?


A little bit of power returned to the hand that grips the halberd. This may make swinging this halberd (fellow) easier.
I griped the halberd with all the power of my body, I scolded my trembling body and thrust out with the halberd.


Exactly, the ferrule of the halberd plunged into this fellow’s body. This fellow collapsed painfully holding his chest.

“It’s wonderful!! Frey!! It’s your win!!”

Giren runs up here. He seems to say various things, but I only hear a buzzing sound in my ears now.

“Good job, Frey. It was quite a good fight.”

Hibiki says something to me. In spite of the fact that what he said wasn’t audible, it should be good thing thinking from his expression.
Hibiki thrusts something into my mouth. The taste that I got used to drinking in these few days, the physical strength recovery potion.
The heat went down from my body only by a little. But my whole body went *creeeak* when I moved, it was painful.

“That’s right, should I use detoxification?”

Moreover, while Hibiki said something, he groped my body as if looking for something. Hey, there is nothing here!!

“Here, look.”

He poked a finger in my mouth this time. What don’t!! I thought so, but there was something rolling around my mouth.
Oh, is this a detoxification pill? When I swallow without hesitation, I’m thinking my body became a little at ease.

“Miss Flora, announce her as the victor.”

Giren brought young lady Flora.
Young lady Flora didn’t worry about dirtying her dress, she squat down to look at me and spoke.
I’m happy to talk to young lady Flora as it is…

“Hack hack”

Voice didn’t come out. Instead, deep red blood had spurted out from my mouth.

“Frey, thank for your hard work. Have a good rest.”

A deep red dagger was being gripped by the hand of the young lady.
(TL Note: Awww….. this cliff hanger. Always knew that Flora was a bitch when introduced).

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