Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 5 | The Devil of the South | Pt. 2

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2nd Volume, 5th Chapter 【The Devil of the South】 2nd Part

When the wrapper was slowly unwrapped, an excellent aroma wafted out.
Well, I didn’t know as to how she was raising her skill, but her skill was rising, surely.
The day when her Cooking skill reached Lv2 wasn’t far off.
Therefore, delicious food would soon be a normalcy.
Moreover, eating under such a beautiful scenery added an emotional spice.

「Oh, delicious.」

These were sincere words.

Basically, the cuisine in this world pivoted around bread. However, that didn’t mean there was no rice.
Where there was wheat, there was rice.

Once, I requested onigiri from Dario-san. Lim probably learnt of it through Dario-san.
(ED note:

What was inside the wrapper was a garnished onigiri.
Inside it were many small ingredients which I had to figure out individually.

As for the ingredients: a Salmo fish, which was endemic to Pascam, boiled in soy sauce; a rolled omelette, which was made using an Alma chicken egg; fried Alma chicken; etc…
Muu… Although it looked like an ordinary onigiri, I realized what it contained inside only when I put it in my mouth. That was an exquisite seasoning… this fellow made…
The seasoning of the ingredients was as good as always.

「Un. It really is delicious.」

It was not an act. It was truth.

「――I’m glad.」

After she heaved a sigh of relief, a smile spread all over her face.
Err, had I better pretend ‘not to know’ for the time being?

「Err, why are you glad, Lim? You only bought it at Feeder Pops’…」

It seemed to be fine.
The target of her revenge didn’t seem to be me, but Dario-san.
If that’s the case, then――nah, let’s not say anything.

And so, after we enjoyed the lunch in a ‘kyakkyaufufu’ mood, a feeling of satiety overcame us.
However, the momentary peace lasted only so long.


「――N? What’s… that???」

By chance, it entered my sight.
I was casually gazing at the cloudless blue sky; and then, a black spot appeared on the clear blue.
Gradually, the spot enlarged. When it did, it could be seen moving erratically.

It was moving in a zigzag track.

「Lim… be careful… Something is coming.」

――At last, the form of the approaching object was unveiled.
Is that… a bird…? No, a beast?

On the back of the creature, which I hadn’t seen before, was the silhouette of a person.
Then, is that a mount?
I heard in Merville that a flying mount was so expensive that it had no relation whatsoever to anyone other than royalty or nobility… Other than those who were insanely rich…

That flying mount, without lowering its speed, crashed into the ground――No, crashed into the swamp,
Magnificently while splashing a large column of water.
The body of the person on its back hurled vigorously and banged onto the ground
They… aren’t dead, are they?

On that mount’s body… many arrows were sticking out.
Moreover, one of them didn’t seem to be from an ordinary bow. Wasn’t it from an anti-aircraft crossbow installed in a fort?

Though, shouldn’t I first give priority to the person riding the mount?
I ran to the person who was slapped onto the ground. Lim followed behind, as well.
Because the ground below contained plenty of water, they might still be breathing.
Let’s treat――

However, I dunno why Lim showed cautious intent and cried.

「Seiji! Wait!」
「W-what is it…?」

I tried to ask Lim the reason. However, I was dazzled the next instant.
After such an impact, they should have been dead. However, the body, that was lying on the ground just now, got up relaxedly.
How strong is their body?
The rolling spear and bow seemed to be their belongings. They picked them up and checked their condition.

However, although they weren’t rough… they weren’t delicate either. Still, they could be inferred to be a woman from their body curves.
The swarthy skin, beautiful silver hair, and slightly pointed ears which differed from a human’s.
Her features were pretty, however… her impression was somehow cold.
And then, albeit striking――her bloody eyes stared in this direction.

「De… mon…」

In a hoarse voice, Lim squeezed those words out of her mouth.

「――Ow… I knew I was rash… Luna…?」

After glancing this way, the other party calmly extracted the arrows that were sticking out of her body and searched around.
She seemed to be looking for her mount.
Having heard what Lim uttered, ‘demon’, I took an alert stance and concentrated my focus on the other party.

――Stupid… that…
This… is bad…

A shiver ran down my spine as a silhouette ran past my side――It was Lim.

「How dare you… My village, how dare you――」
「Foo… come here! Lim!」

That was probably the strongest and the fastest I had seen her. The fury of Lim.
There was Magic Power Conversion, too, supplementing her attack power.

However, her opponent blocked that fist strike.
With one hand at that.

「Hou… I thought you were a midge, but you seem to be hotblooded.」

It was a cold voice that didn’t make one feel the undulating sensation.

She aimed the spear, which she was wielding in one hand, at Lim and――――

「――Hey. What do you think you’re doing to my companion…?」

A metallic clank resounded.
My sword and the opponent’s spear screeched… and repelled each other.
The shock ran up my arm… Was I just pushed back…?

Is that the physical ability gap between races? It’s no joke.
Despite my relying on the skill…

In an instant, the opponent’s eyes turned increasingly cold. It was creating an illusion as if the temperature had gone down.

「…Lim, take Rook and fall back. To be honest, her level is far apart from yours.」

There was no reply, but somehow, she seemed to have understood.
She must have realized the difference in ability with that one strike moments ago.

「To kill you… I will have to crack a few joints, it seems.」
「Please wait a moment. Even though you are a demon, you and your mount are injured, no? I can use healing magic somewhat. So, if I treat your injuries, would you please return quietly?」
「Before that… I’ll cause some harm your way…」
「Oh well. Even if it weren’t the case, I wouldn’t ever show my back to a human being. Also, I have no intention of accepting charity.」

Is there no other way out?
Damn! The only advantage I have is that the opponent is slightly injured.
Demon, huh?
It didn’t look good.

Focusing once more on the opponent, I strongly grasped the hilt of my darling sword, Noir.

Name: Alba ・Mewt
Race: Demon
Age: 20
Job: Reconquistador of the Attack (Attack Reconquista)
Unique: Great Talent Precocity
・An Evangelion to the Servant (Servant Reinforce) Lv3 (77/150)
・Monster Tame Lv4 (23/500)
・Archery Lv3 (135/150)
・Spear Arts Lv3 (112/150)
・Body Arts Lv3 (98/150)
・Fire Magic Lv3 (113/150)
・Wind Magic Lv3 (105/150)

Author’s note: the battle is scheduled for the next time. Will the finishing move burst?!
『The Blow of Resurrection』 sounds fun.

A brief comment on the magic or skill pseudonym.
The pseudonym is based on the sound or feeling.
Please understand that it’s not the exact translation (translation).

I’m thankful for the comment that pointed out a missing letter ‘b’ in the spelling itself.

Alba’s job has been changed to 『Reconquista of the Attack』.
I thank everyone for sending various prospective names.^^

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