Riot Grasper | Vol. 2 – Ch. 6 | The Blow of Resurrection | Pt. 3

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2nd Volume, 6th Chapter 【The Blow of Resurrection】 3rd Part

Instantly, I back stepped and opened up the distance.
Frankly, I didn’t have any resources of dealing with her from that position.
I was beaten at short range. My magic was outdone at middle range.
With a face that suggested she had no intention of playing a game of tag, the opponent stabbed the spear into the ground and took the large bow off her back.

She nocked the arrow, which she had taken out of the quiver on her back, and *giriri* drew the bow… with an air splitting sound, the arrow was fired my way…
From its trajectory… it would pierce through the middle of my brows; however, at such a distance, I had the margin to knock it off with my sword.

After several rounds of attack and defense, the attack came to a halt. Had the contents of the quiver finally depleted?
To begin with, there shouldn’t be many arrows.
The situation hadn’t improved, though. I tried to sort my breathing.

…N? What… is she doing?

Although there was no arrow, the opponent assumed the posture of nocking something and locked the bow on me.
The next instant, I felt a strong wind.
Not from the front, but the back.
No, it was different.
The wind was not blowing from behind me. The wind was being gathered right in front of my eyes… by the demon?

「Oh… shit――」

Although it was taking a bit of time to invoke, it was this fellow’s――real arrow!
In the airspace, where nothing should have been, a whirlwind condensed.

When the air had been compressed to the extreme, a faintly shining jade green arrow manifested.

The large bow was drawn to the limit――――

I hurriedly willed for Earth Magic 《Shield of Earth (Earth Shield)》 to invoke.
…Unification of arrow and Wind Magic, huh???
This fellow thought of the same thing.

――――It was fired.

Accompanied by a sound as if air was being torn, the magic arrow ate the distance in a straight line.
The distance was enough for the earth wall to appear in time…
With a *gagon!* sound, the shield was shot and smashed.


Despite all that, the speed of the arrow dropped only a tiny bit.
I can――dodge this!


I thought while I was dodging――

――A pang ran through my flank.

The magic arrow, which was passing by my side――shifted its trajectory.
It suddenly curved and infringingly bored into my flank. No sooner, the air dissolved and disappeared.


While clasping my flank, I collapsed onto the ground.
With all my power, I applied 《Light of Healing (Light Healing)》 on the wound. However, it didn’t heal right away.
Using the sword as a crutch, I somehow stood up. It was quite dicey, though.

The opponent of course had no reason to overlook such a state――the demon walked up to slightly away from me and said.

「Let me ask once again. Do you want to be my pet?」

「…As a human… my answer would be ‘no’…」

「I see.」

This time, she refined a killer Fireball.
The same trick wouldn’t work again.

I didn’t want to die…
If only I had completed that finishing move――

On the brink of death――the scenes of my practising in the South Forest popped up in my mind.
The details of the finishing move that I thought of weren’t that complicated.
What came to my mind was the sparkling six colored body of the Prism Slime that showed up in the Paudal Wetland Belt.

The point was to fuse the energy of all six elements.

Fire and Water.
Wind and Earth.
Dark and Light.

Abolishing the resistance of counter elements, fusing all the elements, unifying the fused elements with the sword and attacking the opponent… is what I imagined…
However, fusing counter elemental magic proved to be extraordinarily difficult; hence, it couldn’t reach the completion.

――Aah, while I was lost in thought, the Fireball, that would surely burn me, slowly enlarged.

The Prism Slimes were amazing. They could coalesce with other slimes, too.
Their nucleic bead would become larger and larger――

Nucleic bead…?
Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, Sheena-san said it was a crystallized form of mana.

Crystallized form of mana――
Origin of magic――
State of origin――
A step before the manifestation of magic――

While *butsubutsu* muttering in delirium, I concentrated my consciousness on my palm.
Honestly, I didn’t know as to what I was doing.

The Fire Magic stopped one step short of manifestation… next, Water Magic… Wind Magic――all types of elemental magic stopped a step short of manifestation… is what I imagined…

In that state, I let all the mana sublimate into magic at once.

Glistening like a rainbow, it was the same six colored magic globe as I imagined.

「――Unbelievable… So easy…」

What was so difficult about it, which I had spent so much time practising for?

――――Floating on my palm was a magic ball which was glittering fantastically due to six colors intermingling.

「What’s… that?!」

Unease surfaced for the very first time on the face of the demon before me.

「Well… what do you think this is?」

The wound hadn’t stopped bleeding. An unpleasant sound like that of a heavy rainfall was buzzing in my head.

However, it felt as if a soothing tone was emanating from the six colored magic ball.
It was perhaps an illusion.

The tone of vigorous fire.
The tone of calm water.
The tone of gentle wind.
The tone of vast earth.
The tone of gloomy darkness.
The tone of bright light.

It was kind of a… pleasant sound…

I stroked the magic ball and clad it on my beloved sword.
The unification of sword and magic.


A huge Fireball was once again shot from the demon’s hand.

I held the sword aloft and slanted my body a bit.

When I brandished the sword, a *buchibuchi* unpleasant sensation transmitted from my flank. However, I disregarded it all.

I――from where I had postured――

I didn’t want to die anymore.
I wanted to live… in this world… together with everyone…

――With all my strength――

Had I not lost in Ability and Body… I would have lost in Spirit…
It wasn’t entirely dependent on skills Lv.
The Image:
Cutting all apart.
(ED Note: He is holding a clear image of “cutting all apart” in his mind)

――――Struck the sword down.

Outer Ultimate Secret Art―― (TL Note: I will be translating Omote/Ura as Outer/Inner)

「――Multi-elemental Extreme Sword Wave――(Symphonic Rave)!」 (TL Note: Rave Mountain Range will now be Liebe Mountain Range)

Author’s note: Next time 『the Final Outcome』
Don’t miss it.

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