(R18) Frequenting Brothels 23

Not an ecchi chap. Enjoy your stay!

TL by Nymph
TLC/ED by Weslykan

For the time being, let’s aim for Top-Rank Hunter

The next day……。

There was a surprise quiz on world history at school.

It was the same material that I studied when inside the game, so I finished the test with room to spare.

The teacher announced the answers so we graded ourselves and turned the test in, after checking everyone’s grades the teacher gave me some rarely-heard praise.
I didn’t have the top score in the class, but my grades did increase drastically.

The guy who sat in front of me, turned around and whispered.

「Oi、what happened、Nobuhiko、yesterday gym class was also good for you……are you doing something special?」

「I was just in the mood to study、it’s a coincidence、just a coincidence」

「Hmm……though that may be、recently your aura has kind of changed……you seem to have bulked up and your personality also opened up……」

「……probably my biorhythm is improved、yeah that’s what it is」

「So that’s how it is、biorhythm is it」{ED: how stupid can this guy get?}

「Hora、sensei’s going to catch us、turn back」

The guy was confused but he turned back, I also took the opportunity to reflect on myself.

That’s because, inside the game I studied extra hard, fought countless terrifying monsters, and spent money several tens of times to embrace women, it’s natural for my personality and appearance to stand out after all that.

From now on I’ll have to do my best to not do my best, I heaved a deep sigh at that.
{EN: just say you started working out and studying dude…}

(……Can’t I do something about this somehow……)

Right now, this is a bigger problem for me than taking tests.

Well if I can’t do anything about it then I can’t help it, so after school I stopped by Ayakidou to ask about the matter regarding forming an alliance with the NPC, that’s the important thing here.

According to the owner, NPCs seem to need to be treated as actual partners in Dorahun Online.
In other words, they have their own judgement and attack monsters own their own.
Usually you can dress the NPC up in your favorite equipment, but as expected, you can’t do that in the Online version.

In a sense, I feel like solo hunters are pretty busy.

After that, I spent 2, 3 days studying while doing Key Quests, and also Urgent Quests for the sake of increasing my rank.
Urgent Quest giant monster, Ostoderuwa was really tiring to fight solo, so I returned to the real world and fought it by playing the game.
It was easier fighting it from the real world like this, but somehow this bone covered monster is kind of confusing.

Anyways, the strength of the monster’s blows is also different at different ranks.
Because of that, first I’ll kill the Nekogakurunya to obtain the S-grade Nekoga equipment, doing the Key Quests I’ll be able to reach HR – which is the highest rank before Top Rank – then I’ll break-through and rise to HR7 rank to be able to accept the quest of killing the Old Dragon Shagamunakora, after many times of defeating this dragon I succeeded in creating the S-grade Shagamu Heavy Gun.
(TN: Hebii is referred to the HebiiGan/HeavyGun in chapter 1)
I stuffed the item slots with ornaments and fully charged enhancement stones, feeling satisfied, I activated ballistic enhancement, a pretty awesome skill.

Of course, whenever I got tired of studying, I’d go on hunting and if I felt horny I’d go to the brothels, I also went back to Yukiyama Village for a whole night of Delivery Health.

Kashima-chan, Freya-chan and Rachel-chan still give me lots of service as always, Reimi-chan and Anri-chan were also happy to see me coming back and got really heated up while servicing me.

Once, Reimi-chan was busy so I took Anri-chan alone for the whole night, together with Anri-chan’s libido, we had sex until we were both weak like jelly, at the end Anri-chan was madly panting like a beast.

When I rose to higher ranking, I ran into shortage on gold, but there’s a Relief Quests for hunters like this, 「Blaze Coal Mining」 was the name of the quest.
(TN: Actual line: Dig up lots of hot coal okay?) {ED: Also one of the words is an anal sex pun}
If you clear this quest, it will give you a massive amount of Skill-supporting Gems, in addition to that you’ll also obtain large amounts of rare ores, which can sell for very high prices.
After gathering and selling the ores, I got around 1 million gold, my money problems had just been solved.

Then, since there are other ways to earn money, I only did the coal mining online moderately until I found a suitable amulet and then stopped.
Thanks to the amulet, my skills can now auto-target enemies.

My current equipment is high quality, my studies are going well, and my relationships with women are also going well.
When things are like this, it is the sad nature of a man that makes me want to play around a little.

Thus, I returned to the real world and researched on Red/Blue Line, with the mentality of wanting to enjoy a light play I headed to Hot Spring Village.

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He really can’t just say he’s working out, people will ask questions. And it’s not like he can just answer them, cause he’s using ungodly time management to work out, study, game, and sex all around the clock


Thank you!!!


working out? studying? What is that? Can you eat it?


Thanks for the chapter. Though I couldn’t wait and finished it on your site. Still will read here until the end though.

“「So that’s how it is、biorhythm is it」{ED: how stupid can this guy get?}” Actually, biorhythm is a huge thing in Japan, to the point that traffic accidents actually took a substantial drop when they were introduced alongside recieving their first license or renewing it, amongst many other things. If someone’s biorhythm not only was on a good day, but actually improved in grade (a bad biorhythm even during its peaks will still be relatively low, for example, while a good one will have even the valleys be near neutral, and a great one would be consistantly good all the time),… Read more »